***Warning: There might be a picture or two that may be considered graphic to some.


Well, you never know what life is going to hand you. The saying is “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. It’s a crappy saying but there is a lot of truth to it. Sometimes winning isn’t about a massive war but sometimes it’s about winning small victories.

As many of you know who follow me, you’ll know that I got home from Florida after the PGA Show, only to discover, that somewhere along the way I developed a nasty infection that resulted in a pretty serious Diabetic Foot Ulcer. There are many reasons why this happens, some of it is Peripheral Arterial Disease in my legs which leads to poor circulation in my feet, and another theory that has been floated is that they’re the result of pressure wounds from planting my trail foot during the golf swing.

At any rate, I thought that it was time for an update. Today was the first time in two weeks that I went to get checked out by my Diabetic Foot Doctor (Dr. Bruce Rosenberg) and my nurse Paul. Two weeks ago, I scored the minor victory that the infection was beaten, I was taken off of antibiotics, and I didn’t have to go in for two weeks.

There is progress, and today marked another small victory heading towards the end game. There is no sign of infection and the wound is closing and drying up. This is massive news!! I have a long way to go still but, we’re winning!! Below are pics. The far left is February 11th, the second is February 18th, and on the far right is March 3rd. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of my care team. Dr. Rosenberg and my nurse Paul have been amazing, but it’s Crystal (my wife) that’s been a star and a champ. She has been the one changing my dressing and giving me crap when I get stubborn and thick-skulled.

Here’s to winning!! Always remember to #fightandgrind. Never quit and never surrender.

Until The Next Tee!!