TaylorMade Golf NOT Attending the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

A day ago or so I saw a rumour floating across the internet. The rumour was that TaylorMade Golf would not be attending the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

Instead of opting to go by what I saw over social media I decided to go to the source. So I reached out to Nick Obritsch who is the Marketing Manager for TaylorMade-adidas Golf (Canada) to confirm or debunk the story. It has been confirmed that TaylorMade-adidas Golf will not be attending the PGA Merchandise Show in January.


This is a bit of a “black eye” for the event that features all of the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. An event that seems to have lost a little bit of its lustre when talking to other media outlets or attendees alike.

TaylorMade-adidas Golf is obviously one of the industry “David’s”. The brand has never shied away from having a tremendous representation at the PGA Merchandise Show. The brand used to take up a large segment of one end of the Orange County Convention Center. One year in particular they had an area that felt like you were at a lavish South Beach nightclub. In the past TaylorMade-adidas Golf has made huge announcements at the annual show. The largest of the bunch was in 2017 when the brand announced that Tiger Woods would be playing TaylorMade Golf equipment.


Below is the official statement from TaylorMade Golf regarding their reason for not attending. Thanks go out to Mr. Obritsch for providing the official statement. One way or another I will provide coverage on the 2019 product range from TaylorMade Golf. That I guarantee.

David Abeles, CEO, TaylorMade Golf:

“In the coming years, TaylorMade plans to broaden its investment in the PGA of America, pursuing growth initiatives we believe create even greater value for the game of golf. As a result of the additional spend and following significant discussions with key stakeholders, including many of our TaylorMade PGA staff professionals, the decision was made to not attend the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show.”

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Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Debuts Ft. Worth WHITE Irons In Response to Exceptional Global Demand by Highly Skilled Golfers

I really am curious to see what the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has up their collective sleeves with the release of the new Ft. Worth WHITE irons. I mean the original Ft. Worth irons that were released in 2015 were impressive. They featured a great feeling forged head and aesthetics second to nobody. I was at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show (and Demo Day) that year to see them in person and swing them. Since that time, I’ve been pretty impressed with every product of theirs to this point.

Earlier in 2018, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company released a stealthy, sexy BLACK version of the Ft. Worth irons. These were irons that really grabbed my attention although I would have concerns about the durability of the finish. could the same concern hold true for WHITE? There are advantages of considering Ben Hogan products with one of them being a fair price point. A 7-piece iron set can be purchased for $700 and can be customized for no upcharge. The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company a company that listens to its customers/consumers. Such a novel approach… a rarity.

For more information on the Ft. Worth WHITE irons please see the press release below as shared by Jared Minski from Mastro Communications.


New Model Joins the Popular Ft. Worth BLACK Irons;Nickel-Chrome Clubhead Finish Irons Now Available Only at BenHoganGolf.com

“Fort Worth, Texas – October 15, 2018 –  Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company (BHGEC) has introduced Ft. Worth WHITE Irons, a complimentary line of custom, hand-crafted forged irons that answer widespread golfer demand for a traditional nickel-chrome clubhead finish in their blade-style iron model.

The new irons join the popular Ft. Worth BLACK irons, one of Ben Hogan Golf’s most successful product lines, which feature a unique Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finish. The new ‘white’ irons are available for purchase immediately without retail mark-up thanks to BHG’s proven direct-to-consumer sales and distribution model that offers unprecedented pricing for high-performance, custom-made forged irons.  

“The Ft. Worth White Irons are illustrative of how Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company interacts with and listens to its customers,” said Scott White, President and CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.  “On the heels of our sales success with the Ft. Worth Black Irons,  we found many ‘traditionalists’ who wanted to play this iron design with the standard nickel-chrome finish, so we accommodated them with this launch.”

White adds, “As with the Ft. Worth BLACK irons, the WHITE irons will be custom-built clubs to individual golfer’s specifications. But, most importantly, unlike other brands who launch a product that is not readily available, our exclusive factory-direct business model allows us to put these irons in the hands of golfers immediately and at hundreds of dollars less than they would pay for competitive products through green-grass and retail channels.”

