Month: November 2019

Indi Golf Introduces New Line of Putters

Indi Golf. An independent golf manufacturer from California known for its production of wedges has joined the competitive putter market. While my experience hitting their wedges was brief and only on the demo range at the 2019 PGA Show, I can tell from that small sampling size they offer high-quality products. Yesterday, the brand announced that they were introducing two putters to add to … Read More Indi Golf Introduces New Line of Putters

Review Introduction – SkyCaddie SX400

Not too long ago, I received one heck of an opportunity to test and review a new golf GPS product. Many thanks go out to Tracy Nackel of TEN Marketing and PR for giving me this chance. Thank-you Tracy. Built off of the award-winning chassis of the SkyCaddie SX500 is the new SX400 from SkyCaddie. With many of the same features as it’s “big … Read More Review Introduction – SkyCaddie SX400

Get your game on with Kaddi

Soon-to-launch compact holster holds your ball marker, tees, divot repair tool, and glove!   If you are eagerly waiting for the next golf season, or are lucky enough to play it year-round in the warmer temps, then you need to know about a new product that will help improve your game and give you an edge over the competition. Meet Kaddi – a “must-have” … Read More Get your game on with Kaddi

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