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I thought that I would do a little blog post this evening. Much of it has to do with “The Home of Organic Golf Reviews” moving forward.

It’s that time of the year when we are roughly 3 months away from the annual PGA Merchandise Show taking place in what hopefully will be a warm, sunny Orlando, Florida. As the show nears, I really start to think about ways to improve Until The Next Tee. I have to admit that I never stop thinking about it although when we’re in the full swing of the golf season and I’m working hours in the Pro Shop I think about it just a tad less.


A new year is fast approaching. I cannot believe that the 2020 PGA Show is coming.

Recently, I wrote an editorial on what I thought might be the “Most Under-Appreciated Driver” in 2019 (see it here) and in a way it was almost a mini-review. I sort of liked how quick and easy it was to write. So it really got me thinking about the way that I approach reviews moving forward.

As many of my loyal readers already know I take great pride in delivering comprehensive and detail-packed reviews. It’s something that I’m proud of where when I pass judgment on a product you also need to know that my feelings and observations are genuine. I will never point out that they’re unbiased because that should go without saying. But it also made me think. Are the reviews too long? Should I approach my reviews in a new manner? Short and concise? Would shorter reviews (and articles in general) hold the readers’ attention better? Food for thought right?!


Please feel free to let me know what you think. It’s you that truly matters to me. Let me know what you think.


Until The Next Tee!!

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Rising in the Fall

It’s been said often. “If you want to golf a lot, don’t work in the golf industry”. As someone that’s been everything from a Pro Shop Attendant (my current gig), an Assistant Manager, and a Director of Golf Servies I can most assuredly tell you that this statement is in fact very true.

For example, when I was a Director of Golf Services putting in a 60-70 hour work week was very commonplace. That year I was able to play a whopping 53 holes (not rounds) to mostly temporary pins before we opened. It wasn’t until August of that year that I played an 18-hole round and actually played 18 consecutive holes. Working in the industry definitely takes time away from the game.


My place of employment. Scenic Woods Golf Club in the spring.

Sure, you can make time, after all, I guess that you just want to have it bad enough. No problem then, go in early say 5 hours before your shift, then work your 7-hour shift in the Pro Shop and make your 1-hr commute home.  Not bad for a 14-hour day just to lay some golf. Often this year, I would find myself going into work early for a range session then play 9-holes before my shift and resume my round after closing the shop for the night. When there’s a will… there’s a way.

I love fall golf though. As the fall wears on the shop shift gets cut back (or I get cut down to two shifts per week which are open to close shifts) the chance for playing golf becomes opportunistic. And that’s what I’ve done.

Earlier this year my game was in a position where I was just happy to be doing what I love after my stroke 13 months ago. I lost clubhead speed but that didn’t matter. But my game steadily returned to form as my body started to remember certain feelings. In August I really clicked playing the best golf that I’ve ever played. Posting a -6 (66) as my lowest and a 9-hole round of 31 (-5). After that, I went through a period of time not feeling well and I wouldn’t play for a 3-week period. Good feeling gone. It was a struggle to get the right feels back and my striking back on track. There were moments where it felt good and the scoring wasn’t there but I wasn’t playing “unconscious golf”. It was a struggle and I think “teacher’s lament” crept in.

By the way, “Teacher’s Lament” is a phenomenon where when one teaches your pupil’s habits creep in to your swing. Just from watching them and trying to correct it.

This past Monday, I showed up to the course for the final Monday Ladies League. I was going to use the opportunity to play 18 holes and then play with the groups of ladies that showed up. You see, there’s one issue that also creeps in if you work at a course and want to play golf. Every day somehow turns into a work day. I got into a “debate” with one of my starter’s about their playing privileges. These guys have it real good for working one 6 hr shift/week. At any rate, without getting it my starter stated something (“Well, if you do that the starters will quit”) which I suggested sounded like a mutiny and guys being too comfortable in their “positions”. One “floater” has played over 50 rounds while working 5 shifts on the year. Gross abuse and there is another guy who is far worse.


The season’s have changed. It’s +9 or not even 50*F. Time to get rounds in.

Anyways, I got quick in my swing. Topped my tee shot and proceeded to play lousy. I was +1 thru 5 holes and it felt like I deserved to be +8.  So I picked up my golf ball, went t the range to sort myself out and when that didn’t happen I went to the bar, sat down, and had an ice-cold Ace Hill Pilsner (on an empty stomach). I went back to the range and it turned into “swing lube”.  All of a sudden my swing was back. I played golf with “my” ladies and had a great time. Oh yeah, I was scoring too!


