June 4th 2019 will be the largest ever single-day celebration of women’s golf with venues from every corner of the globe joining forces to promote the sport. With a growing profile and impressive roll call of supporters, it’s hard to imagine that a little over four years ago Women’s Golf Day was simply a pipe dream for founder Elisa Gaudet. Her commitment has galvanized the industry, bringing together a phenomenal number of industry influencers from around the world.

Over the past three years, WGD events have been held at over 900 venues in 52 countries and have delivered golf experiences to more than 50,000 women and girls. This year what is remarkable is the growth of the campaign in countries who have been involved since year one. In Nigeria thanks to development work with the Nigerian Golf Federation a record 14 venues are already signed up to run their 4-hour experiences and in the Czech Republic, there are an incredible 35 participating venues all preparing to welcome women and girls through their doors.

Czech - Golf Resort Lipiny WGD 2018

As the campaign has grown from strength to strength, its impact has become apparent beyond Women’s Golf Day itself as Elisa explains, “What we are beginning to see is a deep-rooted change from the golf club level through to national organizations. I set out on this journey because I wanted more women to try the sport that has brought so much joy to my life. I am really proud to have inspired others to run their own campaigns because we have a singular aim, which is of paramount importance to the future of golf.”

8 new countries signed up in 2018, including Hong Kong which makes an impressive return in 2018 with more venues signing up. Vietnam and Lithuania are amongst the newcomers for 2019, demonstrating the global reach of the campaign. Mike Hendrix, Vice President GolfNow Business Solutions, who have been ardent supporters of WGD year on year isn’t surprised by the continued growth as he explains, “Our Business Services team has been speaking with hundreds of golf courses in North America about hosting their own event on June 4th and the response has been great. We’ve seen golfers through social media asking if their local course will be hosting an event and we’ve seen golf instructors step up and create and support events. Our golf course partners love this initiative and we salute Elisa’s passion and drive.

Nigerian Golf Federation WGD 2017


This year’s WGD campaign is extremely personal for Elisa who has partnered with Play for P.I.N.K.®, a non-profit organization that donates 100% of its proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. She concludes, “This is a fantastic charity which is very close to my heart. We hope that this new partnership will help raise awareness and much-needed funds for breast cancer research through the power of golf.”

For anyone interested in taking part at a WGD event, keep an eye on the WGD social media at @womensgolfday and #WomensGolfDay and check into http://www.womensgolfday.com to register to take part at one of the hundreds of WGD events taking place on June 4th .


Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global golf initiative launched in 2016 to introduce women of all ages to the game and encourage existing female golfers to “tee it up” in a fun and highly inclusive environment. The one day, four-hour event has now taken place in 900 locations in 52 countries since its inception and has introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport while transcending language, culture, religion, and race to celebrate golf, women, and community. WGD created an incredible global community in three years and has the support of almost every major golfing governing body and organization. WGD’s primary hashtag #WomensGolfDay received more than 15 million global impressions to nearly 10 million users across Twitter and Instagram.

Lauren Thompson & Elisa Gaudet GC Morning Drive High Res

To learn more about Women’s Golf Day and its upcoming event on Tuesday, June 4th 2019 visit http://www.womensgolfday.com @womensgolfday, #WomensGolfDay


I’ve always been an advocate of growing the game of golf. I’ve been quite vocal about what areas need to be targeted to see the game to continually grow. The path to a healthier and more sustainable golf industry lies through more focus on junior and women’s golf.

Having gotten back to work in the Pro Shop at Scenic Woods Golf Course we recently had our Georgian Bay Spirits Ladies League “Meet ‘n’ Greet”. The league itself looks like it’s pretty healthy with a fantastic turnout of ladies. About 98% of the ladies from last year have returned with several new faces being added to the fold. Last year, Monday nights were actually my favourite shift to work. I always look forward to welcoming the ladies into the pro shop for their night of golf. It’s their night!


When I think about growing the game I really think I need to adjust my focus a little closer to home. As many of you know, my wife Crystal joined me at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show to have a look at some of the offerings for women’s golf. Golf clubs, apparels, accessories and so on. The only issue with that is that Crystal… is a non-golfer. For that reason, it’s been difficult for her to write more because she hasn’t experienced golf first-hand. I admit, that I sort of give her a hard time about her lack of contributions.

At the end of the day, I need to look no further than myself because I haven’t given her the tools needed to take up the game. Crystal’s been deeply immersed in the game while I’ve undertaken the game. She’s been on-hand during lessons that I’ve received, she’s caddied for me, and quite frankly she understands the game a ton. I’ve hinted on Twitter in some friendly jousting with Keltic Lodge and their parent company (GolfNorth Properties) that WE need to get out there. Of course, Crystal being a part of that conversation was happy to mention that she doesn’t golf. To which the other parties more or less heckled me. So… I know what needs to be done. Grow the game starting with my love.

The other day we were out killing some time on her day off. After visiting an arts and crafts store (she’s really taken warming to sketch) we wandered over to the local Golf Town where the plan was to look at drivers for me. As you enter the store there’s a practice green to test out and if all goes well buy a new putter. I started to roll a few putts (Cleveland Golf Classic 5.5) and then something nearly magical happened. Crystal asked for the putter. I can’t tell you how excited that it made me so I happily handed her the putter.

Crystal at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

She started to roll putts with it and she was doing very well with a little bit of instruction. I explained that you only need to take the putter back 3-4 inches to make the ball travel 8 feet. It wasn’t very long but she rolled in her first putt. She may not realize it but she had “the look” in her eye. You know?! The look of when something clicked. There was a “liveliness” in her already beautiful eyes. A spark. But she didn’t stop there. She decided that she wanted to roll a few more putts and she did. Putting very well explaining that she liked the putter.

