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Until recently I had limited to no experience with golf balls from Bridgestone Golf. All of this changed recently when I sold the house and started packing for the move. While cleaning out my golf room I stumbled upon a dozen Bridgestone Golf Tour B330 golf balls that I acquired a couple of years from the PGA Show. So I thought that I would put them to good use and do some testing. My intentions at the time was to do write a review.

Then one night on Twitter I posted a picture of the aforementioned golf balls and was contacted by an unknown member of the social media team from Bridgestone Golf. The individual and I started to talk and I was then asked if I would be interested in testing a new line of golf balls that have yet to be released. Of course I had to say yes. After all we are talking about an opportunity to test a golf ball that not many others have played as of yet. So a few days later an envelope arrived from Bridgestone Golf and in it was a sample pack of the new TourB golf ball range.


With the launch of the new TourB line-up from Bridgestone Golf comes four different golf balls that intend to hit various demographics in the golf market. With this new line-up there is a golf ball for most types of golfer. The TourB offers two golf balls that are geared towards those players who average lower scores (note the wording). These golf balls are the TourB X and Tour B XS. For golfers who average scores that are considered to be low to mid-range the TourB RX and TourB RXS are the “recommended” golf balls. Below is a breakdown of each of their characteristics and in bold my testing observations.

TourB X – The TourB X is a golf ball that is designed to give those that shoot lower scores a combination where feel and accuracy are at a premium. The enhanced feel is a result of a softer cover that stems from “SlipRes Technology”. Meanwhile, the enhanced accuracy is a by-product of the lower spin created by the “gradation core construction”. Not to mention higher initial ball speed and reduced spin with the driver. Bridgestone’s “Dual Dimple” pattern delivers more distance and roll. “Seamless Cover Technology” (SCT) also adds to the accuracy while delivering a more consistent ballflight along with more distance.

The new TourB X is a golf ball that I am extremely excited about. The feel off of the driver is one where you feel like you’re really compressing the golf ball and this holds true throughout the golf bag. The cover is indeed durable but I hit a cart path or something that scarred my tester. Instead of pulling the ball out of play I continued to play with it. To the naked eye the scuffing never affected the performance of the ball. I was astonished with the sheer length of this golf ball. The TourB X consistently produced long drives and there is definitely something to the gradation core construction. It seemed like that the B X was always hitting the middle of the fairway or landing on the GIR. Yesterday on very firm greens this was the ball that ran the least on approach shots into the green. The Tour B X was a champion in strong winds… seemingly cutting through the air being unaffected. Greenside it was a very admirable performer that was very consistent. The TourB X has been put into play recently by Bridgestone Golf staffer Bryson DeChambeau.

TourB XS – The TourB XS is a golf ball designed to deliver enhanced feel and distance for golfers who tend to score lower. Feel and distance are the characteristics that the TourB XS delivers. The TourB XS features the same “SlipRes Technology” as seen in the TourB X. A softer cover means more feel for all shots from the driver to the green. Less drag created by Dual Dimple technology and less drag created by a more efficient trajectory equals more distance.  The cover on the TourB XS also features a seamless construction creating more consistency from a balanced dimple pattern.


The TourB XS was a fun golf ball to play. It’s a long golf ball that was consistently a touch longer than the TourB X. This was the case seen throughout the golf bag. Perhaps all of the man hours spent by Bridgestone Golf’s R&D team investigating the dimple pattern was well-rewarded. The feel of the TourB XS I felt was equally as good as the TourB X however I felt a slight difference on shorter shots (putting and chipping) where the TourB XS felt just a little more… firm?? The cover is durable as this golf ball has seen a decent number of golf holes played with nary a blemish. In the wind the XS cheated the wind and the ball was seemingly unaffected. The Tour B XS definitely gets my nod of approval. The TourB XS was put in play by Bridgestone Golf staffer Matt Kuchar at the President’s Cup.


TourB RX – For golfers that don’t post consistently low scores the TourB RX is built for you. If you’re a golfer with a swing speed that isn’t described as Tour-like then the RX is definitely worth a look. First and foremost the TourB RX is designed to be a distance golf ball with the addition of enhanced accuracy. This extra distance is the result of similar technologies found in the “Tour-level” golf balls in the family. “SlipRes” cover technology, a gradational compression core, “Dual Dimple” pattern and “Seamless Cover Technology” are all present. The SlipRes cover yields more friction at impact which leads to more spin.

My findings with the TourB RX weren’t that far off from what I saw with the TourB X. It’s a long golf ball and it is an accurate one at that. If anything it might have felt more firm with the driver but maybe it’s just how I was feeling during the testing process. That said, the RX is a good all-around performer with no blemishes or weaknesses to speak of. I really liked what this ball did from a ballflight standpoint with the flight maybe being a touch higher than it’s TourB X counterpart. This ball is built on a similar chassis that was the Tour B330-RX which had a cult-like following. Remember when I said I had minimal experience with Bridgestone Golf? I did use the B330-RX and I feel that the replacement to the original RX model is an upgrade. I would suggest better length and more control. Greenside it might have spun less than the Tour-level balls and this fact was noticed on firmer greens in particular. The runout was a little more yet it was still consistent and predictable. The TourB RX is also offered with a highly visible yellow cover as well.


