2020 Teezy Awards – Equipment Edition (Putters)

Putters. The piece of equipment that is the most intimate in our golf bags. Putters can be the great equalizer when other parts of our game falter. They’re a piece of equipment that we need to trust because that trust goes a long way in giving us confidence.

I had the opportunity to roll a lot of different putters while down in Florida for the PGA Show. The reality is that there’s almost too many to choose from. A company like Odyssey Golf, for example, has a cornucopia of designs which is good. Variety is the spice of life and it almost guarantees that anybody can find a putter in their stable that works for them.

When it came to the “Top Putter” category judging was based on the following with a maximum of 10 points being allocated for each of the following.

  • Performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Feel
  • Innovation
  • Pricepoint

This is a “free for all” category with mallets and blades competing head to head against each other. Here are your 2020 Teezy Award medal winners for 2020.


Gold – Tour Edge Golf Exotics Wingman (46/50)

I recently wrote a “First Impressions” Review on this putter. Prior to the PGA Show, I didn’t even know that this putter was in existence. I found out at Demo Day and my rolls there made a very long-lasting first impression on me. The Wingman is a mini-mallet and is an excellent performer. The feel is near-perfect (in my opinion) and much of that has to do with the Surlyn insert. The designers at Tour Edge went above and beyond in finding the correct durometer hardness for the insert. A combination of “wings” and weights towards the back of the Wingman make this a very forgiving putter boasting a high MOI (resistance to twisting). I struck putts off of the heel and toe and I observed no drop-off in terms of performance. The feel was still stable and I didn’t feel any discernible difference. Their “Lock-On Technology” ensures that the lie angle is correct ensuring a square face every time at address. The roll is very true thanks in part to the “MicroGroove Technology” in the face. It just helps to get the ball rolling without skid. Oh, the price tag. It’s very attractive too!! $199.99 USD


Silver – Bloodline Golf R1-J Slant Neck Blade (45/50)

It’s a brand of putter that may not be a household name. It’s a stand-alone putter meaning, it stands up by itself so you can stand behind the putter and golf ball to line up your putts. Golf fans on social media, you might have seen some “flack” about this putter when former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz won the “Celebrity Division” during the LPGA Tour Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions. The question was asked. “Is it legal?”. Yes, it’s legal otherwise, Ernie Els wouldn’t be using it on the Champions Tour where he just secured his first Champions Tour victory. The R1-J Blade Slant Neck unlike other stand-alone putters that I’ve used this blade-style stand-alone putter isn’t excessively heavy. It has a headweight of 395-grams which I am a fan of. Constructed from anodized aluminum that is CNC machined the golf ball feels soft off of the face which lacks an insert. A round grip (50-grams) and a carbon-fiber shaft help to keep the overall weight down. When I first held it in my hand I was “a little weirded out” because I expected the R1-J Slant Neck to be heavier. In-hand it feels much lighter than you may think. I like the looks of the red-headed blade and how the ball sets up at address. An Ultra-Low Balance Point contributes to the feel/stability of the putter. When I didn’t use the stand-alone feature I missed on the low side. When I used the stand-alone feature I couldn’t miss with this putter.  $499.99 USD

bloodline 2

Bronze – Black Hole Putters Blade Edition (44/50)

Here’s a putter company that I never knew that existed. Black Hole Putters were unveiled at the 2020 PGA Show. I only found these putters by happenstance walking the show floor. I passed by their booth on the way from one appointment to another. This putter could really be the “Hidden Gem” of the 2020 PGA Show for me. The Black Hole Blade Editon putter comes as a set. A set you ask?! Yes, because you have two putters. For practice purposes, one putter comes with infrared lasers. By pressing down a button in the grip a laser beam shows up and tells you a couple of things. Maybe you’ve de-lofted or added too much loft to your putter at address. It’ll help you in training yourself to have the correct lie angle. Secondly, the lasers act as “railroad tracks” reinforcing your line on the practice green. You could use it on the course during practice rounds. The non-laser version feels exactly like the “trainer” version. This blade feels nice in the hands, better through the impact zone. For a blade-style putter, I felt that there is a pretty High MOI seeing that there was not much difference in the way of pure strike vs off-center strikes. I asked about the MOI numbers and at the time, they (Owner Alan Johnson) stated that they were not sure. A terrific putter!! $399.99 USD per set


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TaylorMade Golf Company Introduces Truss™ Putters to Fit Golfers Seeking the Stability and Performance of High MOI Mallets in More Classic Shapes


CARLSBAD, Calif. (February 3, 2020) – TaylorMade Golf, the industry leader in technology and performance, today announced the company’s newest putter innovation in Truss. The uniquely shaped family of putters provides an answer for golfers seeking the performance of a high-MOI mallet in a more traditional shape.