The 18th at Scenic Woods Golf Club. The final ladies night. Photo taken September 30th, 2019.

Yesterday, I played again and what can I say? I love fall golf! It’s not about just the foliage. It’s about finally having time to play golf without being caught up in work. The amount of golf that I will between now and the snow will rise in the fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and even though it’s not like working in a coal mine it’s still work.

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Short Par 4 (a golf subscription service) and TaylorMade Golf have teamed up to give four lucky golfers the opportunity of a lifetime. That offer, a chance to fly out to Carlsbad, California to “The Kingdom” to have a complete woods fitting that includes driver, fairway woods and hybrids. The contest is valued at over $4000 USD.


For full details please see the press release below. Thanks go out to Vanessa Price of Read The Greens Golf and Sports Media.

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SARASOTA, FL – September 30, 2019 – Short Par 4, the #1 “Hand Curated Subscription Box” for golfers everywhere, announced today that the company has launched a contest with Taylormade Golf and the winners will have a rare opportunity to be fit at the world-class Kingdom in Carlsbad, CA.

“This sweepstakes is super special. The lucky winners will experience something only a few elite golfers have experienced – being fit at the Kingdom, the crown jewel at Taylormade Golf. This unrivaled fitting center hosts PGA TOUR Professionals like Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Rory McIroy, Jason Day and more. Now, two Short Par 4 Members, as well as, the two next entrants with the most entries will have a chance to experience the same fitting as the world’s best golfers,” said Bobby Dimeo, Founder and CEO at Short Par 4.

To enter is easy, visit and sign up. Every participant will receive a unique code which is to be shared with friends. The top two Short Par 4 Members, and the next two entrants, who have the most people to sign up will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Kingdom in Carlsbad, CA, which includes round-trip airfare and accommodations. They will also receive a full woods fitting, a new Taylormade Golf Driver, a 3-wood, and a 5-wood or hybrid. The total prize is worth over $4,000. This special sweepstakes will end on October 18, 2019.

“I encourage people to sign up NOW as there are only three weeks left in the competition, added Dimeo.




Since the creation of the first metalwood in 1979, the TaylorMade Golf Company has established a legacy of breaking from tradition to reach new thresholds of performance. Driven to lead the industry in product innovation, TaylorMade is committed to exploring new frontiers, pushing the limits of product manufacturing, and constantly pursuing the next great breakthrough in golf.With a history of creating revolutionary products year after year, TaylorMade attracts many of the greatest athletes in all of golf. Led by Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Jason Day, and Tiger Woods, TaylorMade’s elite Tour staff is a force to be reckoned with any time they tee it up on the PGA TOUR. Further supported by a network of over 1,500 PGA Professionals, TaylorMade has representatives working directly with players at their local clubs, connecting people to the game and inspiring the next generation of golfers.


For more information, visit




Short Par 4 is a personal stylist for the golf inspired life that delivers brand name golf apparel, accessories and gear directly to its member’s doorstep – each for up to 60% off retail prices.

The vision of the company is to provide golf enthusiasts with the highest quality products, at member’s only pricing, delivered directly to their doorsteps – keeping their style tight and allowing them to spend more time on the course, not in their closet. As the premier styling service for the golf community, Short Par 4 boasts one of the fastest growing memberships of any subscription box on the web.

Every month, Short Par 4 delivers exclusive brand name golf apparel and products that promise to make their member’s look handsome both on and off the course. Whether on a date, on the tee box or at the office, Short Par 4’s Style Caddies have their members covered!

With a membership for all budget sizes, every box includes top rated and premium golf brands like Under Armour, Nike, Puma and Callaway and burgeoning brands like Travis Mathew, Linksoul, Greyson and more. Each delivery is hand curated according to season and the golfer’s unique style profile that they fill out on the website.

Short Par 4 is represented on all the major golf tours. The company has compiled a global brand ambassador team that includes some of golf’s most iconic players.


PGA TOUR:                            Rickie Fowler, Wesley Bryan, John Chin, Tyler Duncan

LPGA TOUR:                          Lexi Thompson TOUR:                   Kevin Doughtery, Kevin Lucas


Short Par 4 continues to grow every year since its inception in 2014. Their membership and box shipments are the largest in golf industry, making the company the leading golf subscription service. The company is located in Sarasota, Florida.


