Stay Connected But Elevate

So, I’ve been working on my swing in the backyard. You know, tempo, technique (to an extent), the right feels and just the general strike. But it got me thinking about something important. Connection. So with that, I’d like to offer a tip to golfers struggling out there with distance, direction, and timing.

Tip of the day. Always remember that connection in the #golf swing is good. Just remember the arms need to elevate as well.

Until The Next Tee!!

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Golf Playoffs and Golf Fitness

A rare PSA. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day (Canada Day/The United Kingdom/Commonwealth), Veteran’s Day (United States) and Armistice Day (France). Please respect those that have fought, fallen, sacrificed or continue to fight for our freedom by observing a minute of silence at 11 a.m. 

On the 11th Day, of the 11th Month, at the 11th Hour the guns fell silent to signal the end of WWI in 1918. If your country wears a poppy please wear one out of respect.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below….”
– In Flanders Field by John McRae

The National War Memorial. (Photo Credit: Crystal Toth)

In a show of hands. Who amongst us likes the current playoff formats for the respective professional golf tours around the world? I admit it, I can’t see the hands but speaking for myself I cannot stand them nor have I ever liked them.

It doesn’t matter which tour it is. It could be the LPGA Tour (Race to CME Globe), the Race to Dubai (European Tour), the PGA TOUR and their FedEx Cup Playoffs or the PGA TOUR Champions (Charles Schwab Cup). It’s of little consequence to me.

I don’t like them and I think it’s because it’s partially convoluted (too many moving parts) and personally speaking I think that it’s overthought. Honestly, I think they have the system sort of correct where they whittle down the field gradually. To a point wherein the case of the FedEx Cup they get the field down to 30 for the TOUR Championship at East Lake. However, after that, you need to be a mathematician and algorithm genius to figure things out. Look no further than this weekend at Charles Schwab Cup finale in Arizona on PGA TOUR Champions (can’t we just go back to Champion’s Tour?). Instead of getting a headache I’ll let esteemed writer Ron Mintz take the lead from Tweets this morning.

Just reading it, I get overwhelmed with a headache. But yes, that’s how it cracked down if you’ve been watching this week at all. Between this (as I describe it) “tomfoolery” it seems like the system isn’t quite right. But I have a suggestion and maybe I’m oversimplifying things a tad. What about using the points system as they have in place and when it gets down to the final 30 or 40 or even 50 reset the points to zero. Introduce Match Play to the final event. Where the winner takes all? Too easy?

Golf fitness. I’ve recently posted about there being #nooffseason when it comes to golf. There’s always something that needs to be improved. Maybe you need to experiment with a grip change. When the snow flies, this is a great time to do it. Or maybe, your putting stroke needs work? By getting a Big Moss, PuttOut or BirdieBall putting matt you can work on your game if your season is hampered by the blast of “Old Man Winter’s Wind”. I will be experimenting with a few things. I’m looking for a little more distance during my golf “cease-fire” and it’s the distance that I lost after my stroke. But, I’m having a little gander and David Leadbetter’s “A Swing” because I’m thinking of making things a little more compact. But I’ve also gotten back to the gym.


Hoping to turn my chicken legs into at least turkey legs.

I bought my gym membership a few days ago, but I was feeling really off. A combination of cardiac-type issues and depression. I managed to force myself up and out a few days ago and since I haven’t had a day where I didn’t work out. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a better mind and better golf. Seeing that I’m just getting back into it, I am going easy. I’m combining circuit-training and then alternating days of legs/back with arms/chest. Core days are every day. Cardio is important of course for weight maintenance (I want to lose a few pounds/gain muscle and tone). So I’ll be trying to post updates. Above is my blank canvas. Man, I got so weak. Today, I added “Battle Ropes” to my repertoire. Yep, those are going to be fun and the death of me.


Until The Next Tee!!

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Well… The End of the Golf Season Was Imminent

Like the title of this entry says. The end of the golf season was imminent. It had to happen. But not in the sense that I will not be golfing between now and Florida (PGA Show) or now and spring. Just my season working behind the Pro Shop counter at Scenic Woods Golf Course. It was a great season overall and one that was enjoyable and maybe at times just a little bit miserable. Our computer systems were the source of serious malcontent. But Mother Nature got us.

Our season started out so wet. For the longest time, I never got to play golf because even pushing the Clicgear 3.5+ was too much following my stroke. In the sloppy conditions, I was too tired to play after two holes… Let alone 9 or dare I say 18. I mean, we never got the carts out onto the course until June… I think.

