STITCH® Golf Honors Arnold Palmer With Exclusive Headcovers Collection

(APEX, NC, March 2, 2020) —STITCH Golf is pleased to announce the release of the
exclusive Arnold Palmer collection of headcovers for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and putters.

2018_AP_Knit_White_set copy 2

“Our officially licensed Arnold Palmer headcover collection is the perfect way to pay tribute to the King,” stated Brad King, CEO of STITCH. “These eye-catching leather and knit headcovers are sure to grab the attention of your golf buddies while providing your clubs with exceptional protection.”

Using STITCH’s classic and timeless designs, these headcovers come in premium leather or Techno™ wool with Arnold’s s iconic umbrella logo beautifully embroidered on the cover. The Arnold Palmer signature blade putter cover features Arnold’s classic signature and pays tribute to the King’s pride in legibility.

“What’s the point of signing something if the person can’t read it or later can’t even remember who it was?” – Arnold Palmer

“Like all STITCH products, these Arnold Palmer headcovers are designed and engineered to help golfers look their best,” continued King. “By focusing on details and premium components we were able to create unparalleled headcovers for the die-hard Arnold Palmer fan.”

2018_AP_Leather_Black_D_set copy 2

Additional features of the Arnold Palmer headcover collection include:
 Premium leather and Techno™ Wool construction
 Plush inner lining
 Magnetic closure
 Water & stain resistant
 Hand-finished
 Fits all modern clubs

The Arnold Palmer headcovers are available for purchase at and leading golf, country clubs and select retailers. Stay connected with STITCH Golf on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @StitchGolf

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Founded in 2011 as a headcover company, STITCH is known for designing and creating products with precise attention to detail, all the way down to the last stitch. Based in Apex, North Carolina, STITCH gives a unique experience, whether it’s the high-quality leather used in our headcovers, the durable waterproof fabrics in our bags and gear or the fashionable color schemes seen in our apparel. STITCH products are designed to be effortlessly fashionable, allowing you to create a stylish, comfortable and color-coordinated look-on and off the course. Designed with details that perform, our line of golf bags and gear, travel bags and apparel combine function and fashion with three themes in mind: DRESS YOUR GAME™, ARRIVE IN STYLE™ and FROM WORK TO PLAY™. STITCH products are available at leading golf, country clubs and select retailers around the world and at:

The Premier Golf League – Will You Watch?

Here’s a pretty simple question. With details slowly beginning to emerge about the Premier Golf League, will you watch?

Make no bones about it, this league has an uphill climb and there are a plethora of obstacles that stand in its way. Including but not limited to…

  1. It’s always hard being the “new kid on the block”. Golf is, generally speaking, closed-minded to new things and ideas.
  2. Not long ago PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan delivered an ultimatum. It essentially went like this. Play in the Premier Golf League and you lose membership on the PGA TOUR.
  3. The Premier Golf League really focuses on the term “premier” in defining who’s invited to play in this league.
  4. Make no mistake, geopolitics is going to play a part in this to a certain degree.

And the list could really go on, but for the sake of word count, I’ll refrain from continuing. So, I’ll just touch on these points. Before starting, I just want to look at the proposed format.


The league is set to launch in January 2022. The PGL will feature 48 players competing among 12 four-person teams. If this sounds familiar, it might. This is similar to how Formula 1 racing is done. There will be 18, 54-hole tournaments with purses of $10 million each and no cuts. The events will be played on four continents: 10 in the U.S., four in Asia (including one in the Middle East), three in Europe and one in Australia. An interesting format, that might work. The events would run from January to August and would not get in the way of Major championships.

I really hate bringing politics into any conversation, especially when it relates to sports. But it can’t be overlooked in this case. Like it or not, geopolitics will play a part in whether this league takes off or not. Let us look at the origins of where a lot of the financial backing for the PGL is coming from. Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been a “powder keg” and a serious source of malcontent in the “Western Hemisphere”.  From the way that Saudi Arabia handles human rights, the way that they treat women, to the case of the 2018 murder of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi there are many political reasons why many golf viewers wouldn’t support the Premier Golf League.

In 2019, there was a backlash when the European Tour teed it up to play the Saudi International. Many golf fans and observers felt that in light of the current events that were going on then, they should have canceled the stop. I for one thought about this briefly, also I was against the Turkish Airlines Open as well in light of the “genocide-like” attacks on the Kurdish people in late 2019 that were taking place at the time.