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The distinctive look of Truss putters directly relates to the performance of the product. At address, the topline will look very familiar to golfers. However, the face-on view reveals a compelling hosel structure that’s the defining feature of the entire family.

The design creates multiple contact points on the topline and reduces the amount of unsupported mass, which is intended to improve the stability of the putter face at impact. While traditionally-shaped putters with a single contact point on the heel are susceptible to twisting at impact, Truss putters provide exceptional torsional stability and computer modeling shows Truss twisting less on off-centre strikes (as compared to our previous generation blade).


TaylorMade collected data on 40,000 putts hit by golfers of various skill levels and tracked the most common area of the face where strikes occur. Results showed that more than half of the strikes occurred on the toe-side of centre, which causes deflection and can lead to offline putts. Armed with this information, TaylorMade engineers set out to create a twist-resistant putter that offered greater torsional stability while maintaining a traditional shape.

The Truss hosel design derives its stability and strength from a geometric shaping that’s widely used across various forms of architecture, from home building to bridges, to create foundational stability. Our engineers used the same design elements with our Truss putters, adding stronger horizontal support across the topline.

Having dual contact points on the topline provides greater integrity on strikes across the face, delivering the performance of a high-MOI putter with the look of a blade or traditional mallet.

344204 tm20ptr jic86 truss%20tm1 fce v1 900px d4021a large 1580521442


A paradigm shift occurred when TaylorMade introduced the Spider franchise more than a decade ago. Today, approximately 60% of players on the PGA Tour use mallet putters – whereas traditional blades were the majority before that time. As TaylorMade continued to refine and develop the Spider family, countless golfers expressed interest in the performance benefits of a high-MOI mallet but still preferred traditional shaping.

The perfect example is Dustin Johnson, who has enjoyed great success with both Spider and blade-type putters. While his results with the Spider speak for themselves, he also appreciates the clean look and enhanced feel a blade offers.

Four Different Shape Options

Truss will be offered in four distinct models: TB1, TB2, TM1 and TM2. TB1 is a heel-shafted blade design that most closely resembles a traditional blade putter. An additional 8g of weight was added to the toe to counterbalance the Truss hosel. TB2 is a centre-shafted blade with the hosel stretching across the centre of the face to increase stability. TM1 is a heel-shafted mallet that combines the Truss hosel with a classic mallet shape. TM2 is a centre-shafted mallet with minimal offset and the hosel stretching across the entire topline. It is the most stable putter in the Truss family.

Truss TB1

Truss TB2

Truss TM1

Truss TM2


Truss will be at retail beginning February 14 with an MSRP of $399.99 CAD. Available lengths include 33”, 34” and 35”. Each model has a nickel cobalt finish and features the Tour-proven Cobalt Blue Pure Roll™ insert. They come equipped with the KBS Stepless Stability Shaft and Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny grip.

Sacks Parente Golf Company Welcomes Mike Zerah in Newly Created Position as Executive Vice President of Marketing ​ ​​

CAMARILLO, CA, March 14, 2019 – Sacks Parente Golf Company, builders of exceptional putters that defy convention, announces that Mike Zerah has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Marketing where he will focus on matching the Sacks Parente brand with the exceptional quality of its products.

Zerah comes to Sacks Parente with 12+ years of marketing experience, specifically in brand development. He’s helped some of the world’s leading brands, such as Nike, Jordan Brand, L.A. Lakers, and Bubba Watson connect on a deeper more intimate basis with their target audience. As Executive VP, Marketing for Sacks Parente, Zerah will be responsible for the direct development and implementation of the Sacks Parente brand and marketing strategies as well as new and existing products and will oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy – including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.

