IMG_20180209_120512 Alexander Toth (Site Owner)

Having pursued a career in golf over the last 7 years I have experienced much of what has to offer. The up’s and down’s of a swing construction and the trials and tribulations of trying to grind playing on some of golf’s Mini-Tours. I’ve also served in different capacities in the golf industry from being a Pro Shop Attendant, Assistant Manager and then as a Director of Golf Services.

I started a website ( while fighting to keep my lower right leg when an infection caused severe complications that led to gangrene. I had to find a way to exercise my mind and I turned to writing. I fell back on my experience writing as I used to write for a fly fishing e-Zine called Fly Fish Ontario. I was happy if one person read what I had to say and I was blown away by the success that followed. A change was needed so I decided to re-brand when my domain expired on January 10th, 2017.So I would like to welcome you all to where I hope to bring you (my readers) bigger and better things.

I fought hard to build what I had developed and I have battled through a variety of health issues (too many to list). I have evolved myself to simply become better. Better health and a better golfer. Who knows what the future will bring or where the road goes when you get around the next bend. After all life is a journey.

When I’m not absorbed in golf I can be found spending time with my family, my 5 year old Black Labrador Retriever or on some water with a fly rod in my hands.

Until The Next Tee!


IMG_20181130_231039 Crystal Toth (Photographer/Contributor)

Even though Crystal is a new addition to Until The Next Tee she isn’t new to me. We’ve been married for 20 years and has been at my side the entire time. After my Stroke it was decided that I had to slow down. Crystal is joining UTNT as my photographer, videographer and will be giving a different perspective. Crystal will be helping me expand the coverage covering women’s golf fashion, accessories and more.