For more information, please visit

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Callaway® Apparel Launches 2019 Weather Series “Play Unrestricted In Every Condition”

Thanks go out to Stuart Goldstein of public relations firm RG Narrative for sharing the press release below.

As the seasons have changed so has the weather, but don’t let the weather hold you back from playing more golf and extending your season. callaway Apparel can help you with that.


The press release below outlines new apparel being launched by Callaway Apparel.

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(Miami, FL, September 30, 2019) — Callaway Apparel announces the launch of its 2019 Weather Series, a revolutionary collection of Men’s and Women’s outerwear that provides the ultimate in functionality, playability, and versatility for the performance-driven golfer. The 2019 Weather Series is focused on one thing: helping golfers play unrestricted golf in every weather condition. Featuring their revolutionary SWING TECH™ construction in nearly every piece, the 2019 Weather Series is Callaway’s most technical and most complete lineup to date.

“We are thrilled to bring the all-new Weather Series lineup to market,” stated Gina Avila, Executive Vice President of Design & Merchandising for Callaway Apparel. “My team and I have spent countless hours working to create products that feature the latest in fiber technology and performance-enhancing materials while still providing a sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing appearance. The result is what we believe to be the newest gold standard in performance golf outerwear.”

Highlights of the Men’s 2019 Weather Series include:

Callaway StormGuard™ Waterproof Jacket & Pants – Designed with SWING TECH™ construction and mechanical four-way stretch fabric, the StormGuard waterproof jacket and pants offer golfers superior range of motion in even the toughest of elements. Brandnew for 2019, these products feature a 15K JIS waterproof rating, Callaway’s highest ever, as well as multiple fully seam-sealed, splash proof pockets. The full-zip breathable waterproof jacket, available in three colors, is built with adjustable storm cuffs for added protection while the pants, offered in multiple lengths, features an adjustable hem for the perfect fit.

581348991Stormguard Waterproof Jacket_Caviar_Front

SWING TECH Waffle Fleece – Brand new from Callaway, the Swing Tech Waffle Fleece offers golfers the perfect combination of warmth, playability, and protection from the elements. Featuring Swing Tech construction and four-way stretch polyester/spandex blended fabric, this mid-layer allows for better range of motion with every swing. The interior thermal lining provides superior warmth while UV Block UPF 50 helps protect skin from harmful UV radiation. The Swing Tech Waffle Fleece is available in eight new colors and Big & Tall sizing.


SWING TECH Outlast ¼ Zip – Callaway’s most technically advanced mid-weight layering now features SWING TECH, allowing golfers to play unrestricted in every condition. This ¼ zip pullover is constructed with Outlast ® technology, originally developed for NASA, which utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. Also equipped with UV Block UPF 50 to prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from reaching the skin, the Outlast ¼ zip, available in five colors, is a versatile, performance-driven layer that is built to brave the elements.


SWING TECH Windshirts – Available in three distinct styles (short sleeve, ¼ zip, and full zip), Callaway’s new windshirts are constructed with Repel technology to resist wind and water by creating a barrier of protection against inclement weather. SWING TECH construction and four-way stretch fabric allow for better range of motion while the adjustable storm cuffs, toggle hems, and multiple full-size pockets provide golfers the details they need for peak performance. High Gauge Full-Zip Vest – Crafted from a soft, insulated thermal fabric and available in three colors, this vest delivers practical comfort and style. The four-way stretch polyester/spandex fabric ensures maximum stretch while the full-zip front is easily adjustable, making it the perfect complementary layering piece for fall golf.

Copy of CGRF90D5_649_F

The stylish and functional Women’s Weather Series collection takes a modular approach to offer multi-wearing options for all seasons. While designed for performance by incorporating SWING TECH ergonomic and articulated seams, the women’s collection is complemented with smart feminine details. The collection features a variety of new layering offerings including:
● Mixed Media Quilted Jacket
● Swing Tech Lightweight Fleece
● Floral Jacquard and Printed Sun Protection ¼ Zip
● Full-Zip Wind & Water Resistant Jacket
● Coolmax Cardigan Sweater

The Men’s and Women’s Weather Series collections are available now at, select retailers and leading golf and country clubs around the world.


