2018 RBC Canadian Open Denial

It isn’t often that I use the pages of my website to vent or complain. But in this situation I’m going to do just that.

The RBC Canadian Open… My nation’s National Open is a few weeks away from happening. Recently, it was announced that our national championship was going to see it’s “field purgatory” (currently follows The Open Championship directly afterwards) changed to be a week before the U.S. Open. A very welcome change. While they’ve managed to attract some big names to the field (Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson and Brandt Snedeker to name a few) you’d never see a guy like Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose or Jordan Spieth in the field no matter how many RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) dollars they’re offered. So maybe, there’s a slight chance that the date change helps. Who really knows?

DSC_0238 (2).JPG

The best that I can do from outside the ropes.

This year,  I find myself very disappointed with the RBC Canadian Open and their governing Golf Canada. The tournament has been held within 55 minutes of my front the last couple of years at one of Mr. Jack Nicklaus’ signature golf courses. Glen Abbey. A golf course that’s been on “death watch” the last several years. Apparently, Oakville the city where Glen Abbey is located is in dire need of more million dollar condominiums (of course I say this very facetiously). So maybe this is Abbey’s “Swan Song”. Next year, the tournament will be held in an even closer location… Hamilton Golf and Country Club. So being semi-local I applied for media credentials which were unceremoniously denied. As much as I’m disappointed I’m more mad than anything. Disappointment is not getting badges for The Masters. When I asked for an explanation for the denial from the Manager of Media and Public Relations (Terry Lenyk) I was given this explanation…

After evaluating the content you’ve produced available on your website, including the content you produced from the 2017 RBC Canadian Open, we deemed that you did not require access granted to media with appropriate working credentials and that you could successfully complete your coverage by joining us as a patron or attending on Tuesday, which is a complimentary admission day.

All the best,


So am I so good that I don’t need the same access as other websites and publications? Or is this simply a lame copout?

Between this site, Alexander Toth Golf and heavy involvements with other golf communities in the past (Nicklausfan on THP, GolfWRX and Golfballed) I’m not exactly new to this. I’ve been on my own since 2012 Moreover, I take great pride in writing a ton of content heavy in originality. Even with press releases I write my own material in support of the releases (Ralph Lauren re-signing JT was a rare exception). I have zero experience with the brand). In essence, I’m not a hack blogger that copy and pastes everything that wants free access to a golf tournament. I’m legitimate.

DSC_0218 (2).jpg

Some legends there. How can I get press conferences without credentials?

All that I wanted to do this year was simply provide more up close and intimate coverage for my worldwide audience. I was hoping to get some stellar “In The Bag” pics. Or better yet a chance to interview a player or caddie or two. Last year, Mr. Nicklaus was on hand and I know that having media credentials might have allowed me to get a little closer and get better pictures than the rubbish I managed to take through heads and bad angles. I cannot achieve any of this as a patron. Instead, the guys will think that I’m just another “autograph hunter”. Stephen Ames, I will never forget the look you shot me as you refused to sign my pin flag (2004?) and ignored it after making direct eye contact.. You deserved your trouncing at the hands of Tiger in “that Match Play” back then. Remember that?

DSC_0334 (2)

The best I could do. People like to see a phenom like Bubba. Because the practice grounds at The Abbey are so NOT fan-friendly.

The funny thing about last year. I remember seeing guys from GolfWRX and MyGolfSpy inside the ropes doing exactly what I wanted to do. Again, the little fish gets screwed. I’m sure this piece doesn’t help my chances either moving towards 2019 either. A shame to cut off a local guy at the knees.

Until The Next Tee!!


Rrrrroll Back??

Alright! Right up until this moment I’ve been very quiet about the hot topic that has come up lately. No it isn’t Tiger’s comeback at the Hero World Challenge but he is involved in this article. Then again so are legends of golf Mr. Jack Nicklaus and Mr. Gary Player. Of course I am talking about the latest talk of rolling back the golf ball.The reason is simple and I totally understand their concern. The fact is that Tour players are making certain golf courses obsolete. Most notably, some of the courses in the rota for the Open Championship. Imagine a world where there is no Open Championship on the Old Course at St. Andrew’s. When you think about it… it isn’t far-fetched at all.

The talk of rolling the golf ball back is not a new idea. Mr. Nicklaus has stated this in the past so his suggestion about a uniform golf ball is nothing new. I remember going back to 2015 during the week of the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay the timeless legend Mr. Player stated that golf courses were “getting too long” and that the “mismanagement of the golf ball” is leading to the demise of golf courses. Even more recently, Mr. Player stated that it was “sad” to see the Old Course being defeated by today’s golf ball. He actually expressed concerns in 2005. Tiger Woods joined the “campaign” on dialing the golf ball back very recently as well. Of course, there were those who follow the game that said he wants the golf ball rolled back because he is no longer the longest guy out there. But there he was clearly stating that “We” need to do something. So if this is a concern than why has nothing been done?