The Ft. Worth White Irons feature a traditional forged blade design that is engineered for serious, accomplished players seeking a rare blend of feel, consistency, accuracy and forgiveness. Extensive player and machine testing validate that the irons generate a more penetrating ball flight on scoring irons, higher initial launch angles on long irons and better distance control on off-center hits, when compared with competitive irons. This is a direct result of dual Dynamic Progressive Weighting and Adaptive Perimeter Weighting Systems, which allow Ben Hogan engineers to optimize the size, shape and depth of the unique ‘depression cavity’ on the rear of each club head.

The new Ft. Worth White Irons also feature proprietary enhanced V-Sole® Technology, which is the most versatile sole in golf and has long been a trademark of Ben Hogan irons and wedges. It combines a high bounce leading edge and low bounce trailing edge on the sole and allows for easy manipulation of the club head no matter the lie and without changing the loft. The bounce angles on the Ft. Worth White Irons have been re-engineered slightly on each club head to eliminate ‘grab’ by the turf, especially on less-than-full shots.

Further, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company’s signature PreciseLoft® System has been simplified in the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons. While the Company remains committed to consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron for optimal distance gapping and to minimize loft ‘compression’ at the short end of the set, the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons will only be offered in one loft matrix. The mid-high launch profile (22 to 46-degrees) is preferred by the vast majority of Ben Hogan iron players.  Ft. Worth White Irons will be stamped with traditional numbers (#4 – PW) on the sole.

As with all Ben Hogan irons, the Ft. Worth WHITE Irons can be customized at no charge and golfers can specify length, lie, loft and grips (standard or mid-sized) as well as their choice of a variety of steel and graphite shafts.

The Ft. Worth White Irons are available for purchase at www.BenHoganGolf.com exclusively. True to the company’s innovative Factory-Direct distribution and pricing strategy, they are sold direct-to-consumers for $700.00 per seven-piece set (#4 iron – Pitching Wedge). Moreover, the Company offers a Trade-UP program where golfers can offset the cost of their purchase by selling used equipment back to the Company.

To learn more about Ben Hogan Golf, please visit www.benhogangolf.com.  Keep up-to-date with all of the latest Ben Hogan Golf news on social media:

Twitter: @BHGolfEquipment; Facebook: @BenHoganGolfEquipmentCompany; Instagram @BenHoganGolf


About Ben Hogan Golf Equipment

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company manufactures premium golf clubs and golf bags, and is committed to continue Ben Hogan’s reputation of innovation, performance and classical designs.  The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Hogan’s longtime home and the site of the original Company which opened in 1953.  The Company offers their premium products online at www.benhogangolf.com exclusively.  By eliminating the retail “middleman”, the Company’s cost structure is minimized, and consumers are able to purchase high-quality golf equipment at factory-direct prices. © 2018 Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC.”


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Review – Arnold Palmer Apparel (His Legacy Continues)

Over the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to test and review some fantastic golf apparel. While some of the brands have been more mainstream than others it goes to say that the name behind this brand is very special to me. Quite honestly, I feel a strong need to write a little disclaimer before continuing so I will.

As many know I’ve long adored Arnold Palmer. If it weren’t for meeting Mr. Palmer I’m not writing about golf nor would I ever have taken up golf. In no way shape or form did his name being attached to this apparel brand sway any sort of opinion.

Alright! So disclaimer firmly cast aside I can now continue with my review.

So many things can be said of the man behind the name. A few adjectives that spring to mind are kindness, sophisticated, philanthropist, and gentleman. Ironically enough all three things can be attached to this review. Sophistication and gentleman come to mind when you think of the way Mr. Palmer carried himself. His fashion was always clean and crisp with an ever present debonair aura being cast. The Arnold Palmer Apparel company carries on the legacy of classy fashion that Mr. Palmer exuded. I was sent several pieces to test and write about and in the ensuing write-up I will discuss each piece while giving a breakdown on some of the key design features.


