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Before I sat down to write this article I was initially going to sit down and write a review based on my first impressions of the F7 ONE Length irons from Cobra Golf. However, I have been sitting on some things in the back of my mind for some time and after recent events I feel like putting those thoughts together… here and now! 

The reality is that I may lose followers as a result of this article. In the past, I have been reluctant to post anything controversial or political because of a fear to lose readers. When it comes to topics like religion or political views it’s a surefire way to piss somebody off especially in this… “The Age of Sensitivity”. But sometimes you just have to get crap off your chest and in some cases you just shouldn’t give a “flying rat’s ass” about what someone may think. That’s where I’m at.

Let’s start with the obvious and the day’s most recent news. Tiger Woods. Recently, he said that he has felt the best that he’s felt in a long time. Woods also stated that he was pain-free. Perfect! Maybe it was him inching ever so closer to a return to competition. Bravo! Tiger Woods in competition again would be good for television ratings and TaylorMade Golf. Unfortunately, news out of Jupiter, Florida today shows that Tiger was arrested for DUI. Whether or not Tiger was impaired from alcohol, prescription drugs or recreational drugs is of no consequence and makes no difference to me. He was wrong and irresponsible regardless of what it was. Period! I personally don’t care to hear any bullshit press release from him or any agent (P.R. Firm) acting on his behalf. I don’t care about the infamous “Elin 9-iron” from a few years ago. That wasn’t of consequence to anyone and I don’t recollect whether or not there was drinking and driving when he drove into the tree. Anyways, people came to his defense for his cheating ways back them and again I couldn’t care less about that nonsense. What I do care about is the impaired driving charge and this is his second time. You know the saying… “fool me once….” See his photo? He was freaking “gooned”! You see impaired driving strikes a real nerve with me. I was nearly killed by an off-duty impaired police officer in 1995. As a matter of fact I had an ex-girlfriend killed by an impaired driver. Impaired driving has definitely effected who I am and my life. There is no freaking excuse for putting your life and more importantly the lives of others to drive impaired. I have seen within the last hour numerous Tweets trying to make excuses for him. One uneducated buffoon even said… “everyone has driven impaired”. Buddy, just because you likely have doesn’t mean that we all have. Everyone?! Not me… so enough of putting everyone and myself under an umbrella with a ridiculous statement like that. At this point in time I don’t care what Tiger has or hasn’t done for the game. This is a massive black eye! Tiger you could have killed somebody. A mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle or child with your selfish act. Not to mention you could have taken yourself away from your children. Greed and selfishness!

drunken tiger

Drunken Tiger Hidden Golf Game (Photo Credit:


Politics and golf. I hate politics yet it’s one of those things that just seems to come up. This past week the PGA Champions played their Senior PGA Championship in the Washington, D.C. area this past weekend. German Ironman Bernhard Langer was the eventual winner outlasting Vijay Singh at the tournament which was hosted at Trump National which of course is owned by President Donald Trump. Langer now owns the Career Grand Slam (plus one) on the Senior Tour. A truly remarkable accomplishment. Leading up to the event a few players came to Trump’s defense. Players like Rocco Mediate, John Daly and Fred Funk came to his defense. Stating that they were friends. While Mediate wished to talk about only the tournament because talking about other things weren’t his “forte”. Funk on the other hand according to a U.S.A. Today (fake news? Too soon?) article said that he would “get in their face” of any “fantester” on hand to protest the Trump embroidery emblazoned on his chest (Funk has been sponsored by Trump). Funk said that he wouldn’t talk politics but he ultimately did defending policies and so forth. Daly on the other hand was very diplomatic and to paraphrase suggested that it’s just best to support Trump. That citizens should try to jump on the proverbial bandwagon. Regarding the protesters Daly said that he would “just ignore them”. The activists that were on hand were there because of only one reason… the Trump name.

funk off

Dear Protesters and Players:

Golf doesn’t need protesters and golf doesn’t need politics to mar press conferences and tournaments. Keep the political nonsense at home. The end!

Sincerely Yours

Golf trick shots and general on-course stupidity. I admit that golf trick shots involve a boatload of skill. More than learning to hit a golf ball straight? Perhaps not! I admit that I cannot hit a golf trick shot and in no way do I suggest that it takes no talent. I used to admire trick shots but am I the only one that thinks that they have gotten old and boring? I realize that I sound like an old curmudgeon but I am tired of seeing them. Especially when it involves an original shot being copied by another person and then that person being copied by another. It’s almost like a damn “pyramid scheme”. When it comes to bloopers I don’t mind them but staged stupidity involving damaging golf carts and stuff? C’mon! How many clips are on the internet involving the senseless destruction of golf carts? Too freaking many… which means too many freaking people getting their “five minutes”. For those that play such courses where you’ve destroyed golf carts and other golf course property. You wonder why you have to leave credit card information at the Pro Shop and also wonder why cart rates have climbed? Think about it! I have no issue with playing golf and having fun while playing. For those that haven’t golfed with me you need to know that I am one of the least serious people out there. I love to have fun and I am all about having fun. But you don’t need to be stupid destroying course property. Go ahead… drink and be merry! Enjoy the day but don’t hold the rest of us up lighting carts on fire.


This cart is on fireeeee….. (Photo Credit:

Until The Next Tee!

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