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Alright… so I thought that it was time to take a little break from writing and give the chance for you (my readers) to be viewers instead. Here are a few video clips from this week. Product testing, golf and some range time.






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Jason Day Claims Farmers Insurance Open; 4th Global Win in 6 Weeks for TaylorMade’s New M Drivers with Twist Face Technology

Monday finishes on the PGA Tour certainly aren’t ideal.

But if you were to ask Jason Day how he felt about the Monday finish I think he might be ecstatic about the Monday finish this past week. In a playoff determined Monday Day went on to win the 2018 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines this past week. In this press release released from TaylorMade Golf Canada (thanks to Nick Obritsch) they list what Jason Day had in his golf bag to capture the victory.

Also of  importance, I feel that it’s my duty to inform everyone that Jason Day was also playing shafts from TPT Golf in his driver and fairway wood. Yes… the same shaft played by Justin Rose that assisted Rose in having a killer end to the 2017 Tour season. below is the press release.


What You Need to Know:

– After testing with the Tour team in the weeks leading up to the tournament, Jason Day settled on TaylorMade’s new M3 driver (10.5° turned down to 9°) with one weight all the way forward and the second, 1″ back of neutral. Day loves Twist Face Technology in the M3 because it minimizes the diving hooks he occasionally misses with on high-toe strikes. For the week, he averaged over 321+ yards off the tee.

– TaylorMade’s 2018 M Drivers featuring Twist Face Technology now have victories in 3 of the last 4 PGA tournaments (as well as 1 European Tour event in that timeframe), with Day joining TaylorMade stablemates Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm as tournament champions on the PGA TOUR.

– Day’s victory is his eleventh on the PGA TOUR and fifteenth as a professional.

– Day continues to use the P750 irons, which he first put into play in Kapaula last year. His setup has remain unchanged, using 3-PW with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold X7 shafts.

– Day’s wedge setup occasionally varies depending on the course setup, but he’s gotten comfortable with the 48°/52°/60° combination so far this year.




About TaylorMade Golf Company Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, TaylorMade Golf is a leading manufacturer of high performance golf equipment with industry-leading innovative products like M1 and M2 metalwoods, M1 and M2 irons and TP5/TP5X golf balls. TaylorMade is also a major force on the PGA TOUR with one of the strongest athlete portfolios in golf, that includes world no.1 Dustin Johnson and five of the current Top 15 in the world.

– Using the Spider Tour Red putter he himself made one of the most popular models on Tour and TaylorMade’s most sought-after putter in the lineup, Day carded 21 birdies or better for the tournament.

– Day has praised the performance of the TP5x golf ball since he first put it into play at the Tournament of Champions in Kapalua last year. It’s stamped with his tradional kangaroo and #87.

– With the win, Day moves into the early-season top 10 in the FedExCup rankings.
Jason Day’s Winning Bag at the Farmers Insurance Open


M3 Driver | 10.5° | TPT Golf Prototype
M1 (’17) Fairway | 15° | TPT Golf Prototype
P750 Irons | 3-PW | TT Dynamic Gold X7
Milled Grind Wedges | 48° w/TT Dynamic Gold X7 and 52 & 60 w/ TT Dynamic Gold S400
Spider Tour Red Putter
TP5X Golf Ball (#87)


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Product Testing In Florida

As many of you know the process has begun for the “2018 PGA Show Edition” of the Teezy Awards. Before I really delve into that I have to point out that there are almost too many great products that were introduced last week at the PGA Show. It’s a great thing for the industry but it could also be a curse as well  because it really makes it difficult to whittle the nominees in the field down.

However, as the year progresses and I test and review more products there will inevitably be a year end version of the Teezy Awards. That process has officially begun as of this afternoon. While I’m in Florida the plan was to play golf and start testing products while doing a couple of golf course reviews along the way for good measure. Products that I begun to test on the course today included the new TaylorMade Golf Project (a) and Project (s) golf balls. The immediate first impression of both golf ball models were that they were very impressive. I drew one conclusion of the two balls head to head and that conclusion was that I really preferred the overall performance of the matte finished Project (s). Special thanks go out to Eric Loper of TaylorMade Golf for spotting me these yet to be released golf balls.


Another product that I started testing already is a line of men’s underwear from UFM (Underwear For Men). While the brand offers several styles and lengths of men’s undergarments I opted to try their 3″ trunk version. Comfort, performance and a real sense of security for the parts in the southern hemisphere. Their drawstring is a stroke of genius that gathers all of the parts together making them different that other brands on the market. By the way, UFM held up real well throughout the golf swing today.


TRUE Linkswear. The brand has returned to the Pacific Northwest where they belong and moreover they’ve returned to their trademark comfort. Today, I wore my TRUE Original “kicks” during my round at Apollo Beach Golf Club and these shoes are actually more comfortable than I recollect from the past. A huge improvement that they’ve made is the spikeless pattern and the liner that keeps the foot secured in the upper. They were absolutely amazing today in wet conditions. I may have rode a cart but it was cart path only and my legs and feet feel fresh. Jason and company what a course debut.


