Who and what is “The Traveling Golfer”?

Last October, during a golf day at The Pulpit Club with fellow members of “The Golf Journalists Association of Canada” I was partnered with a gentleman with a taste in golf apparel that matches mine. His name is Claudio DeMarchi and he is “The Traveling Golfer”. The Traveling Golfer provides golfers a resource to help them when it comes to information for their golf traveling needs.

The Traveling Golfer Claudio DeMarchi. (Pictured left)

Are you looking to travel to Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, or maybe the Czech Republic for your next golf trip? Well, visiting thetravelinggolfer.net can help you with that.

Join me on the tee box as I welcome Claudio to the first tee. In this episode we discuss fly fishing, the beginnings of The Traveling Golfer, the impact of the global pandemic and the golf travel industry, Virginia, Mississippi, the Czech Republic and more.

Until The Next Tee!!

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