It seems so long ago that I was prepping to head down to Florida for the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. I headed out from the Niagara Falls, Ontario area the 19th of January and after an eventful trip I just got home at 7:30 this morning. Already the planning has begun for 2019. Too soon?

There were a lot of cool things that happened on this trip with much of the focus being on different things that I saw or encountered at the PGA Merchandise Show. While I’ve touched on some of those things through various posts it’s just now as I go through my pictures where I realize… “Oh yeah… I forgot about that!”. Recently, I announced that I was going to announce an “awards presentation” being the first annual “Teezy Awards” (PGA Show Edition). There’s going to be awards presented for many different things. Of course there are the usual suspects. Best driver, best fairway woods, best irons but I’m also going to focus on some gadgetry, gizmos and apparel as well. I’m even going to give an award for the best finish on a driver (metalwood). I admit that just recently I skimmed quickly through the “Hot List” and while I agree with some there are several that made me laugh out loud…. based on my findings.


This trip also saw me get skunked as far as fly fishing goes. That has never happened and to not catch a fish over 2 weeks is more humbling than the game of golf. I was an outdoors guy long before I was a golfer. Out of all of my times that I’ve spent in Florida I had never seen a space launch. That changed this time when I was on hand to view the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket from Kennedy Space Center. It was amazing to be a part of history.


I played golf while I was in Florida that took place on three different and new courses (to me). I’ve already written a review on the disappointment that was Apollo Beach Golf Club. What a shame! But I would also play golf at two other courses. The first was just outside of Lakeland called Schalamar Creek. What a beautiful course!!! The day that I departed I would play a quick nine at Bartow Country Club. I played well but the real focus of golfing was to do product testing and use a reconstructed swing. My time with LPGA T&CP Hall of Famer Kay McMahon and learning about EduKAYtion Golf (8.5 Golf) is going to be the focus of a feature article. Her methods make learning the golf swing… easy! No joke!! Testing of the new TaylorMade Golf Project (s) golf ball was amazing and the new Stick-It Magnetic Golf Towel from Monument Golf is as great as an accessory that I’ve come across. Have you heard of UFM? You will and the new kicks from TRUE Linkswear are better than ever.

I’ve been a little less active lately but that is going to be changing in a real hurry. Look for all kinds of articles, reviews and more in the very near future. This is going to be a very fun 2018. #seeuonthenexttee #fightandgrind

Until The Next Tee!!



The first day of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show is in the books. It proved to be a very fruitful day and I’ll attempt to quickly summarize what I saw. By the way, there will be more in-depth articles on each product mentioned down the road.


The day started by visiting with IOFIT which is a company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Their product is a smart shoe that features sensors that inform golfers what’s happening with weight distribution throughout all aspects of the golf swing. The shoes in my brief time wearing them are comfortable and stylish (the suede wingtips in particular). Surprisingly light and they also feature a really great spikeless pattern. The technology works and I am going to be more than happy to further elaborate on this product.

Upon leaving the first appointment of the day I went down to the Vertical Groove Golf booth to further learn about what and who they are. I had the pleasure of interviewing Co-Founder Rubin Hannan and gained some valuable insight on the brand, their 2017 which was very successful, their new fairway wood and other things that the brand has in the hopper. There is a hybrid and a putter in the works.

ER9SN_17_Hero_R2 copy.jpg
Photo Credit: EVNROLL

Speaking of putters I met with the folks at the EVNROLL Putters booth and the booth was busy and for a good reason. EVNROLL just launched a new putter here at the show called the EVNROLL ER9 10 K. This putter is futuristic in appearance but it also just happens to roll the golf ball really well, is super stable through impact and feels great. Perhaps a longer look is in order.

As the day wore on I visited the TaylorMade Golf booth where I learned about some new innovation from the brand as far as putters and wedges go. Bill Price is the VP at TaylorMade Golf and the wealth of knowledge that he possesses is second to none. We talked about the new putters coming out from TaylorMade Golf that features Blast Motion and the new Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedge. These wedges feature high spin numbers, versatility and forgiveness. The finish darkens over time. Sticking with TaylorMade Golf the brand has re-introduced an updated version of the Project(A) golf and a new Project(S) which is a 3-piece golf ball that offers a softer feel and longer distance.

Photo Credit: TRUE Linkswear

I caught up briefly with two of my favorite brands in the world. CHASE 54 and TRUE Linkswear. I’ll be doing more in-depth coverage of both companies but I  will say that CHASE 54 has upped their fabric game again as they’ve released a lighter, airier fabric that features great hand. TRUE Linkswear is back doing what they do best. Make comfortable shoes that perform, look great and offer versatility not seen in other brands. Not only is TRUE back to their roots in shoe design but the brand has also returned home to the Pacific Northwest. The ownership group has changed and TRUE is back and staying TRUE to who they are.

Other brands that I checked out included IBKUL which features men’s and ladies apparel (on and off course) with vivid, stunning and playful prints. AfterShokz was a product that I was really curious about. AfterShokz offers premium headphones and premium sound through “Bone Conduction Technology”. I was mostly curious about their open construction and the sound because I love hearing music how the chords were intended. As it turns out they made a great first impression and I can see them being a great all-around product whether for golf or everyday life. Bolle Eyewear has some new golf-specific sunglasses on the market and their lenses are not made the standard polycarbonate often seen through the eyewear industry. However, what they use is much clearer and provides far greater optics than polycarbonate.

In conclusion Day One was amazing. It was a day that was hectic, informative and educational.

Until The Next Tee!!