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“The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Golf"

Until The Next Tee Lifestyle

Until The Next Tee has always been about a couple of things. Never giving up (#fightandgrind), being genuine, staying true to yourself and having fun what you’re doing.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends for drinks, going to dinner with your family at the local diner, going fishing, watching the game, sneaking in a range session, some mini-putt on a first date or who knows… maybe on the golf course. “Until The Next Tee Lifestyle” wants to be there with you.

The idea came from out of nowhere. What was initially thought of as a way for me to market myself and do some swag giveaways, interest came from others about my designs. T-shirts, Baseball Shirts, Hoodies, and more for men, women, youth, and toddlers are available. Don’t fancy the colours shown? Drop me a line and maybe I can provide the colours that you prefer.

The designs are sort of quirky and come from the hamster that spins in its wheel (my brain). Basically, the ideas come from the top of my head and I just run with it. Some might be a bit off-colour too! It’s who I am. Each piece is painstakingly prepped by my hand.

So, be yourself. Be genuine.



To order, just click on Contact Us and tell me your size, colour, and design requested. Sizing runs from XS to 3XL. If I don’t have a colour that you prefer, drop me a line. Maybe we can work something out.


Tee-Ropical Collection”
Shirts with a tropical feel. Each named after a tropical drink. Alcoholized or de-alcoholized. You choose. (Blue Lagoon, Green Iguana, Banana Mama)

My Shaft”
Go ahead, ask me about my shaft, if you dare.

Ever catch yourself with one leg in the water trying to hit out of a water hazard? Get a leg up on the competition.

Fins and Skins”
The similarity between the golf swing and fly fishing might surprise you. My two passions intersect here.

“Droppin’ In”
Hit’em high and land ’em soft. Like a skydiver landing on the green. Just make sure that you #fixyourballmarks.

Loons are Birdies
The Common Loon. They’re beautiful. Their call is haunting and I never tire of them. Birdies are beautiful on the scorecard too!

“The Pim Cheese”
Legendary. Magnolias and Azaleas. Men’s professional golf’s first major of the year.

Baseball Shirts and Long Sleeve T’s – Coming Soon



Hot dogs, suds, and greens? It must be golf season.


***All of the designs come from the voices in my head.***

The artiste. I’m having fun.
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