An expert digital media strategist, Zerah is also the former Founder and CEO of Lucid Appeal, the premium fan engagement platform which powers mobile apps for the world’s top sports teams, brands, and athletes. He built Lucid Appeal from the ground up and successfully sold the company to OneUp Games, LLC, a tech company that provides mobile sports platforms. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

“I’m an avid golfer and have been using the same Scotty Cameron putter for 15 years and had no intention of switching,” said Zerah. “Within less than 24 hours of trying a Sacks Parente putter, the results were outstanding, and I was a convert. The quality of the product and the immediate success Sacks Parente has experienced after launching at the PGA Show make it a no brainer for me come on board and help grow the brand and the business.”

DSC_0387 (2)

Sacks Parente Series 39 Blade putters. 2019 PGA Show

“We’ve been growing faster than expected after our recent launch and have gotten to the point where it became clear that as part of our business growth strategy, our company would require a person who is dedicated to overseeing our branding and marketing efforts,” said Tim Triplett, CEO of Sacks Parente Golf. “Mike brings a wealth of experience and expertise in marketing with a proven track record of success, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the Sacks Parente team.”

All Sacks Parente putter designs feature the company’s patented Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology that lowers the balance point along the shaft between the sole and a point not more than 5 inches above the sole, causing the putter head to square and release at impact, delivering exceptional rollout and accuracy. In addition, all Sacks Parente putters maximize MOI by combining the use of ultra-light weight alloys and high-density tungsten, to significantly move more weight from the center of the putter to the heel and toe. The company has numerous patents and patents pending in regard to the science associated with these exceptional putters, which are available in both Player and Tour Models.

For more information, visit www.sacksparente.com.



About Sacks Parente Golf

Sacks Parente Golf Company was founded by Steve Sacks and Richard Parente, a legendary duo of golf professionals, who as entrepreneurs have founded, built and grown some of the best names in golf. They have advised, consulted and designed clubs for the who’s who of the industry over a combined 100+years. Sacks Parente Golf is based in Camarillo, California, in a facility that has been constructed with state-of-the-art robotics and analytic instruments to test and prove the science. The company is backed by sophisticated and strategic investors from the USA and Japan. Sacks Parente Golf is an NXV company.

“First Impressions” Review – Sacks Parente Series 39 Blade Putter

In a recent poll, I asked my Followers what they would like to see a review on next. In a way, it was a bit to my surprise that the majority of people voted for a putter review. But what surprised me more is how handily a putter review won by. As always, thanks to all who participated. I’ll be posting polls as a way to increase interaction at Until The Next Tee.

Make no mistake about it. I rolled a ton of putters during the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida and eventually I will be writing about all of them. However, for this review, I’ve elected to write a review on a putter so new that at the time their website wasn’t even published. That manufacturer is Sacks Parente. The model of putter that I’ve elected to write about is their Series 39 Blade Putter.


About Sacks Parente

Sacks Parente is the brainchild of Steve Sacks and Rich Parente. Sacks Parente firmly believes that the best only comes when things are not taken for granted. The Camarillo, California based putter manufacturer believes in being innovative through science-based methods. These methods include Sacks Parente’s patented “Ultra Low Balance Point” (ULBP) which aids the golfer in squaring the face at impact through a natural release. While there are ways to create an Ultra Low Balance Point through the use of using an over-weighted head it’s an engineering feat to accomplish this with a head that only weighs 350-360 grams. So how does Sacks Parente accomplish this?

Steve and Rich

Photo Credit: Sacks Parente


The first thing that they did was develop a putter grip that weighed less than 35-grams. For comparison, sake the average pistol-style putter grip weighs approximately 60-grams (give or take a few grams). This lightweight grip is a “key component” of their ULBP technology.  Another integral part of the ULBP technology that Sacks Parente packs into their putters is the lightweight composite shafts that Sacks Parente employs. The shafts weigh in between 30 and 35-grams which is literally a fraction of the weight of a stereotypical putter shaft. If you haven’t made putts with a composite shaft it really changes the feel of the putter (especially through impact).