Other products that’ll be getting reviewed while in Florida include Bolle Eyewear King sunglasses and the Monument Golf Stick-It Towel. Stay tuned for more great insights of some truly fantastic products.

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Until The Next Tee Presenting The 1st Annual Teezy Awards

Logo04For 2018 I’m going to try to do a couple of new things that I really haven’t done. While I am considering doing a VLOG the one thing that I will be doing is an exciting yet not very prestigious awards announcement.

I am very proud the introduce the inaugural “Teezy Awards”. The Teezy Awards are my version of The Oscar’s dedicated to the golf industry. I’ll be doing a “PGA Show Edition” and a year-end version as well.

This honor will be awarded to companies that I feel delivered the best products. The awards will be awarded to but not limited to golf clubs, technology, apparel, accessories, most-improved booth, best booth etc. Stay tuned!!! #SeeUOnTheNextTee

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2018 PGA Merchandise Show – Day Two

After a very fruitful and productive first day of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show I wondered how productive Day Two would be. Time for a little disclaimer. More in-depth articles on all of the products mentioned here will be written down the road. Of course, there are products not mentioned as well that will be featured.

The second day of the PGA Show proved to be even better than the first and for so many reasons. There were products that I tried for the first time that might be proved to be a game-changer for those in pain. Miracle Nutritional Products offers a variety of products that are made from Hemp and its natural substance CBD. CBD for those that don’t know is Cannabidiol. Where THC (hemp/marijuana’s bigger sister) gets you high CBD is great for relieving anxiety and is an anti-inflammatory. The show can wear you down because the place is immense and the body wears down. I tried some of their topical ointment on my wrist… it really seemed to alleviate the discomfort. I’m going to be looking into this products further.

Who knew that men’s undergarments were a $50M industry? I never had a clue yet it makes so much sense on so many levels. Like women… men need support as well just in the southern hemisphere. Raise your hands if you ever saw a gentleman with a background in the automotive industry  turn to undergarments? I sure as heck wouldn’t see it coming. Well this is exactly what happened when UFM (Underwear For Men) was created. Offered in different lengths and briefs UFM supports the testicles in a pouch securing them in place. I was given a couple of pairs to field test and as I sit here in the PGA Show Media Center the field testing has begun.


The FlightScope mevo. I attended the FlightScope mevo booth and what a gizmo that is. I’ve reported on it before but just in press release form. A fully functional launch monitor that is accurate to within 2 yards at 250 yards out that fits into the palm of your hand. It’s crazy and what’s crazier is the affordability of the product. At $499 (less than a driver) you can have the solution to your winter practice indoors or elsewhere literally in the palm of your hands. I am looking forward to having a relationship with Tyler and the great folks from FlighScope mevo.


Dormie Headcovers. Alright… it’s time to wave my Canadian flag. I love when a Canadian company comes along, offers truly unique products and take the golf industry by storm. I never got to their booth last year here at the show but this year I never failed. The Clan Bishop (Phil, Todd and Jeff) are terrific guys and I love their products.

ArGolf Putters. A newer addition to the golf industry ArGolf makes quality putters. Their story is as unique as the names associated with their product range. Names like Pendragon, Merlin, Arthur and more. There’s a reason for the names of their putter line. The foundry sits very close to the legendary Camelot. ArGolf already is a proven winner as Kenny Perry won the 2017 U.S. Senior Open while playing it. It’s very understandable too. In my brief time rolling it… putts fall. The line is fully customizable as you can pick everything including the color of the putter and shaft.


These are just a couple of quick hits but it was a great day!!!

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2018 PGA Merchandise Show Day One

The first day of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show is in the books. It proved to be a very fruitful day and I’ll attempt to quickly summarize what I saw. By the way, there will be more in-depth articles on each product mentioned down the road.


The day started by visiting with IOFIT which is a company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Their product is a smart shoe that features sensors that inform golfers what’s happening with weight distribution throughout all aspects of the golf swing. The shoes in my brief time wearing them are comfortable and stylish (the suede wingtips in particular). Surprisingly light and they also feature a really great spikeless pattern. The technology works and I am going to be more than happy to further elaborate on this product.

Upon leaving the first appointment of the day I went down to the Vertical Groove Golf booth to further learn about what and who they are. I had the pleasure of interviewing Co-Founder Rubin Hannan and gained some valuable insight on the brand, their 2017 which was very successful, their new fairway wood and other things that the brand has in the hopper. There is a hybrid and a putter in the works.

ER9SN_17_Hero_R2 copy.jpg

Photo Credit: EVNROLL

Speaking of putters I met with the folks at the EVNROLL Putters booth and the booth was busy and for a good reason. EVNROLL just launched a new putter here at the show called the EVNROLL ER9 10 K. This putter is futuristic in appearance but it also just happens to roll the golf ball really well, is super stable through impact and feels great. Perhaps a longer look is in order.

As the day wore on I visited the TaylorMade Golf booth where I learned about some new innovation from the brand as far as putters and wedges go. Bill Price is the VP at TaylorMade Golf and the wealth of knowledge that he possesses is second to none. We talked about the new putters coming out from TaylorMade Golf that features Blast Motion and the new Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge. These wedges feature high spin numbers, versatility and forgiveness. The finish darkens over time. Sticking with TaylorMade Golf the brand has re-introduced an updated version of the Project(A) golf and a new Project(S) which is a 3-piece golf ball that offers a softer feel and longer distance.


