The Japanese brand, Fourteen Golf, has released their best wedge yet, the RM-4. The RM has
a long track record and standout presence on the US PGA Tour and Fourteen’s new lineup is situated to continue that success. The RM-4 wedge is available to purchase from and select fitting studios January 2021.

Delivering on the striking, clean look Fourteen Golf is known for, the new RM-4 is available in two finishes: nickel chrome and black plating with shaft options for every player. High lofts (56″, 58″, 60″) can also select from two sole types that were developed through extensive testing: the S sole and H “Hill” sole.

The RM-4 wedge’s new Step Blade design with variable thickness structure and precision machining help improve the spin accuracy, control and design of the wedge. Another feature of the new RM-4 is an intricate and time consuming precision CNC Milling process applied to the surface of the thinnest part of the back face. The result is a reverse tapered blade that helps the head stay on target at impact and gives the wedge an attractive appearance. Performance is raised to a new level thanks to a more stable wedge shot.

Fourteen’s unique groove structure, the Mirror Milled Face, which takes twice as long to produce compared to standard milling, and individual grooves which are carved one by one, deliver unmatched high spin performance and accuracy. This milling process boasts a high precision design for stability. Stable approach shots are achieved not only in dry favorable conditions but also on wet or rainy days or from deep rough.

Fourteen was established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan – Takamitsu Takebayashi. Through the years he has proven to be a preeminent golf club designer and his successes are reputed globally. He has pushed the limits of golf designs in order to make golf more accessible and easy for golfers of all handicaps.

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