2019 PGA Merchandise Show Log – Day One

Travel Day


Today is the day. Departure for the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

I always get really excited about this day every year. It’s the anticipation of many things. The sights and sounds of the travel. Arriving for the first time at the Orange County Convention Center and walking into the Media Center and picking up the badge. Wondering what hidden gems that I’ll find. It’s many things really. After attending the show this many times one would be led to believe that the novelty would wear off. But it hasn’t. This year is even more different as I have Contributor/Photographer and my spouse Crystal joining me. It’s her first time attending.


Right now, we’re supposed to be at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in the middle of our 7 hr wait for our flight to depart. However last night… There was an air of disappointment. Google had a notification that our flight to Orlando was cancelled. I was dumbfounded when Crystal showed me her phone. I was right bummed and I admit that I was upset like a child that didn’t get what they wanted on Christmas. So I called the airline… Frontier Airlines to verify this information. Due to Winter Storm Harper they very preemptively scrubbed the flight. I guess because I look so forward to the show I was gutted.

So instead of being on a bus at 7 a.m. and traveling we slept in. Got up at 11:30 to no snow. Of course, I was thinking “of course there’s no snow”. Then in the next 45 minutes in what seemed a blink of an eye there was a lot. So I took the dog out and we played in the snow storm. I have to give Frontier Airlines major kudos for letting their customers know early (before every other airline) that the flight was cancelled. Looking at Departures/Arrivals from Buffalo there is a plethora of cancellations now.

But there is some good news. We were offered a different flight. Monday afternoon we depart. So Monday morning at 7 a.m. we’ll be on a bus to try it all over again. Hope there’s no mechanical issues.

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XXIO Reveals the All-New XXIO Prime: Indulge in Distance

Thanks go out to Noelle Zavaleta for sharing this release regarding the latest release from premium golf equipment brand XXIO.

For those unaware, XXIO is among the leaders in the golf equipment industry when it comes to the production of lightweight golf equipment. Such equipment is geared towards those golfers that have what’s defined as a “moderate swing speed”. This target golfer is one that averages somewhere just below 95 mph and can have a handicap around a 15 (give or take).


With the all-new XXIO Prime product range for 2019, golfers can expect a variety of game-enhancement features. Reduced tip stiffness in the metalwoods that will allow golfers to shut the clubface more easily. A thinner, lighter cup face for more ball speed. The irons will have weight low and back for ease of launch. A lightweight construction thanks in part to the “SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin” which is said to be strong and lightweight again aiding more clubhead speed.

For more details, please see the press release below.


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Jan. 18, 2019 — XXIO®, a global leader in premium lightweight golf equipment, introduces the all-new XXIO Prime, easy distance and easy accuracy for moderate swing speed golfers. The new XXIO Prime officially launches in North America on March 1, 2019.


“XXIO Prime is, quite frankly, the most unique and beneficial product ever available to moderate swing speed players. Period,” said Chuck Thiry, Vice President of XXIO USA. “People might think that is marketing hype, but they simply haven’t hit Prime yet.”

xxio prime_group shot[5219]

XXIO Prime Woods


The new XXIO Prime Woods feature a redesigned hosel structure and reduced stiffness at the tip of the driver shaft, making it easier for moderate swing speed players to shut the face at impact for longer, straighter drives.


Also, the new XXIO Prime Woods are lighter, making them faster while still remaining extremely easy to swing. A new forged cup face, made from Super-TIX® PLUS Titanium, is thinner, lighter and stronger for maximum COR across the entire face for more ball speed and enhanced distance.


“The speed increases, higher launch angles, and draw bias of the new Prime will show immediate results from swing one,” Thiry said. “It’s legit lightweight power for the players that absolutely need it the most.”



Key Technologies:

  • Super-Tix Plus Forged Titanium Cup Face: Forged from Super-TIX® PLUS Titanium, a lightweight yet high-strength alloy, the new Cup Face greatly increases distance performance thanks to a hotter sweet spot that’s noticeably larger than the previous model’s.
  • Unprecedented Lightweight Construction: The SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is strong yet extremely lightweight. That, along with weight savings in the grip and club head, produces woods that are remarkably fast and remarkably easy to swing.
  • Groundbreaking Forgiveness Features: With an expanded toe and narrowed heel, a tungsten-nickel inner weight that is low and deep, a lighter hosel repositioned closer to the center of the face, and finally, reduced stiffness at the tip of the shaft, this is our most forgiving suite of XXIO Prime Woods.

XXIO Prime Hybrids and Irons

Reach more greens in fewer shots with new XXIO Prime Hybrids. With an expanded COR across the face, a lower center of gravity, and a straighter ball flight, Prime Hybrids greatly enhance distance and ball speed from anywhere on the course.


