TPT Golf™ Expands Distribution to Malaysia with MST Golf

TPT Golf. The Switzerland-based upstart golf shaft manufacturer has seen huge success worldwide on the professional golf tours in 2018. With multiple victories on the PGA Tour and wins on the European Tour, Asian Tour and PGA Tour Champions respectively the brand is quickly garnering attention from golfers across the globe.

The trend continues as TPT Golf recently announced that they were expanding their distribution into Malaysia. MST Golf will be the distributors in Malaysia through their golf service centre’s. MST golf was originally founded in 1989 as Masinthai Sdn. Bhd by its founders and current directors, Mr Ng Yap and Mr KP Low. The golf service provider changed its name in 1992 to MST Golf and has been providing golf services in Malaysia and beyond ever since.

For more details please see the full press release below. Thanks go out to Mary Beth Lacy of golf marketing firm Mary Beth Lacy Inc for providing the press release.



Photo Credit: MST Golf


RENENS, SWITZERLAND — TPT Golf is launching its much-anticipated line of revolutionary golf shafts to golfers in Malaysia through MST Golf, the country’s largest golf retail specialist.

MST Golf will be the exclusive retailer of TPT Golf shafts in Malaysia, offering TPT Golf shaft fittings at its Technical Centers located at TPC Kuala Lumpur, the Intermark Mall in Kuala Lumpur, and at its Petaling Jaya Superstore, the largest fitting and service center in Malaysia. MST Golf will also make TPT Golf shafts available to golfers through mobile fitting events located throughout the country.


“We’re excited to partner with MST Golf in Malaysia where demand for TPT Golf shafts has been incredibly high,” says TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang. “Each time we enter a new market, we strive to ensure we’re partnering with a company that shares our vision of offering golfers not only the best experience and technology currently available, but also the highest level of fitting expertise. With MST Golf, we’ve found a perfect fit.”

Since launching its innovative line of golf shafts less than two years ago, TPT Golf has already achieved 10 professional wins across the globe, earning the Switzerland-based company the reputation of “The Hottest New Shaft on Tour.” The company’s impressive resume currently boasts wins on seven professional tours, including the PGA Tour, European Tour, Champions Tour, Asian Tour, LPGA of Korea, LPGA of Japan, and a World Golf Championship.

“We are excited to be in partnership with TPT Golf, which is gaining popularity among serious golfers and tour players alike,” says Ng Yap, CEO of MST Golf. “We have witnessed the increase in performance, as well as the improved launch monitor numbers when fitted correctly. Our certified fitters are looking forward to offering TPT Golf shafts to our consumers.”


TPT Golf creates its driver and fairway wood golf shafts differently than any other golf shaft company. The company’s patent-pending, automated golf shaft manufacturing technology — the Thin-Ply Winding Method — is a pioneering process that allows TPT Golf to position its carbon fiber prepreg in the exact locations and orientations necessary to create the optimal performance for golfers of all abilities. It also removes the inconsistencies present in conventional graphite shafts such as “spines” and “seams” that have been plaguing golfers for decades.

When a TPT Golf shaft is properly fit, its more axially consistent design results in more consistent impacts. The combination of more consistent impacts and TPT Golf’s optimized bending profiles are what result in significant distance gains, as well as straighter and more consistent drives.

TPT Golf shafts are sold exclusively through its network of Authorized Fitters, which currently includes more than 200 elite fitters located across the world. Golfers can visit to locate a TPT Golf Authorized Fitter near them.


About TPT Golf

TPT Golf is the golf division of North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a Switzerland-based technology and composites company with a track record of delivering innovative solutions for high-performance industries.

The company’s portfolio of advancements includes developing a process for producing America’s Cup yacht sails, as well as lightweight bodywork of F1 race cars, skis, and snowboards. It has also created the materials technology found in satellites and Richard Mille luxury composite watches. The record-breaking, solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse” also relied on NTPT-produced materials for its epic journey.


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Tour Edge to Launch Exotics EXS Fairway Metal Featuring Flight Tuning System Technology

Tour Edge Golf is one of two companies who are really doing it right. The Batavia, Illinois based golf company has re-examined their business model and changing things up just a little bit. How? Well, firstly they are getting a little more aggressive in their marketing. They’ve not only taken out ads on Golf Channel but they’ve also been featured on the “Morning Drive”. Tour Edge golf have been introducing a lot of golf technology in equipment at an extremely fair price point.