TourB RXS – This is the golf ball that is the heir to the B330-RXS throne. A golf ball designed with more distance and feel in mind. Technologies are the same across the board where the RXS features all of the technologies as stated above in the other three models. “SlipRes” cover, “Dual Dimple” pattern, gradational compression core and “Seamless Cover Technology” are all found here.


When it came to the testing of the TourB RXS it was conducted at the same time as all of the other golf balls in the line-up. The TourB RXS was as you might suspect a great performer like the rest of its brethren. Durable and solid around the greens. I felt that the RXS had a higher ballflight than the rest of the stable and maybe it’s because this golf ball might be a tad more “spinnier”. From a length standpoint I felt that it was a little shorter than the TourB RX again leading to me believing that the spin rates of the RXS were higher than it’s RX counterpart. In no way am I suggesting that this ball is inferior because it simply is not. I thought it performed better around the green and let’s face it… if a golf ball is going to help us it would be around the greens when greens in regulation are scarce. The TourB RXS was very admirable in all facets of the game. The TourB RXS is also offered with the high visible yellow.


The bottom line with this golf ball range from Bridgestone Golf is that there is not one weak offering in this line-up. This stable of balls from Bridgestone Golf is terrific throughout. If I had to pick one I am definitely leaning towards the TourB XS. I just preferred the all-around performance and feel of the TourB XS . When it comes to selecting one of these golf balls from the TourB range consider a few things. Firstly, there is no difference in the cost of the TourB from one to another. The suggested retail price for all of the TourB offerings is $44.99 USD. Putting the price aside focus on your game and what you need help with to improve your scores. Do you prefer more feel or more distance? Say you prefer feel what’s the next important variable. If you say distance then you know that your baseline for selection is the TourB XS. Personally I love that Bridgestone Golf made it this way for golfers to select a golf ball. It makes it easier. One other thought. If you go to the Bridgestone Golf Fitting Guide they can definitely get you on your way to selecting the correct golf ball for your game. I used the Fitting Guide out of curiosity and for me it recommended the TourB XS. For me it would be my second choice. Go ahead and join the “TourB Revolution”. #DareToBridgestone



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I just wanted to take the time to write a quick note. Mostly to apologize for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. Recently, I sold my house and have been in the middle of a move since August 31st. The closing day is a day away and the crunch has been on to get out of the house completely. So I’m sorry for the lack of fresh material.

More importantly. For those effected by Harvey and Irma. I sincerely hope that your recovery is fast. I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with all of you.


However, all is not lost when it comes to articles and golf. I have been very fortunate recently to receive some products to test for review. Among these items are a slick pair of sunglasses from eyewear brand Electric. I was supposed to attend the PGA Fashion Show and Demo Experience in Las Vegas this past August however I was unable to attend. While there, I was really hoping to catch up with Electric after receiving an invite to visit their booth. At any rate after a few email exchanges with Bron Heusennstamm President of public relations and communications firm Beaar Company a review was arranged. Thank-you so much for the opportunity. Stay tuned for upcoming coverage on the Knoxville S. Thanks again Bron.


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My experience with Bridgestone Golf golf balls has been very minute up to this point. Until I found a forgotten about dozen of Tour B330 that I acquired at the PGA Show a couple of shows ago. Yes I am real late to that particular party and the Tour B330 has been a very good golf ball through testing. However, after putting on a couple of posts about the B330 over social media I was approached by someone who oversees their Twitter page (@BridgestoneGolf). I was informed about a new range of tour balls that Bridgestone Golf is releasing… the Tour B. The Tour B golf ball comes in four different models the Tour B X, Tour B XS, Tour B RX and lastly the Tour B RXS. I wasted no time testing these golf balls out as I played a round at nearby Stanley Thompson creation Whirlpool Golf Course. Folks, if the first time out testing these golf balls was any indication the Tour B line-up is stellar. the biggest surprise for me that night was the “brute” distance that the Tour B X offered. In fact it was “staggering”.


The Bridgstone Golf Tour B line-up. Awkward while wearing that Titleist cap.

As some of my readers know I covered the launch of new golf shaft brand TPT Golf back in January during the PGA Show. Over the short time spent swinging Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion driver heads paired with shafts from TPT I was quickly impressed by the results. I have been afforded the opportunity to receive a shaft from TPT for long-term testing. I have yet to decide which head it will e going into but it will either be a Callaway Golf Big Bertha Alpha 815 or quite possibly a TaylorMade Golf M2 (2016). Either way, I’m excited to see how this shaft performs over a longer term. I am looking forward to seeing the dispersion and spin rates in particular and how the energy feels as it transfers to the head.


Excited about this long-term review from TPT Golf.

Ongoing testing includes golf balls from Vice Golf and I have really developed a fondness for the matte finished Vice Pro Soft. The all around performance of the German-designed golf ball has been nothing short of excellent. Speaking of growing fond. Sometimes a product comes along that is so polarizing that it will split the masses right in half between love and hate. I had the opportunity to review FlingGolf which sees golf cross paths with lacrosse. I knew that some of my audience would hate the product and to be totally frank I wasn’t sure that I would like it either. After all, I am not a proponent of “foot golf”. I can assure you that this is no foot golf type of game. Superintendents don’t need to make enlarged holes and there is no other harm committed to the golf course in any way to support FlingGolf being played. One club… one ball and you’re good to go. I carried my putter because I have been working on my putting. All of this said keep an eye open for upcoming pieces on these products and so much more.


Just FlingIt! FlingGolf.

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