Testing Update – Sunday Golf

The time is nearing to put the finishing touches on product testing of all of the products received from Sunday Golf.

I’ve been putting the products like their “Loma Bag”, “The Perfect Swing” and “Miami Vice” towels, the “Lucky Bamboo Tees”, and their valuables pouch (“The Dimebag”) through their paces. The testing has gone extremely well and I think it’s time for the review to be written. Look for it soon.

In the meantime, here is a little video updating some of the testing. Gotta love November golf.

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“UTNT presents The Match – Equity and Inclusion”

“There’d Be Gains in Awareness”

Black Friday. The day that follows American Thanksgiving and a day where, if you aren’t going out to visit a mall, Walmart, or Best Buy, watching something like “The Match” is a good way to stave off the lingering effects of tryptophan. “The Match”? You know, those exhibition matches that have been getting featured involving some of the best male golfers in the world.

The one that started it.

The original match was a cool exhibition as it pitted two of the best male golfers that this generation has seen. “Tiger vs Phil” was the first one back in 2018. Even though I was somewhat intrigued and a little put off by pre-event press, I never tuned-in as I didn’t have Pay-Per-View.

“The Match 2 – Champions For Charity” featured Tiger and Phil in a team format as they were paired with future Hall of Fame NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning (now inducted) and Tom Brady. The event raised $20M for COVID-19 relief. In total there has now been five versions of “The Match”. One that featured the NBA’s Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, Manning, and Phil. Plus others, featuring the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau.

Partners in crime? The grudge is deep-seated. You can see it. Laughing all the way to the bank.

Speaking of DeChambeau, he just finished playing in his second match, this time against his arch-rival Brooks Kopeka. If you follow golf, you don’t need to be informed about their feud. If you follow my “blogsite” you’ll also know that I’ve never shied away from expressing my opinion that it’s a “faux feud”. If there’s no imbecilic incentive program (Player Impact Program… PIP) I don’t think it’s even a thing. I will continue to stand by that. The way that the grudge has evolved, appears to have been contrived by a former writer of the WWE. “Beergate”, the “Brooksy” fiasco where if fans uttered the word, would get thrown out of events. Then magically, they were best friends at the Ryder Cup. If you have as much animosity as these guys claimed to have for one another, you aren’t that “chummy”. Diplomatic? Sure.

So between the players themselves, one of which who nauseates me when he speaks and the other who I don’t find to be engaging, and the faux feud. I didn’t feel compelled to watch at all. I didn’t mind the idea of a 12-hole format if that counts. Judging from eyewitness accounts of what took place over social media, it sounded like I didn’t miss too much. A 4&3 drubbing of DeChambeau in a 12-hole match. Seriously? It was over before it begun. Piss-poor audio at times (it happens), the players didn’t really engage too much, and there were some complaints about the golf course itself.

According to the poll, I wasn’t alone in a lack of desire to watch. Credit to @golfcrowds1955 for the poll.
Thanks Jeff.

I appreciate the philanthropic side of things that “The Match” offers. I honestly do. But, “The Match” is becoming so common that it almost feels like the UFC. Remember when they were once a year and without weight classes? Now, they’re on what, UFC 931? Since 2018 there has been five editions, with none in 2019. So how about a little change? Here’s my proposal for a match. We’ll dub it…

“UTNT presents The Match – Equity and Inclusion”.

First, we need to get the commissioners from the respective tours to get another for a meeting (Jay Monahan and the incoming Mollie Marcoux Samaan). They love the pitch, wholeheartedly and agree on the terms. They’d approach the two top-ranked golfers in the Rolex OWGR from their respective tour’s. At this time, Collin Morikawa, Jon Rahm, Nelly Korda and Jin Young Ko would be the players involved. But, Rahm says no ,so, we approach Dustin Johnson. DJ jumps at the opportunity with an emphatic “F@# Yeah!”. Unfortunately, Morikawa falls ill (not COVID-19 or a variant) and Tiger (who was going to commentate with Phil and Christina Kim) steps in.

Teams would be Nelly Korda/Dustin Johnson vs Jin Young Ko/Collin Morikawa Tiger Woods. Three of them are staff players for TaylorMade Golf, while Ko is an equipment free agent. Thus, one of golf’s equipment giants signs on as a title or presenting sponsor, effectively renaming it “TaylorMade Golf presents UTNT’s The Match – Equity and Inclusion”. Thank God, Allah, Buddha (et al) because – I can’t finance the event out of my pocket as presenting sponsor. “Penny ads” don’t go far. Many thanks to the membership of Cypress Point Club for offering their club to host the event.

