Review – Incrediwear

Incrediwear is on a mission. According to them that mission is a simple one. “To design innovative products to help people live incredibly”.

In case you haven’t heard of Incrediwear… you aren’t alone. It wasn’t until the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show when I first learned of the brand created by its founder Jackson Corley. Mr. Corley had suffered a near fatal cycling accident that threatened  to paralyze him for life. So, Mr. Corley set out to find a way to help himself and others to heal and recapture the life that he was accustomed to. To find a new way to heal from the pain associated from inflammation.

Initially, while at that show in 2017 I met Thomas Wilson who was representing the Incrediwear booth on the floor of the Orange County Convention Center. We started to discuss what Incrediwear and the benefits that individuals can get from wearing their products. As the conversation really began to unfold I mentioned my long history dealing with several health issues including and not limited to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and cardiac issues. As the calendar switched from 2017 to 2018 a new PGA Merchandise Show was fast approaching. Through using the Exhibitor List I noticed that Incrediwear would be attendance once again so I made a point to visit their booth. As fate had it Thomas Wilson was once again manning the booth. He remembered me and we discussed the possibility of setting up a review opportunity. Bear in mind, that since that 2017 show I had developed even more complications but more on that shortly. So I was introduced to Charlie Robinson who is the Content Marketing Associate for Incrediwear.

As discussions moved forward with Mr. Robinson where we discussed my ongoing health issues decisions were made on which products would be sent out for testing. Products from Incrediwear falls into three separate categories with different purposes in mind (Recover, Perform and Move). Below is a summary of the products that I’d receive for testing/review and my observations for each product.

DSC_0207 (2).JPG

Incrediwear Circulation Socks (Quarter) – “The Incrediwear Circulation Socks relieve pain and discomfort for those suffering from poor circulatory conditions. The non-binding loose weave design allows for a form-fitting feel without the discomfort of a compression sock.” Through the use of  a fabric blend that’s “embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability”.

These socks are offered in both a Crew Cand Quarter length while being offered in black or grey. The Incrediwear Circulation socks are a sock that has soft feel. Made from a blend that’s 36% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 26% Nylon and 4% Spandex these socks are loose-fitting which aids in increasing blood flow. This is an important aspect for diabetics in general. Foot care is absolutely vital and loose-fitting socks are nearly vital. If loose-fitting and comfort is what Incrediwear sought out to achieve then mission accomplished. What I found really impressive was the fact that these socks didn’t slide down and bunch up. I’ve worn “Diabetic Socks” and they ALWAYS bunched up causing a blister(s). Incrediwear’s circulation socks never slid down and always stayed where they’re supposed to. The fit was perfect and I feel that it’s important to point out that my feet stay cool in my shoes while wearing them. Just to touch on the durability at this point I have worn them often and they’re as good as the day that they came out of the box. Perfection! MSRP $19.99 USD


Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants – The Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants fall into their Move collection of products. The performance pants are geared towards “athletes looking to push the limits of their performance, the Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants enhance the ability to perform by accelerating the body’s ability to recover. The Men’s Performance Pants are a base layer can be worn during and after activity to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance”.

Fabric blend’s that consist of semi-conductor elements are a recurring theme and they are also present in the Performance Pants. They are intended as a base-layer and they are very much that. While tight and form-fitting in fit the Performance Pants always maintained a high level of comfort. I admit that I erred in never wearing these under my shorts during my workouts but I did wear them under my pants during the never-ending winter that we seemed to have while walking my dog. The moisture-wicking qualities are excellent. Also, I wore the pants frequently after walks (when I wasn’t wearing them to begin with) and my lower body really seemed to enjoy them. Honestly, they’re comfy enough to act as a pair of “watch tv and lounge” pants. The fabric blend is 61% Nylon, 29% Polyester and 10% Spandex. If I were still playing hockey (goalie) these would have been my base-layer underneath my pads. Cold weather golf on the other hand… these are an easy “go to” MSRP $69.95 USD