While evolution and progress can be a great thing in some cases it isn’t. In a world of checks and balances something has to give. I have a hard time seeing the likes of the major brands in the industry saying yes to having a uniform golf ball. After all, in the case of Titleist their marketing model has nothing to do with their golf clubs or their mid-range golf balls. It’s all about the Pro V1 golf ball. Play what the best in the world play! Of course, the Pro V1 will almost certainly continue to live for the masses.  But getting back to giving a new meaning to “the one ball rule” how would that process occur? Bids by the likes of Acushnet, Srixon Golf,  Bridgestone Golf, Wilson Golf etc with the winner being selected and to the victor go the spoils? Seems hardly fair right? If all company’s had to adhere to the same criteria that would theoretically work. But then I get this eerie premonition.

Just like when rolling and shaving softball bats was a thing when I was still playing softball. To make composite softball bats more lively guys at all levels of softball would shave the inner walls of the bat and roll the bats to make them “pop” reducing their break-in period which made the bats hot!!!. The result… pitchers dreaded lobbing up every pitch because of the balls exit speed coming back up the middle. Trust me.. it was deadly!   The governing bodies at Provincial Championships had x-ray machines to check for any suspected bats breaching the rule. Remember my premonition? Imagine the eventual winner of a tournament won a tournament that we’ll call ‘The Masters”. The winner was  hitting the “rolled back” golf ball long. Meanwhile, up in The Butler Cabin  by the fireplace sits an x-ray machine. Right before the Green Jacket presentation they examine the golf ball… or all of the golf balls in the golf bag of the winner. Somehow, there was one ball that magically slipped through quality and control at Plant#3 and there’s an illegal golf ball. Disqualification.


Photo Credit: scottishgolfhistory.com


The reality of the game and rolling the golf ball back only is a concern for such a low percentage of golfers around the world. For everyone else (mere mortals) this debate doesn’t or shouldn’t really effect them. With all due respect to Mr. Nicklaus, Mr. Player and Mr. Woods the problem really stems back to my entire baseball bat scenario. Sure the golf ball is long. Maybe it doesn’t spin as much. But those baseball bats started to launch the ball out of the ball park 375 feet  at will. One league I played in had houses built right behind the sports complex. Segments of 50′ mesh nets were strung up in a vain attempt to protect the houses against incoming “mortar shells”. It sort of worked but yet windows were still getting smashed. The league brought in a flight restricted ball and sure the instances of baseballs being hit off of the roofs of neighboring houses decreased but not by much. So what was the correlation and why was it still a problem… other than poor city planning? The bats and athlete’s themselves.

I personally think that the issue with golf and this entire “rolling back crusade” is with the golf clubs themselves. Let’s face it… when you’re an arthritic 70-year-old man you shouldn’t really hitting the ball further than when you were 50. But you are! If there’s an issue with too much length look at the new equipment that’s being constructed from space-aged materials. If it’s anything it’s the equipment causing the issues.  Not just drivers and irons but the turf equipment too. Bear with me for a second regarding the latter. But again, this only pertains to a small percentage of golfers. Have scores dropped significantly among amateurs over the last 5 years with all of the advances in technology? The answer is no! Look at the technology in place for these guys playing on television on Sunday afternoon’s. Sure it’s out there for amateur’s as well  but the technology goes far outside of having the right shafts installed into your set. Who saw Rocky IV? Remember the technology that “Ivan Drago” had? Technology that actually makes the athlete with much advanced workout programs. Golfers at the collegiate and professional levels like their NHL, NFL, and MLB counterparts are quite simply bigger, faster and stronger. So… is the answer having 8,500 yard long golf courses? My thought is no! How the heck does that help and what is a solution?

daily mail

The course of the future now. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

I never thought that I would say this but maybe.. just maybe the USGA has had it “sort of” right all along with their set-ups. Maybe the superintendents at said courses would take an issue to this but maybe growing out the rough, making fairways narrower and the greens firmer and faster is the answer. Moreover, water the living “bejeezus” out of the fairways. Drench them… and forget about these guys getting 50+ yards of roll. My Lord… most of the fairways that these guys play on roll faster on a “Stimp” than the greens at most Semi-Private golf courses. The machinery that superintendents have at their disposal has come a long way since the era of “Caddyshack’. I’ve said for too long that golf has become hard to watch. Seeing these guys posting combined -24 scores for a tournament is hurting the game and making the game boring to watch. Many people go to car races for the “wrecks” and that’s why I love the carnage at the U.S. Open. High scores and punishment for wayward shots. Many of these courses also feature fairways as wide as the eyes can see… or they should be considering their width. Look at Erin Hills… wow! Heck, even Glen Abbey site of the RBC Canadian Open has massive fairways where the bombers can bomb away at will. If they miss… no big deal because there is no rough. If you want to roll anything back… roll back the course conditioning.


2004 U.S. Open Shinnecock Hills (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Maybe my solution is too simplified. You aren’t going to be able to roll back the athlete (force them to be obese) and you might be able to do something about rolling back the ball and/or equipment. But the one thing that golf needs to do is preserve the game and preserve the likes of Tillinghast, Thompson, Nicklaus, Palmer, Robert Trent Jones and Ross. Make these guys “golf the ball” around the course. Screw “bomb and gouge” and make these guys hit golf shots. Make them work the ball and penalize a miss.

Until The Next Tee!!