Devant Sport Towels To Introduce Two New Towel Collections

Devant Sport Towels is proud to announce the upcoming release of two new towel collections, the Camo Collection and the Patriot Collection.

The Camo Collection puts a modern twist on a classic design and will come in red, black and blue camouflaged colorways. The Patriot Collection will showcase a variety of U.S.A. themed designs, including a block lettered U.S.A. towel, a red, white and blue camo towel, and an All-American towel featuring images of various American monuments and symbols. Both collections will be printed on Devant’s popular Ultimate Microfiber towel. 

“We’re so thrilled to be able to share these new collections,” said Renee Pfau, Product Manager at Devant. “All of these designs bring something new to the current Devant line, and we’re confident golfers are going to love how these look on their bags.”

For more information on the Caddy Towel or to view the full line of Devant products, visit

About Devant Sport Towels

Established in 1976, Devant Sport Towels is the most respected brand of custom sport towels by building a reputation for unmatched quality, design and service. Devant, located in Pageland, South Carolina, manufactures and distributes a full line of custom sport towels, cotton tapestry throws and Hi-Def™ bag tags. Devant is a proud licensee for the PGA of America, LPGA, USTA and the USGA. Dynamic Brands is the parent company of Devant and is located in Richmond, VA. For information on Devant visit Follow us at and

About Dynamic Brands

Founded in 2004, Dynamic Brands is the parent company for a portfolio of premium brand name companies committed to the development of innovative, quality products and outstanding customer service in the sporting goods industry. Golf and recreational products are offered through Bag Boy®, Burton®, Datrek® Golf, Devant Sport Towels®, Haas-Jordan™, IGOTCHA®, SEARCH ‘N RESCUE® and FLAGPOLE-TO-GO® brands, and include walking carts, golf bags, travel covers, umbrellas, custom sport towels, bag tags, golf ball retrievers, flags and accessories. In addition, Dynamic Brands is the U.S. distributor of Evnroll putters—the 100% milled putters feature designer Guerin Rife’s patented “Sweet Face” Technology, delivering unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion. Dynamic Brands’ products are marketed in 87 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit Follow us at and

Cleveland Golf Introduces Launcher XL Irons

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Sept. 8, 2021 –Cleveland Golf is proud to announce the all-new Launcher XL Irons, game improvement irons designed to give players a reliable ball flight and consistent control. The Launcher XL Irons officially launch in North America on Sept. 17, 2021.

The Launcher XL Irons is the ideal iron set for players seeking forgiveness and accuracy in one complete iron set. Launcher XL Irons feature hollow-body long irons for distance and forgiveness, while cavity-back short irons focus on precision when attacking the pin.

“The new Cleveland Launcher XL Irons provide a new XL head design with a large high MOI and confidence-inspiring shape that results in more greens in regulation,” said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. “MainFrame technology faces are optimized with AI to guarantee shots all over the face maintain distance and precision, while Action Mass CB, with a counterbalance weight in the grip end, helps players get on the correct swing plane while increasing head speed for distance. All in all, Cleveland Launcher XL Irons deliver a pin seeking iron for shooting your lowest scores.” 

Similar to the entire line of Launcher XL products, Launcher XL Irons deliver a 15% increase in high-toe MOI over the previous generation, providing more forgiveness and more shots that find their desired target.

Furthermore, Launcher XL Irons feature Cleveland Golf’s MainFrame clubface, which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to find the optimal shape and weighting for each clubface. The variable thickness pattern behind each iron face maximizes COR and ball speed for more distance on every strike.

To help balance things, Cleveland developed Action Mass CB to help square up the clubface at impact. An 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balance for more control without added effort.

Meanwhile, a V-Shaped Sole helps all players maintain speed and power through the turf for a better strike, while loft-specific grooves help pull the best performance out of every club.

If precision is the top priority, Cleveland Golf developed a custom configuration that is a half-inch shorter without counterbalancing in the grip for players seeking maximum control.

Key Innovations Inside the Launcher XL Irons:

  • XL Head Design: The Launcher XL Irons feature a new XL head design with an MOI of 3,081 g-cm² in the 7-iron, the most ever in a Cleveland Golf game-improvement iron.
  • MainFrame: Designed using artificial intelligence, MainFrame variable face technology increases ball speed while unique weight pad designs ensure maximum forgiveness across the face.
  • Action Mass CB: An 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balance for more control without extra effort.
  • V-Shaped Sole: An elevated leading edge glides through turf with far less drag that a typical flat sole to maintain speed and power on heavy strikes.
  • Loft Specific Grooves: The 4i-7i lofts have wider, flatter grooves, while the 8i-DW have closely-spaced, deeper, and higher spinning wedge grooves. Higher lofts also feature laser-milled grooves for enhanced friction.