Incrediwear Circulation Shorts – Geared towards assisting those with muscle fatigue, issues associated with pinched nerves, hip injuries and groin injuries the Incrediwear Circulation Shorts “enhance the ability to perform by accelerating the body’s ability to recover. The Circulation Shorts are a base layer can be worn during and after activity to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance”. Incrediwear employs their signature fabric blend that’s composed of 61% Nylon, 21% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Form-fitting and never uncomfortable. The Circulation Shorts were a very pleasant surprise and I only suggest that because I’ve worn products that simply were awful. Unlike those other ones I never felt constricted in general let alone right around the genitals. They are moisture-wicking, breathable and seemed to have exhibited anti-microbial qualities. The circulation shorts seemed to really assist my circulation and pain that I had in my hips and groin area. A very good product and the product that I’ve tested the least. Please don’t read into that… as mentioned a very good product. MSRP $44.98 USD

Incrediwear Leg Sleeves – The leg sleeves from Incrediwear stem from their Recover Collection. Recovery is the name of the game here. “Incrediwear Leg Sleeves accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. The Leg Sleeve provides effortless comfort while reducing inflammation and swelling to accelerate the body’s natural healing process”.

Not intended to take anything away from the other products but these are the proverbial “best for last”!! Out of any of the products that were sent to me for testing it was the Leg Sleeves that turned out to be not only the most-rewarding but quite simply a savior… or saviors. How do I possibly start this section of my write-up other than saying that? The leg sleeves were astounding! As you might recall from earlier my health condition has quickly deteriorated. I have major blockages of the Renal, Femoral, Iliac and Tibial arteries. These blockages not only affect one leg but both. The pain from these blockages is excruciating at times making daily living often difficult and painful.


The benefits of these leg sleeves are too plentiful to list all of them. Increased blood flow and pain relief are just two of the many benefits and the benefits that I noticed in aiding me the most. There were some days that I’ve experienced where I was not only in tears but walking was near impossible. Whether from activities like walking the dog, working out, golf practices or just living these leg sleeves proved to be a “Godsend” on so many occasions that it’s hard to express in words. Our family moved in May and the move kicked my ass so bad that it wasn’t funny. Especially my legs!! On those days that were nearly unbearable the leg sleeves made life bearable. They provided so much pain relief and I assume much of that has to do with their design. The design consists of a 3D weave and provides around the clock comfort. A cool little feature of these leg sleeves from Incrediwear feature little spots of silicon alongside the top of the inner hem. These help to keep the leg sleeves in place which mostly worked. However, I did experience some slippage. Not enough to detract from the benefits that I’ve received while putting the leg sleeves to use.. Measurement of your thighs is important in ensuring a proper fit. Incrediwear utilizes a blend of 66% Polyester 24% Nylon and 10% Spandex. Probably one of the best things products I’ve ever had the privilege to test and review!! MSRP $120 USD per pair.

In closing, Incrediwear offers a plethora of great products to help athletes and non-athletes alike. Benefits of their products easily outweigh the cost and if you suffer from leg pain etc these certainly are worth a look for you. Incrediwear offers products for both men and women and they also several products for issues not discussed in my review. If you’re looking for more information on Incrediwear and their entire product range please visit their website

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Review – Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Irons

Cleveland Golf. The brand that was founded in 1979 by Roger Cleveland and owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd has long been known mostly for their innovations in designing game-changing wedges. The 588 was a stalwart in many golfers bags and to this day is one of the top-selling golf clubs in history. But Cleveland Golf has been about much more than just wedges. They’ve also been a leader in innovation as far as metalwoods go. Did you know that Cleveland Golf was the first golf manufacturer to introduce the industry to the world of 460 cc drivers? Or the first to be involved in the craze that was geometrically based design (The Hi-Bore in 2006)?



The Huntington Beach, California-based company has developed it’s fair share of terrific iron designs too. Models like the CG 16 Tour, an entirely hybrid-based set the Hi-Bore irons, the Tour Action series of irons (TA5, TA7 etc), CG 1 Tour and of course the infamous (for perhaps the wrong reason) VAS 792 irons that incidentally Corey Pavin played to win a Major at Shinnecock Hills in 1995. From the prettiest of blades to the penultimate in game-improvement irons. For some time a few years ago it nearly looked like that Cleveland Golf was all but out of the equipment game except for the wedge market. Then something happened last fall. The company announced the release of new metalwoods (Launcher HB) and irons… the Cleveland Golf CBX. I was amazed to see this news and I was excited to get down to the PGA Show to see these irons in person.

