Review – GelTees

Is there a sport (other than hunting and fishing) that is more in touch with nature than golf? For the sake of argument we'll say no (although rock-climbing and surfing come to mind). When you think about the beauty that is golf much of it has to with the fact that for 4 hours we're … Continue reading Review – GelTees

The Master of The Masters

So I was going to follow suit with what I was doing earlier in the week. After doing a re-cap for the first two rounds I decided not to write a round three re-cap. Admittedly, I was too enthralled watching my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs clinch a playoff spot last night. Something they haven't done … Continue reading The Master of The Masters

Mastering Augusta – Day One

Hasn't it been an interesting start to the season's first Major of the year? I mean who could have possibly predicted that what has transpired so far was in fact going to happen? If there was a Masters Tournament that had a serious plot twist before the action begun in 2017 than I have no … Continue reading Mastering Augusta – Day One