Plead The “Fifth”

In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge… “Bah Humbug!”

Another year, and it’s another year of the playing of The Players Championship. This tournament is a little different because it’s “their” tournament. 2019 is also different for a different reason. In 2018, the PGA TOUR announced that they were going to be rearranging the schedule. The major change in the schedule was The Players being switched from its date in May to March. Honestly, I think it’s a move that only makes sense. After all, they are currently in the “Florida Swing” as they are every year at this time. Doesn’t it make sense to go forward instead of backtracking to where you’ve already been?




Just because it’s a major schedule change doesn’t mean that the word major needs to be included in declaring The Players a “Fifth Major”. I wasn’t going to chime in on this topic but seeing that everyone and their uncle has I figured… Why not? After all, opinions are like arseholes. Everybody has one. While I realize that there are a million articles on the ongoing debate regarding the status of The Players becoming the TOUR’s “Fifth Major” I have my own spin on the topic.

If I may be totally frank, it’s the one thing that drives me nuts about the LPGA Tour. Maybe, I’m cantankerous and stuck in my old ways but when I think of Major golf tournaments I look at the number of them being four. It’s likely a direct by-product of the men’s game. The Evian Championship wasn’t declared a “Fifth Major” until 2011. Before going on, we need to be reminded that this tournament (founded in 1994)  and was once one of two Major Championships on the Ladies European Tour. It wasn’t until 2000 that it became a co-sanctioned event between the LET and the LPGA Tour. Regardless of how strong the field is at the Evian Championship, there’s just something that sounds off about a fifth major.


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Conversely, The Players Championship has been played since 1974 and at TPC Sawgrass – Stadium Course since 1982 in Ponte Vedra, FL. So by simple mathematics, it is older than the Evian Championship. The field is as strong as they get year-in and year-out giving it the sense of being a major. But why does The Players Championship need to have the label of “The Fifth Major”? Marketing… to make people happy? I just find it hard to find a reason why we need to have a “Fifth Major”. When a baseball player hits a “Grand Slam” does he touch four bases and home plate? No! It seems small, petty, and trivial but did Bobby Jones win the “Grand Bingo Bango Bongo” or whichever marketing term you’d choose to use. No! There’s something that just sounds “right” and poetic about Rory or Brooks chasing the career “Grand Slam”. Hey! While we’re at it… let’s take away Tiger’s Grand Slam. Heck, that shouldn’t count any longer. I know that statement will resonate with many readers.

It just seems like when discussions like this come up there is one thing affected by it. History. Why is it that this generation or era just feels a need to change history? It doesn’t necessarily relate to golf… but society in general. History is a phenomenal thing. History has defined us… shaped us. Good moments and bad. It’s just not renaming things or changing history or leaving heritage behind but this society also has a strong urge to be “butthurt” if they don’t like something. Hell, I’ve seen some people suggest nixing the PGA Championship in favor of replacing it with The Players Championship to keep it at four. The Wanamaker Trophy has been handed out to the winner since 1916. Erase it right?!


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My opinion regarding The Players is this. The Players Championship doesn’t need to be a “Fifth Major”. Every person that is a golf fan and observer knows and understands that this tournament is a “big deal”. The field is huge, the purse is bigger. It’s just not your every week tournament. It’s special and it’s practically its own entity. Just leave it alone and “Plead the Fifth”.

Until The Next Tee!!

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Two-Time Major Champion and Current World #2 Officially Announces She Will Switch to the 2019 TP5x, the Industry-Leading 5-Layer Golf Ball from TaylorMade

Carlsbad, Calif. (January 15, 2019) — Team TaylorMade’s Sung-Hyun Park, whose remarkable play in 2018 elevated her to world #2 and who has five LPGA Tour victories including two major championships to her impressive career resume, has chosen to add distance, spin, control and all-around performance with the new 2019 TP5x golf ball.

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SH Park had been playing the same ball for more than 10 years but after testing the new TP5x she made the immediate decision to make the switch. SH Park, who puts a lot of emphasis on spin in her game, found the TP5x to be low spin off the tee but at the same time easy to control around the green leading to the ideal performance combination of speed, power, spin and control.

“I was a little worried to be honest because I’ve used the old ball for a very long time, but I tried the new TP5x and it was really good. I tend to put a lot of emphasis on spin when playing because I swing hard, so sometimes it was difficult for me to control spin, but the new TP5x gives me the right amount of spin and I really liked that. If you make the switch to TaylorMade, you won’t regret it”

Sung-Hyun Park

Since turning pro in 2012, SH Park has done nothing but impress throughout her professional career. Park progressed from the KLPGA Tour to play her first tournaments on the LPGA Tour in 2016 where she earned enough money to secure her Tour card for 2017. Park’s rookie year turned out to be phenomenal, as she became the first player since 1978 to win the Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year awards in the same season.

Park became the fastest player in LPGA history to reach $2 million in career earnings at 7 months and 13 days (19 starts) and the fastest to reach $1 million following her maiden major victory at the U.S. Women’s Open (14 starts). Later in 2017 she would also briefly reach World #1. In 2018, Park claimed another three victories including her second major title at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and finished third on the LPGA Official Money List.


Like all of TaylorMade’s Tour staff who play the golf ball, SH Park can choose the number she plays on her golf ball. Park was born in September and pronounces that 9 is the most structurally beautiful number, so she has opted to play #9.

She’s set to play the TP5x in competition for the first time as she tees off in the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions Presented by IOA in Florida this week.

SH Park’s WITB:

M5 Driver | 9° | MCA KuroKage XT5s

M6 Fairway | 15° | MCA Tensei W6s

M3 Rescue | #2, 17° | HY75s

P790 4, P760 5-PW | Nippon NS Pro 950R

Milled Grind Wedges | 50°, 54° & 58° | Nippon Modus 3 105s

The 2019 TP5 and TP5x will be available at retail starting February 15, 2019 at an MSRP of $59.99 CAD. To learn more about TaylorMade’s new 2019 TP5 and TP5x golf balls, visit