Video Log – November 25th, 2019

Tyler Duncan wins in Georgia. Jon Rahm wins “The Race”. Sei Young Kim wins the LPGA’s largest purse ever for a single event. Brooke Henderson wins the Founder’s Award as voted on by her peers. And more.

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Stay Connected But Elevate

So, I’ve been working on my swing in the backyard. You know, tempo, technique (to an extent), the right feels and just the general strike. But it got me thinking about something important. Connection. So with that, I’d like to offer a tip to golfers struggling out there with distance, direction, and timing.

Tip of the day. Always remember that connection in the #golf swing is good. Just remember the arms need to elevate as well.

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REVIEW – Eagle Rebirth Golf X3 Irons

Are you familiar with Eagle Rebirth Golf? If not, you might want to familiarize yourself with this independent golf manufacturer. This golf manufacturer, however, might be a little different than your typical manufacturer and it might be for that reason why the golfing public hasn’t seen too many reviews on it. The reason, this company is a golf component company.

Eagle Rebirth Golf is a  golf manufacturer that finds its home in Riverside, California and a company that makes premium equipment from premium materials. The alloys that they use in the manufacturing process is second to nobody and where other companies use forging houses in Japan or China, Eagle Rebirth Golf sees its foundry set in Taiwan.


Prior to the 2019 PGA Show, I had no idea that Eagle Rebirth Golf existed. That was until I was scrolling through the exhibitors listed and noticed a picture or two of some clubheads. “Eagle Rebirth Golf” I thought to myself. “These might be worth a look”. So I added them to “My Favorites” and e-mailed them to make contact. I would establish contact with Ernie Reynolds through various e-mails and Mr. Reynolds invited me to have a closer look at his clubs and make some swings.

While Eagle Rebirth Golf and Ernie Reynolds (himself) might be new names to us understand that he is not new to the game. Mr. Reynolds spent 10 years with Cleveland Golf in the R&D Department, played golf professionally, was a Master Clubfitter with Golfsmith, and last but not least was a member of the Long Drive Team at Harrison Golf. So in a nutshell, he knows golf and he knows golf clubs and equipment.

Eagle Rebirth Golf is a company that offers a full arsenal of equipment. Their range includes drivers, metal woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

When I made my way over to the International Clubmakers Guild section of the range and first had a look at what Eagle Rebirth Golf offered golfers I was quite surprised. While I expected to ee irons and wedges the array was staggering. I was very surprised to see the offerings available. That’s not even including the drivers, metal woods, and hybrids. But there they were and they looked impressive. I started out hitting a few wedges and then made my way to the irons. My eyes made direct contact with one of the models in particular. The ERG X3 irons.


Only some of the irons offered by ERG

The ERG X3 irons are forged from 1025 Carbon Steel which as discerning and educated golfers know is a type of steel commonly used in the creation of forged irons. Typically, irons forged from that particular model offers superb feel. When it came to the overall looks of these irons they scored very well for me. I think the X3 irons are a pretty handsome iron and I liked the muscle-cavity design and the “diamond” CNC-Milling on the rear of the head. Overall, the heads of the X3 irons are very clean and I really like the top-line as it isn’t too thick or too thin. Looking down in the address position the ball sets up very well. There isn’t much in the way of offset and that is a winning attribute.

The only place where it lost points when compared to some of the others in the category was innovation. There isn’t anything ground-breaking but does that really matter if they perform?

I really liked the feel of the X3 irons from ERG. They felt really solid and strikes off of the center of the face were very well-rewarded. On less than optimal strikes, the ERG X3 irons “talk” to you. The muscle-cavity type of design really places mass around the sweet spot on the reverse side of the head. I could really feel the ball get hammered off of the face and the ensuing ballflight was fairly aggressive. Of course, this is dependent on the type of shaft that was used in the X3 irons. Because these irons are components fitting through one of nearly 50 dealers is extra important. But in my experience swinging them the flight was predictable, penetrating, and easy to flight on the windy day that was Demo Day. The workability of shots right to left and vice versa was a breeze.


