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I first met Coach Labs founder Jason Koo at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.  At the time he was releasing DuoTrac. A swing analyzer that uses 4 sensors  that monitor face angle, swing plane and weight shift.


At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show I attended a demonstration introducing the golf world to Coach Labs and a product called the Gen i1. The GEN i1 was the world’s first smart golf ball that enabled golfers to see their metrics when it came to putting performance. All that you needed was the GEN i1, a mobile app and your putter. Crucial data that the GEN i1 gave you were things like “exact rotation, spin, speed, and initial direction  that are practically impossible to tell accurately with our naked eye”. The GEN i1 also made practice a little more fun as it came pre-loaded games and drills. Because the GEN i1 is the size and weight of a typical golf ball it makes for easy portability. So how do you improve on a product that is so practical right down to its literal core? (Sensors are in the core of the golf ball)


Introducing the GEN i2. I was fortunate to have had contact with Samantha Brustin from Coach Labs and the GEN i2 sounds like it could be a game changer in the golf-tech game. With the GEN i2 you get “launch monitor data, personalized  in-home coaching, and peer-to-peer gaming and tournaments in their free mobile app“. Also, you’ll be able to  “download, connect and play a full round of simulated golf in under an hour“.  For more information about the GEN i2 please see the product release below.


Gen I2 Press Release

The first ever affordable in home or office sports simulator is a game changer

  Everyone wants a sports and gaming simulator in their home or office, but it’s too  expensive and the setup is a pain. The engineers and developers at Coach Labs achieved what has never been done before, bringing golfers of all skill levels the world’s most affordable simulator that anyone can buy and setup in less than a minute anytime and anywhere. Now you’ll get launch monitor data, personalized in-home coaching, and peer-to-peer gaming and tournaments in their free mobile  app. Download, connect and play a full round of simulated golf in under an hour.

Jason Koo, founder of Coach Labs, Inc., is an avid golfer who understand the challenges of becoming an even better golfer. “We’ve all encountered good and bad  days out on the course. During a typical golf lesson, the instructor fixes our nagging  habits, but these often return when practicing techniques on our own. This frustration motivated me to create a device that can help improve your game when  a teaching pro is not around. The GEN i2 simulator setup eliminates the guesswork  and delivers simple and accurate feedback for each and every swing.”

Tim Leible, PGA Professional and director of instruction at Coach Labs agrees that  “The GEN i2 is going to shorten the transition time from range to course  improvement. Getting launch monitor data, knowing your exact distance to any  point on the golf course, learning which club to use in every situation, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses will completely change the game of golf.  And if you lose the GEN i2 there is a ‘Find your Ball’ feature, just as long as it’s not at the bottom of the lake.”

The GEN i2 is designed for golf enthusiasts of all abilities from amateurs to  professionals. The set-up process takes less than a minute, and it’s easy and very user-friendly. The GEN i2 can work at home or on the course. The GEN i2 mobile  application provides game statistics, including swing history and comparisons, distance to the hole, and your overall score and stats. With enhanced accuracy and  through Coach Lab’s analysis technology and advanced hardware, golfers can use  the Gen i2 to set goals while tracking their progress and improvement week after  week.

GEN i2’s founder Jason Koo has 20 years experience as an inventor and product  developer that spans retail, promotional products, electronics and sports and  technology. Koo is excited to launch the GEN i2 following the success of the GEN i1  putting system. The GEN i2 is set to launch on Kickstarter, a community that  encourages backer support and feedback.

The campaign begins May 1st 2018 with rewards that are certain to get golfers excited. The package includes high-grade  pop-up net, multi terrain golf mat, 9-axis club sensor, 9-axis body sensor, and a GEN  i2 launch monitor. Some early bird price points start out as low as $199 for the full  simulator package. Initial production and delivery of the GEN i2 is scheduled for Summer 2018.

About Coach Labs, Inc.

Coach Labs, Inc. empowers athletes and coaches with professional and highly  accurate technology to increase performance. Jason Koo, founder and creator of  Coach Labs, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and inventor of the ​Duotrac​ and ​GEN i1​.