The event could be a “Shamble”. Both genders would play from tees, approximately 6,300 yards. The yardage selected, offers much in the way of lot “risk and reward” for everyone playing. Exciting short Par 3 holes would be on the menu. The Superintendent gets to choose the tee box and hole locations. Six holes with easy locations, six holes medium, and six hard to “Hell”acious. Super’s like to have fun too. All players would have their own secondary charity of choice. The “Long Drive” would be the only segregation, but, the “Closest to the Pin” holes, it’s every man and woman for themselves.

This event would benefit everyone involved. After a number of shanks and horrible marketing decisions (PIP), the PGA TOUR would receive a lot of positive press for showing their support in trying to help the LPGA gain exposure. That’s all the PGA TOUR really gets out of it. I mean, THEY ARE the PGA TOUR.

The LPGA gains eyeballs, because, viewers who were previous unwilling to watch their TOUR realize that “These Gals are Great”. Which, the LPGA now recognizes as their tagline. There’s also the fact that the OWGR has an American flag at the top. Convenient timing and this good fortune further cements more interest from American viewers. Now, a competitor network of NBC/Golf Channel picks up weekly coverage of LPGA events. Now the LPGA is working with a network that doesn’t switch over to football during an exciting multi-player playoff. All of this means that purses now have gotten bigger and suddenly, there’s a little more parity between the two tour’s.

Charities still get their donations and at the end of the day. Everybody wins. Not to mention, this one event paves the way for an annual co-sanctioned PGA/LPGA event that has world-ranking points on the line. Don’t worry though, there are still “opposite-field events” for those not playing.

My event changes the golf world.

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Introduction to Testing – Clean Flight Golf Personal Golf Ball Washer

“Out of Necessity Comes Invention”

What a crazy world we live in. Especially, over the last nearly two years. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt worldwide in every facet of life, and to say so, is quite the understatement. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from or what industry sector that you’re employed in, everything was effected.

The golf industry was impacted on so many levels. Massive changes to the way that golfers had to conduct themselves on the course, no socializing afterward, and pins had to stay in, although the rule change in the Rules of Golf a year earlier cushioned that blow.

From a golf operations standpoint, things got just a little more convoluted. Or difficult. Carts were always having to be sanitized, checking in golfers was almost foreign, and out of a long list of protocols that had to be followed in order for courses to be allowed to be open, no ball washers could be out on the golf course.

So, golfers had to make a choice. Bring their own water/water bottle and use their towel. Although a puddle or a pond would suffice. There was also the option of licking your thumb and wiping the ball with said thumb. Although, is saliva a good idea during a pandemic? There had to be a solution… And there was.

Peter Bohlender is the inventor and founder of Clean Flight Golf. Clean Flight Golf is a solution to not only a lack of ball washers precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic ,but, it also solves the issue of rounds of golf played during the “shoulder season” (early-Spring, late-Fall, and Winter golf) when rarely are ball washers available. Of course, this depends on your geographic location.

The Clean Flight Golf Personal Golf Ball Washer Made is manufactured from high impact polystyrene and stainless-steel hardware designed for strength and durability. “Inside is a patent pending variable brush system which allows the ball to oscillate for a more thorough cleaning. Included in the package is one golf ball washer, strap with carabiner and a 30ml bottle of cleaning solution”.  

In the video below, I conduct my unboxing of the Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer. Stay tuned right here at Until The Next Tee for more content. The review will not be far behind. Clean Flight retails for $35.00 CAD.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

“Happy Holidays From Medi8 Golf”

Ho-Ho-Holy Smokes. American Thanksgiving has just passed, and with Black Friday today, it’s safe to say that the Holiday Season has begun. For my American readers, I hope that you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and if all went well, your turkey-induced coma didn’t cause you to miss any great golf deals.

In case you did, Medi8 Golf (a golf public relations firm) has listed a few products for me to share with everyone. Every one of them are a terrific gift ideas for many golfers and one of them will be appearing on my personal gift guide, that I will be publishing soon.

So buckle up, grab a coffee, maybe sip on some egg nog and here are some suggestions from my friends at Medi8 Golf.

Until The Next Tee!!

