We’re Back Baby!! – Golf in Ontario

Initially, I had plans to post a press release or two today but some much bigger news came to the forefront that placed those plans onto the backburner.

Well, I think the title says a lot. Golf is back in Ontario, and I cannot express how happy this makes me feel inside. While the announcement hasn’t officially come down from Premier Doug Ford’s government, and while I’m at it, that announcement will come later on today I found out shortly after 2 pm on Wednesday.

IMG_20191019_075644875_HDR (1)

The sun rising over Scenic Woods Golf Club

Not to toot my own horn, but golf resuming in Ontario has gone down exactly as I had predicted some time ago. I said mid-May and the course that I’m employed is opening on Saturday, May 16th. Right in line with the May Long Weekend, which is typically when things really get going at the golf course. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which golf course I’ve worked at, this has typically been the case. Other than for the “die-hard” types.

So, I received the phone call today at 2 p.m. from my General Manager at Scenic Woods Golf Club, which is run by GolfNorth Properties. The message went a little like this.

“Alex, it’s Richard from Scenic Woods. We’re opening really soon, as then sooner than expected. I was wondering about your availability. Gimme a call, Please!”

At the time, we were already out and about driving, so I couldn’t take the telephone call. So upon hearing the message, and seeing that I was already halfway there. I drove out to the club with Crystal. Upon pulling in, crystal said to me. The course looks great!! It really did, and quite honestly, it was the tonic that my eyes needed. So I pulled up to my customary parking spot, got out, walked around to the front door, and then I heard Crystal call out to me, “Over here”.

So we called out to each other (“Yoo… Hooooo) and we met. He explained to me that there was a conference call with other GM’s and the “powers that be” for GolfNorth. It was determined that we were opening Saturday, May 16th. I’ve been mentally prepared for the call and to have to go into work on a whim.

IMG_20191019_075616946 (1)

One rider per cart.

I’ll be working that opening shift and I cannot wait to welcome golfers back to the golf course with a smiling face. I, no, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Of course, restrictions (golf restrictions) set out by the Ontario government will be in place. Things like and not limited to.

  • Social-distancing being strictly enforced
  • No range or putting green
  • No congregating around the first tee
  • Stay in cars until 10 minutes before your tee time
  • Inverted or Pool Noodle/PVC in the cup.
  • No rakes in bunkers
  • No ball washers. (Soak a part of your towel with bottled water, water from a water hazard or similar)
  • One rider per cart. Unless you’re from the same household
  • Strict sanitizing in place
  • Limiting areas of contact (including but not limited to no locker room access or bag storage)

Food and beverage will be limited to take out and a very limited menu. Also, to start we’re running with a total clubhouse staff of four. My GM and three others including myself. Unfortunately, this means that our serving staff who are all university students (except for one) will not be working. Hopefully, the lounge will be able to re-open soon for their benefit. Of course, we’ve lost events that were planned (Member and Corporate events alike) because of social-distancing but leagues will commence June 1st.

As we open, there might be some learning curves. Please be kind to the staff and others. Please be safe and respect social-distancing. Please don’t blow this for us. Things are finally looking brighter.


The calm before the storm. No ball washers, no tee blocks. The 10th goes to the left. The 5th fairway in the background. (Photo Credit May 14th by Crystal Toth)

Ah yes, golf is back. Oh yeah, when my shift concludes on Saturday, you know where I’ll be. Right to the first tee.

Until The Next Tee!!

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For Immediate Release: Golf Tips Magazine Names High Heat 257+ The Best Driver And Fairway Metalwoods Of 2019

BONITA, CA (January 7, 2020) – Golf Tips Magazine has named Knuth Golf’s High Heat 257+ the best driver and fairway metalwoods of 2019.

High Heat 257+ is the only brand that takes advantage of a 2016 USGA Equipment Rule change that allows more trampoline effect in the toe and heel areas of the clubface for more distance. The 3-Trampoline technology is in High Heat 257+ drivers, fairway metalwoods and hybrids.