Curt Menefee, Fox Sports broadcaster and host for the 2016 U.S. Open, is a partner  and ambassador for the Gen I line of products. The product development team includes PGA players, teaching professionals, sports enthusiasts and experts, aimed to make a breakthrough training device that makes golf easier, more affordable,  gratifying and more fun.

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REVIEW – Swing Wizzard Training Aid

This review is so long overdue that it isn’t even funny. But as the golf season is slowly starting to dwindle down I thought that I would delay this article because this product can be used when the (insert gasp here) snow flies or quite literally any other time. Also, this review is going to mark the first time where I rely upon a video in support of the review. So please be sure to watch the video as well. Thanks!

Prior to writing this review I just wanted to give thanks to Holly Geoghegan and Irlianna Samsara of golf marketing firm Golf Marketing Services. Without their introduction I wouldn’t have had the chance to review this product.

When it comes to training aids designed for the golf industry there is no shortage of selections. While some training aids are almost ludicrous in nature others are overly complex. Golf is a game that can be simplified but often isn’t where confusion in the “action” can create confusion and more importantly frustration to the point where it tempts golfers to simply quit the game. Horrible for a game that is trying to grow when many pundits are saying that the game is dying. After all, who has time for 2 hours of practice a day or dare I say a 6 hour round of golf? In an era where generally speaking people want something “now” the answer is nobody. For example, look at the hustle and bustle during your daily commute. Fortunately, there are some training aids out there that can truly help you without a need to head out to a golf course or driving range. Improve without striking a golf ball? Absolutely! Today’s topic is one such product.


Swing Wizzard is a product designed by Inventor and CEO of Swing Wizzard Keith Rogers. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rogers in person at the PGA Merchandise Show that happened back in January. At that time, I learned some of the finer points behind the invention that is Swing Wizzard. The beginnings of the Swing Wizzard Training Aid came after some rounds of golf that were less than stellar. So the endeavour to improve begun. Initially, the development of the Swing Wizzard started out in the garage and a few things started to happen with the prototype. The takeaway improved and there was a sense of being connected throughout the early part of the golf swing. One day shortly thereafter a friend came over to his house and noticed what Keith had been working on. The friend didn’t take long to see the advantages and the usefulness of Mr. Rogers’ creation. Right away the friend stated that he had to design more and put them into production. The pursuit was then on to help golfers improve. In fact, the Swing Wizzard Training Aid was such an effective tool that when it was introduced to world-renowned Golf Instructor Jim McLean he liked the idea so much that he would endorse the product. A huge accomplishment for Keith Rogers. Jim McLean would also collaborate on an instructional DVD that comes with the Swing Wizzard Training Aid.


With a little bit of background information out of the way I just wanted to touch on a few observations that I made during my time testing the Swing Wizzard.

The Swing Wizzard is a training aid that features a two-piece construction that golfers simply screw together to form one long shaft. At each end of the shaft is a 7-iron head and this is where the genius of the Swing Wizzard begins to show itself. Unlike other training aids where you can’t tell where the clubhead is throughout the swing the Swing Wizzard allows you to see what is happening with the clubhead throughout each phase of the golf swing. Whether it’s the takeaway and observing a path that’s too inside or getting up into the transition and seeing a clubface that’s “fanned open” you never have to take yourself out of the golf posture. Also, due to the length of the club it teaches or reinforces golfers how to set-up properly and to “stay connected”. Without getting too advanced we have already covered several aspects of the golf swing that lead to major faults. The Swing Wizzard easily identifies these issues.  Moreover the Swing Wizzard also will help golfers with proper rotation (as opposed to picking the club up) and a proper release position. Last but not least the Swing Wizzard also aids golfers in achieving a proper swing plane and helps to eliminate the dreaded “over the top” move leading to another killer in the swing… a cast.


The Swing Wizzard currently retails at $79.99 USD on their website ( The set comes with the “two” 7-irons, an instructional DVD featuring Jim McLean and two alignment sticks. Please visit their website for information on this phenomenal product. This is without a doubt the most useful training aid that I have worked with. The Swing Wizzard Training Aid comes very highly recommended and will be vital in furthering my development. Keith… thanks so much for making an amazing product.