Could Phil end up playing in the PGL?

A few decades ago, there was another new golf tour that tried to emerge. As I recollect, it was called the “Pro Golf Tour”. There were a couple of wealthy backers that backed that venture. Their names were Bill Gates and Donald Trump. It never really got off of the ground. But just because you’re a new kid on the block doesn’t mean that nobody will be interested. This is partially where the Premier Golf League has a chance to get the leg up on the PGA TOUR. Enforce the little things. The pace of play, make the players accountable and bring some freshness to an otherwise stale sport to watch on television. Which gives me another thought. Television broadcasting rights. Who gets it? Would it be pay-per-view? Pay-per-view would be suicide. GOLFTV? That almost seems like the obvious choice.

Jay Monahan announced the ultimatum, play there (PGL) and you’re no longer a PGA TOUR member. In almost a way that a kidnapper holds someone for ransom. I applaud him for showing some semblance of a backbone, but maybe if he had shown some against his players the PGA TOUR wouldn’t be a mess. Here’s the thing though. At the end of the day, the players are independent contractors and they have the right to play when and where they want. There’s no union here. Another small point, what is the European Tour’s stance on the Premier Golf League? They’re pretty forward-thinking and I could envision some sort of collaboration there.

Guys that would bolt, as it stands right now would be able to play events like The Open, The Masters, The U.S. Open (unless their respective organizations/committee were to get involved in strong-arming the players as well) with the PGA Championship being the only one that’s sort of murky. While some players from the PGA TOUR are open to it, others are not. Rory McIlroy came out and to paraphrase said that he “wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of history”. I wonder what the context of “history” was. Conversely, you can’t help but feel that Phil Mickelson would be all over it. He played in the Saudi International instead of the WM Phoenix Open. That too was a sort of “black-eye”. What about Patrick Reed? Has he refuted the notion?


Rory is a strong no.

With Rory debunking playing in the PGL, who are the organizers trying to attract? Obviously the elite and the best of the best. We know that Tiger Woods has been approached. Ultimately, they need 48-players who need to commit to every event on the schedule to make this format work. Rory, in a way, sort of alluded to this when he said this earlier this week.

“The more I’ve thought about it, the more I don’t like it,”. “The one thing as a professional golfer in my position that I value is the fact that I have autonomy and freedom over everything that I do. If you go and play this other golf league, you’re not going to have that choice.”

Golf has never really been a sport where open-minds win. In fact, golf and golf fans can be quite closed-minded. There’s a massive feeling out process right now. So many details have yet to come to the forefront. As it stands right now. The Premier Golf League. Would you watch?

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More Than Golf and a PGA TOUR Event – Innisbrook Resort

When you think of Florida golf, what do you think of? For me, I think of water hazards with alligators, a lot of wildlife, Bermuda grass, and last but not least pretty flat, mundane golf courses with little to no elevation change. On these golf courses, when you see undulation in the fairways or mounding, the easy assumption is to assume that it’s manmade landmarks or features. But there is one golf course, or shall I say four on Florida’s Gulf Coast that is just a little bit different than the rest or shall I say unique. That golf property is that of Innisbrook Resort.


It might be January. But the workers are getting the Copperhead Course ready for the Valspar Championship.

Innisbrook Resort, however, is so much more than a golf course or golf resort as I would learn during my recent trip to Florida for the 2020 PGA Show. Simply put, Innisbrook Resort is more than a venue that hosts the PGA TOUR’s Valspar Championship. It’s a self-contained property that features a bevy of amenities as I would soon learn on a very recent tour of the property. Many thanks go out to Ramona Herald who is the Director of Public Relations for Innisbrook Resort for taking the time to show me everything that Innisbrook has to offer.


Location, Location

Finding Innisbrook Resort is quite easy. U.S. Route 19 runs along the gulf coast that reaches to many points in and around the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and passes through Clearwater, Dunedin (Home of the Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training Camp), Palm Harbor, and Tarpon Springs. The highway extends north to Spring Hill, Florida and beyond as it’s 264 miles long (425 km). As far as Innisbrook Resort goes it is located in Palm Harbor where you will find its main entrance right off of the popular U.S. Route 19. The resort entrance is easy to see as it is appointed with well marked-out signage.