Tomorrow (as I write this) but in fact today was supposed to be my last shift of the year. That was until a couple days of rain and consequently, seasonal cold weather got us. The rain Halloween night really slammed the door shut. I got the text this morning from my boss (Richard) telling me that he had it covered. I was looking forward to one last shift and a few holes afterward but it wasn’t meant to be. Just because my working golf season is finished doesn’t mean that I’m finished playing. As a matter of fact, the off-season grind begins now.

I’m sure at some point I’ll find myself in a gym working out. I really do need to jump back onto that wagon. Yes, I’ll be doing some teaching indoors and practicing too. It’s the right time of the year to make changes… not in-season. But more importantly, I have a couple of golf courses that don’t close unless they have no choice within 15 minutes from me and then there is of course…

The UTNT Practice Center For Deprived Golfers


It is here where I get my 20-200 swings in a day all season. It’s shabby, not flashy but it’s effective. Especially, when using Rapsodo R-Motion or say a Flightscope mevo just to give me a little swing insight. The best part about it too is that it’s free, I can enjoy the presence of my Labrador Retriever (Muskoka) and if I want to I can enjoy a beer or two. A beer like 3 Speed from Amsterdam Brewing. Unofficially, the official beer of UTNT.

I’m all set for the grind season. Always remember golfers there never really is an offseason #nooffseason.

Until The Next Tee!!

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Devant Sport Towels Highlights New MicroTech Towel

Towels Feature Terry Finished Microfiber on Front and Back

Richmond, VA – Devant Sport Towels, a manufacturer of custom sport towels, has the spotlight on their new MicroTech towel just in time for spring golfers. This towel, comprised of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, features terry finished microfiber on front and back.

The MicroTech towel features a black grommet and premium black carabiner attachment to easily secure to your golf bag. The towel can hold up to 7 times its weight in water, which is beneficial while out on the course. Another advantage is that the MicroTech towel will not mold and is mildew resistant.

“The MicroTech towel is a great solution to a smaller microfiber sports towel yet maintains an ample amount of towel space for cleaning purposes of all needs,” said Caroline Allison, Assistant Product Manager for Devant Sport Towels. “This towel comes in an array of colors, perfect for decorating any way Devant offers with a club logo or unique design. It’s very versatile.”

This towel is available in four colors and is able to be decorated three different methods: Devant’s Image Dye Logo, Hi-Def Sublimation and can also be embroidered. This towel is convenient and compact in size at 14 x 21. To see the full collection visit

About Devant Sport Towels

Established in 1976, Devant Sport Towels is the most respected brand of custom sport towels by building a reputation for unmatched quality, design and service. Devant, located in Pageland, South Carolina, manufactures and distributes a full line of custom sport towels, cotton tapestry throws and Hi-Def™ bag tags. Devant is an official licensee for the PGA of America (PGA Championship, KPMG Women’s Championship and Senior PGA Championship), LPGA (Solheim Cup, International Cup) and the USGA (U.S. Women’s Open, U.S. Senior Open, U.S. Amateur, Walker Cup and U.S. Open). Dynamic Brands is the parent company of Devant and is located in Richmond, VA. For information on Devant visit Follow us at, and

About Dynamic Brands 

Established in 2004, Dynamic Brands is the parent company for a portfolio of premium brand name companies committed to the development of innovative, high-quality products and supported with outstanding customer service in the sporting goods industry. Golf and recreational products are offered through Bag Boy, Burton, Datrek Golf, Devant Sport Towels, IGOTCHA, Riksha, SEARCH ‘N RESCUE and FLAGPOLE-TO-GO brands, and include walking carts, golf bags, travel covers, custom sport towels, bag tags, golf ball retrievers, flags and accessories. Dynamic Brands’ products are marketed in 87 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit  Follow us at and

Grinding… Poults Is In

The Houston Open. The proverbial “last chance for romance”. For golfers on the PGA Tour if you can win this tournament and you haven’t qualified for The Masters yet… this is your last chance for another year. A chance to make the stroll down Magnolia Lane and battle for the Green Jacket and a place in the history books.


