Dynamic Brands Recognizes Top Sales Representatives for 2017 – Bag Boy®/Datrek® and Devant Sport Towel® Lines

Sales representatives are the backbone of the golf industry and in particular for the golf manufacturers themselves. You can almost envision them droning along from golf course to golf course peddling their wares trying to get their products into Pro Shops (or retail locations). Sales is something that I’ve always said isn’t a strong suit of mine… it takes a special breed to be successful.

Recently, Dynamic Brands a conglomerate of golf labels such as Datrek, Bag Boy and Devant Sport Towels, Burton and more recognized their Top Sales Representatives. In this press release shared by Julie Parham who is the Marketing Manager for Dynamic Brands the company recognizes their Top Sales Representatives for the 2017 calendar year. Congratulations goes out to all of those named.

Dynamic Brands Recognizes Top Sales Representatives for 2017 –

Bag Boy®/Datrek® and Devant Sport Towel® Lines
Richmond, VA – Dynamic Brands, the parent company of Bag Boy®, Burton®, Datrek® and Devant Sport Towels®, is pleased to announce their select list of outstanding sales representatives honored for their contributions in 2017:

Dynamic Brands Sales Rep of the Year:  Ron Holeman (CA). Holeman was the overall volume leader in 4 product categories: Golf Bags, Retrievers, Travel Covers and Carts.

Devant® Sales Rep of the Year: John Ellis (S. TX) – Ellis was the leader in distribution and volume over the previous year for Devant Sport Towels®.

Devant® Volume Leader: Dave Wormwood (Carolinas) – Wormwood finished first in total volume with Devant Sport Towels®.

Growth Leader of the Year: Hugh Bell (NC) – Bell, awarded Rep of the Year in 2016, was the leader in overall growth for Dynamic Brands from prior year.

Distribution Award: Ollie Hallet (New England) –  In 2017, Hallet led in total distribution for green grass accounts.

Dynamic Brands attributes strong sales to an outstanding team of sales representatives. “As a collective group, this is the third consecutive year our sales representatives have increased sales year over year”, said Perry Hilbert, Dynamic Brands Sales Manager, “This is impressive, especially in an extremely competitive marketplace.”



About Dynamic Brands
Founded in 2004, Dynamic Brands is the parent company for a portfolio of premium brand name companies committed to the development of innovative, quality products and outstanding customer service in the sports and recreation markets. Golf and recreational products are offered through Bag Boy®, Burton®, Datrek®, Devant Sport Towels®, IGOTCHA®, Pivotal®, Riksha®, SEARCH ‘N RESCUE® and FLAGPOLE-TO-GO® brands include walking carts, golf bags, travel covers, innovative luggage, custom image dye and embroidered golf towels, bag tags, golf ball retrievers, flags and other sports and recreational accessories. Dynamic Brands’ products are marketed in more than 50 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit dynamicbrands.com.

About The Bag Boy® Company
Founded in 1946, The Bag Boy® Company celebrates over 70 years as one of the most respected brands in golf by building a reputation for unmatched quality, unbelievable durability and unsurpassed innovation and design. The Bag Boy® Company designs, manufactures and distributes a full line of innovative golf bags, push carts, travel covers and accessories designed for a golfer’s on-course convenience and comfort. For more information, please visit www.bagboy.com or follow us at www.facebook.com/bagboygolf.


Photo Credit: Bag Boy Company

About Datrek® Golf
Datrek® Golf strives to provide modern golf bags and accessories with the goal of enhancing the overall golfing experience. With over 25 years in the sporting goods industry, Datrek® quickly became recognized as an industry leader for premium golf products. As Datrek’s® reputation grew so did the commitment to the customer. Datrek® is the leading provider of modern golf bags and accessories and fields the best customer care center in the industry. For information on Datrek® visit www.datrek.com or follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/datrekgolf.


Photo Credit: Datrek

About Devant Sport Towels®
Celebrating over 40 years, founded in 1976, Devant Sport Towels® has become one of the most respected brands in golf by building a reputation for unmatched quality, design, innovation and service. Devant, located in Monroe, N.C., manufactures and distributes a full line of custom sport towels, cotton tapestry throws and Hi-Def™ bag tags. Devant® is an official licensee of the 2018 U.S. Open Championship and 2018 PGA Championship. For information on Devant® visit www.devantsporttowels.com or follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DevantSportTowels.


Photo Credit: Devant Sport Towels



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