The Property

The property that Innisbrook sits on is quite remarkable. Sitting on 900 acres, Innisbrook Resort is one of the very few places in Florida, especially close to the coast, that features natural topography. In saying that I refer to hills. As you drive into the main entrance off of #19 or the secondary entrance off of E. Klostermann Road you’ll be greeted by friendly security staff ensuring that you belong on the property whether it’s for a weekend stay or for a day trip. Security is important at Innisbrook because as you’ll soon find out there is more to Innisbrook Resort than being a golf destination. It’s a family destination.

It doesn’t take you long to start to decompress as you drive through the property. This large, stunning resort that sits so close to the urban sprawl of Tampa/St.Pete. You cannot help but feel enamored as you take in the lush greenery that surrounds you, the cries of Osprey filling the air, and the sparkling waters that dot the resort. All pressed against a seemingly cloudless blue sky. Not to mention the gorgeous, ancient oak trees that are draped in Spanish Moss. Innisbrook Resort really feels like a refuge… A sanctuary that just beckons you to feel calm, be slow and be relaxed.

As you enter the resort from the main entrance all of the low-rises that house the accommodations are listed in alphabetical order. All named after famous golf courses. For example, “M” is for Muirfield.



The amenities on the resort are plentiful, to say the least. It truly is a literal cornucopia of creature comforts. There are trams that will take you throughout the property. So if you wanted to go to Packard’s Steakhouse for an 18oz Ribeye you have that option. There is no shortage of dining options as there are five locations including The Market, Turnberry Pub, The Grill at Loch Ness, and Market Salamander Grille and Bar without leaving your parking space. That’s actually if you have a vehicle with you. If you like live entertainment (music) than the Osprey Club is where you want to be on Friday and Saturday nights. The Osprey Club seemingly flows out the convertible patio doors turning the space into a large open-air bar. A gorgeous patio is adorned with fire pits and overlooks the nearby greens of the golf course.


The Osprey Club at the Osprey Clubhouse. (Photo Credit: Innisbrook Resort)

If you wanted to spend a day at the beach there is a complimentary shuttle that will transfer you to and from the resort to Honeymoon Island State Park. If you’ve never been here, you are missing out. An airport shuttle is available for a surcharge.

For tennis and racquet sports lovers Innisbrook Resort features 11 clay courts with 7 of them being available for illumination. Looking for a game and have nobody to play with? Let the concierge at the tennis centre know and they’ll be more than happy to find a game for you. Also, there are three indoor racquetball courts available for aficionados of that game.

On the property, there are 6 pools available for swimming including the enormous Loch Ness Monster Pool which features waterslides. It’s a great place for families as there are activities offered to keep your children/grandchildren occupied while you play golf. If you like to hike or walk through nature, enjoy one of the trails that takes you just a little bit off of the beaten path.

Loch Ness Pool Overhead 2

A look from above. The Loch Ness Monster Pool. (Photo Credit: Innisbrook Resort)

Do you need some extra relaxation in your life? Perhaps, you need to feel a little “Zen”? Then maybe a trip to their Salamander Spa is in order. When I walked into the spa, I felt further relaxation just on account of the soft music that played and the aromatherapy that floated through the air. The spa is full-service and offers a salon, a variety of massage, facials, manicure/pedicures and a whole lot more. How about taking steam in their Eucalyptus Steam Room? Are you wanting to get some quiet time with your loved one? How about a couples massage in a room with a gas fireplace? Afterward, enjoy even more quiet time with your loved one drinking a glass of wine in their beautiful courtyard. The staff here is friendly and is there with one purpose. To make you feel welcome, happy, and relaxed.

Innisbrook Resort is a wedding destination as well. What a stunning place to exchange your nuptials. The “Wedding Tree” quickly comes to mind when I think about weddings at Innisbrook Resort.

wedding tree


There are several room types to choose from during your stay at Innisbrook Resort. Ranging from Deluxe Guest Rooms with 300 square feet, their Executive Suite with 750 square feet (with a kitchenette), their 1 and 2-bedroom suites with 1,000 and 1,200 square feet respectively (feature full kitchen) to their 2,000 square foot 2-storey Penthouse Suite.

All of the rooms here have been renovated and extensively remodeled. The rooms are tastefully decorated in modern decor and in the case where there are kitchens, they come fully-equipped with stainless steel appliances.

