I’d like to extend a special thank-you to Scott Schaible who is my Media and Marketing contact for Apollo Brands, makers of today’s review subject. Golf Gum. Without Scott, this testing and review opportunity would never have happened. Scott, thank-you!

Chewing gum. Yes, it has been proven to relieve stress. A study back in 2008 at Melbourne, Australia’s Swinburne University showed that “chewing sugar-free gum effectively reduces anxiety by more than 17 percent during stressful situations”. Do you find yourself anxious and/or stressed on the golf course? Maybe chewing gum could help you get through your next round of golf or range session.

In the past, I have chewed gum on the golf course or during a range session and when I have done so, I always thought that my swing was smoother, which yielded better results. Truth be told, if you were to watch me swing a club on video, you’ll notice that I have this “little mouth thing” that I do right before making the swing. I do this whenever I concentrate and it goes back to when I was a little boy hammering nails into wood with my father in the basement. Unfortunately, this also leads to tension in my jaw and if you have tension in the jaw, there’s a good chance that you might have it through the rest of your body. If there’s an ingredient that doesn’t mix well with the golf swing, it’s tension.

So, when I had the chance to try Golf Gum, gum that was specifically developed for golf, there was no way that I could balk at the opportunity.


The Set-Up

Made in Denver, Colorado, Golf Gum is considered to be an energy supplement that’s designed to help golfers to shoot lower scores while having more energy to help them get through their round of golf or a range session. But how?

Like I mentioned above, chewing golf is known for relieving stress and anxiety. Furthermore, chewing golf can also help you concentrate more on a task and it can also help your memory. In another study, from 2002, it was determined that “people who chewed throughout tests of both long-term and short-term memory produced significantly better scores than people who did not”.

Golf Gum is totally sugar-free as is also free of Aspartame. Instead, for the purposes of sweetening, Xylitol is used. Xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant material, including many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol is extracted from birch wood to make medicine. Also incorporated into the ingredients of Golf Gum are B Vitamins which are good for everything from converting food into energy (B2 or Riboflavin) to neurological function (B12). Vegans need not fret, Golf Gum is a good option for you because, Golf Gum is vegan-friendly.

The star of Golf Gum might be it’s “Liquid Core”. Each piece of Golf Gum contains approximately 80 mg of natural caffeine, which is extracted from green coffee beans.


The Transition

I received my shipment of Golf Gum back in November but a very early winter storm and freezing temperatures (the coldest all winter) had golfers up here thinking that we were in for a long winter. Luckily, the snow and ice thawed and afforded golfers in my area an opportunity to play some late fall/early winter golf. So, like many others, I made my way to one of two golf courses that try to stay open year-round in the area.

I opened up my “care package” of Golf Gum that was sent to me and the first thing that I noticed was the fragrance of Spearmint. I have never opened up a box for review that smelled so good. Just the fragrance alone made me want to chew some gum. After taking pictures of the products for the review, I proceeded to pop the first piece of Golf Gum into my mouth in between the third and fourth hole.

Upon placing that first piece of gum into my mouth I was actually surprised. This gum is full of flavor but initially, I thought that the Golf Gum was almost too sweet. However, once I had gotten a few chews in, the sweetness really leveled out. As far as the “Liquid Core” goes, I admit that it was almost fun. As I recollect, I thought that “there was a party going on, and that it was in my mouth”. I really liked the liquid center of the Golf Gum. Because I started to chew the gum a little late into my 9-hole round I couldn’t really come to a concrete conclusion on the effects of the caffeine. Quite honestly, I’m not sure that I’d really see the effects over 9-holes.

I would play more golf in the month and a half leading up to my PGA Show trip to Florida and on several occasions, I would chew Golf Gum consequently during more 9-holes rounds, rounds where I would start chewing the gum long before my round. Lo and behold, I’m pretty certain that I felt the effects of the caffeine. I only know it, because my speech picked up speed and I did feel a new level of alertness. Golf Gum, definitely seemed to have a calming effect on my swing and I’m certain that this wasn’t “placebo effect”. Practice sessions in my backyard revealed more of the same but I wouldn’t be able to fully deliberate and pass judgment on the benefits of Golf Gum until I got in some long days on the golf course or otherwise with it.

Consequently, the long days experiencing and testing Golf Gum that I seeked, would finally take place in Florida during the PGA Show and while playing some post-show golf before returning home to Canada. The flavor or Golf Gum is without any doubt in my mind the longest-lasting gum that I have chewed. The flavor and I kid you not, lasts longer than 3 hours. So, it’s entirely possible that one piece of gum will last during an entire round of golf. It really kept me loose and focused during the rigors of Demo Day and while walking the show floor. To that end, I can tell you that it energized and helped me to maintain my concentration.

When it came to playing golf, I would test out Golf Gum. I did not chew any gum on the Front Nine and I would prep for the Back Nine by starting to chew Golf Gum on the 9th Tee. Consequently, the results were pretty uncanny. The back nine saw better scores, and seemingly better swings. More importantly, my level of focus was better as well.

** While at the show, I was given a two-piece sample of their new CBD gum called “Synapse”. I started chewing that gum the day I left home at 5am, I would chew that piece of gum until 10:30 that morning after landing in Buffalo. When I threw it out, it still had flavor.



The Finish

I am convinced that Golf Gum is a product that works. It’s just too coincidental that my swings, focus,, and energy levels were all better while chewing Golf Gum. Great flavour that lasts a ridiculously long time and this is a gum that doesn’t turn “chalky” or gets a weird texture after chewing for a long period of time.

Here’s a little fun fact. Did you know that Tiger Woods was observed chewing Golf Gum during the 2019 Masters?

Golf Gum is “The Golfer’s Gum”. For more information please visit Golf Gum. Single packs of gum retail for $7 USD and I really think a pack or two of Golf Gum would be a good addition to your golf bag.

Until The Next Tee!!

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