In case you were wondering where the philanthropy aspect of this review enters the fray here’s what you need to know. The motto for Arnold Palmer Apparel is simply “Look Great… Do Good”. Did you know that 100% of the profits from the selling of Arnold Palmer Apparel go towards Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation? Mr. Palmer and his family have been long known for being very generous and caring. This is a legacy that Arnold Palmer Apparel continues. With the profits of sales going to Arnie’s Army that means that financial support goes towards institutions and organizations that support the well-being and development of children & youth. While also supporting a health & wellness initiative and the strengthening of communities and the environment. All the more reason to purchase Arnold Palmer Apparel.

Going back to January while at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show I stopped by the Arnold Palmer Apparel booth to have a look-see at the fashions on display. Once I was able to place my admiring on hold and look past a golf bag belonging to Mr. Palmer I looked over the fashions. The pieces on display were trendy and oozed class. Everything from belts, polo’s, mid-layers and outerwear. It was then that I approached John Larson. Mr. Larson explained the product range to me and what the Arnold Palmer Apparel brand was all about. As he talked me through the product I was hoping that I might get an opportunity to review a piece or two. Once the PGA Show wrapped up for another year I made contact with Mr. Larson again. Mr. Larson was very generous in sending me a mid-layer, two polo’s, a pair of shorts and a pair of pants. This would be an opportunity to test cooler weather apparel and apparel for the hot season. In other words, a relatively lengthy review process.

At this time, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Larson for giving me the opportunity to test and review Arnold Palmer Apparel. John… thank-you!!


So what pieces did I receive for testing? All pieces in the Arnold Palmer Apparel line come with a moniker with a meaning. Pieces like Marsh Landing (Marsh Landing Country Club), Turtle Hill, The Bog (Saukville Golf Course), Orchid Island (Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club) and Scotch Hall (Scotch Hall Preserve). As it turns out… all of these names are related to Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course Designs. It’s just that I’m not sure about Turtle Hill. However, there is a Turtle Bay in Hawai’i that is one of Mr. Palmer’s signature designs. It’s time to take a closer look at the pieces that I tested.

Scotch Hall – Scotch Hall is a polo that features a minimum of UPF 20+ protection to help fight the sun’s harmful UV Rays, moisture-wicking properties to quickly wick away moisture (sweat) to keep you comfortable all day long. The fabric itself is manufactured from 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex. This blend allows golfers to move freely with zero restriction. The Scotch Hall is also designed to perform on and off of the golf course.


I loved this piece. First of all, the design could be best described as simple elegance. I can envision Mr. Palmer himself having input on the design of this polo. The sharp lines, crisp collar right down to the details of his trademark umbrella on the back between your shoulder blades. It is everything that I would attach to the name Arnold Palmer. There is no print or design as this polo is solid (in my case white). Little “tabs” out towards the front of the shoulders adds more pop in the design. They are subtle and if you look closely… there sits Mr. Palmer’s umbrella. This polo is easy to wear and easy to care for. Arnold Palmer Apparel boasts that there is zero restriction and they are right. Honestly, it felt as though I wasn’t wearing polo as all of my movements were free. Speaking of feel the fabric itself has a very soft “hand of feel”. Meaning it feels soft and doesn’t catch, grab or irritate your skin while wearing it. The wicking qualities work and in a word this is a golf polo that performs. MSRP ($49.50)

Marsh Landing – Marsh Landing is the second polo that I was sent. Much like its Scotch Hall brethren the Marsh Landing polo is derived from the same 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex blend. This fabric offers 20+ UPF protection, moisture wicking properties and a “Performance Fit”.