Innisbrook 2.8.2018-0011

The Executive Suite at Innisbrook. All of the rooms have been remodeled. (Photo Credit: Innisbrook Resort)


Alright, I know you’ve been waiting to find out about the golf at Innisbrook Resort. There are four championship golf courses at Innisbrook Resort and all of them were designed by architect Lawrence Packard who lived to be almost 102 years of age. All four are unique in their own right and all feature their own stand-alone Clubhouse/Pro Shop. There is a golf academy on the property as well. The Innisbrook Golf Institute was founded 30 years ago by its Founder Dawn Mercer.


  • Copperhead Course – The golf course that every golfer knows at Innisbrook. This is the course that is home to the PGA TOUR’s Valspar Championship. It measures over 7,200 yards from the tips and the “Snake Pit” is where good rounds can disappear very quickly.
  • North Course – The Par 70, 6,325-yard course is no slouch. The North Course is also known as “Baby Copperhead”. Eleven holes feature water hazards while the green complexes are well-bunkered. It might be short but your accuracy has to be mighty to navigate your way around the North Course. Trees, challenging Par-3 holes and tight fairways are what awaits to “strike” you down.

Scintillating vistas. (Photo Credit: Innisbrook Resort)

  • South Course The greens on the South Course were renovated and features the same turf as the popular Copperhead Course. Here you’ll find greens constructed of TifEagle Bermuda grass. The South is more of a links-style golf course complete with waste bunkers and 10 water hazards. The South Course is a Par-71, that measures 6,620 yards from the tips.
  • Island Course – I have two mental images that are lasting about the Island Course. Elegant, magnificent oak trees with the ever-present Spanish Moss draping them and the unbelievable topography change from the 10th tee to the approach up to the green. And I do mean up! While the Copperhead Course has notoriety amongst golfers, the Island Course has had its fair share of events. In the past, the Island Course has been home to U.S. Open Qualifiers, NCAA Championships, and the LPGA Tour chose the Island Course as the venue for the ISPS Handa Legends Tour Open Championship. Tight fairways, a plethora of water hazards and really is like playing three different courses in one round of golf. The Island Course is aesthetically appealing and pretty potent. Carnage awaits on this Par 72 – 7,194 yard gem.


I’m looking forward to my next visit to Innisbrook Resort as it will be a chance to take in the resort itself from a guest standpoint and maybe afford me the opportunity to play a round or two of golf. Innisbrook Resort is way more than a PGA TOUR venue. It’s a frame of mind and a sanctuary. The resort is fully self-contained with a large conference meeting space, a variety of rooms, a spa, tennis courts, and four championship golf courses, and six pools. What more could you want? There is another “magical kingdom” in Florida and that kingdom is Innisbrook Resort.

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#TeeBoxChatter – Tour Edge Golf, AXIS 1, SUB 70 Golf and more.

In this episode of #TeeBoxChatter I come to you from the Wehrle Golf Dome in Cheektowaga, NY.

On a day were i was just planning n getting in a few swings in preparation for the 2020 PGA Show I had an expected yet unexpected parcel arrive. In for review is a putter from AXIS 1 Golf. Also in this episode I discuss the apprehension of wondering what the new Exotics EXS 220 metalwoods from Tour Edge Golf will be like. The Exotics EXS of 2019 WILL be a tough act to follow. Ongoing testing of the 699 Pro irons from SUB 70 Golf, Cameron Smith and more.


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#TeeBoxChatter – Club Testing SUB 70 Golf 699 Pro Irons

Club testing comes in many forms. From sessions on a driving range to on-course testing. Where testing truly matters most.

So far, testing of the SUB 70 Golf 699 irons has been conducted in a golf dome setting and on the range. January 2nd afforded me the chance to take the testing to the turf. Hitting off of mats is one thing but as most of us know the turf interaction is much different. In particular when the golf course is really soggy.

I headed to St. David’s Golf Club in St. David’s, Ontario to carry on testing of this golf club. The video below explains how testing was done on this day. Enjoy!