“What felt like a slight toe hit resulted in a powerful mini-fade that rolled out nearly to the range’s border fence some 280 yards distant,” said Golf Tips editor Vic Williams after testing the High Heat 257+. “With the High Heat driver, strikes that were once disappointing are now exhilarating, time after time.”

“High Heat 257+ metalwoods are easy to launch high, and with average trampoline values of 266 outside the center of the face compared to major brands with historically low trampoline values outside the center of the face, they provide the same distance across the face for more greens and lower scores. The clubs perform as advertised with game breaking magic, and that is why amateurs should buy High Heat 257+ clubs.”

The new High Heat 257+ 3-Trampoline technology results from the USGA Rule change, and was believed to be impossible to achieve, confirmed by the fact that no brand had accomplished it in that span until Knuth Golf did it in time to launch High Heat 257+ at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show.
The USGA changed its equipment rule to help amateurs because unlike Tour pros who consistently hit in the center of the face, amateurs hit outside the center of the face approximately 50% of the time.  That is why co-founders Dean Knuth, who invented the USGA Course and Slope Rating Systems and a Senior Director of the USGA for 16 years and Steve Trattner, intellectual property attorney for the USGA, Pebble Beach and Pinehurst for over 20 years, did not stop until they invented a way to take advantage of this new rule.

Golf Tips’ editors noticed the difference right away.

“Most amateur golfers consistently hit the toe and heel areas where the CT has been low and lose 20-30 yards,” said Williams. “But not with High Heat 257+. With the 257+ fairway metal and hybrid, we got the same sweet power-packed sensation with each swing — even those that were clearly on the toe or heel.”

High Heat’ 257+’s novel 3-trampoline technology has also been positively received by noted golf instructors.

“On average amateur golfers hit their driver and metalwoods on the toe or heel approximately 50 percent of the time. That is why High Heat 257+ 3-trampoline technology is such a game changer for amateur golfers.” – Kay McMahon, LPGA Hall of Fame instructor, Golf Digest’s 50 Best Women Teachers In America.

“Hitting on the toe, heel or center of the face of the High Heat 257+ driver felt great and the distance was same for every shot. You can’t miss. Amazing.” -Jason Krier, PGA Teaching Pro, PA

High Heat has taken the golf industry by storm since entering the market in 2015 with a simple but crucial mission – design clubs specifically for amateurs instead of Tour pros, so they can optimize their performance and increase their enjoyment of the game. The High Heat driver, fairway woods and hybrids, featuring lower and deeper center of gravity, have all been named in numerous media “best products lists.” Customers rave about increased performance and lower scores with High Heat in their bag.

Knuth Golf’s High Heat line will be available for testing at the PGA Merchandise Show’s Demo Day at Orange Country National Golf Club on Tuesday, Jan. 21 from Tee Box 8. Also, Knuth Golf co-owners Dean Knuth and Steve Trattner will be available for interviews and meetings during the PGA Show in the International Network of Golf Hospitality Room, 312 A/B.

For more information on Knuth Golf, visit www.knuthgolf.com or call 410-353-0446.

Dean Knuth, a former USGA Senior Director, designed High Heat metalwoods specifically with amateurs in mind. Amateur golfers need clubs that use nearly 50 grams of discretionary weight to optimize their much different performance needs compared to Tour pros with 115+ mph swing speeds who consistently hit on or very near the center of the face. Knuth was awarded Golf Inc. magazine’s “Top Innovator” award for innovation of golf clubs in 2016.

Knuth Golf’s High Heat driver, fairway woods and hybrids have been named the “Best” in their class by several major golf media. High Heat products have won the prestigious ING Industry Honors award for Product Ingenuity three of the past four years, including last year with High Heat 257+.

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Until The Next Tee!!
#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee

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