When discussing the Launcher CBX irons the first thing that I need to point out is that these irons are designed to compete in the ultra-competitive game-improvement corridor of the industry. Even though these irons look so unassuming the Launcher CBX irons are loaded with innovation and technology. Highlights of the technology are…

  • Cup Face design. Between a thinner face and a periphery constructed of high strength steel golfers can achieve greater distance by virtue of a face that flexes at impact. Better Energy Transfer = More Distance.
  • Used initially in wedge design the Launcher CBX irons feature Tour Zip Grooves. The laser milling employed allows for more friction between the face and golf ball. The end result is control like you would have with your wedges. I’d be remiss in saying that the grooves also “debris away from the ball so you get consistent spin and control in the fairway, rough, or sand.”
  • The long irons feature confidence inspiring thicker top lines while the shorter irons have a thinner top line and more compact shape for golfers that don’t like a thick top line or a “clunky heavy look” on their scoring irons.
  • The “Dual V Sole” grind allows for more versatility from a variety of lies while also allowing golfers to cut through the rough easier. The reward for their efforts is better distance contact and better distance control.
  • “Feel Balancing Technology” was something that I first encountered during my testing of review of the RTX-3 wedges “microcavity in the hosel moves the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face, enhancing feel and distance control.With a sweet spot closer to your ideal hitting location you get more forgiveness in every iron”.
  • PW loft is 44*.
  • Available in steel (True Temper Dynamic Gold DST 98 gram) and graphite (Miyazaki C. Kua). 

A Progressive look. Photo Credit; Cleveland Golf


One of my first stops at the PGA Show Demo Day was in fact the Cleveland Golf/Srixon/XXIO location. The weather was overcast and there was at one point a brief light rain.

Looks – Not to keep going on about the aesthetics but these are an iron that look nearly “Plain Jane” which isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, for my personal taste I’d rather see an iron clean and bare as opposed to any unnecessary graphics. As I pulled out the 4 iron and 8 iron I compared them side by side and while there was a noticeable difference between the profiles of both the “larger” 4 iron never struck me as being obtrusive or shovel-like. If anything it would instill confidence in my “mind’s eye”. As I flipped over the clubs to examine the soles the “V Sole” grind reminded of the RTX-3 that I had the opportunity to review long-term. Ultimately, that wedge became my gamer and to this day because of the V Sole I have the confidence to play the 52* from anywhere… including flops if I open it up setting it right flat. The sole comes in handy as I explain the performance.

Performance/Feel – Okay I’m not going to mince words. The performance of these Launcher CBX irons are fantastic. Have you ever had the feeling that you were playing an iron that was confused with its genetic make-up? This was the case for the Launcher CBX irons. It’s very much a game-improvement iron but it’s like it thinks it’s a players club. From the inspiring looks at address to the feel at impact. This is a golf club that easily launches the golf ball into the air (living up to the moniker) and as you make impact you really have a strong sense of knowing where the golf club is. What’s more? The feedback is great… well struck golf shots allow you to feel those shots. The sensation is crisp yet soft. There is a true sense of “heat” off of the face and the Cup Face is something that I feel truly works. Of course, I’d love to be on a launch monitor at the show but based on my organic vibes and roots I knew the club (8 iron) was landing some 160 yards away… into the wind. Yes the lofts are bumped but much can be said of the technology that’s packed into the Launcher CBX irons. Shots were repeatable with repeatable high(ish) draws being the “norm”. However, shaping shots was easy as pie. The longer irons produced a more aggressive, penetrating ballflight. Again, elevating the ball easy.

DSC_0012 (2).JPG

Specialty shots like a punch or “stinger” was a snap but the versatility of the V Sole was very much a winning technology here. Have you ever been in a situation where a 47*-58* lofted club was just too much loft to escape trouble? So instead you need to go to a 6 or 7 iron to escape with a rescue shot (stroke saver”)? The V Sole allows the shot by virtue of its versatility. Huge bonus marks here!!!

