The time of the year is upon us. With Remembrance Day come and gone and Thanksgiving Day having been celebrated in the United States the holiday season fast approaches. Sure there are a multitude of gifts for golfers out there that can break the bank but what for those who are on tighter budgets? Believe it or not there is a cornucopia of great presents out there for under $100. Let’s take a closer look at what can be wrapped and placed under your Christmas tree or Festivus pole for those that have tighter budgets.


CHASE 54 – There’s a reason why I haven’t written a review for some time about this apparel brand. The reason is that quite simply I cannot write an objective review because of my allegiance to this brand. I have been a somewhat quiet part of TEAM 54 for a few years now. Why? The people around this brand are like family and I feel like I belong. Then you factor in the fabrics of their clothing which in my opinion are the “best in the biz”. The fabric always has great hand and they also pack some innovation into their styles like their GloFuze Technology. Speaking of their styles. The designs that Chief Designer Lulu Faddis comes with are sleek, fun and very stylish for both genders (Ladies fashions go up to 2XL). There is a Black Friday and Cyber Monday BOGO Sale coming up doubling down could be great for less than $100.

CHASE 54 Website



Swing Wizzard – Other than receiving a holiday miracle or a trip to somewhere warm golfing may not be in the cards this holiday season. Yeah… yeah I know! There are the spoiled folks in warmer golf climates that can golf all year round. But the cold, snow-laden golfers need a way to practice their game or keep sharp. For those in need of a training aid that allows you to practice indoors and focus on key aspects of the swing give Swing Wizzard a look. For $79.95 you get a very effective training that gives you instant feedback regardless of the fact that you don’t need to strike a golf ball. Keep the fun in fundamentals and keep on top of these oft-overlooked positions throughout the golf swing. Every position from address, ball position, swing plane, position at the top and release are all things that you can work on with the Swing Wizzard. Worth the investment and please see my review for more information.

Swing Wizzard Website


Asher Golf – Unless the golfer on your list is in the minority of golfers that do not wear a glove you can never go wrong with selecting golf gloves. Especially when the golf gloves only cost $12 per glove. This is where Asher Golf is great. I remember when the brand brought out a range of gloves called the “10 Buck Chuck”. Of course, in that time fuel and manufacturing costs have increased so in the world of checks and balances the cost of each glove has now become the “12 Buck Chuck”. For $12 the gloves that you get are a very good quality, pretty durable and are fashionable. The color options are great as there is a color for every color in the rainbow. You can literally have a glove to match each of your golf ensembles. Great value and very practical.

Asher Golf Website


36 Golf Company – Golfers are a funny bunch and for a good majority their sport becomes a passion, obsession and in many cases an addiction. But who wants to wear their golf apparel at home when they’re enjoying a sip of something or other? That is where a golf lifestyle brand like 36 Golf Company can come in handy for those looking for gifts for golfers. what 36 Golf Company brings is a combination of headwear, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. The clothing is comfortable and you can wear their gear whether you’re at the range, at your friend’s house for a bonfire or at the gym. Making it an even better value is that the brand is based in Toronto, Canada. So if you live near anywhere else in the world where the exchange rate for currency is in your favour look no further than 36 Golf Company.

36 Golf Company Website



Rosemark Grips – I am about to release a review in the very near future on this product. I had the opportunity to test the second generation of putter grips from Rosemark Grips this summer/fall. Testing with these grips has been fantastic and to be honest what the Thorn 1.25 and Thorn 1.52 grips represent are the best feeling putter grips that I have used… period! The texture is second to nobody and they feel great!! The mantra behind Rosemark is “Tension Free Putting” and that it is. The arms stay loose because of the texture and the shape of the grip itself. Loose arms lead to a putting stroke with more flow. The cost per grip runs from $25-$40 per grip and comes in a wide range of colors. Lydia Ko got to her #1 World Ranking in Women’s Golf using a Rosemark and there is a reason why she has gone back to them.

Rosemark Grips Website



There are a host of options in this category of gifts for golfers and these are just a few of them based on my personal experience using these products. I have no doubt that whatever you get for the golfer in your life or buy and put under the tree yourself will be much appreciated. Happy shopping… and Happy Holidays!!


Until The Next Tee!!