Lens Position: -477659253

Photo Credit: Sacks Parente

Last but not least is the design of their heads. Putters from Sacks Parente feature a very high MOI. To achieve this resistance to twisting at impact where putts haven’t been struck on the sweet spot Sacks Parente uses Tungsten inserts in the heel and toe of their putter heads. In doing so, Sacks Parente shifted more weight to the peripheries of the putter as opposed to the center of the head.


The Series 39 Blade Putter

The Series 39 Blade Putter is a true blade putter by definition. A design that has withstood the test of time. Blade putters are elegant and the Series 39 is no exception. What’s different about this blade putter is the high MOI design. Its center of gravity is located right in between the front and back of the putter design.

The 39 Series Blade putter also has an insert. Unlike other putters that use a polymer, copper or carbon fiber insert Sacks Parente uses patent-pending AL24. It’s an ultra-lightweight material that further allows the weight to be moved to the perimeter. According to Sacks Parente AL24 also absorbs vibration “100 times better than steel”.

DSC_0387 (2)


When I finally got to the putting green at the 2019 PGA Show Demo Day things were wrapping up for the day. The sun was quite literally setting on Demo Day. This translated into the Bermuda-grass having grown and the putting surface had been trampled on by thousands of attendees. Making it there to roll a few putts was nearly an afterthought.

The first putters that I rolled for the week of the show were, in fact, the Series 39 Blade from Sacks Parente. Having published a press release prior to the PGA Show I knew what these putters were going to look like. I just had no idea how pretty they truly were. Not only are they elegant as a blade putter should be I would identify them as exquisite. Everything about them exuded class. The sole, the face everything. Ultimately the pictures in the press kit didn’t do them justice. What didn’t show up in the pictures was the milling of the face. Like I’ve already alluded to… exquisite. Even the branding on the bottom of the putter was very well done. They left no stone unturned in the aesthetics department of this putter.


I picked a hole location that was likely the trickiest spot on the putting surface at Orange County National Golf Resort and Lodge. This putt was downhill and slid right to left. In a word, it was a “greasy, slick” putt. Even the representative said that I picked a fun putt. Admittedly, I didn’t want to be in anybody else’s way. My first stroke was a bit wayward as I hadn’t made a putt with this putter before. The overall lightweight threw me off and I blew my putt past the hole. The second stroke fared much better and it didn’t take me long to adjust. The sightline is basic as it should be on a blade putter as it’s just a simple notch with black paintfill. Without knowing the specifics of the MOI numbers (I forgot to ask at the time) there was no twisting through impact. The face was square through impact and I think a lot can be said of their research in this area. Rolls were as true as can be considering the conditions of the green at this time of the day. The feel was fantastic off of the face.



The Sacks Parente Series 39 Blade putter is a fine piece of craftsmanship. The looks are delicate and exude class. Typically, I’m a mallet guy (on the heavy side) mostly because they are more forgiving. I’ve always loved the look of blade putters but my stroke hasn’t necessarily agreed with my eye. The Series 39 Blade changed that outlook. This is a 350-360 gram head that feels like it should be more than 400-grams. I would play this putter and feel good about it. The Series 39 Blade was a finalist for a Teezy Award in the “Top Putter” category. The Series 39 amassed 38/40 points. The Series 39 Blade comes in two versions and with it two different price points. The Series 39 Player’s Edition retails for $600 USD while the Series 39 Tour Edition retails for $1200 USD as it’s made from 316L Surgical Steel. For more information please visit https://sacksparente.com/

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One of the better putters that I discovered while attending the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show were those offered by EVNROLL Putters. Its founders, Guerin Rife (remember Rife Putters), and Stephen Reilly started the company 4 years earlier at the same PGA Show. Since then the pair has combined over 50 years of experience to produce some of the golf industry’s most impressive putters.


2019, is no exception. Released at the show were several new models including their TourStroke Trainer and the ER5B Hatchback Murdered Out Mallet putter with Evnroll’s patented “Gravity Grip”.

The ER5B finished very well in the final standings of the Teezy Awards. Vying for the honors in the “Top Putter” category the ER5B tallied 38/40 points. to finish as the Runner-up behind the eventual winner.



