Hey Gang:

Well, like it or not that time of the year is upon us. Canadian Thanksgiving is long-gone, Halloween, it’s gone too and so to are Remembrance/Veteran’s Day (depending on where you reside). With the American Thanksgiving having come and gone this past Thursday, all of the turkeys in North America can basically relax, wipe the sweat from their collective brows and gobble along. For every one that celebrated yesterday I hope that you stayed safe and managed to sleep off the tryptophan coma in time to score some terrific Black Friday deals. Personally speaking, I never do the Black Friday thing.


Now that Black Friday has come and gone like those other significant days mentioned beforehand the beginning has come. The official beginning to the holiday season. So whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Omisoka (Japan) or similar I will be offering a few gift ideas for the golfer in your life. Even if it means the gift is for you.

Some ideas that I’ll be offering come from marketing agencies that I worked with during the year or in some cases throughout the years. In some cases, some of the gift ideas may have pricey costs to them. Knowing that not everyone can have that kind of budget available (I’m one of them) I’ll be offering gift ideas for those on a budget as well. So with that in mind keep an eye open for the 2019 UTNT Holiday Gift Guide. In that guide, I’m going to aim to have all gift ideas under $200. Good luck right?! Not exactly.

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So stay tuned. As sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning the holidays are on their way. Like a runaway freight train. Keep an eye open on a “tab” at the top that says “2019 Holiday Gift Ideas”.

Until The Next Tee!!

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