This and That!

Before I sat down to write this article I was initially going to sit down and write a review based on my first impressions of the F7 ONE Length irons from Cobra Golf. However, I have been sitting on some things in the back of my mind for some time and after recent events I … Continue reading This and That!

Review – TaylorMade Golf M1 and M2 (Driver)

When it comes to writing these reviews sometimes I have a tendency of giving a ton of background information. Although I have no intention of straying too far from my usual ways there is a part of me that wants to jump right into the meat of this review. I won't mince words but the … Continue reading Review – TaylorMade Golf M1 and M2 (Driver)

Ripped or Over-Ripe?

The game of golf has come a long way since Old Tom Morris graced the fairways of the "Home of Golf". Gone are wooden shafts, golf balls made with feathers and the days of wearing tweed jackets to keep you warm from the elements. Of course the equipment changes have been plentiful since then and … Continue reading Ripped or Over-Ripe?

Welcome Back and Investments

The week in golf hasn't even really started and yet it's already been an exciting week. Let's take a quick look at recent happenings. This week has been a pretty eventful one so far in the world of golf. The guys on the PGA Tour are getting set to play in their unofficial "Fifth Major" … Continue reading Welcome Back and Investments