Photo Credit: houston Chronicle

History. This is a busy week and we have no time to waste so let’s get right to it. What can you say about Ian Poulter? The brash Englishman that you either love or hate. Honestly, I had no issue with Ian Poulter and liked him a lot. Until my first PGA Show where he was finishing up at a booth and there was nobody around. There were two 6-8 year olds there that were patiently waiting for a chance to approach Ian. As things wrapped up he blew them off in a way like I haven’t seen. Or at least since being blown off by a girl I liked during my eighth grade graduation dance. Putting incident aside.

Earlier this evening I was thinking of the term “grinding” and how it relates to golf. I’ve used it for myself and you see others use the term too. By definition grinding is this. Grinding is being knocked down and never losing sight of the top. Grinding is being at your lowest but you know that you can’t quit. Grinding is hurting every day and night yet you find the wherewithal to keep pursuing your goals or dreams. Grinding is keeping your head down and forging on, Essentially, this sums up Ian Poulter’s journey to the 2018 Masters.


Photo Credit: Golf Digest

His path is remarkable and it will be one of the memorable stories from the 2018 PGA Tour season. On the 72nd hole Poulter drained a clutch putt to force a playoff with 23-year-old Beau Hossler which is amazing in its own right because after the first round Poulter was sitting “comfortably” in 123rd place.  So into a playoff Poulter and Hossler go and Poulter emerges victorious alone. This feat at the Houston Open was historic in that it had been 35 years since someone was as low as 123rd place after the first round to come back and win. The prior week in Austin, Texas at the WGC Dell Match Play Poulter on the strength of his “Medinah Putter’ reached the quarter-final. Poulter was informed at this point that he had done enough to get back into the Top 50 of the OWGR punching his ticket to The Masters. Unfortunately, those passing on the information to him were in a word… WRONG! The way that Poulter has shown grit and determination since the 2017 Honda Classic (where he was ranked 207th in the OWGR) is something to behold and appreciate. It was nearly a year ago he lost his PGA Tour status when he fell about $30,000 short of extending his exempt status.

poults 2

Photo Credit:

Amazing! What a turnaround and it goes to show everyone. Keep grinding. Golf is like life. You only get out of it what you put into it. One last thought on Poulter. By any chance is this a Ryder Cup year?

Until The Next Tee!!


For some time now there’s been a debate about “what’s wrong with the golf industry”? So much in fact that while I was at the PGA Show the PGA of America held a panel of “who’s who” to discuss where the problem lies. A recent comment made by Lee McCoy I will not discuss much at this time but I will say this. Lee remember one thing young man. Karma is a bitch and it’ll bite your ass one day. Your approach with those young fans was beyond reproach. (If you aren’t wanting to read… please see the video that I recorded at the bottom of this post.)

I sat there listening in just for a little bit and they tossed around a variety of theories. All of them coming close to saying it but never wanting to “jump on the grenade”. I was hoping that someone… anyone would have the “testicular fortitude” (see balls) to say it. Nobody did. Here’s the problem. It’s the “old boys network” themselves.

Is the issue directly associated with the PGA of America? No but it’s the older generation of golfers that presents the issue. It’s these antiquated dinosaurs that still play the game whom are so stuck in their old, miserable ways. Never really open to change or accepting any sort of notion of change. Just think about it for a second. Let the stereotyped image of Caddyshack’s Bushwood Country Club sink into your mind for a minute. That clean, sterile, posh country club lifestyle. It was one of these types of places that kept me away from playing the game in the first place decades ago. I was interested in playing the game but one day while riding my bicycle home from the beach flying out of the driveway at a course came a car. Minding my own business I was ejected off of my mountain bike and ended up in a ditch. He slurred after getting out of his car “Fucking stupid kid… what are you doing?”. He was some kind of drunk and reeked like a brewery. Irony would prevail years later as I was the Director of Golf of that course in 2016 and to this day I swear he was one of my member’s. Ultimately, that course was mired in the ways of 1985 and when I approached someone on the board about new ideas… basic things like “Twilight Rates” or “Course Rangers” it was met with a simple “we’ve never done that before” mindset.


Travis Mathew booth set-up at the 2018 PGA Show.


Why is golf like that? Why is the industry so stuck in their old, stale ways? Golf oatmeal!!  Golf oatmeal is simply the fact that people tend to walk, talk, teach, swing, and doing everything golf in the same old beleaguered manner. A world where everything is bland, looks the same, is flavourless and is slowly bubbling away eventually sticking to the bottom of the pot. The majority of the industry is not willing to accept new ideas or fresh ideas. New approaches are met with so much skepticism and cynicism that it melts the mind. Whether it’s equipment, instruction, apparel or ways to get people to participate in the game and show up at golf courses worldwide. The game isn’t dying but without an influx of new blood it will die a slow painful death.