Retail Information and Pricing

Pricing: 7-piece steel ($799.99); 7-piece graphite set ($899.99)

U.S. Retail Launch Date: September 17, 2021


-Pizá is collaborating with NextLinks eGolf Arena Founder Dave Shultz to complete their indoor golf and entertainment concept and have assembled a powerful and influential NextLinks Board of Directors-

SAN DIEGO, CA. – August 31, 2021 – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a world-class architecture and golf course design firm, today Introduce the NextLinks eGolf Arena, an avant-garde golf complex that will grow the game of golf by engaging and entertaining every demographic and generation. NextLinks eGolf Arenas are designed to be an unparalleled indoor golf venue and family friendly destination that will spur golf to be the fastest growing game in indoor sports.

For more than two decades, Agustin Pizá, the Director and Founder of Pizá Golf, has challenged golf norms and redefined golf facilities with award-winning, next generation designs. He has worked with legends of the game and his world class developments attracted interest from a formidable group who questioned him, can you design a total golf entertainment experience? Pizá knew he could transcend beyond the current, highly popular, golf experience but he needed partners and immediately reached out to infrastructure and technology expert, Dave Shultz.

Shultz along with Ed Colson have spent over six-years developing software and technology designed to integrate golf simulator play for the long-game with a true to form real world laser guided short-game experience. The duo has protected this extraordinary technology with a US patent. The technology entertainment component of NextLinks eGolf Arena is exclusive and proprietary.

“NextLinks eGolf Arena is a functional re-imagination of the brick, and mortar standard established for driving range-based entertainment, but more efficient in every way along with an iconic building design and specification,” said Shultz.

To design an iconic golf complex worthy of the NextLinks state-of-the-art golf technology, Pizá, a vertical architect himself, partnered with the esteemed, award-winning, international architects Victor and Sergio Sanz of Sanzpont, known for their designs that connect people and spaces with sustainability. The brother’s NextLinks eGolf Arena design exceeded the team’s vision and now, rivals the best golf facilities across the globe with its domed structure inspired by the most recognizable shape in the game: the golf ball. Other amenities include its central circular bar visible from any view, variety of eating spaces, private and open spaces, hitting bays, and lounge balconies that flank the signature short game course.

“We so love the game of golf, we imagined how the next golf entertainment concept should look and feel, envisioning almost a sacred place – a GOLF temple, where technology and entertainment are combined to create a realistic and exciting, next generation of golfing experience,” said Victor and Sergio Sanz.

The “Golf Field Atrium” within the NextLinks eGolf Arena was designed by Pizá himself. To compliment the technology driven experiences of the “Hitting Bays” he created a strategic laser guided short game course within the indoor park-like setting. The team refers to this as a “Disruptive game changing experience.” Onlookers can enjoy the play from the lounge balconies.

“The strategy behind the design is to provide real shot values that can be challenging or easy as the player wants. NextLinks eGolf Arena can be played by an avid golfer or a non-golfer. This is what we strive for ‘Growing the game we love’ and with respect to sustainability on all levels, ecologically, socially, and economically,” said Pizá.

Pizá, Shultz, and the team has assembled an imposing Board of Directors for their collective vision for the future of golf, the NextLinks eGolf Arena and established the NextLinks CalNeva Corporation.

NextLinks CalNeva Board of Directors:·  

Dan Mechem – CEO· 

 Dave Shultz – Founder and Chairman of the Board·       

 Agustin Pizá – Award-winning Golf Design Architect·       

 Brandel Chamblee – Golf Channel Analyst / Creative Talent·       

 Pete Walsh – Venue Technology Expert·        

Ed Colson – Real Estate Investor·       

 Charlie Mechem – Senior Advisor

“NextLinks Golf is the next generation in stadium golf concepts where friends and family will be able to not only hit all types of shots but also experience the joys and challenges of the short game and putting on championship style Pizá golf designed greens. With patented laser technology to simulate where shots hit would end up, “players” will get the full golf experience, with all the excitement, amenities, and atmosphere of a lavish night out on the town at a fraction of the cost. With an eye towards the future, NextLinks Golf will bring people to the game and the concept without adding to the stresses that the game generally has on the sustainability issues of land and water. NextLinks Golf, I believe, is the link to golf’s future,” said Brandel Chamblee.

About NextLinks CalNeva:

NextLinks CalNeva is a new company dedicated to growing the game of golf with a patented re-imagination of traditional golf and leveraging cutting edge technology. With the success of Top Golf, and its $2.6 billion acquisition by Callaway Golf, the company believe there is room in the market for a new marquis player: NextLinks Golf.

