Titleist and FootJoy Announced as Official Sponsors of Women’s Golf Day

(WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., 1/12/2021 ) Titleist and FootJoy have joined the Women’s Golf Day sponsor family as the Official Golf Ball and Official Footwear Sponsors, respectively, of Women’s Golf Day (WGD) 2021. These highly respected golf industry leaders join WGD’s mission to engage, empower and support women and girls through the game of golf. Together, Women’s Golf Day, Titleist and FootJoy are striving to bring more women and juniors into the game of golf than ever before through education and opportunity.

“The growth and impact of Women’s Golf Day aligned well with our corporate dedication to engage with more women and girls than ever before,” comments Alicia Madden, Director of Media Acushnet Company. “We actively support women’s golf at every level of the game and are excited to see how this new partnership will enable us all to bring new players into the game and support those who have already fallen in love with the sport.”

Women’s Golf Day takes place on June 1, 2021. Throughout 2021, Acushnet Company, the parent company of Titleist and FootJoy, will work in conjunction with the WGD team to introduce new and innovative ways to engage and educate women about the opportunities that exist within golf. Since its inception in 2016, Women’s Golf Day has been hosted in over 900 location in 68 countries and this new relationship will benefit both the VIP Membership and broad ambassador and location network that supports the international movement.

Elisa Gaudet, Founder of WGD is delighted with this new partnership which heralds a fantastic start to 2021. She comments: “It is thanks to the commitment of individuals and organizations like Titleist and FootJoy, who are prioritizing the women’s game, that WGD is able to continue to grow from strength to strength. We look forward to partnering with them in this mission. Having these brands as part of our community makes us very proud and I am excited to see how we can work together to determine the future of our sport around the world.”

Locations wishing to host a Women’s Golf Day event on June 1, 2021 can register at WomenGolfDay.com/register. Men and women who wish to join the VIP Membership network are welcome to learn more at womensgolfday.com.

Women’s Golf Day Supporters: Partners and supporting organizations of WGD are: Ahead, All Square, Annika Foundation, ASIAN GOLF, Callaway Golf, The California Alliance for Golf, Chronogolf, ClubCorp, EGCOA, European Tour, European Tour Properties, PGA of America, FootJoy, The First Tee, Gallus Golf, The Golf Channel, GolfNow, International Golf Federation, LET, LPGA, LPGA Amateur, Modest Golf Management, NGCOA, NGCOA Canada, PGA of America, PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Superstore, The R&A, Sky Sports, Titleist, TopGolf, TPC Properties, Troon Golf, Troon International, USGA, WE ARE GOLF, Women & Golf, The World Golf Foundation and more.


Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global movement that strives to Engage, Empower, and Support women and girls through golf. The one-day, four-hour event, has now taken place at more than 900 locations 68 countries since its inception in 2016, and has introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport. WGD is the fastest-growing female golf development initiative.

In 2020, WGD’s primary hashtag, #WomensGolfDay, received more than 59 million global impressions to nearly 37 million people viewing WGD content. Women’s Golf Day is unique, there is nothing like it in sports, a one-day sporting and community celebration event that unites women through golf across the globe for 24 hours straight transcending race, religion, language, geography or economic status. Visit http://www.womensgolfday.com  @womensgolfday, #WomensGolfDay #WGDunites


We are the global leader in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of performance driven golf products, which are widely recognized for their quality excellence. Driven by our focus on dedicated and discerning golfers and the golf shops that serve them, we believe we are the most authentic and enduring company in the golf industry. Our mission – to be the performance and quality leader in every golf product category in which we compete – has remained consistent since we entered the golf ball business in 1932. Today, we are the steward of two of the most revered brands in golf – Titleist, one of golf’s leading performance equipment brands, and FootJoy, one of golf’s leading performance wear brands.

Introduction to Testing – Edison Golf Forged Wedges

I would like to extend many thanks to the Chairman and Director of Innovation for Edison Golf, Terry Koehler for giving me this opportunity to test and review the Edison Forged Wedges from Edison Golf.

If you’re familiar with Mr. Koehler, it’s because he’s also known for designing equipment from manufacturers like Eidolon, Reid Lockhart, Scor Golf, and last but certainly not least Ben Hogan Golf (Ft. Worth irons and TK 15 wedges). For the last 30 or so years, Mr. Koehler has been designing products, for you, the recreational player. Or shall I say, the golfer that isn’t on television late on Sunday afternoons.