So many older golfers point at millenials because well… they have a label of being a spoiled, no good, “I want it now” generation. I thought this way until recently but then I had an epiphany of sorts. Don’t these “old boys” realize that they too were once young bucks and that one day the younger generation will inherit the Earth. It’s this younger generation that IS going to save the game. How? Because of the ideas now will move forward because eventually the old dinosaurs become fossils. In other words… they’ll die.


The game needs more fun. The LPGA has nearly an entire roster that gets it… they really do but the support that they receive from the average golf observer (fan) isn’t what it should be. On the PGA Tour guys like Rickie, Jordan, Justin et al understand. These guys are tremendous for the sport. The game needs brands like Travis Mathew to be bold and fresh. They were always a golf brand first and a lifestyle-brand second. Their booth is to the PGA Show what “Al Czervik” was to “Judge Smails”. They’re all about fun! A brand like Chippo is a fresh approach to an old game. Great in the backyard, the beach or a tailgate situation Chippo still puts a golf club into someone’s hands. Brands like Loudmouth Golf, are important because not everyone wants to wear khakis. People like to express themselves. I do and the best thing that I ever did was walk into the Travis Mathew booth 2 years ago. Vertical Groove Golf brought a new approach to golf club design. I could go on… but I won’t.  I made a video to support this article.

I have a secondary mission. Not only is Until The Next Tee about educating golfers on the latest in the golf industry. I’m also here to add some flavor to a world full of bland oatmeal. No longer should this game look, sound and feel the same.

Until The Next Tee!!

A Season of Change

It’s been a while since I wrote a small blurb or editorial so here we go…

Much can said about the bad fortune that us… “People of the North” suffer from. Us poor souls (as hearty as we are) that have to hang up our golf clubs as “Old Man Winter” steadily approaches. Eager to get us into his cold clutches and drive us indoors. A term that we effectively call the “off-season”. Our southern friends taught us with cell pictures of them suffering in tropical temperatures playing golf as we go into a “golf hibernation”. Laugh at us all you want but there is a silver lining to our black cloud full of snow.

I have been adamant in declaring that there is simply #NoOffSeason for those of us in the northern climates. As a matter of fact it’s not an off-season at all as it’s more like a “season of change”. This time of the year is perfect for us to “recognize and react” to deficiencies in our game. This can mean a number of things. Perhaps our putting is woeful so maybe we get a putting mat and try a change of stroke. Perhaps a new grip to hold that flat stick. Maybe that Vardon Grip hasn’t been working for you… so maybe it’s the right time of the year to experiment with a switch to an Interlocking or a 10 Finger Grip.


LOL… no David. There is no “gun show”. It’s more like a gun convention.

Personally speaking, this year I’m making a number of changes. I’ve committed myself to a change in eating and fitness. I’ve decided to cut the carbs which does two things. The first is to lower my blood glucose levels and the second reason is to cut weight. All in all the changes are mostly due to recent test results of my arteries and I really need to make some serious changes since surgical intervention is not currently on the table. The results thus far have seen a reduction in weight. I started my fitness regimen at 223 lbs and I am now . under 210 lbs for the first time since 1996. Also, I am needing to inject less insulin which is a great feeling to help control my blood sugar. Not to mention that I’ve been feeling a little better lately.


Seeing things with a different perspective.

Other changes that I’ve made recently are to benefit my golf game. Coupled with working I have re-introduced myself to SuperSpeed Golf. More clubhead speed is always good. On the whole I’ve been struggling with my golf game and part of the reason is my vision. I decided to try wearing glasses while I play golf. I played a round recently with a friend (Randy) who also wears glasses when he plays and wearing the glasses caused me issues. My depth perception changed… so it seemed like the ball wasn’t where I thought it was in my stance. Or from a lie standpoint. The ball seemed closer and as Randy pointed my brain was having a hard time believing what it was seeing. It will take time but it did pay a dividend. I can see the greens better and I think it really solved why my putting was so poor this year. I thought that I was seeing breaks when I wasn’t.

In the meantime, as long as the snow isn’t flying and the courses are open think like an onion and layer”. I guess the main purpose of this article can be summed up. Truthfully, there is #NoOffSeason. Make a change… the time is now. It’s officially the “season of change”.

Until The Next Tee!!