Photo Credit: TRUE Linkswear

I caught up briefly with two of my favorite brands in the world. CHASE 54 and TRUE Linkswear. I’ll be doing more in-depth coverage of both companies but I  will say that CHASE 54 has upped their fabric game again as they’ve released a lighter, airier fabric that features great hand. TRUE Linkswear is back doing what they do best. Make comfortable shoes that perform, look great and offer versatility not seen in other brands. Not only is TRUE back to their roots in shoe design but the brand has also returned home to the Pacific Northwest. The ownership group has changed and TRUE is back and staying TRUE to who they are.

Other brands that I checked out included IBKUL which features men’s and ladies apparel (on and off course) with vivid, stunning and playful prints. AfterShokz was a product that I was really curious about. AfterShokz offers premium headphones and premium sound through “Bone Conduction Technology”. I was mostly curious about their open construction and the sound because I love hearing music how the chords were intended. As it turns out they made a great first impression and I can see them being a great all-around product whether for golf or everyday life. Bolle Eyewear has some new golf-specific sunglasses on the market and their lenses are not made the standard polycarbonate often seen through the eyewear industry. However, what they use is much clearer and provides far greater optics than polycarbonate.

In conclusion Day One was amazing. It was a day that was hectic, informative and educational.

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Ernie Els Signs With XXIO

This is huge news to break out of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. Cleveland Golf/Srixon Golf/XXIO announces that “The Big Easy” (Ernie Els) has joined the XXIO brand. The former multiple Major champion will join XXIO as a Global Ambassador.

Please see the press release as released by Cleveland Golf/Srixon GolfXXIO Marketing and Communications Specialist Noelle Zavaleta.

Ernie Els XXIO Global Ambassador[1435].jpg

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Jan. 24, 2018 – Srixon / Cleveland Golf / XXIO, sports brands of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), are pleased to announce the addition of Ernie Els as Global Ambassador for XXIO. Nicknamed “The Big Easy,” Els’ smooth, easy swing perfectly represents the easier distance, accuracy and golf that XXIO delivers to its customers.

“I’m proud to be on board as XXIO’s new Global Ambassador,” said Els. “Srixon and Cleveland are successful brands in golf, with a proven track record, and I’m familiar with the company’s products so that’s an easy fit for me. In fact, I won both my US Opens using Cleveland wedges and I’ve always loved those clubs.

“XXIO is perhaps a less familiar name in certain parts of the world…but trust me, this company is really going places! They’ve been the No.1 equipment company in Japan over the past 17 years, now the market leader in Korea and New Zealand, and the growth has been dramatic. I’ve been talking to the guys there a lot over the past few months. They have a range of high-end, high quality products and some innovative technologies that help the average golfer get more out of their game. I’m all for that. And they have big ambitions, too.

“Actually one of the things I’m looking forward to is being able to assist in their product development and obviously, with me playing an international schedule, help create an uplift in brand awareness as the company expands around the world. These are the kind of multi-dimensional, professional partnerships that really interest me. Honestly, it’s exciting to be part of the team.”

Els, 48, from Johannesburg, South Africa, has been a major player in the world of golf for nearly 30 years. Amassing 70 career professional victories since turning professional, Els captured the first of his four career Major victories by winning the U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in 1994 while also securing PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. Els would go on to win his second-career U.S. Open in 1997 at Congressional Country Club as he entered the prime of his career.

He continued winning tournaments across the globe, including two additional Major victories at The Open Championship in 2002 at Muirfield Golf Club and 2012 at Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club. Throughout his illustrious career, Els has recorded 19 PGA Tour victories, represented his country on 22 different occasions (including 8 Presidents Cup teams) and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2011.

“As one of golf’s most respected and influential athletes, we’re thrilled to welcome Ernie as our Global Ambassador for XXIO,” said Scott Carlyle, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “It is a rare and special opportunity to work alongside someone of Ernie’s caliber, whose efforts on and off the course have been simply astounding. We are looking forward to many years of great work together.”

 Els is also globally recognized for his humanitarian efforts. In 1999 he created the Ernie Els Foundation, assisting talented young South African golfers—predominantly from families of limited resources—with education and life-skill assistance. The Foundation joined forces with Fancourt Hotel and Golf Estate to establish the Ernie Els & Fancourt Foundation in 2006.

Furthermore, Els and his wife Liezl established the Els for Autism Foundation in 2009. In 2015, they opened the Els Center for Excellence, a 26-acre campus providing education, research, global outreach and adult services to those with autism spectrum disorder. Els received the 2017 Heisman Humanitarian award for his tremendous work in the field of autism awareness and research.

During his full 2018 tournament schedule on the PGA Tour and European Tour, Els will play with Srixon/Cleveland Golf/XXIO equipment as well as carry a XXIO bag.

For additional information on Srixon / Cleveland Golf / XXIO products and staff players, please visit the following sites:,, and