REVIEW – Lamkin Grips (Sonar Tour)

‘Tis the season for re-gripping your golf clubs. So, what better time than now to release a review regarding Lamkin Grips?

In the past, I’ve been very fortunate to receive some grips to test and review but never anything from Lamkin Grips. Until now. Many thanks go out to David Wheatley from PR firm Medi8 Golf. Without Mr. Wheatley, this opportunity would have never come.

We all know Lamkin Grips. The golf grip manufacturer that brought us the venerable stalwart Crossline grip. This history of the brand precedes itself with a rich history that dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing golf’s first leather grips. Ever since the family-owned company has continued to produce and deliver a wide variety of performance-enhancing grips to help golfers worldwide.


The grips that I received to review through discussions with Mr. Wheatley were the Sonar Tour. The Sonar Tour grip is a full-swing grip that weighs 52-grams per grip. The grips offer golfers the following features.

  • Proprietary FINGERPRINT Technology featuring a consistent micro-texture pattern provides slip-resistant control and omnidirectional grip traction.
  • Made with patent-pending GENESIS material that is slightly firmer durometer for enhanced torsion control.
  • The unique finishing process preserves the grip’s super tacky surface.
  • Classic taper shape provides a reliable and more traditional feel.
  • Consistent feel and exceptional performance in all conditions and climates.
  • Logo-down design inspired by Tour player preferences.

When it came to the testing process I wanted to be certain to test these grips in all sorts of conditions. Heat and humidity to cold and wet. After all, when a grip says that it’s all-weather you need to put that claim to the test. For the purposes of testing, I gripped two clubs. I chose to re-grip my driver and 9-iron


Just a quick note, if you’ve never re-gripped your own clubs it’s super-easy. All you need is a sharp box-cutter, some mineral spirits, grip tape, and bench with a vise makes it much easier (vise clamp) and be sure to use a generous amount of mineral spirits. I re-gripped mine at work and we don’t have proper facilities. So I did it free-hand (not recommended).

I chose to re-grip the driver because the driver is what you swing the hardest, meanwhile, the 9-iron sees swings that are full, with finesse, and of course the interaction with the ground (vibration dampening).


When it came to the results of Sonar Tour grip the first thing that I liked the fact they designed this grip to have the logo down. Not because it’s what Tour Professionals do but because when golfers have a club re-gripped pay too much attention to the logo placement. They use it for the alignment of their hands and the club. If the logo is off by a fraction it can have adverse effects on the results (missed greens, fairways, etc).


The grip itself provides plenty of traction. These grips feel great in the hands and I love the overall firmness of the grip. Of course, feel is an individual thing but for my purposes, these grips felt great. The Sonar Tour is made with a classic taper. Which is totally fine and traditional. But, I would love to see them release a version of this grip where the bottom hand is bigger. Even though, it’s nothing a an extra wrap or 4 wouldn’t accomplish under the bottom hand.

Sticking with the feel of the grips lets talk traction. At no time did I experience any sort of twisting in my hands. Whether it was the heat and humidity of summer, rain or as I found out recently in snow flurries the grips simply produce tremendous traction. I even tried swinging these grips while not wearing a glove and it was more of the same. I sweat a lot and my hands get soaked in the summer. I felt like these grips provided me a strong union between my hands and the golf club. Maybe, it’s the FINGERPRINT Technology that Lamkin incorporated into the Sonar Tour.


Vibration. The Sonar Tour is a grip that is a little bit firm so it does offer the golfer using them feedback. On shots with irons where you took a healthy divot are your hands, wrists, and elbows be punished? No. But the Sonar Tour does not dampen everything. Feedback.



The Lamkin Sonar Tour grips are high-performance golf grips. They offer golfers security in their swings and off offer (quite literally) all-weather characteristics. If you’re looking to re-grip this winter have a look at the Sonar Tour. They retail for $8.99 per grip. There’s a reason why Justin Rose plays with these golf grips. I highly recommend the Sonar Tour.

For more information please visit Lamkin Grips.


Until The Next Tee!!

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