If there is an entire product range that I’m curious about it’s their new EXS line-up. In earlier press releases that I’ve shared I’ve talked about their new EXS iron set and their EXS driver. Both feature premium components (shafts) and an ultra-competitive price point. The EXS driver has a suggested retail price of $299. A rarity in today’s golf industry.

The EXS has a little sibling in the EXS fairway metal which deserves a mention in its own right. A premium shaft, Variable Face Thickness that increases the sweet spot and adjustable weights are some of the highlights of this new fairway metal. All of this tech can be yours for $229.99.

There’s a lot to like about this club if going by the marketing material but putting it to the test is another situation altogether. I’ve had luck with Exotics fairway Metals in the past (XCG6). Hitting this off of the tee would be fun but I would love to swing this club off of the deck. The weight towards the trailing edge would lead me to believe that it would be easy to strike off of the deck. Especially if that’s where the heaviest weight is (Tour Edge Golf’s Flight Tuning System). It’s all about playability and hitting Par 5’s in two.

For more information please see the press release below.


Tour Edge, Golf’s Most Solid Investment, officially introduces the Exotics EXS fairway metal, featuring a myriad of game-enhancing innovations that has led Tour Edge to market the EXS line with the tagline Pound for Pound, Nothing Else Comes Close.


The loaded-with-technology fairway metals feature a Flight Tuning System (FTS) that includes 11-gram and 3-gram interchangeable weights, Cup Face Technology with Variable Face Thickness (VFT Technology) for an expanded sweet spot, multi-material usage of Carbon Fiber for ideal weight distribution and a new and improved SlipStream™ Sole for faster clubhead speed through the turf.


The new ultra-premium, high-performance fairway woods will be available worldwide on November 1, 2018.


“The EXS fairway metal is a beautiful and traditional pear shape that we’ve been able to combine with five different integrated technologies,” said Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod. “Exotics fairways have always been known for its superior performance characteristics and the EXS is no different. In fact, in the independent tests we’ve conducted, it’s going to provide a ton of distance gainand less dispersion to a wider variety of skill levels than ever before.”


The FTS™ Technology allows adjustable sole weights to be moved to two alternate settings; an 11-gram weight in the heel, 3-gram weight in the rear for lower spin, slice-reducing shape and a medium launch and then the 3-gram weight in the heel and 11-gram weight in the rear for medium spin, neutral shape and a higher launch. Additional weight screws can be purchased as a kit that includes 6-gram, 9-gram and 14-gram weights.


The EXS fairway metal head features premium exotic metals; a brand new United States manufactured, high-density Carpenter steel. The hyper-strength strength steel is quench-hardened, a special heating technique that takes 750 degrees to provide an extreme amount of strength while allowing for a thinner face. This cup face design allowed for Tour Edge to make the face thinner than in any previous model for a greater energy transfer. The high performance hexagonal Variable Face Thickness (VFT) offers multiple levels of thickness that maximize forgiveness from more points on the face, especially in the heel and toe areas.


The aerodynamics in the EXS fairway wood are greatly enhanced by new and improved wider SlipStream speed channels on the sole that create a faster clubhead speed due to smoother turf interaction. The CG location of the EXS is positioned closer to the face for less spin, creating a trajectory that fights wind and increases roll.


An ultra-premium Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series by Mitsubishi Chemical is the chosen stock shaft for the EXS fairway metal. Extremely light yet extremely stable throughout, the Tensei Blue CK features advanced materials like Carbon Fiber and Kevlar mixed with other lightweight materials that weigh in the 50-70 gram range depending on flex. A 50-gram weight will be available in Ladies, A-flex andRegular, a 60-gram shaft available in Regular, Stiff and X-flex and a 70-gram shaft available in Stiff and X-flex.


The Exotics EXS fairway metals are available in five different lofts; 13, 15 and 17 degree 3-woods, an 18 degree 5-wood and a 21 degree 7-wood. The 15 degree 3-wood is available in left handed.


The suggested retail price for the Exotics EXS fairway metal is $229.99.


Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit


Exotics EXS fairway metal Bullet Points


  • FTS™ (Flight Tuning System) allows adjustable sole weights to be moved to two alternate settings: FTS1 11-gram weight in the heel, 3-gram weight in the rear for lower spin, slice reducing shape, medium launch. FTS2 3-gram weight in the heel, 11-gram weight in the rear for medium spin, neutral shape, higher launch
  • Carbon Fiber Toe creates extreme weight savings re-distributed to optimized positions creating extremely high MOI
  • SlipStream™ Sole with wider speed channels create an even faster clubhead speed by minimizing turf interaction
  • U.S. Carpenter Steel Cup Face quench-hardened high density steel made thinner for to-the limit COR
  •  Variable Face Thickness delivers legendary Exotics power from more contact points on the face
  • More forward CG reduces spin and adds more power from the face
  • Genuine Tour-preferred ultra-premium Mitsubishi Tensei shaft is extremely light yet extremely stable throughout
  • *EXS fairway metal Alternate Weight Kit available separately with  6-gram, 9-gram and 14-gram weights


About Tour Edge
In 1986, David Glod founded Tour Edge with a focus on offering golfers with high quality and technologically advanced golf products that were as cutting edge as they were affordable. He is now considered one of the preeminent master club designers in golf club design and has led Tour Edge to be a Top 10 manufacturer in every club category.


Tour Edge products have been put in play on the PGA TOUR, PGA Tour Champions, LPGA Tour and Tour, as well as European professional tours, and have been in play in every PGA TOUR major event and in Ryder Cup competitions, leading to over 15 wins for players playing Tour Edge products on the PGA Tours.


In 2018 alone, Tour Edge clubs have earned five wins, eight runner-up finishes, 24 Top 5 finishes and over 40 Top 10 finishes on the three PGA Tours.



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A putter designed for any golfer. Whether you have a preference for a blade or a mallet the new Huntington Beach SOFT line-up From Cleveland Golf has a putter for you. Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) means that no matter where on the putter face you strike your putt… you will see more consistency when it comes to pace and distance control of your putts. Factor in personalization and an attractive price point ($129.99 MAP) this offering from Cleveland Golf could really help your putting woes.

Thanks to Noelle Zavaleta for sharing this press release. Ms. Zavaleta is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Cleveland Golf. Please see the press release for more details.


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Nov. 2, 2018 – Cleveland Golf® is proud to announce the new Huntington Beach SOFT putters, where science and artistry come together for your best putting performance. Get the distance control, soft feel and confidence to sink more putts with the new Huntington Beach SOFT, which officially launches on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.


“Cleveland Golf putters have always been a great value, but the Huntington Beach SOFT Putter, featuring a speed optimized face and premium finish, takes it to a new level,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development.

Huntington Beach SOFT_Group Shot[4384]


The hallmark of the new Huntington Beach SOFT putters is Cleveland Golf’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT). SOFT helps normalize ball speed across the face of the putter, meaning, no matter where you strike your putt, you get consistent speed and consistent distance.


A unique aspect of these Huntington Beach SOFT putters is a custom face-milling pattern for every head shape. Rather than relying on the same face pattern on every putter shape, Huntington Beach SOFT utilizes a gradual face-milling pattern on higher MOI models, while using a more rapid milling variation on lower MOI models.


“The Huntington Beach SOFT putter’s speed optimized face is one of the most advanced technologies available to improve putting performance,” Brunski said. “You’ll make more putts – plain and simple. The fact we’re delivering it at such an aggressive price point makes this one of the best values in the market.”


Cleveland Golf’s Huntington Beach SOFT putters feature a coarse, diamond-shaped milling pattern to soften the feel at impact while increasing friction for a more consistent roll. Each one is crafted from soft 304 Stainless Steel, delivering a better feel and more confidence on the green.


Diamond CNC Milling. (Photo Credit: Cleveland Golf)


Key Innovations Inside Huntington Beach SOFT:


  • Speed Optimized Face Technology: Provides consistent distance and speed control on every putt, even mishits.
  • Diamond CNC Milling Pattern: Deep grooves provide soft feel with a true roll that starts on-line.
  • Optimized Center of Gravity Location: Strategic weight redistribution provides solid feel and stability for straighter putts.
  • Tour-Proven Shapes: Six tour-proven models will suit any golfer’s stroke and style.


 Featuring classic designs and highly advanced shapes, the new Huntington Beach SOFT putters deliver score-dropping technology in a finely crafted package to help golfers of all skill levels improve their performance on the greens.

Huntington Beach SOFT_Personalized[4383]

Personalization with custom paint fills. (Photo Credit: Cleveland Golf)

Huntington Beach SOFT putters are available for $129.99 MAP with 16 unique color selections and four different color fill areas, providing plenty of personalization options to meet your needs. Color personalization is available on each model for an additional $10.