Most recently, NextLinks CalNeva has engaged the advisory services of Paul Nation and Anita Sokolsky from CBIZ Infrastructure Advisory Group ( for strategic growth planning as well as project construction financing.

About Pizá Golf Founder Arch. Agustin Pizá, MSc

Award winning architect Agustin has earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from ITESM and a Master’s Degree in Golf Course Architecture from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He is a proud member of both the European Institute and the American Society of Golf Course Architects. For 23 years, Pizá has worked with legends of the game and world class golf developments. His designs are known for delivering quality, aesthetic, and strategic golf courses.

Pizá Golf has been recognized with many international accolades and has garnered a reputation for “Re-defining Golf Facilities” with their concepts – Wellness Golf and Lounge Golf. Agustin Pizá was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 100 creative minds from Mexico and Golf Inc. Magazine included him in their Power 2020 issue as an up-and-coming superstar.

Pizá and the company have worked and have been involved in more than 60 projects on three continents.For more information on Pizá Golf, please visit the company website:

Getting De-Railed and Getting Back on the Tracks

If you’ve played this game long enough, there’s a better than average chance that this has happened to you.

You’re minding your own business and you’re cruising along on the driving range or golf course. Then all of the sudden, you make a swing and it feels like you were possessed by Satan. The Prince of Darkness himself. Yeah, that felt rather, demonic. But, it’s only one golf swing and you chalk it up as a bit of a fluke. So, you take a deep breath, gather yourself, maybe grab a drink of water, and you make your next swing.

The ensuing swing is an exact carbon copy of the swing prior. So, you dust yourself off like a bull rider that was just bucked off at a rodeo. That prize steer that you were riding a few moments earlier, sure got the best of you. Uh-oh a third swing that doesn’t feel right in any way, shape, or form. Now, you might be feeling a little bewildered or even perplexed. So, if you’re like me, you just simply give your chin a little scratch and maybe have a chuckle over it shaking your head. Or, you do what so many others do. You colour the air blue with a few expletives mostly self-deprecating in nature.

It was a grind. See that bunker sitting at the bottom of the tree? I found that one too.

From the mental side of the game, the self-deprecating move is horrible. Suddenly, you’re doubting yourself and your swing. You now putting unwarranted pressure on yourself. In doing so, you tighten right up. Nothing good can come of this Maybe, you start tinkering with a few ideas and now all Hell has been unleashed. Multiple swing thoughts and multiple swings creep into your round or session. Unfortunately, now you’ve morphed into Dr. Jekyll or perhaps Mr. Hyde. I mean, sure, they’re basically the same guy (or in the case of a Mrs. Hyde, same gal) but they aren’t. One’s nice, calm, and docile. The other is, well to be frank, a hideous monster. Now what do you do?

Chances are that you either walked off of the range/course or you proceeded to grind it out and play on. Hopefully, you’ve decided to grind it out until the end of the round or session. Let’s face it, there are much bigger things to get into a lather over. My father once said to me, “Alex, never quit because once you do, it’s easy to make a habit out of it”.

For a variety of reasons, all of them health-related (I have a Diabetic Foot Ulcer and three growths/cysts on the spine. I talk to a Neurosurgeon this week) my sessions and rounds of golf played have seen a similar situation that I describe above unfold. Lately, I’ve had a range session or three where “the thins” have crept into my swing, at impact of course. The worst part of a thinned or “bladed” strike is the lousy feel that’s left in your hands. What’s worse, has to be the sound at impact. Or even worse yet your ball flight is weak and feeble.

Without getting too involved in the mechanics or technical aspects of the golf swing I would like to offer up a simple piece of advice.

Slow it right down. There’s a saying that “less is more”. Slow it down. Take more golf club and swing less, but (and I cannot stress this enough) NEVER GIVE UP ON THE SWING. Make sure that you’re still accelerating through impact and finish. Chances are that by the end of your session or round, you’ll have discovered some sort of familiar feeling from your muscle memory ingraining your swing for countless hours at your nearest practice facility. Heck, if you’re on the golf course, you’ll likely find positives. Even if you’re playing the worst round of golf that you’ve played, ever.

As bad as a miss right looks, missing left is worse at Copper Creek Golf Club.

An experience involving this exact situation happened recently. I was invited to a TaylorMade Golf – Canada media event held at Copper Creek Golf Club. I was swinging well coming into it with an awesome range session two days earlier and I was okay on the range while trying out new products. Namely, the new P790 irons (check out that review here), their new Milled Grind 3 wedges and the 300 Series Mini Driver ,that, just happened to be there. Swinging my own clubs before teeing off I was swinging my own sticks well. I felt good about playing. Then my back started causing me grief, a lot of it.