Did you know that over the last several decades, when it comes to golf club design, wedges have very much remained the same without much in the way of innovation. If you were to look in retail shops or the majority of golfers on any given golf course, you’ll see that the wedges are predominantly “tour-inspired” design. Wedges that are generally unforgiving. All constructed with the same design principle too, the majority of the weight is distributed into the flange (the area of the sole that extends back from the clubface).

When it comes to Edison Forged Wedges from Edison Golf, this is simply not the case. While there is weight in the lower part of the head, there is also weight along the top section of the head as well. This design feature is demonstrated in the photos above. You’ll see that the weight along the top portion of the head is heavier in the Edison Forged Wedges as opposed to the competitors. Smash factor is important with wedges as it is with metalwoods and irons alike. The smallest miss with a wedge will have a less than desirable result. Most notably, a miss short of the intended target. But this is only a fraction of the story.

Please view the unboxing video as I dive a little bit deeper into these wedges from Edison Golf. Stay tuned for much more on these golf clubs, right here at Until The Next Tee. Let the testing begin.

Until The Next Tee!!


Announcing Tips Now at Until The Next Tee – #NextTeeTips

Yes, there are a million sources for golf tips at your fingertips. While that may be the case, Until The Next Tee can be your “one stop shop” for everything golf-related. My opinions are genuine and I am who I am on camera. Nothing is ever scripted.

The editorials have been there and so to were the equipment reviews. Golf course reviews have been a recent addition too. So, what might have been lacking? A podcast? Well, “TeeBox Chatter” is on the horizon and promises to be a laid back affair. So, the lacking ingredient would be golf tips.

Why am I smiling? My striking is good and things are happening here at Until The Next Tee.

“Next Tee Tips” will cover everything from my “Fundamental Four” (watch the first tip installment below to find out what they are) to things for the more advanced golfer. While some of it will be swing instruction there will also be an additional wrinkle or two for good measure. The mental side of things will be covered as well as equipment advice.

Do you need someone to help push you along with any golf goals? Well, after #Golfchat the other night (it takes place on Twitter) I threw my hat into the ring offering to help any of the #golfchatters out there. I’m more than happy to give you insight or help you push towards your goals.

In the first instalment of tip videos (and the majority of tips will be video in nature) I cover a topic called “Thaw the Freeze”. If you freeze at address prior to your swing, this tip might be for you.

You may hear a whine at the end of the video. That’s my pup wanting to continue our walk. He’s a big baby!

Until The Next Tee!!


New Edison Forged Wedges by Terry Koehler Challenge ‘tour design’ Wedge Performance

After two years of development and testing, Edison Golf Company announced that they have begun crafting and shipping their revolutionary Edison Forged wedges, presenting golfers with a package of wedge technologies that significantly raise the bar for performance over conventional ‘tour design’ wedges.

The Edison Forged wedges were designed by Edison Chairman and Director of Innovation Terry Koehler. Koehler, who also writes a popular blog as The Wedge Guy on GolfWRX, has built a 30-year track record of challenging traditional wedge design, as he points out how wedges have not evolved nearly as much as the clubs in every other category over the past 4-5 decades.

Edison Chairman and Director of Innovation Terry Koehler

The Edison Forged wedges were designed to address the major performance shortcomings of ‘tour design’ wedges, and have been proven through extensive robotic testing to deliver more penetrating trajectories and a level of forgiveness of mishits never before seen in the wedge category. That performance superiority is achieved through a markedly different distribution of mass across the back of the clubhead, which equalizes the smash factor more evenly across the face. A significant increase in spin is a side benefit of the dramatically improved gear effect provided by the Edison Forged design.

The Edison Forged wedges depart from the normal industry procedure of developing wedges with the help of tour professionals, who Koehler says have entirely different wants and needs than even the best amateur players. “Tour professionals spend thousands of hours honing their exquisite skills,” explained Koehler. “Essentially, they have learned how to mostly overcome and even leverage the shortcomings of their wedges. But robotic testing and live golfer research over the past 3o-plus years has proven to me that ‘tour design’ wedges are the most unforgiving clubs in our bags. Why should any golfer have to suffer with that kind of finicky performance?”

