(EAGLE, ID) – ParForm, the leader in golf-specific training and nutrition, introduced several new CBD products, designed exclusively for golfers, at the PGA Merchandise Show this past January.

“Everything we do helps golfers succeed,” said Jeremy DeLuca, Founder of ParForm Golf.

“We aren’t just another supplement company. We are experienced health advocates, fitness fanatics, and nutrition experts – with a huge passion for the game of golf. Our golf-specific products and nutrition programs will help you improve muscle tone and endurance, increase stamina, stability, and flexibility, and enhance your overall fitness levels.”

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CBD Chewing Gum

Parform’s CBD Gum is a formulated CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Chewing Gum available in either Peppermint, Spearmint or Grape flavor. CBD gum is an extremely effective way to deliver CBD oil into the body. The body absorbs functional actives through the oral mucosa, delivering benefits nearly 5x faster. Our gum offers a simple and effective alternative to other CBD dosage forms, without the difficulty and discomfort of swallowing pills, capsules or liquids.


CBD Tinctures
Need to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety before teeing off or coming down the stretch in the final round of your club championship? Now with Parform’s new CBD Tinctures, it’s as easy as teeing up the ball. Our 30ml bottles of CBD 750mg and CBD 1500mg tinctures can help take care of the nagging issues that are hindering the enjoyment that should be felt while sitting perfectly in the middle of the fairway after that great drive!


CBD Topical Salve

Topicals are applied right to trouble areas so that the CBD oil can work directly where it’s needed most. Ingesting CBD products orally can take up to 2 hours or more before those effects are experienced. With Parform Topical CBD, the healing compound and other hemp-derived nutrients are almost immediately absorbed directly through your skin, allowing you to target the affected area for quicker and more focused effects.


Certified CBD From A Trusted Manufacturer With a 3rd Party COA

Golfers are particular about the gear they use and choosing a high-quality recovery option is no different. With Parform CBD, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, thanks to the 3rd party certificate of analysis provided with every CBD product they sell, so you know exactly what’s inside each CBD item.


For more information on ParForm Golf visit www.parform.com.