Love Fore The Game?

Much can be said of appearance fees. Many a tournament have used them as initiative to bring golfers to play in events. Events that top players would otherwise balk at playing in. I have no doubt that appearance fees were used to a much lesser extent through the history of golf. What exactly was $4000 … Continue reading Love Fore The Game?

Ho…Ho…Holiday Season (Gifts Under $100)

The time of the year is upon us. With Remembrance Day come and gone and Thanksgiving Day having been celebrated in the United States the holiday season fast approaches. Sure there are a multitude of gifts for golfers out there that can break the bank but what for those who are on tighter budgets? Believe … Continue reading Ho…Ho…Holiday Season (Gifts Under $100)

Gifts For Golfers

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and there is definitely a bevvy of gift ideas for golfers out there. Everything from new golf clubs, apparel and a gift that can definitely be a gift that keeps on giving some time with a fitter. Mary Beth Lacy of Mary Beth Lacy Inc. has some gifts for … Continue reading Gifts For Golfers