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#TeeBoxChatter January 2nd, 2020 – Sentry Tournament of Champions

A lot of great names to pick from to win this week in “The Land of the Tradewinds”. Kapalua – Plantation Course has seen some rejuvenation. This week is the Sentry Tournament of Champions. The first PGA TOUR event of 2020. With a field full of winners to choose from including Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Rickie Fowler, Patrick Cantlay, Brendon Todd, Kevin Kisner and more, who did I pick to win this week.? Find out here. #TeeBoxChatter


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2020 Major Predictions – PGA TOUR

As the calendar winds down on the calendar for the year 2019 there are many things to look at and think about. Tigers Woods wins at The Masters and in doing do he collectively “flipped off” all of the naysayers who said that he was done. How does crow taste by the way?

At Bethpage, the polarizing Brooks Koepka claimed the Wanamaker Trophy in winning the PGA Championship. He may not win regular events, but he’s a threat every time he tees it up in a Major. The very likable Gary Woodland won the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. His first Major championship. You had a feeling that it was going to come eventually. But if there was a newly minted Major champion that you have to like and feel good about. Shane Lowry would be that guy. It was fun watching him win the Open Championship. He really ended up running away with the Claret Jug besting runner-up Tommy Fleetwood by 6 strokes.


Lowry signing autographs at the 2017 RBC Canadian Open at Glen Abbey.

As we fast-forward to 2020 I thought that it might be fun to make bold predictions regarding the 2020 Major tournaments. Oh, and before anyone suggests it, no I will not talk about The Players Championship. My opinion is to just leave it as it is. A stand-alone tournament for… The Players. So without further delay. Here we go!

(Injuries and unforeseen circumstances can really put a damper on these things)


The Masters – Is it just me or can you practically smell the azaleas, dogwood, and pine straw already. Honestly, I don’t know what it smells like there but I have an image, or smell, conjured in my imagination. It’d be easy to pick Tiger to win The Masters and repeat. Seeing that, as it stands now he is the favorite to win again according to oddsmakers. So with that said. Here’s my pick. This guy made putts on the fast and firm greens of Royal Melbourne during the Presidents Cup. He’s long and has the control. My pick. Justin Thomas.

PGA Championship – TPC Harding Park will be the venue for the 2020 PGA Championship. The “San Francisco Treat” was named after avid golfer and former President, Warren G. Harding and opened in 1925. Tight tree-lined fairways and small undulating greens were the norms of courses designed in this time frame. A premium will be placed on accuracy and iron play. Will length be a determining factor in this one? Maybe not. Then again, is length really a factor for many of these guys?

My pick had a sneaky journeyman-like 2019 campaign. A pretty good striker of the golf ball his iron play is solid, putting is good and has adequate length for a 7,200-yard golf course. Currently ranked #8 in the world. My pick is Justin Rose to heave the Wanamaker Trophy over his head. Sorry about the jinx Rosey!


Photo Credit:

The U.S. Open – A Father’s Day tradition. Sticking with the theme of golf courses designed in the 1920’s Winged Foot Golf Club is another golf course that features tight fairways and distinct green complexes. The A.W. Tillinghast-designed gem has hosted a cacophony of major events including some prior U.S. Open’s. What separates this course from TPC Harding Park? The USGA. I hope the USGA does what it does best. Set the course up in such a way that it makes professional golfers irate.

If this thing ends up a “Battle of Attrition” you have to like Brooks Koepka‘s chances. It might be an unpopular choice because he’s as polarizing a player as there is in professional golf. He may not win a ton of PGA TOUR events but he really shows up for the Major’s and he loves the U.S. Open. We don’t know how bad his injury truly is that kept him out of the Presidents Cup.  His health could be a factor.


The Open Championship – The 149th Open Championship will take place at Royal St. George’s. The venue last hosted the Open Championship in 2011 which was won by Darren Clarke (his first and last). While I can see the likes of Rose and Tommy Fleetwood contending here I think both come up just short. Weather is always a factor during the Open Championship perhaps a little less so in England than in Scotland or Ireland for that matter. So if it’s cold and crappy out that could hurt an “old guy” riddled with past injuries (Tiger Woods).

With all things being equal and taking the lousiest weather conditions into consideration I like Rory McIlroy to win the Open Championship. He had a solid 2019, really solid in fact and I just think he’ll continue to roll in 2020.


The maiden 2 Royal St Georges

It’ll be fun to watch all of the Major championships in 2020. I think the collection of courses by architects of the 1920s makes the events more intriguing. You know what else will be fun? Watching my picks “crash and burn”.

Until The Next Tee!!

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