All in all, if you’re in the market for a set of custom golf clubs you might want to look for a dealer near you and give the ERG X3 irons a look. They’re clean and they perform. While at a local golf show in February I was surprised to see some attendance. As it turns out a dealer for ERG (Power Golf) is pretty close to me. About 10 minutes away in fact. When the owner Brian Morrissey and I got talking about ERG it was his opinion that they were better than Miura and New Level both companies that he carries in his shop. Perhaps, that’s an endorsement. Head over to Eagle Rebirth Golf and check them out.

As a company, ERG won the “Hidden Gem Teezy Award”. 

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Well… The End of the Golf Season Was Imminent

Like the title of this entry says. The end of the golf season was imminent. It had to happen. But not in the sense that I will not be golfing between now and Florida (PGA Show) or now and spring. Just my season working behind the Pro Shop counter at Scenic Woods Golf Course. It was a great season overall and one that was enjoyable and maybe at times just a little bit miserable. Our computer systems were the source of serious malcontent. But Mother Nature got us.

Our season started out so wet. For the longest time, I never got to play golf because even pushing the Clicgear 3.5+ was too much following my stroke. In the sloppy conditions, I was too tired to play after two holes… Let alone 9 or dare I say 18. I mean, we never got the carts out onto the course until June… I think.

Tomorrow (as I write this) but in fact today was supposed to be my last shift of the year. That was until a couple days of rain and consequently, seasonal cold weather got us. The rain Halloween night really slammed the door shut. I got the text this morning from my boss (Richard) telling me that he had it covered. I was looking forward to one last shift and a few holes afterward but it wasn’t meant to be. Just because my working golf season is finished doesn’t mean that I’m finished playing. As a matter of fact, the off-season grind begins now.

I’m sure at some point I’ll find myself in a gym working out. I really do need to jump back onto that wagon. Yes, I’ll be doing some teaching indoors and practicing too. It’s the right time of the year to make changes… not in-season. But more importantly, I have a couple of golf courses that don’t close unless they have no choice within 15 minutes from me and then there is of course…

The UTNT Practice Center For Deprived Golfers


It is here where I get my 20-200 swings in a day all season. It’s shabby, not flashy but it’s effective. Especially, when using Rapsodo R-Motion or say a Flightscope mevo just to give me a little swing insight. The best part about it too is that it’s free, I can enjoy the presence of my Labrador Retriever (Muskoka) and if I want to I can enjoy a beer or two. A beer like 3 Speed from Amsterdam Brewing. Unofficially, the official beer of UTNT.

I’m all set for the grind season. Always remember golfers there never really is an offseason #nooffseason.

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My Love and Appreciation of Golf is Because…

Recently, I wrote an article that was a somewhat scathing account of my season working in a pro shop (that article is here). While it seemed like I was complaining or talking very negatively about working in the golf industry I wasn’t.

The reality is that while there might be a few negatives about working the counter in a pro shop and yes you do see and hear a lot of questionable things (or complaints) there is a lot that I love about it. Before I get into that, however, I just want to point out that at the root of my issues with working at a golf course in a pro shop is that my issues are mostly internal. Namely, my jealousy. I actually get jealous that golfers get out the way that they do but especially our starters and marshalls. Believe it or not, there are guys there that have north of 50-100 rounds of golf played. It must be nice!!


The fall season. I love this time of the year in the golf industry.

So my love of working in the industry. There aren’t too many industry’s that I can think of where you can enjoy everything from seeing the sun rising, the smell in the air, seeing the wildlife, and the daily banter with individuals who are showing up to “your office” to take part in something that they enjoy. I was once told by a member at a course where I was the Director of Golf that “it’s not about the 5% that are assholes… that it’s about the 95% that aren’t”. He was right in that summary. Yes, you always remember the bad ones but that is human psychology too.

