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It’s RBC Heritage week. The tournament known as the one where they play for the “Plaid Jacket” and the one where the lighthouse is. I will never forget my round there, I ended up carding a 77 from the tips with 2 penalties and 3 three putts. There’s only one tournament that I can say that I honestly can “relate” to on the PGA TOUR, and it’s this one because I can relate to specific holes and shots.

Also, a little bit of reflection on the last two weeks and what it meant for Japanese Golf. From Tsubasa Kajitani’s victory at the Augusta National Women’s Open, to Hideki Matsuyama’s ground-breaking victory at the Masters. And of course, the moment that stole the show, the ultimate sign of respect from Shota Hayafuji, Matsuyama’s caddie.

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It’s Masters Sunday!!!

t’s Masters Sunday. A look at “Moving Day”, Phil Mickelson, Corey Conners, and Justin Rose. Golf courses don’t care how pretty a golf swing is. Just ask Adam Scott. The forecast in Augusta for Sunday, and Hideki Matsuyama what could be on the menu and the “Hideki-pause”. You may wanna incorporate it. Here’s why. 

After 54 Matsuyama leads by 4. (Photo Credit: Golf Channel)

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In For Review – Tour Edge Golf Exotics C721 Driver

Well, the time has come. It’s now officially #testingszn here at Until The Next Tee. Very recently, I’ve received a new product to review. Many thanks go out to Jon Claffey the Vice President of Marketing for Tour Edge Golf for giving me the opportunity to have a first-hand look at the new Exotics C721 driver.

For those not in the know, Tour Edge Golf has been on quite a roll over the last several years. The Batavia, Illinois based golf equipment manufacturer has seen record sales and continued growth. Earlier this year, Tour Edge received a huge boost when the legendary Bernhard Langer signed a contract with them to play their equipment. Quietly, Langer had the EXS Pro Hybrid in his bag during The 2020 Master’s Tournament.

When I think of Tour Edge Golf, I really think of them as one of the biggest “movers and shakers” in the golf industry. While they’ve been around for much longer than 2019, I have long felt that, that was the year that they really stood out. With that year’s release, the Exotics EXS, they proved that you can produce a premium product with all of the best technology without the massive price tag attached to it. The Exotics EXS 220 and EXS Pro range gave them even more momentum which brings us to the Exotics C721.

In the video below, I unbox the Exotics C721 and let me tell you, as you can see from the pictures above. This driver just from an aesthetics standpoint alone is different.

With the unboxing out of the way, the testing process has begun for this stick. Only time will tell whether this driver is an upgrade over the previous two generations. Stay tuned right here for more content on the testing process of the Exotics C721 driver.

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TeeBox Chatter Ep. 6 – Doing it Right. A Brand Different From The Rest

Welcome back to TeeBox Chatter everyone! Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic lives to have a listen. I appreciate more than you think.

The collaboration between Jason Hiland and Tommy Armour III resulted in the TAIII irons. (Photo Credit: SUB 70 Golf)

Joining me this his week, my guest is an all-around nice guy and the CEO of SUB 70 Golf Jason Hiland. Join us on the tee box of the first hole as we “chatter it up”. This week the WGC Dell Technologies is being played. So, we talk about Match Play and another format that we see once a year. Stableford Scoring. Different is good.

Also we talk about all things SUB 70 Golf. A brand different from the rest. From Jason’s beginnings in the golf industry to hand-written notes, and products new to the stable in 2021. It’s a fun chat. Be sure not to miss it.

***The video version will be uploaded to YouTube.

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“Next Tee Tips” – The Shankopotamus

It’s happened to all of us. At one point or another, whether you’re a club golfer or one of the fortunate on the professional golf tours around the world you’ve met “El Hozelle”. Whether you’re on the golf course or the driving range, you’re just cruising along minding your own business and then it happens. You hit a shank.

I know, how could I even mention the “S-word”? Well, sometimes out of necessity we’re forced to say things that we wouldn’t otherwise. Quite honestly, I don’t find the word shank to be, well, taboo.

The reality is that there are many causes for hitting a shank that include and are not limited to…

  • Not being measured off properly at address (usually this means that you’re too close at address).
  • The dreaded casting motion at the top of the golf swing. While anglers might find a great cast pays good dividends, this isn’t the case in the golf swing. All that cast does is create a out to in swing path on the downswing. Now, you’re cutting across the golf ball. Oh yeah, you might be slicing a ton of shots for this reason as well.
  • Maybe, you have a slide and an improper release that doesn’t square the clubhead at impact leads to a hosel first strike.
  • Or maybe, you haven’t made a turn and you were all hands. Picking up the club.

The latter actually applied to me the other day.

We had some great weather and I took advantage of getting a few strikes in chipping, pitching, and some “‘tweeners”. All of the sudden, a shank! Then another. My eyes bulged a little and while I wasn’t worried, I was bewildered. I just sort of laughed to myself, made a comment to my trusty sidekick (my 9 year-old Black Lab Muskoka) and shrugged it off.

Thinking about it, I realized that I had recorded a swing. SO, I had a look just to see if I could pick something up. Sure enough, there it was. Instead of making a turn, I simply picked the club up. A total “no-no”. Upon seeing the horrific display, I made a swing ensuring that I made a turn and voila! A crisp strike, nice divot (only hit from the rough), and a tight baby draw.

If you develop a shank, don’t fret. Slow it down and make a smaller swing. Breathe. Ask yourself. Am I picking up the club? Am I turning? Am I casting? I guarantee you that the solution to fix your woes isn’t far off.

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