You know?! It’s amazing how a raw, baby-fresh golfer can perceive things when it comes to golf and liking or disliking something. As it turns out Crystal would roll countless putts during a quasi-lesson. In total, she would roll putts using putters from Cleveland Golf, Odyssey, PING, SeeMore (3 different models), Wilson Golf (Luxe), TaylorMade Golf (Spider Tour and Kalea) and Nancy Lopez. As she rolled putts with all of these models she explained to me what she liked and what she didn’t like. I found that she was very astute in saying that her eye didn’t like something or how something felt. For example, one of the Wilson Staff putters she didn’t like because “it was too busy” with all of the alignment aids. While she liked the feel of one SeeMore she didn’t like the other. In the case of the women’s TaylorMade Kalea she liked the feel (graphite shaft) but ultimately her eye didn’t like all three green alignment lines. She clearly said that if it wasn’t for the three lines it would have been her favorite. She determined fairly early on that she preferred a cleaner look.

Watching a brand new golfer like Crystal was even more fun. There she was rolling putts and you could see a noticeable difference in confidence between putters. She was pretty darn good with the Seemore thanks to their RST (RifleScope Technology) but the length was an issue. The PING putter that she tried was awful for her while the Odyssey (ladies), if shortened a touch, would have been pretty good. But three putters out of the bunch really emerged as frontrunners for her. Strokes were confident with the Wilson Luxe but when it came to the TaylorMade Kalea or the Nancy Lopez Golf Torri 217 they really stood out. No putts were left short and her strokes were not tentative which told me a lot about these two putters. Her set-up was perfect with her arms hanging loosely and naturally. Her stroke looked pretty natural and confident.

Crystal liked this putter a lot. But would prefer just one alignment line.

Our night wasn’t quite done there as I would look at a few of their pre-owned drivers. But then she made her way over to the Women’s Apparel. She was like a child in a candy store. She was excited by brands that she either missed out on or never saw in Orlando during the show. Brands like Tail, Maggie Lane, Nine and Nine, Greg Norman, and Callaway Golf Apparel. There was another that got her attention in a huge way. Jamie Saddock with her edgy and fun design.

Grow Golf. Start at home.

Until The Next Tee!!

#FightAndGrind #SeeUOntheNextTee


SARASOTA, FL – April 24, 2019 – Short Par 4, the #1 “Hand Curated Box” for golfers everywhere, announced today that the company is introducing The Magnolia Membership, a new subscription box created exclusively for women. This distinctive membership will include apparel, accessories, and gear, initially inspired, and curated, by the 10-time LPGA Champion, Lexi Thompson.

“I am extremely excited about the launch of the Short Par 4 Magnolia Box, which will bring the same style, convenience, and value that our other box members have been able to experience. We are 100% committed to helping grow the women’s game, and is why we felt it was important to launch an offering for women,” said Bobby DiMeo, Founder, and CEO of Short Par 4.

unnamed (7)

The name Magnolia symbolizes the very first time powerful and talented women golfers could compete on the iconic Augusta National Golf Club, a week before the 2019 Masters. This historic moment motivated the name, as well as, an April launch.

“I am so excited to be a part of the Short Par 4 family and the launch of our first ever Women’s box, The Magnolia Box! To be a part of launching a one of a kind box named after a beautiful flower, that is synonymous with golf, is an honor. I am looking forward to collaborating on The Magnolia Box as it becomes a must-have addition to any woman golfer’s life!” said Lexi Thompson.

The Short Par 4 Magnolia Subscription Box will be officially, and personally, introduced by Lexi Thompson, and the Short Par 4 team, at the Pro-Am for the LPGA HUGEL-AIR PREMIA LA Open, held at Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles, CA. on April 24, 2019. This is the newest golf tournament on the LPGA global stage, which will be the perfect platform for this special announcement.

unnamed (10)

Initially, the Short Par 4 Magnolia Subscription Box will be offered on an every-other-month basis, and will include apparel, and accessories from premium brands like PUMA. Each delivery will cost $99, plus shipping. Subscribers who sign up from April 24th through May 31st can expect to receive their first delivery in June.

For more information on the new Short Par 4 Magnolia Subscription Box, please click here:




Short Par 4 is a personal stylist for the golf inspired life that delivers brand name golf apparel, accessories and gear directly to its member’s doorstep – each for up to 60% off retail prices.

The vision of the company is to provide golf enthusiasts with the highest quality products, at member’s only pricing, delivered directly to their doorsteps – keeping their style tight and allowing them to spend more time on the course, not in their closet. As the premier styling service for the golf community, Short Par 4 boasts one of the fastest growing memberships of any subscription box on the web.

Every month, Short Par 4 delivers exclusive brand name golf apparel and products that promise to make their member’s look handsome both on and off the course. Whether on a date, on the tee box or at the office, Short Par 4’s Style Caddies have their members covered!

With a membership for all budget sizes, every box includes top rated and premium golf brands like Under Armour, Nike, Puma and Callaway and burgeoning brands like Travis Mathew, Linksoul, Greyson and more. Each delivery is hand curated according to season and the golfer’s unique style profile that they fill out on the website.

Short Par 4 is represented on all the major golf tours. The company has compiled a global brand ambassador team that includes some of golf’s most iconic players.


PGA TOUR:                            Rickie Fowler, Wesley Bryan, John Chin, Tyler Duncan

LPGA TOUR:                          Lexi Thompson

Web.com TOUR:                   Kevin Doughtery, Kevin Lucas



Short Par 4 continues to grow every year since its inception in 2014. Their membership and box shipments are the largest in golf industry, making the company the leading golf subscription service. The company is located in Sarasota, Florida.

For more information, please visit https://www.shortpar4.com/.

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