Month: February 2017

OnCore Golf – ELIXR

It’s an exciting time about 25 minutes from my house for Buffalo, NY based golf ball brand OnCore Golf. They are about 36 hours away from the release of their first Tour-level golf ball called the ELIXR. A golf ball with an interesting name seeing that the definition of the word elixir is “a magical potion”. Bearing this is mind the moniker just might … Read More OnCore Golf – ELIXR

Retractions, Apologies and Rickie

Seeing that I haven’t written an editorial lately I thought that for a change I would partake in such an endeavor. In fact, it has been some time and there has been a few “stirs” in the world of golf lately. So where does one begin? I suppose that we could start with Tiger Woods. There is no doubt that Tiger is a shell … Read More Retractions, Apologies and Rickie

Video – 2017 Callaway Golf

Earlier this week, I took the time to write a review on the Callaway Golf Epic (Epic Sub Zero) driver. This past January I made sure to take a swing by the Callaway Golf booth at Demo Day to see what all of the hype was about. If you read my review Epic was everything that I thought it would be and more… fully … Read More Video – 2017 Callaway Golf

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