As mentioned, in that editorial I have some great members and guests that show up to my work. For the most part, they are always willing to have a laugh. Truth be told I work in a shop where Mike is a very common name. Out of three guys that work there (my GM notwithstanding), I’m the only one not named Mike. So to say that I’ve often been called Mike on more than one occasion isn’t saying much at all. As a matter of fact, while I can remember the names of 300 members, another 150 league player names and some green fee players I find it humorous that I get called Mike. I’m one person and yes I do wear a name tag that says “Alex”. But that’s okay, they’re excited to be there and maybe a tad distracted. So one day one of my members (Andy) heard this happen no less than 5 times in a short period of time as we were talking. As he walked out he says “Have a great day George” I laughed so hard. Ever since then, it’s been a running joke where we call each other the wrong name. My favourite so far is him calling me “Octavius”. Like I said, banter I love it and welcome it with open arms.

As much as I love the banter what I really look forward to (believe it or not) is Ladies League. After the rush of the weekend, our Ladies League takes place on Monday during the day and evening. It’s a terrific bunch of ladies that play and to be totally honest I look forward to them coming to the course. It’s not just about Blanche who supplies us in the Pro Shop with her jam but it’s the overall vibe of the group. Especially the ladies in the afternoon. They are such a fun group that while they banter they just love being at the course to play some golf. You talk about “growing the game” this is a large portion that the industry needs to realize. Women’s golf is a vast resource that needs to be tapped more across the entire golf industry. But there they are. They come to the course, play nine holes, and then drink wine and eat until the sun sets to mark the end of another day. For the most part, it truly is a social game and an evening out away from the office. I appreciate that!!


The sun had set on this Ladies League Night.

I guess the last part that I love about working in the golf industry is the education part of it. From a teaching standpoint it’s always great to see the look in a student’s eyes when “they get it”, they make a swing and the ball comes off like it never had for them prior. It’s the part of the education when you break through to a new golfer when you explain why you park the golf cart parallel to the pin. Education, when you get a message through to golfers that there is a business side and why things have to be a certain way and there’s more involved than cutting grass and for them to just simply show up without a tee time… And they get “it”. Lastly, there’s the reason why I write in the first place and have this blog. Whether it’s sharing my opinion through editorials or writing reviews. I love educating people on what’s out there and that there’s another opinion that may not be as popular or the same as their own.

This is why I love and appreciate golf.

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Reviews Moving Forward

Hey Gang!!

I thought that I would do a little blog post this evening. Much of it has to do with “The Home of Organic Golf Reviews” moving forward.

It’s that time of the year when we are roughly 3 months away from the annual PGA Merchandise Show taking place in what hopefully will be a warm, sunny Orlando, Florida. As the show nears, I really start to think about ways to improve Until The Next Tee. I have to admit that I never stop thinking about it although when we’re in the full swing of the golf season and I’m working hours in the Pro Shop I think about it just a tad less.


A new year is fast approaching. I cannot believe that the 2020 PGA Show is coming.

Recently, I wrote an editorial on what I thought might be the “Most Under-Appreciated Driver” in 2019 (see it here) and in a way it was almost a mini-review. I sort of liked how quick and easy it was to write. So it really got me thinking about the way that I approach reviews moving forward.

As many of my loyal readers already know I take great pride in delivering comprehensive and detail-packed reviews. It’s something that I’m proud of where when I pass judgment on a product you also need to know that my feelings and observations are genuine. I will never point out that they’re unbiased because that should go without saying. But it also made me think. Are the reviews too long? Should I approach my reviews in a new manner? Short and concise? Would shorter reviews (and articles in general) hold the readers’ attention better? Food for thought right?!


Please feel free to let me know what you think. It’s you that truly matters to me. Let me know what you think.


Until The Next Tee!!

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