I went to the first tee and immediately plunked my opening drive in the drink. Low and left. Uh-oh. My miss which usually comes under pressure. To make a long story short, I missed left all-day. My striking was piss-poor (thin) and for the most part I was paralyzed by it. I knew what was happening, I knew the cause and I couldn’t stop it from happening. Knowing my swing, I know that my back being the way it is and not being able to turn was causing my hands and arms to tighten up which resulted in a “flip” that was caused by simply picking the golf club up. For those unaware, the flip is to the golf swing what Kryptonite does to Superman. The misses are awful and numerous (we’ll get into the causes and resolutions another day).

That afternoon of golf was a grind. I found positives as my putting was good switching to lead hand low on a whim on the first green, some chips and pitches were adequate (others not-so much), and I played well out of the sand which I was in all-day long. In fact, it was my first beach day of the summer. Literally, everything was left. I scrambled well from trouble all afternoon including a well-struck 5-wood from a lie that was well above my feet (it was a horrendous lie) that chased up to the green from just over 200 yards and led to a Par save.

The author. There’s always positives during a bad round. Just go and find them.

Towards the end of the round, I managed to get my hands and back loose to the point where I was able to have something resembling a turn and more importantly tempo. I slowed everything right down and I got very rudimentary with my swing. I focused on one thing and that was one thought through impact. My fix on this day was quite remedial. I just wish that I could’ve been able to do it sooner.

While I believe that there’s no such thing as a bad day on the course, there are better days. If your swing train gets de-railed, try slowing it down, get back to the basics, and get back on the tracks. Always find positives, they’re there and there’ll be more than you think.

Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seuonthenexttee

“First Impressions” Review – TaylorMade Golf P790 Irons

Metal Meets Mettle”

Recently, TaylorMade Golf (TaylorMade Canada) announced through a press release that the latest iteration of their hollow-bodied P790 irons were being released. Fortunately, I was invited to attend a golf media day presented by TaylorMade Golf Canada that was held at Copper Creek Golf Club just north of Toronto in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Attending this media event was the perfect opportunity to take in-hand pictures and make a few swings with the new products from TaylorMade Golf. Many thanks go to Marketing Manager Nick Obritsch for including me in this event.

TaylorMade Golf – Canada golf media event at Copper Creek Golf Club.

The Set-Up

TaylorMade Golf first launched the P790 irons franchise in 2018. The P790 would prove to be an iron that went a long way in creating a new genre of iron sets. Essentially, the “Player’s Distance” iron category was born.

When looking at the P790 irons back then, they were game-changing. Everything about them, was new. A new face, new multi-material construction, and new materials (SpeedFoam) were all incorporated to bring more speed to player’s irons. An upgraded version came to market in 2019 where the face was designed to be thinner (7%) which increased the COR (Coefficient Of Restitution), and 15% more Tungsten was added to create a deeper center of gravity (CG). Also, a new Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT) was introduced to help eliminate a fade-bias in the long irons of the original P790 designs. The long irons had progressively less offset, and the short irons had a more compact look due to its shaved-down lines.

Moving forward to 2021 more evolution took place in the creation of the all-new P790 irons. While still retaining their blend of performance and forgiveness, TaylorMade Golf R&D sought out to create even higher ball speeds and with it more distance. Some of the technology used to achieve this was the development of “SpeedFoam Air”. This ultra-light foam inside of the forged hollow body is 69% less dense than the prior generation. The weight savings were approximately 3.5 grams per respective iron. Weight savings here allowed the development team to utilize the weight elsewhere. Redistributed mass lower in the cavity allows for better launch conditions.

The re-engineered forged hollow body construction paired with a responsive 1.5mm forged 4140 steel L-Face to promote supreme trampoline effect with faster ball speeds and more distance whilst maintaining a premium forged feel. 

Further bolstering the forgiveness attributes of the P790 irons is the use of heavy tungsten weighting. In fact, 31-grams of tungsten is used depending on the iron in question. All of this added tungsten weight means that the P790 irons feature even more stability and forgiveness at impact. Note, the previous statement about high C.O.R or resistance to twisting at impact.

The patented “Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™” continues to provide increased face flexibility while preserving ball speed and distance on low face strikes. Stay tuned for more on this topic below in the “Performance” breakdown.

All of these features quickly add up to giving golfers… More. More distance and more forgiveness.

Stock shaft offerings include the True Temper Dynamic Gold VSS 105 (Steel) or the Mitsubishi MMT (Graphite). The stock grips are the Golf Pride Z Grip 360.