Forgiveness – Forgiveness in my opinion is more important than distance. Golf is not about that perfect shot that we pulled off. It’s about how good our misses were. I was really “on” with the CBX Launcher irons in my hands and maybe that was because of the confidence inspiring look. However, I happen to be good enough (at times bad enough) to purposely hit shots off of the toe. Any shots that were struck towards the toe were punished from a distance aspect (as they ought to be). However, misses didn’t flail weakly out to the right. Instead they were straight and never wandered off of their intended line. If you’re going to miss… miss straight.

Conclusion –  The Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX irons are a fantastic golf club that very much deserves to live up to the Cleveland Golf branding that they bare. Not flashy… and that’s alright by me. These are an unassuming that would be dangerous in the hands of a golfer that an easy single digit to something in the 20 range. High performing, forgiveness with tremendous versatility. A lot of golf club with a very reasonable price tag ($700 USD Steel)

***Coupled with the Launcher HB driver, fairway wood, hybrid and CBX wedges Cleveland Golf won the Teezy Award for ‘Most Forgiving Product Range” at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. A point that I made known to Communications Manager Noelle Zavaleta on the show floor Wednesday.

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Review – Bolle Eyewear King (Golf)

This testing and review opportunity would never have come to fruition without the help of James Katz.  At this time, I’d like to thank Mr. Katz for giving me the opportunity to test product from Bolle Eyewear. Mr. Katz does public relations for Bolle Eyewear through public relations firm Breakaway Communications. In the weeks leading up to the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show I had exchanged several e-mails with Mr. Katz with plans to meet during the show.

While we met at the Bolle Eyewear booth Mr. Katz talked me through the upcoming product range from the world-renowned eyewear brand. A brand that I’ve been familiar with since the late 80’s. I used to do a little bit of cycling (mountain biking) and during that time I had a pair of Bolle sunglasses. Those sunglasses were high-performing, comfortable and stylish (hot pink). To this day I don’t know what happened to them.


Photo Credit: Bolle Eyewear


In case you aren’t familiar with Bolle Eyewear the brand is a subsidiary of Bushnell Corporation. A company that has roughly 1,000 employees and generates a revenue of over $60M. Bolle was created in 1888 by Seraphim Bolle who created combs out of horns of animals local to the region (South East France). In the years following WWII Bolle would become known for molding nylon to the highest of standards ever seen at the time. In 1950, Bolle started to produce safety glasses and goggles and later on (in 1956) Georges Bolle created the trendy and famous “cat-eye style” of sunglasses. In 1960, Bolle introduced the world to ski goggles and as we fast forward the clock to 2018 the brand is known for ski helmets, ski goggles and eyewear for cycling, marine and of course golf.

Through discussions with James regarding golf-specific products offered by Bolle Eyewear one thing became very obvious. The golf-specific product range of Bolle Eyewear was deep and packed full of performance enhancing features. Models like their Bolt, Aeromax and Flash offer features like adjustable nosepieces, interchangeable lenses and Thermogrip which is a registered product of Bolle that absorbs moisture to keep your eyewear in place.


Photo Credit: Bolle Eyewear

With so many intriguing and feature packed offerings from the Bolle line-up we decided on one of two exciting models. In the past, Bolle has been known for their rimless or semi-rimless designs while featuring their Modulator V3 Lenses”. With the “new for” 2018 King” and Anaconda” models the popular Modulator Lenses are employed in a full frame. These full frames offer more versatility for on and off the course applications and in some cases are a better style choice for those with faces that are more full (like mine). For this reason, we agreed on me testing the King model.

DSC_0019 (2)

Before continuing on my observations I just wanted to share some of the technical information involving these high performance sunglasses from Bolle Eyewear.

Thermogrip – As mentioned Thermogrip is a registered trademark technology that belongs to Bolle Eyewear. Thermogrip uses hydrophilic material which are molecules that interact stronger thermodynamically with water than oil. By placing Thermogrip on the temple and nose pieces glasses like the King stay in place providing more comfort and performance.

Anti-Fog – Through the utilization of a treatment process on the lenses these lenses will not fog up. What’s more is that they don’t only just repel the moisture but the vision seemingly gets better with the application of moisture.

Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Treatment – Have you suffered with dirt, grease, fingerprints or water spots on your glasses? The coating used on the lenses prevents those issues from becoming just that. Issues. The coating prevents the aforementioned from sticking to your lenses making them easy to keep clean.

B-Clear NXT Lenses – “B-Clear lenses offer unrivaled optical quality. Lighter than polycarbonate, these lenses allow for larger designs and fuller coverage – giving you enhanced protection from the elements without the added weight that can slow you down”.

Modulator Lenses – The Modulator lenses developed by Bolle are a technical marvel. These lenses work on a molecular level that lighten or darken based on the needs of an individual in any environment. Otherwise known as “Photochromic” this technology will provide you optimal light transmission. Bolle’s photochromic lenses “have dyes embedded in mass and internally, confined close to the front surface of the lens. With this technology, the photochromic function will not wear out”.

My testing process actually started back in January the day of my meeting with Mr. Katz on the show floor. Mr. Katz sent me home with a sample pair and I would wear my King sunglasses for the drive back to Plant City (where I was staying). The one thing that amazed me about these lenses right away was how well they battled the setting Florida sunshine as I headed west towards Tampa. I was able to combat the UV rays and keep focused on the tight traffic ahead of me. Also impressing me was the fact that the amount of  tint was “just right”. I would wear these golf-specific glasses during three rounds of golf during my stayin the Sunshine State. On two occasions the sky was high and bright while the third round was overcast. I feel that it’s the overcast round where I really liked the performance of the King sunglasses most. My vision during that round seemed “vivid” where usually in that type of lighting I struggle to see. Not to mention the colours of my environment seemed to really “pop”.

DSC_0018 (2).JPG

Unfortunately, the sun of Florida turned into the white snows of winter in Canada. I would wear these glasses all of the time while driving and in fact the King sunglasses have become my “go-to” pair of sunglasses for driving. If you haven’t experienced the glare of white snow and blue sunny skies you haven’t lived. The brightness can downright “punish” your eyes. The technology in the lenses of my test pair shone brighter than the snow. Never, at any time while wearing these sunglasses did my eyes feel strained. All that I can say is that the years of research and development have paid dividends for Bolle. Bolle knows eyes and how to protect them. Have I mentioned that these lenses filter out approximately 88-95% of the Blue Light? 

My testing of the photochromic qualities of the lenses has been such that I’ve kept wearing the King sunglasses while driving through a tunnel going from bright sunny skies… to dark lighting in the tunnel and back into the sunny skies. The tinting is the best I’ve ever experienced.

When it came to playing rounds of golf up north I had the same impression as I had in Florida. Whether in subdued lighting or bright conditions the amount of tint is always perfect. But as the cold early spring golf weather has turned to suddenly hot weather I’ve had a chance to wear these sunglasses in nearly oppressive heat on the range and golf course. The Thermogrip used on the temple and nose pieces works famously! I haven’t experienced any sort of slippage on any occasion. I’ve even tempted fate by looking over bridges while wearing the King sunglasses taking a chance on losing them. These sunglasses are very well designed and sit right where you put them on. These frames are a perfect fit for my rather large Eastern European face. The fit is snug and there’s a sense that the frames just “hug” my face. Honestly, I don’t even notice that they’re on until the tint changes.


When it comes to the oleophobic/hydrophobic treatment the application of the coating simply works. Not only do the lenses seem nearly resistant to grease and dirt. But these sunglasses are extremely easy to maintain. These lenses are super-easy to keep clean. All that it takes is a couple of quick circles with the provided cloth that comes in the provided carry pouch. To date, I haven’t seen any waterspots and I’ve worn these sunglasses in the rain and snow. The anti-fog treatment shouldn’t be left out or looked as an afterthought because during my testing process not once has my vision become hindered or obstructed in those sorts of conditions. Also, I’ve never noticed any sort of distortion which is not only important for golf but everyday functioning.

In closing, if you’re looking for a fantastic pair of high-performance eyewear that perform exactly as advertised than look no further. The king sunglasses from Bolle or any of their models that feature the same technology will not leave you disappointed. The King sunglasses retail at a very fair and affordable $120. For more information please visit

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