New Product – Flux Putters

One of the really fun aspects of the PGA Merchandise show is that we in the media and industry have the unique opportunity to see all of the new products coming out. Moreover, it’s really fun to see products that you’ve personally never seen nor heard of before.

These putters by Flux Golf are very much the case. Flux Golf has developed putters backed by 10 years of research and development. Their Seattle-based company has invested much time into materials and the science of putting. Their focus is to make putters with the most consistent roll possible. While another goal is to make an impact with not only golfers playing professionally but also with the recreational golfer.


I’m looking very forward to learning more about the science of this company and their products. Below is a press release shared via Joe Wieczorek of The Media Group.

(SEATTLE, WA) – FLUX, a golf design studio and proven innovator in face insert technology,breaks a long-standing performance barrier in 2018 with DARtech. The patent-pending andUSGA-conforming putter face geometry produces positive RPM (topspin) instantly upon striking. In other words, FLUX offers performance through tech, not technique.

Imparting forward roll at a positive-degree launch angle seems simple enough, yet throughout the history of golf this goal has proven elusive. Through a combination of advanced material science and 10 years of R&D in face design, FLUX has cracked the code with the DARtech (Directional Angular Rotation) insert, a progressively angled face pattern offered in stainless steel and polymer. This disruptive innovation is featured in FLUX’s 2018 UNITY putter line.


Photo Credit: Flux Golf

Traditionally, pro golfers and low handicap players have overcome the natural tendency for the ball to spin backwards off the club face with stroke styles that change the attack angle of the club. DARtech now offers the ability for all players to experience the same benefits of overspin combined with launch angle consistency without having to change their stroke.
Lead Design Engineer J.A. Bergquist has made The Quest for the Perfect Roll his mantra for over a decade, and his over 40 production putter designs have borne results with wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Web.Com tours. “With FLUX, I feel like this journey to create consistent roll in a golf ball has come to its nexus,” states Bergquist. “Years of innovation have led to this point: the most balanced and consistent putter we have ever brought to life, and at the PGA Show, you can feel this synergy for yourself.”


Photo Credit: Flux Golf

Visit FLUX GOLF at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Booth #920 or at

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It ‘s time for a friendly PSA…

If you hit your approach shot onto the green please do the right thing and repair your marks. Often when I’m playing a round of golf a conversation takes place about people not fixing their pitch marks. Is it because people don’t know how to repair them, they don’t have a repair tool (like a Pitchfix) handy or is it sheer laziness?


Even if you don’t make one yourself if you see one or two marks on a green repair a couple. This well help maintain the greens of the golf course and keep down man hours to repair the greens and avoid potential increases in green fees to offset the increased labour costs. Below is a press release introducing chip Beck as a Brand Ambassador for PitchFix. Mr. beck will be appearing at the PGA Merchandise Show on behalf of PitchFix.


NEW YORK (January 9, 2018) – Pitchfix USA, a global market leader in switchblade divot tools, today announced that is has retained former PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions player Chip Beck as Ambassador for its Fusion 2.5 divot tool, named “Best Divot Repair Tool” by Golf Digest in their Editors’ Choice Awards for two consecutive years.  Beck will represent Pitchfix at the 2018 PGA Merchandise show, PGA Show Demo Day and future events.

The second player in PGA Tour history to shoot a 59 (1991 Las Vegas Invitational) and a three-time U.S. Ryder Cup Team member with a 6-2-1 record, Beck will demonstrate the Fusion 2.5 at Demo Day on Tuesday, January 23 at Orange County National Golf Center from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Beck will greet customers and media, share stories about his career and offer his thoughts about the Fusion 2.5, at the Pitchfix booth (#2015) at the PGA Merchandise Show on Wednesday, January 24. Following the show, Beck will make appearances at clinics and golf events nationwide.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

“We are privileged to have one of golf’s true gentlemen represent Pitchfix,” said Bart Fokke, CEO Pitchfix. “In addition to playing professionally worldwide for more than three decades, Chip has gained respect from the golf world for the way he conducts himself on and off the course. With his positive personality and inspirational nature, he will be an outstanding ambassador for us.”

A three-time All-American at the University of Georgia, Beck won the Vardon trophy in 1989 and spent 40 weeks in the top 10 of the World Golf Rankings from 1988-89. He won four PGA Tour events during this career and was an integral member of the 1993 U.S. Ryder Cup Team’s victory, the last time the U.S. won on European soil. Beck was runner-up at three Majors (1986 US Open; 1989 US Open and the 1993 Masters.)

“It’s an honor for me to represent Pitchfix, a quality company with outstanding products,” said Beck. “I look forward to sharing my thoughts about the Fusion 2.5 with the golf industry at the PGA Merchandise Show and golfers nationwide.” 


 The Fusion 2.5 features: ABS rubberized handle for soft touch and grip; colored aluminum trims; shiny colored button trims; a built in pencil sharpener; patented divot repairing pins; a removable one inch ball marker and 14 color options.

About Pitchfix

Founded in 2005, Pitchfix is the market leader for switchblade divot tools and other golf green related products in Europe and Asia and is renowned for its high standards in design and product quality.  It aims to be the market leader in divot tools and other golf related products in the United States by designing, manufacturing and distributing an ever-growing line of high quality and innovative European designed products through selected distribution partners.