MSRP – $1699.99 CAD (4-PW)

Lefty love. A clean look.

The Transition

Upon arriving at Copper Creek Golf Club (which is worth its own review) I made my way from the parking lot to the driving range. It was a beautiful day just north of Toronto in Kleinburg, Ontario. Sunny skies gave way to clouds later on in the day but the conditions on the range were near perfect. There was a slight quartering hurting wind.

I made my way to where the event was set up and had my first looks at the P790 irons. Here are my “First Impressions”.

Aesthetics – There’s a lot to like about the new P790 irons. Where the previous generation had a little bit more of a “in your face” look to them the 2021 version of the P790 irons are clean and aren’t gaudy or overbearing in any way. They are quite simple and dare I say it there’s almost an elegance to them. Especially, for a hollow-bodied iron. Discerning golfers will like their “rack appeal”. The logo “T” is small and neatly in place out on the toe.

In the address position the topline is one that you can look at very easily. You don’t look down at the topline and mutter to yourself “Gee, there’s a lot of meat there”. If anything, the looks in the address position are somewhere in between thin and moderate. Like I said, golfers will like the overall aesthetics of the P790 irons.

Sometimes, less is more.

Feel – 8620 Carbon Steel is new to the P790 irons in 2021. In saying this, the end result is a thinner face in certain areas by up to 37.5%. The 1.5mm forged 4140 steel face means that the entire head is forged unlike other “Player’s Distance” irons on the market. The feel is crisp, light, and responsive.

While on the range I made swings with the 4i, 7i, 8i, and PW so I feel that I can say that I have a pretty good idea of what the irons feel like throughout the set. The feel was consistent and hot throughout the set. Admittedly, I was swinging fairly well on the range prior to our round out on the course. The golf balls (which were TaylorMade Golf) always seemed to jump off of the face with a feeling that I can only describe as assertive.

Forgiveness – TaylorMade Golf spent a lot of time in bolstering the forgiveness of the latest installment of the P790 iron franchise, and it shows. These are easy swinging irons and they provide plenty of help for golfers that need the help or reward better players with a swing that is less than – shall we say – optimal.

Foreshadowing what would later happen on the golf course, I got a little “flippy” on the range and still the golf ball got up. While I was penalized with a loss of distance, I was not punished from a direction point of view. Golf is a game that’s more about what you do with your bad shots and less so about your good ones. Golf is a game of misses and my misses with the P790 irons were what I would describe as a good miss. Straight and still in play. Misses that you can work with and save strokes during a round of golf.

The topline inspires confidence but isn’t too meaty.

Performance – The all-new P790 (2021) irons perform!

On the range earlier, I noticed that no matter the club the result was the same. A straight shot to a slight draw. It almost seemed boring as I was placing golf ball after golf ball on top of each other with my shots. As a matter of fact, I stated to a TaylorMade Golf representative that I would take the bag of P790s right to the first tee and play them right then and there. Of course, I didn’t and I proceeded to go on my way to hit my clubs to warm-up prior to the round at the other end of the range.

Starting out with their trajectory. The golf ball is easy to elevate thanks to all of the redistributed mass placed lower in the head. The golf ball gets up fast and as the golf ball travels downrange, I observed that the trajectory penetrated. This was very noticeable on one hole where a “Closest to the Pin” was set up on the Par 3 11th Hole at Copper Creek Golf Club.

The hole played 187 yards (190 yards with slope) and plays over a ravine, so I decided to go with a 5-iron. There was a slight hurting wind and I struck my golf ball. The golf ball got up, flattened out, and settled down onto the green just short of pin-high. The TP5x (Yellow) that I was using sat about 5 feet in front of my ball mark. Judging by this one on-course swing, the P790 also yields enough spin to stop a golf ball on firm greens. For the record, the greens were quite firm under foot.

Like I said, these irons perform.

Giving new meaning to “Face Time”.

The Finish

Summing up my “First Impressions” of the P790 irons is pretty easy. These are irons that have been upgraded over the previous generations. New materials, new Centre of Gravity, new looks… I mean, they’re clean, Distance with forgiveness to burn ,but, not too much where your swing can get complacent and/or lazy. On poor swings, you will still receive feedback that the strike wasn’t flush.

TaylorMade Golf spent a vast amount of time, energy, and research testing the P790 irons. TaylorMade Golf was determined to deliver results when you need them the most. Whether it’s with your Sunday group taking your friends money or when you’re playing in your Club Championships The new P790 is in fact a golf club where TaylorMade Golf “metal meets your mettle”.

Until The Next Tee!!

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