Dabbling in Golf Photography

So, I’ve been going through pictures that my wife and I have taken over the last… 5 years or so. In some cases, the pictures go further back. You know, it’s hard to fathom where time has gone. We’ve seen pictures from trips up north with our two children when they were really small (we’re grandparents now… two times over) and of course pictures that are more recent like from the 2019 PGA Show.

Some of the shots that we’ve uncovered have been shots of golf courses that I nearly forgot about (or totally for that matter). So, I’ve been doing some experimenting with them. Like an artist, I’m trying to get a look that I’m after with Photoshop or similar. More often than not I’m not pleased with them and I don’t see what my vision wants. Oh, the life of a temperamental artist.

I’m going to start posting a little more golf photography… or shall I say course photography? I’m a total amateur so take it easy on me. Here are the first few shots. Golf courses really are all masterpieces if you stop for a moment and take a look around.


The sun setting at an afternoon at the Leadbetter Golf Academy. ChampionsGate, Florida


The signs of branding are everywhere.

looking back

Looking back down a fairway. It’s always good to look back… But looking forward is much better.

cleveland heights

A real nice historic muni. I loved this hole. Hole #3 Azalea Course at Cleveland Heights Golf Course. Lakeland, Florida


Golf courses really are a work of art.

Until The Next Tee!!

#FightAndGrind #SeeUOnTheNextTee


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