Pitchfix currently offers an array of diverse and innovative products for golfers


worldwide: Fusion 2.5 Divot Tool; Fusion Single Pin Divot Tool; Original Divot Tool; Twister 2.0 Divot Tool; Classic Divot Tool; Hybrid Divot Tool; New Hybrid 2.0 and the XL 3.0 Divot tools; Alignmee Ball Alignment Tool and Hat Clip with Ball Marker.

Pitchfix currently has operational and manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, China, the Netherlands and the U.S.  In the U.S. the company operates three fulfillment centers to facilitate custom order processing and fulfillment. Custom orders are fulfilled within two to six days of receipt. For further information go to


Until The Next Tee!!

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Review – Electric Eyewear

One of the largest markets in the golf industry is accessories. Golf accessories come in various forms whether its your favorite hat, golf towel, pitch mark repair or sunglasses. My father had a saying about the brain and the same could be said of you eyes. He said “Son, you only have one of them so always protect it.” I guess upon reflection it doesn’t really apply to eyes seeing that we have two of them but you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.

I had plans in 2017 to attend the PGA Fashion Show and Demo Experience in Las Vegas, NV this year but due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t attend. I was pretty bummed about not going and I actually had a couple of company’s reach out to me to stop at their booths. One of these company’s was Electric Eyewear.



For those people who aren’t familiar with Electric Eyewear they’re a brand based in sunny Southern California. The brand prides itself on being the “world’s greatest independently owned sunglass brand”. While their products are designed in California the sunglasses are produced in Italy with products that are high in quality. Electric has been doing this for the last 18 years. Electric is more than just sunglasses as the brand is also involved in creating snow goggles, watches, bags and apparel. When it comes to the brand of sunglasses that Electric brings to the market they aren’t shy in saying what their intentions are. They aren’t about wearing the same type of clothes that your father or grandfather wore nor are they about playing golf with a set of clubs that belongs tucked away in an old dusty garage somewhere buried in layers of dust and cobwebs. No sir! (or ma’am) This brand is about doing things differently and having a bit of an edge while doing so.

Leading up to the show in Vegas I was in contact with the President of BEARR Company Bron Heussenstamm. BEARR Company is the public relations firm that handles the publicity for Electric Eyewear. Mr. Heussenstamm was very generous in sending out a pair of sunglasses from the Electric Golf line to test and review. The model of sunglasses sent to me for testing was a pair of the Knoxville S sunglasses.


The Knoxville frames are the brands leading seller and has been so for the last decade. They’re trendy, timeless and can darn near suit anyone. The Knoxville’s come in multiple models which includes my tester pair (Knoxville S), Knoxville XL, Knoxville Pro,  and the Knoxville Union. Lens types are numerous where they offer lenses in blue, grey, bronze, green and rose. electric also offers lenses that are polarized with the polarized lenses of course being great for fishing and further reducing glare.

These sunglasses are packed with technology and features that start with a matte black frame that is very lightweight. The frame is composed of “6 base mold injected Grilamid frame in feather weight construction with performance grip nose bridge and temple tips. Innovative double action hinge system”. The lenses themselves are constructed of 6 base OHM Polycarbonate lens. 100% UV protection. Up to 98% Blue Light protection”. I will be elaborating more on “OHM” as this technology deserves a section of its own. Also adding to sharper visibility and better depth perception is the “Grey Tint” that Electric employs.

OHM. As mentioned OHM deserves its own section and that’s because I really feel that this is where the magic of these sunglasses happens. All sunglasses from Electric feature lenses infused with Melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives us (and other living species) our hair, eye and skin color. Instead of trying to describe what it does as far as lenses from Electric goes I’ll opt to post illustrations from their website.




As you can see these lenses are something special but how good do the Knoxville S sunglasses perform?

In a word these sunglasses are outstanding. Firstly, they come with a neat black pouch that is great for wiping the lenses clean when they become dirty. The cloth is soft and of course the pouch is handy for stowing them away when they aren’t in use.They are lightweight as described and they are what I’d describe as “uber comfortable”. It’s almost like you aren’t wearing them in the first place. The matte black finish is simple and the identifying branding marks are very subtle both on the outside of the frame (at the hinge) and on the inner part of the arm. The grips that ride on top of the ears are rubberized and whether it’s normal wearing or while wearing while golfing the sunglasses never slip off of the face (whether you’re swinging the club or picking up your birdie from the cup. Again though the lenses are the star of the show here! when wearing the Knoxville S sunglasses my eyes never experienced any strain. In my opinion, the melanin infused lenses (OHM) work and are great at what they do. There is never a glare and my vision (eyes) are never strained which speaks volumes. Several years ago my eyes were injured when I lost my sunglasses during a canoe trip when I was 15 years old. They don’t do well when it’s really bright and when I wear these sunglasses there is no strain whatsoever. Colors are vivid, well-defined and there is no distortion.


These Knoxville S sunglasses are sporty, stylish and they perform. They are terrific!! I admit that I was ready to pass judgement on these sunglasses much sooner and write about them but I delayed until 2018 seeing that I planned for this to be one of the first reviews of the New Year. I’m glad that I waited because as good as they were in the late summer/early fall I never realized how truly great they were until the snow was laying on the ground. When its bright with the sun reflecting off of the snow often you can’t see. It’s brutal! Like today as I’m sitting here writing. The Knoxville S are so good at cutting down the glare off of the snow that I can’t even express into words.

Electric claims to be the greatest independent sunglass company and based on my experiences they might very well be. For more information on these sunglasses and their other products please visit Electric California

Until The Next Tee!!




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