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Push carts will be top of many golfers’ Christmas lists as the trend for walking the course continues to grow. And if you’re going to wish for a push cart, where better to start than Europe’s #1 brand BIG MAX? The Blade IP is their flagship model, setting the bar for storage with an ultra-flat design that leaves it less than 5” deep when folded. Combined with robust construction, a host of practical features, stylish looks and a 5 year manufacturers warranty, the BLADE IP is the perfect gift for a golfer that is short on space and wants their gear to travel in style. MSRP: $349.99

Home – BIG MAX USA (bigmaxgolf.com)

BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour

With distinct European styling and an innovative Hybrid design that sits perfectly square on a push cart, but is also an ultra lightweight carry, the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour is the perfect bag for golfers who want to walk, push or ride. Water resistant technology plus a host of neat practical features make this stylish golf bag a winner for function as well as its drop dead good looks. MSRP: $259.99

Home – BIG MAX USA (bigmaxgolf.com)

ZOOM Focus X Laser Rangefinder

The ZOOM FOCUS X offers all the premium features that you expect from the best Laser Rangefinders, at an unbeatable price for the performance. FOCUS X delivers a crystal-clear view combined with quick target acquisition, pin-point accuracy, 6 times magnification, vibration feedback and Slope mode to deliver the essential information in the most simple way. Add in a handy usb recharger for the battery and the ZOOM FOCUS X is the perfect allrounder for golfers who want the best at a very fair price. MSRP: $229

Home – ZOOMGolf US

CleanFlight Golf Personal Ball Washer

Whether you want a perfectly clean ball for improved performance, a convenient solution to mud balls on the fairway and green, or a hygienic alternative to sharing communal washers, the CleanFlight personal ball washer is a fantastic option for any golfer. Clips to your bag, simple to use and delivers perfectly clean balls every time; this is the perfect Christmas gift for any golfer who loves a very useful gadget. MSRP: $34.99


Maybe I’m Too Particular?

“What Makes a Practice Facility Successful?”

So, for those of us living in northern climes, the inevitable has either happened or is about to happen. All or most golf activity is about to come to a grinding halt because of “Old Man Winter”. Now, when I go outside to walk my pup or in the morning the air is different. There’s a bite to the wind and tears form in my eyes from “his” breath.

Slowly but surely, golf courses have shut down except for a couple that try to stay open all-year round. Two of them don’t technically close, but, they really are forced to. Most of the driving ranges close too. Again, one or two try to remain open. So of course, we have to take it indoors into domes, simulators, or into a net at home. Which is cool! Beggars can’t be choosy.

A place like Niagara Golf and Batting Cages (pictured above) checks a lot of boxes. Good balls, turf, mats, and targets.

I have gotten in some range sessions recently and this is the time of the year when I experiment with all sorts of things. Equipment and mechanics type of things, although the latter was most of the year. When I go to the range I’m mostly working on feel(s), tempo, and quality of strike. When I’m outdoors, I do like to see my ballflight. After all, we certainly can’t see flight unless we have a sim or Trackman, or say a Rapsodo MLM.

While at these latest range sessions, the golf balls have been less than spectacular, which is typically how the range balls are at this range. For example, in what world can you strike the ever popular “drawfadeknuckleslurve”? From a physics standpoint, and I think Bryson DeChambeau would concur, how is it that you can hit a draw, a fade, and a sinker on one swing? Between the balls and the tee decks, this range is one that I visit only during this time of the year.

The range that I’m referring to. Sub-standard golf balls but the club washer is great.

All of this made me think. What makes or breaks a practice facility for you? Maybe this is a question that I should have posted on #GolfChat on Twitter.

  • Does it need to have good range balls? Which is likely a no-brainer.
  • Does it need to have good turf (grass)?
  • Are there decent range mats? If they use them.
  • Does it have a good short-game area? Or one at all?
  • How about a putting green?
  • The staff. Do the staff at a facility help you to decide whether you want to go there? Customer service does mean something. For example, does the person behind the counter give you the “stink-eye”, when their machine and not your bank card doesn’t work? (Yeah, that happened the last time I was there)
  • Cleaning stations for scrubbing your clubs. Which can be done at home.
  • Does the range have accurate yardages and are there targets/target greens

I guess there are a lot of things that make a range successful. What makes or breaks it? Am I too particular or picky about what I look for? Drop me a line and let me know.

Until The Next Tee!!

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