*** One last point. The Swing Wizzard is NOT meant to be used for hitting golf balls. You can use this product literally anywhere. On the range, in the parking lot, in your house or any other place where room allows for it to be employed.


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DuoTrac Gen i1

In an article that I wrote earlier this week (What I Learned) I touched on the fact that technology in the golf industry is very “en vogue”. The advances in technology in regards to the golf industry has gotten absolutely mind-blowing. Whether it’s GPS units, laser rangefinders or wearable technology that allows you to measure a variety of metrics like Driving Distance, Greens Hit and Putts Per Round technology has made the game more interactive and in some cases technology has made for a real learning tool for golfers and instructors alike.

When it comes to the game of golf, technology has developed a real penchant for supplying golfers a wealth of information when it comes to vital information like spin rates, distance and launch angle. Information that is necessary to every golfer that takes the game “serious” (it’s a relative term). We all love to know how far we hit each shot. As we go through the bag this becomes vital for “gapping” purposes. There is never a time when we want a 30 yard difference from “Club A” to “Club B” so technology comes to the rescue again and through the use of “Doppler” (commonly used radar by meteorologists) launch monitors have quickly become the norm. Launch monitors have their big players in the industry and with those big players comes big price tags. Launch monitors can cost anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands. For most (myself included) the budget isn’t there for even one of the “lower end” launch monitor/simulator options. So there has been a major hole in the launch monitor game. A very affordable monitor for the masses. DuoTrac has and is continuing to work on a solution.

Holly G. from Golf Marketing Services addressing the media.

I was invited to attend a luncheon the Wednesday of the PGA Show by Holly Geoghegan and Irlianna Samsara of Golf Marketing Services. There was going to be a special announcement at this time by Jason Koo  CEO of DuoTrac (Coach Labs) who is also the developer of a 4D Motion Sensor that measures Hip Sway etc. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Koo at his booth the year prior at the show. The announcement also featured a special guest and most football fans may know him from FOX Sports (Curt Menefee). The announcement was for a new and exciting device from DuoTrac called the “GEN i1”.

The GEN i1 is a launch monitor that is unlike others in the industry. Instead of having a system that’s pretty involved (wires, laptops etc) you have a launch monitor that is in the form of a golf ball. As a matter of fact the GEN i1 is being touted as the “World’s First True Intelligent Golf Ball” this golf ball is like nothing else that I’ve seen on the market. As Mr. Koo and his team explained through his presentation the golf ball has a “chip” inside that will measure everything from putting and how the ball starts to roll (it’s rotation) to face angle. Data is relayed in real-time to your device. There’s going to be an app for iOS and Android formats. Not only will GEN i1 give you this valuable information but it will also have the capability to give you a full game experience and data like ball speed, launch angle, back spin, carry distance and smash factor. That is an absolute plethora of information from a small device.

Curt Menefee of FOX Sports introducing the GEN i1. CEO Jason Koo to his left.

Remember when I alluded to DuoTrac and Mr. Koo finding a real sweet spot or niche in the market? When this product is released it will be retailing for $139 USD which of course is a fraction of the cost when compared to other options in the industry. For $139 you will receive 2 GEN i1 golf balls, a USB Charger Cable and a Charging Base. To give you a rough idea of what the ball feels like… I would say that it has the same feel and weight as a regular golf ball (range ball) and when I think about I would compare the ball to what you would find at a Top Golf facility. As time wears on I am curious about its durability.

The GEN i1 in it’s charging station. (Photo Credit:

When the GEN i1 becomes available this summer, you will be able to set up a practice net and play “golf” in your backyard or during the winter months from the comfort of your house or garage. Full swing, short game and putting measurements. It sounds perfect! What more could you need? Combine your net with a putting mat from a company like Big Moss and you have yourself a private “golf course”. I am excited about this product and I hope that it does exactly what it says. I hope to test and review this product and when/if this happens I’ll be more than happy to post my findings.

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