Meanwhile, stick it close with new XXIO Prime Irons, providing more distance, more stopping power and a higher launch. Featuring a forged Super-TIX® PLUS Titanium face and CNC milled Speed Grove, new Prime Irons increase ball speed across the face for easier distance and easier accuracy.

xxio prime_irons[5220]


Key Technologies:

  • Forged Maraging Steel Cup Face: Forged from Maraging Steel – a lightweight yet high-strength allow – the new Cup Face in the Prime Hybrids greatly increases distance performance thanks to a hotter sweet spot that is noticeably larger than the previous model’s.
  • Super-Tix Plus Titanium Face with Speed Groove: Made from Super-TIX® PLUS Titanium – a lightweight yet high-strength alloy – the new iron faces also feature a CNC milled speed grove that greatly increases COR for a larger, hotter sweet spot that improves ball speed for enhanced distance.
  • Unprecedented Lightweight Construction: The SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is strong yet extremely lightweight. That, along with weight savings in the grip and club head, produces hybrids and irons that are remarkably fast and remarkably easy to swing.
  • Groundbreaking Forgiveness Features: With an expanded toe and narrowed heel, plus a crown step that moves weight low and deep, this is our most forgiving suite of Prime Hybrids. Similarly, with two high-density tungsten nickel sole weights and an overall profile that is 3mm shorter than the previous model, this is our most forgiving suite of Prime Irons.

“The XXIO brand continues to grow and continues to impress the moderate swing speed men and women that we believe are the lifeblood of the sport,” Thiry said. “Those players seem to be responding to our focus, and moving forward, we’ll keep the focus on those core players and we’ll remain bullish on our prospects for continued success.”

XXIO Prime officially launches in North America on March 1, 2019, at a MAP of $259.99 for a single graphite iron, $379.99 for the Prime Hybrids, $579.99 for the Prime Fairway Woods and $849.99 for the new Prime Driver.


For more detailed information on all of XXIO’s offerings click here.

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Mizuno to Unveil New Products at 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

With every passing day as the 2019 edition of the PGA Merchandise Show gets closer the excitement builds. As that excitement builds also comes news of what we can expect to see during the week.

As reported previously, Mizuno Golf is making it’s first appearance to the show after being missed for a number of years. Mizuno Golf is definitely a welcome addition to the exhibitor list. During the show Mizuno Golf will be proudly unveiling new products from their range of products for 2019.


Available on Demo Day will be the full range of ST190 metalwoods and the JPX 919 irons. Mizuno Golf’ JPX 919 Tour irons were put in play by Brooks Koepka in 2018. The current stable of JPX 919 irons which features 3 different models will be joined by a fourth member of the family. Being introduced and available for testing at Demo Day will be the JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro irons.

Mizuno Golf will also be unveiling new product for the brand an its booth on January 23rd and then former World #1 Luke Donald will be making an appearance at the booth on January 24th.

For more details please see the following press release below. Special thanks go to Harper Cornell (Brand Marketing Mizuno Golf USA) and Kaitlin Jarvis from public relations firm Brandware.


New Drivers and Irons Available for Demo, New Revolution in Custom-Fitting & Luke Donald Appearance


NORCROSS, Ga. – (January 16, 2019) – Mizuno, a global leader in golf equipment, will be attending the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 22-25, in Orlando and exclusively unveiling new product and athlete partnerships to the more than 40,000 attending PGA Professionals, golf retailers and industry leaders from around the world. Mizuno will offer hands-on product testing of its new ST190 woods and JPX919 irons during the PGA Show Demo Day and showcase a comprehensive lineup of its newest golf equipment, bags and accessories on the PGA Show Floor.


“After a short hiatus, we are thrilled to return to the PGA Show to unveil our new ST190 woods and JPX919 Hot Metal Pro irons,” said Director of Golf for Mizuno, Jeremy Galbreth. “We are excited to have former World No. 1, Luke Donald, join us for the experience as well as present golf other exclusive news planned for the show.”


Industry professionals will have the opportunity to see and hit with the highly anticipated ST190 metal woods at Demo Day on Tuesday, Jan. 22.  Designed for mid to low spin with maximum stability, the ST190 woods will be available nationwide and in Canada in February 2019. The JPX919 iron line will also be extended to feature a fourth model available for testing for the first time ever. The new JPX919 family comprises JPX919 Tour, JPX919 Forged, JPX919 Hot Metal, and now the JPX919 Hot Metal Pro. Each model has been engineered from different base materials to help enhance performance for particular swing types.


Mizuno will then unveil a new product for the brand at its booth on Wednesday, Jan. 23, which will be exclusively showcased during the 2019 PGA Show. On Thursday, Jan. 24, Mizuno will welcome former world no. 1 Luke Donald to the booth and share new professional golf athlete partnerships.


Mizuno will display its industry-leading golf equipment and accessories at PGA Show booth #373, and products will be available for testing at outdoor tee #5.


The PGA Merchandise Show is the global golf industry’s annual summit for the business of golf hosting some 1,000 top golf companies and brands and more than 40,000 golf industry professionals. PGA Show Week begins with PGA Show Demo Day, the world’s largest professional golf testing event, on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the Orange County National Golf Center. During PGA Show days, Jan. 23-25, the latest equipment, technology and trends are uncovered within nearly 1 million square feet of exhibit, demonstration and meeting space of the Orange County Convention Center.


About Mizuno USA

Mizuno USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuno Corporation, one of the largest specialty sporting goods manufacturers in the world. Mizuno USA, Inc. manufacturers and distributes golf, baseball, softball, running and volleyball equipment, apparel and footwear for North America. Mizuno USA, Inc. is based in greater Atlanta, GA.


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