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The Set-Up

The Wingman is a mini-mallet putter that features a multi-material construction. A Surlyn insert is employed in the face of the Wingman putter. This face insert was fine-tuned to find the optimal hardness rating that determined the sound and feel of the face. A carbon fiber soleplate is also used in the construction of the Wingman. The carbon fiber soleplate help to achieve the perfect roll. The use of the carbon fiber soleplate allowed Tour Edge R&D to redistribute weight towards the sides and back of the clubhead. This design increases the M.O.I. and “acts as an internal structure to further improve sound and feel”. In saying this, the Wingman is a putter that offers one of the highest MOI (resistance to twisting) among putters on the market.

Interchangeable weights are also used on the sole of the Wingman putter. These weights come in 3, 8 and 15 grams, with the 3-gram weight being the standard option. A separate interchangeable weight kit including two 8-gram weights and two 15-gram weights gives golfers the option of adding or subtracting more overall weight to the heel and toe of the clubhead to obtain their preferred feel. In doing so, golfers have the option of really fine-tuning their Wingman. “More weight in the heel will assist those who lag and leave the toe open in their stroke. Golfers with a tendency to pull their putts will benefit from more weight on the toe”. The head weight of the Wingman can range from 355 grams all the way up to 379 grams.

A key feature of the Wingman putter that really contributes to its moniker is “Lock-On Technology”. Lock-On alignment technology allows the lie angle to be set perfectly square at address, further aiding overall alignment. You’ll notice “wings” on the head of the Wingman. Ironically enough, these wings are where some of the “payload” is carried. The weight out on the wings helps to keep the face square to the swing path for a true roll.


The Transition

Upon investigating the Wingman a little bit further, I noticed that there were three models of the Wingman offered. Wingman-01 is a Mid-Toe-Hang, Wingman-02 is a Face-Balanced option while the Wingman-03 is a Centre-Shafted option. Seeing that I’ve generally gravitated toward center-shafted putters I picked up a Wingman-02 putter that was 33″ in length.

As I stood there with the Wingman-02 in my hands, I thought that this putter was a good-looking product. Wingman is sleek! The grip end of the putter features a jumbo Lamkin Sink Fit Straight grip which promotes light grip pressure. The “Made For” KBS CT Tour putter used has a black PVD finish which gives the Wingman the look of graphite and is a look that’s becoming ever-increasingly popular on TOUR. The KBS CT Tour shaft is a stepless design which gives the shaft a little more structure and stability through the ball. Flipping the Wingman-02 over, I really liked the look of the carbon-fiber soleplate and the orange and white detailing. It’s a smart-looking putter that will have great “rack appeal” in shops.


In the address position, while the Wingman is a mallet, it doesn’t have a large footprint. So, if a golfer is traditionally a blade-type of player the Wingman may not be off-putting for the player looking for a little bit of help with their putting. In the case of the Wingman-03, there is a thin white line that’s used for alignment and “locking-on” which I found to be subtle (the Wingman-01 and Wingman-02 variants have a more distinguished alignment aid).

Tour Edge Exotics had their own putting green set up at the front of their booth so I took the opportunity to “take a flight” with Wingman. The Wingman looks good in the address position and I found that the head really seemed to frame the golf ball. Speaking of framing, the “Lock-On Technology” is very effective in helping golfers with the proper lie angle as it was designed to do. Whether I purposely addressed the golf ball where the toe or heel drifted upwards (even minutely) the lines didn’t line up properly. However, when I addressed the golf ball and the putter was soled properly there was continuity from front to back. Not to mention, the face was square every time. It’s nice to have that support further cementing your confidence.

The feel off of the face when putts were stroked was soft but not in a “mushy” way. There was a soft “click” at impact which is a by-product of Tour Edge R&D selecting the correct hardness of the Surlyn insert. I loved the feel of the golf ball off of this putter. In fairness though, what feels “right” for me may not translate to feeling “right” for you. The Wingman really does seem to offer a very true roll and perhaps the “MicroGroove Technology” that Tour Edge incorporated into the insert contributes to this true roll. The MicroGrooves reduces skidding off the face which leads to a better roll.


My distance control was excellent with the Wingman. Some putters that I’ve tested and reviewed have been a little bit jumpy off of the face which was detrimental from a confidence standpoint. This was NOT the case with the Wingman. I would make rolls anywhere from those pesky 2′ putts to a maximum of approximately 15 feet. More putts seemed to be holed than those that weren’t. The Wingman really seemed to inspire confidence. Again, the “Lock-On Technology” proved to be very effective.

I would test their claims of Wingman being high MOI. I made putts off of the toe and heel. The Wingman did not twist in my hands during these off-center strikes.


The Finish

Ultimately, the Wingman putter range from Tour Edge Exotics is a very solid putter offering for the 2020 product cycle. The Wingman is a good-looking putter that simply performs. The “Lock-On Technology” works and this is a putter that does build and inspire confidence. It’s forgiving and offers some latitude for those golfers looking to tinker to get their putter “right”.

If you’re looking for a new putter this season, give the Wingman a look. The Wingman is a finalist for a Teezy Award in the Top Putter Category.

The Wingman will retail for a very fair MSRP of $199.99 USD and is available on April 1st, 2020.

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