Player’s or Game-Improvement Irons

This article may not head in a direction as you might expect from the title. As my departure for the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show is a week away I wanted to see where I should focus my energy on. Especially, when it comes to the subject of irons. Did golfers on social media want to learn more about “Player’s” irons or “Game-Improvement” irons.? According to the poll there was more interest in “Player’s” irons. A result that I found a little surprising.


The sampling was relatively small but it still shed light on the subject. Thanks to those who participated.

Which irons can you relate to more? Which would you prefer to learn about? Asking for a friend LOL Please RT

Game-Improvement Irons – 41%

Player’s Irons – 59%

51 Votes

Personally speaking, it is my opinion that any golfer has the right to pick and choose whatever iron type that he or she wants to play. After all, it is their money. Say there’s a 25-handicap non-gender specific golfer that wants to play a set of Titleist 718 MB irons. I have no issue with that but is said golfer doing themselves a disservice? I definitely think so and you may think that I’m wrong. Conversely, is there anything wrong with a single-digit golfer playing a set of “GI” irons? On this occasion my opinion is no. Here’s some food for thought. Maybe he or she is a single digit handicap because of the GI characteristics. The thing is… with GI irons you can still work and flight a golf ball. It may not be as easy as with a blade but it can be done. Last year after the show I was in a Tampa area Edwin Watts and I was swinging Wilson Golf D300 irons. I was calling out my shots… fade, draw etc and I was getting the results as called out.

d7 cav

My thought for a long time was that if I had a chance to win a tournament and I have to pick between vanity or function… function wins. I could be wrong but it is my opinion. Under pressure, there’s always a chance that a swing could be less than optimal and having the chance to rely on a little forgiveness isn’t a bad thing. Of course, I realize that even the player’s irons on the market have forgiveness built into them. A few years ago Tungsten was the “sudden innovation” that golf equipment manufacturers were incorporating into their iron design… player’s forged irons.

top iron

It’s sort of funny in a way. I used to be all about blades or muscle-cavity irons. As the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day has approached I find myself leaning towards GI irons. Maybe it’s a side effect of testing GI irons the past year, the fact that most recent press releases have been about GI irons and maybe it’s the fact that I’m playing a set of forged GI irons. Or maybe… just maybe it’s the fact that I’m not getting any younger (Yikes… I’m gonna be 47 next week). Either way, that’s where my head is at.

With a bevy of appointments on Demo Day I’ll be swinging as many irons that I can. Below is a brief list of what’s on my “hit list”.

  • Tour Edge Golf – EXS irons
  • Callaway Golf Apex 19 and Apex Pro 19
  • Cobra Golf KING F9 SPEEDBACK
  • Wilson Golf D7
  • Srixon Z 585 and Z 785
  • New Level 623-M
  • Mizuno Golf JPX 919
  • PING Blueprint
  • Epon Golf
  • Bridgestone Golf Tour B JGR
  • XXIO Forged

I cannot wait to get down there and put these irons through their paces. It’s all about first impressions. Stay tuned!!

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Tour Edge Signs Scott McCarron to Logo Staff Deal for 2019

Tour Edge announced today that Scott McCarron has officially signed a deal to play and endorse Tour Edge Exotics and to play their metalwoods on the PGA Tour Champions in 2019. McCarron will feature a Tour Edge Exotics logo on his left sleeve.

McCarron served as an Exotics CBX hybrid staff player in 2018. He played Tour
Edge Exotics CBX hybrids all year en route to two PGA Tour Champions victories
and a 2nd place finish in the Charles Schwab Cup.


This year, McCarron will be wearing a Tour Edge Exotics logo for the first time and will also expand his club usage to other categories with Tour Edge Exotics clubs. “I love the Exotics hybrid and what it has done for my game, it is a great fit and a low spinning, hot faced hybrid that has me hitting more hybrids off the tee and in general because I have complete faith in the club,” said McCarron. “I am also proud to add their logo to my gear as I love what Tour Edge is doing as a company. They are a long-established U.S. owned and operated company that builds their premium clubs in the United States. I am looking forward to testing their Exotics drivers and fairway woods to find a home in my bag as well.”

McCarron finished 2nd in the final Charles Schwab Cup points and money standings in 2018 while playing both 17 and 19 degree Exotics CBX hybrids with a Fujikura Atmos shaft. The runner-up finish for the season was McCarron’s third-straight Top 5 Charles Schwab Cup finish (3rd/2017, 4th /2016)


“Scott McCarron is a world-class player and top contender on the PGA Tour
Champions year in and year out,” said Tour Edge President David Glod. “His choice to represent Tour Edge and play our Exotics clubs truly validates how far we have come as a golf club manufacturer over the past 32 years. He is a perfect fit to represent our brand and the perfect ambassador for the PGA Tour Champions.”

McCarron won twice on the 2018 PGA Tour Champions with Tour Edge in his bag.
He won the Shaw Charity Classic Sept. 2nd and the American Family Insurance
Championship June 24th for his 8th win on the PGA Tour Champions over the last
three seasons.

“The PGA Tour Champions is a tour that has made amazing strides the past few
years,” said Glod. “It is more competitive than ever and is now one of the most
exciting tours in golf to watch with ultra-competitive players like Scott leading the way. I like to tell people who still call it ‘the Senior Tour’ to follow Scotty for a couple of holes and see if the word ‘senior’ properly describes his tenacity and the power he unleashes on the golf course. He truly is a special talent.”