For more details, please see the press release below as shared by Darren Phillips. Mr. Phillips is from marketing firm Pure Sports Marketing.

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CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, January 22, 2019 – Evnroll Putters first came to the golfing world’s attention in 2016 with a range of stunning 100% milled putters featuring Guerin Rife’s groundbreaking, patented “Sweet Face” Technology, an innovative and unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion.

Evnroll Putters have since won a host of accolades and awards, and now Rife is using the platform of the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show to unveil not only four striking new models, but also his TourStroke Trainer, engineered to hone the perfect stroke path, plus a new Gravity Grip designed to promote a square face impact angle, through the entire hitting area.

New putter models

The new ER1TS is actually a CNC-milled version of Rife’s new TourStroke Trainer where the degree of offset is the headline news. Head shape and style are the same as on the original ER1 heel-toe weighted flange blade, but with the addition of a hosel that moves the shaft one inch in front of the face to create a super stable “effective” MOI of 20,000. This design creates forward press and sets the right wrist without leaning the shaft forward to promote a very stable one-piece shoulder based putting stroke.


ER2.2 is a new plumber-neck version of the extremely popular ER2 MidBlade, with the heel-side mass reduced to allow for the extra weight of the hosel arm to keep the sweet spot in front of the center sightline.

download (1)

The ER5B is a new all-black version of the popular Hatchback mallet featuring a proprietary flat black armor finish, complete with black shaft, grip, and headcover. It also incorporates a low heel bend, which creates more toe hang to guard against pulled putts.


The final newcomer is the ER8.3 flow-neck Players MidMallet, which Rife is hailing as the prettiest putter he’s ever designed and one that will be finding its way into his bag.


All new models are CNC-milled from 303 Stainless Steel and hand-finished in Carlsbad, California. They feature the full array of performance-enhancing technologies found on all Evnroll putters, including the “Sweet Face” technology described by independent testing and review website, MyGolfSpy, as a ‘game-changer’.

TourStroke Trainer

There is no single perfect way to putt, but the common stroke path most tour players set out to achieve is slightly shorter on the takeaway, square at impact and just beyond, and then slightly longer and back inside on the follow-through. The TourStroke’s elongated hosel, which angles 1¼” forward of the face, is designed to instantly create this stroke path when used in the training mode.

In the training mode, the putter face should be positioned about 1” behind the ball. This promotes the three fundamentals of ‘proper putting’ highlighted above – shorter takeaway, square through impact, longer follow-through – allowing even complete beginners to instantly make the perfect “tour player” stroke path.


The secret to the TourStroke’s performance is that the golfer knows the head is not in line with the shaft so will instinctively keep the face square until it contacts the ball to avoid pulling the putt. By keeping the shaft moving through the impact zone, the golfer will also automatically have a longer follow-through. Best of all is that the TourStroke’s “effective” MOI is 20,000 because the entire head is positioned 1¼” from the ball – a level of stability previously unheard of.

The TourStroke can also be used in player mode by placing the putter face directly behind the ball so that the shaft is in line with the front of the ball. This automatically creates forward press without leaning the shaft forward and presets the right wrist to promote a simple one-piece rocking of the shoulders. Used as a gamer it delivers the same benefits as the new ER1TS model.

Gravity Grip

This new, deep V-shaped grip incorporates an ultra-light 35 gram EVA foam body with a 70 gram 9” steel rod that runs the length of its extreme lower section. Moving twice the grips structure weight directly below and ½” away from the shaft allows the hands to feel and maintain a square putter face through the entire hitting area, virtually eliminating face rotation at impact.

Adding the 15-gram outer wrap the Gravity Grip has a total weight of an above average 120 grams. This allows for more weight in the putter head to generate a greater overall weight for increased stability and accuracy, while maintaining an ideal swing weight for optimum feel and distance control.


The new models will be available in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths with an MSRP of $359 for the ER1TS, ER2.2, and ER8.3, and $399 for the ER5 Black (also available with Gravity Grip for $419). The TourStroke Trainer will have an MSRP of $149 and the Gravity Grip an upcharge of $20 on any putter.

For more information please visit http://www.evnroll.com.