The Marsh Landing polo will keep you feeling good on the golf course all day long. One of the issues that I tend to have wearing dark colours in the heat of the summer is that I sweat a lot. Often I get those unsightly sweat marks. I don’t know if it’s the fabric used or if the moisture wicking is that good but the fabric wicks everything away and kept me both dry and cool. I had no issues with restriction and this fabric stays with you all day long whether you’re on the course, in the Pro Shop or out for an evening dinner. I really liked the “heathered” look in the lighter parts of the polo. Offered in Charcoal, Front Pin Red, Turf (Green) and Bright Royal (Blue) the Marsh Landing polo will keep you “looking good”. MSRP $59.50

Orchid Island – Orchid Island is one of the many pairs of shorts offered by Arnold Palmer Apparel. These shorts are designed to perform on and off of the golf course during the hottest days of the year. The Orchid Island shorts are made with “Active Stretch Fabric” which is manufactured from 100% Polyester Woven Mechanical Stretch Fabric. Orchid Island’s fabric also comes with a treatment that features UPF 25+ UV Protection.

In a word the Orchid Island shorts have been a “Godsend”. This summer has featured heat that could be best-described as oppressive. Maybe I’m getting soft in my “advanced years” but anytime you have values of over 34*C (+90*F) plus humidity you need something to keep you cool. Not only does the fabric move and stretch I feel that the most important to point out is the fabric weight. The fabric is light and it might be the lightest fabric in a bottom piece that I’ve ever worn. The cut is sharp. Sleek and features neat details like the trademark umbrella on the enclosure. Colours available are Indigo and Sand. MSRP $44.50


The Bog – The Bog pants are a full length version of the Orchid Island shorts mentioned above. Featuring the same 100% Polyester Woven Mechanical Stretch Fabric that made the shorts such a fantastic tester. The Bog pants also offers UPF 25+ UV Protection to keep your skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays on those hot summer days.

I can sum these pants up very quickly. Because these pants feature the same lightweight fabric as Orchid Island you can actually wear these pants during the hottest of days. The fabric is light and airy which allows the legs to breath. Have you ever worn pants in the summer on the course and sweat so much that it looks like you got into a fight with a water hose and lost? I have… it was in a Mini-Tour event and I nearly passed out from the heat after 9 holes. If I would have had the luxury of The Bog pants that would never have happened. Because of the airy nature of the fabric a breeze still manages to keep you cool. The fabric does not restrict and to be quite frank… I loved golfing in them. These pants are offered in colours like Indigo, Sand, Charcoal and Black. If you’ve wanted to wear pants on the course or from the course right to the office then look no further than The Bog. If I had a pair of “go-to” pants these just might be them. MSRP $54.50

Turtle Hill – Designed to look great on and off of the course this mid-layer piece is built for comfort. Fabric is constructed from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. Turtle Hill is warm and breathable. Arnold Palmer Apparel achieved this by using technical fabrics that traps “heat while managing air flow to keep you warm and comfortable”.


The author feeling good in Turtle Hill, Scotch Hall and The Bog (not pictured). Feel a swagger.


It seems like a lifetime since I last wore this piece. Summer has been long and hot. However, when it was cooler out through April and May Turtle Hill was a star. First, the Turf colour is vivid. Secondly, the fabric has a very soft “feel of hand”. I love the quarter zip style of Turtle Hill and the appointment of the trademark umbrella is smart. Moreover, the Turtle Hill mid-layer I feel has a strong degree of moisture-wicking characteristics as well… even though it isn’t mentioned. Personally, I love the added touch of Mr. Palmer’s signature on the cuff of the right sleeve. Even the small attention to detail on the zipper pull was well thought out. MSRP $64.50


Arnold Palmer Apparel is definitely a winner in my books. From their trendy, sophisticated fashions to their excellent performance. As a matter of fact when I wear the styles from Arnold Palmer Apparel I feel a swagger and total confidence in myself.  Factor in their price point which is not only competitive (see less) than many others in the golf apparel industry but there is also the added benefit of helping out a good cause with your consumer dollars. Please have a look at arnoldpalmerapparel.com for more information. Their awesome prices are even better as most pieces have gone on sale. So go ahead… “Look Great… Do Good”.

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