McCarron will be appearing for a meet-and-greet at the Tour Edge PGA Show booth from 11 AM to 12:30 PM on Thursday January 24th at Booth 843. Before that, he will make his season debut January 17th at the Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai.

McCarron will also take part in Tour Edge’s sponsorship of PGA Tour Champions
Learning Center show on the Golf Channel. The PGA Tour Learning Center is a
popular Golf Channel television show that features professional tips and instruction featuring the legends of golf from the PGA Tour Champions. PGA Tour Champions Learning Center, Presented by Tour Edge, is scheduled to air 43 episodes in 2019,beginning January 22nd , with Tour Edge prominently featured within each episode.The series also will incorporate Tour Edge Exotics Staff Professionals like McCarron,providing tips geared toward the amateur golfer.

In all, over 50 players have put over 300 Exotics clubs into play since Exotics was launched to the tour in the last year. Eight out of the Top 25 players (32%) in the Charles Schwab Cup final standings and 16 out of the Top 50 players put Exotics into play in 2018.


On top of the six victories and 10 runner-up finishes procured by players using
Exotics on the 2018 PGA Tour Champions, players using Tour Edge clubs also
earned 34 Top 5 finishes and 60 Top 10 finishes in the 27 events played on the PGA Tour Champions in 2018.

The Tour Edge Exotics CBX hybrid ranked as the #1 most played hybrid model at
the 2018 Senior PGA Championship and the Charles Schwab Cup Championship
with their Exotics CBX hybrid accounting for 16% of the hybrids in play, according to the Darrell Survey.

About Tour Edge

In 1986, David Glod founded Tour Edge with a focus on offering golfers with high
quality and technologically advanced golf products that were as cutting edge as
they were affordable. He is now considered one of the preeminent master club
designers in golf club design and has led Tour Edge to be a Top 10 manufacturer in every club category.

Tour Edge products have been put in play on the PGA TOUR, PGA Tour Champions, LPGA Tour and Tour,as well as European professional tours, and have been in play in every PGA TOUR major event and in Ryder Cup competitions, leading to 17 wins for players playing Tour Edge products on the PGA Tours (10 PGA TOUR, 6 PGA Tour Champions and 1 Tour).

Are Golf Manufacturers Any Different Than Professional Sports Teams?

***Disclaimer: Before I continue I need to clarify one thing to all of my readers and the golf manufacturers themselves. I love golf and I love everything about it. Without them I’m not doing any of this. But, I’m also a man of reason and conviction where if I feel like saying something about any topic… I will. The day that I stop being genuine is the day that I cease writing about golf and UTNT will no longer exist.

Recently, I’ve written a few editorials that touched on the business side of golf. Potential reasons why the game of golf hasn’t grown or at least what “WE” need to do to make the game grow. In an article released the other day (might have been yesterday) I also expressed concern about the golf industry and the direction of the golf manufacturers as far as their retail prices go for the golf consumer.


With the “big dogs” launching their products we’ve seen prices for drivers alone range from (all prices shown in USD) $399 for the Srixon Golf Z 585, $449 for the Cobra Golf KING F9 SPEEDBACK, $499.99 for the Wilson Golf Cortex and then you have the likes of Callaway Golf where the Epic Flash is $529.99 and the TaylorMade M5 $549.99. At this moment in time I don’t know what the retail of the PING G410 will be. My suspicion is that it will fall right in between FE and M5. Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum sits the (much talked about here) Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver which offers everything that all of the above offer without the price tag ($299.99). It has a tour-proven shaft and carbon composite sections. It’s also adjustable. So what gives?


Well, the manufacturers are a lot like professional sports teams. For example, you have an athlete. Your favorite player from your favorite team is earning millions of dollars per season. In what’s strictly a technicality the owner of the franchise ultimately signs the paychecks. But who’s really paying him or her? It’s you, it’s me and essentially it’s everyone that watches professional sports. We purchase everything from cable television packages, tickets to see their games and merchandise to show our allegiance. Even those stupid “foam fingers” contribute to their earnings and salaries. Honestly, it’s why it pisses me off when they go on strike (or they get locked out) and it’s the reason why I prefer college sports and junior hockey.


So where does the money come from that pays for the equipment deals of professional golfers? Or the commercials that you see in print or on television? The money for marketing has to come from somewhere. But where? It comes from everyone that isn’t in the top 1% of the top 1% golfers in the world. Male or female… it makes no difference. It’s the parent of a junior golfer buying their son or daughter a dozen golf balls, it’s the average golfer watching the pro’s play late on Sunday afternoon. It’s also the golfer that might be a 25 handicap wearing that Titleist cap in your group. For that matter, it might also be your club champion that just showed up to the course with a new driver or set of irons that they just purchased. It’s simply… us! The reason why drivers and fairway woods or golf goods in general have gotten so pricey is because they (manufacturers) need to pay the players their salaries. Yes, it costs money to spend thousands of hours for Research and Development. I mean I totally get it. The 3D printers, CAD machines, etc doesn’t grow on trees. Also, the employees staffed by these manufacturers aren’t volunteers. But in the grand scheme of things those things don’t necessarily justify the price tag.


Which brings me back to the case of Tour Edge Golf vs “The Others”.

Why is it that Tour Edge Golf isn’t asking $499.99 for their new EXS driver? After all, it’s just as technologically advanced as the rest and they have advertisements. Simple, they don’t pay anybody to play their equipment. That’s it! So really… is golf and the respective manufacturers that different from professional sports teams?

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