The Edison Forged wedges are custom-crafted for each golfer, and are available with a wide range of shafts and grip options through the company’s website at http://www.EdisonWedges.com. By mid-summer, Edison Golf will introduce a program for golf professionals to become Certified Fitters for Edison Golf, so that they may bring this breakthrough performance to their golfers.

The Edison Forged wedges are also backed by an unprecedented Performance Guarantee. The Company will let you play your Edison Forged wedges for 60 days to see how they will improve your game; if you don’t agree, you can return them and the Edison Golf will replace them with any other wedges on the market you think you would like better.

“Very simply, the Edison Forged wedges were designed to improve scoring range performance for golfers of any skill level,” proclaims Koehler. “No other wedges come close to these in bringing forgiveness to a category not known for it.”

About Edison Golf Company

Edison Golf Company was formed in early 2018 to provide a platform for development of the Edison Forged wedges. Several rounds of prototypes were tested for nearly two years before the design was judged market ready. The prototypes and final production designs have been subjected to multiple rounds of independent robotic testing and live golfer reviews to prove every claim the Company makes about them. The company insists on the highest quality components and workmanship. All Edison Forged wedges will be custom-built to order for each customer, from the Company’s assembly and shipping operations center in Fort Worth, Texas.

First Strikes of 2021 and Edison Golf

2021 has been ushered in.

After near misses getting my first strikes in for the New Year, it finally happened. I had hoped to play at least 9 holes somewhere, but it wasn’t meant to be. We’ve had snow, we’ve had sleet, and we’ve had freezing rain. I apologize for sounding like an ad campaign for letter carriers around the world.

The weather here, in a way has been a tease because, the snow has been so close to disappearing until the next belt of wintry weather. With the disappearing snow it means that the opportunity arises to play golf at one of two golf courses in the area which remain open all-year round. (St. Davids Golf Course and Queenston Golf Course).

Queenston and St. Davids Golf Club’s respectively. Sister courses in Niagara. So close yet so far away. (Photo Credit: St. Davids Golf Club)

Being located right at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment, the remaining snow and ice has clung onto the greens and fairways like a lion guarding its prey. It’s just sitting so stagnant out there.

However, a little more in the city much of the snow has cleared. So, I took my pup out for a walk to check the course conditions of the golf course down the street. Just in case I happened to stumble upon some green, I had my now customary one wedge and one golf ball in tow. Lo and behold the course, in its off-season slumber, was green. Nary a patch of snow.

So, I hit a few pitches and then a few full swings. Nothing but baby draws, baby! It felt great and my ball-striking was really solid. I’m totally in synch. So, making my first strikes of the year went off without a hitch. If only the open courses would clear up.

It’s always nice to have grass under your feet in January.

Earlier in the day, I also spoke over the phone with Terry Koehler. Mr. Koehler is a brilliant mind and has been in the golf equipment industry for a few decades. If you’re familiar with the name, Mr. Koehler has been involved with golf equipment companies such as Reid Lockhart, Eidolon, Scor, and most recently Ben Hogan Golf. His creations of the Ft. Worth 15 irons and TK15 wedges are still etched into my memory, while I also distinctly recollect swinging the wedges from Scor Golf as well.

Moving forward to the present, Mr. Koehler is the “Director of Innovation” at Edison Golf. A golf equipment company that focuses on wedges and helping recreational golfers improve and shoot lower scores. How? With better short games through the advent of innovative golf club design. I had the opportunity and absolute pleasure to speak with Mr. Koehler and the conversation resulted in the most enlightening and educational golf conversation that I’ve ever had.

Crafted from 1025 Carbon Steel. Edison Forged Wedges. (Photo Credit: Edison Golf)

With all of the advances in golf equipment technology, from drivers to irons and even putters, the one piece of equipment that has remained relatively the same has been wedges. Terry Koehler and Edison Golf are working to flip that notion onto its head. I won’t get into the technology that’s being incorporated into wedges from Edison Golf, but know this. All wedges are not created equally.

Look for more content covering Edison Golf in the near future. Stay tuned!

Until The Next Tee!!