About Callaway Apparel  
Innovative. Performance-Driven. Authentic. At Callaway® Apparel, we celebrate golf’s rich heritage by creating products that honor its past while defining its future. Callaway® Apparel is the ultimate combination of golf authenticity, classic styling and technically advanced construction because apparel that offers quality, performance, and functionality is as important to golfers as the equipment they use. Learn more about Callaway Apparel at and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Callaway® Apparel men’s and women’s golf apparel is licensed and developed by Perry Ellis International, Inc., a global leader in fashion apparel.


About Perry Ellis International

Perry Ellis International, Inc. is a leading designer, distributor, and licensor of a broad list of high-quality men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and fragrances. The company’s collection of dress and casual shirts, golf sportswear, sweaters, dress pants,  casual pants and shorts, jeans wear, activewear, dresses and men’s and women’s swimwear is available through all major levels of retail distribution. The company, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, owns a portfolio of nationally and internationally recognized brands including Perry Ellis®, An Original Penguin by Munsingwear®, Laundry by Shelli Segal®, Rafaella®, Cubavera®, Ben Hogan®, Savane®, Grand Slam®, John Henry®, Manhattan®, Axist®  and Farah®. The company enhances its roster of brands by licensing trademarks from third parties, including Nike® for swimwear, and Callaway®, PGA TOUR® and Jack Nicklaus® for golf apparel. Additional information on the company is available at

STITCH® Golf Launches Fall 2019 Apparel Collection For Men

Dress Your Game™


(APEX, NC, September 19, 2019) —STITCH Golf announces the launch of the men’s Fall
2019 collection- a perfect combination of style, function, and fashion by fusing traditional golf aesthetics with advanced performance technologies.

“We created the upscale Fall 2019 Collection for comfort and performance while staying
true to our roots,” stated Brad King, CEO of STITCH. “This collection re-emphasizes the
importance we place on versatility including a wide range of classic wardrobe necessities from layering pieces to pants that easily allows one to transition from the fairways to the boardroom.”

STITCH Golf continues its innovation by incorporating cutting edge technically advanced
fabrics with a sophisticated style all created and inspired for today’s modern golfer. By
creating cohesive looks with details that perform, STITCH Golf has made it easy to dress
your game to match your style and personality.

The collection introduces a wider selection of core basics that are exciting additions to the brand and covers all Fall apparel needs. The Fall 2019 collection offers seasonal color
palettes that reflects the tastes of today’s discerning golfer.

Highlights of the Fall 19 collection include:


Roadster Vest

A customer favorite style is back, but with a twist and with all the classic details you’ve
come to love. Transition from work to play in our two-toned color block vest that will have you looking your best when the weather has its ups and downs. Filled with Thermore® Ecodown®, it will keep you warm and protected in even the coolest weather. 43% Polyester 43% CD 14% Spandex

2019_fall_roadster_navyblazer_image 2

Racer Track Jacket

Our signature jacket is an updated take on the classic track jacket with an added striped
ribbing on the waist, sleeves, and neck. Designed with a four-way stretch and breathable
fabric. Its versatile fit is lightweight and casual and makes for the perfect transitional layer. 55% cotton 45% polyester Full zip

2019_fall_racer_heathergrey_image 2

Speedster Pullover

Old school comfort meets modern style. A classic quarter-zip pullover designed using a super lightweight and soft-brushed technical performance fabric. Once you put it on you will never want to take it off. Offered in 4 colors the soft-touch fabric offers 4-way stretch and combines the latest in breathable and wicking fabrication

2019_summer_speedster_marina_image 7

Delaney Pullover

We have taken a vintage piece and given it a modern twist in this pullover. Made of 100%
Merino extra-fine wool, we have created a sensuously soft and extremely durable garment. Designed with an attention to detail down to the last stitch, a technical zipper with a locking mechanism ensures your zipper stays right where you want it. Breathable fabric plus ribbed cuffs, waistband, and collar make this piece a great year-round sweater for any weather.


Commuter Merino V-Neck

We’ve created the perfect pullover with our STITCH® weather system technology. Made of high-quality 100% Australian Merino wool, this piece stands out for its silky luster and
softness. The ribbed cuffs, waistband, and collar combined with the waterproof yarn and
stainproof body make this piece both highly fashionable and functional. Available in 5

2019_fall_commuter_quarterzip_naval_image 2

Cabrio Vest

Combining high function and high fashion, this vest is a must-have addition to your
wardrobe. A Thermore® Ecodown® fill allows this vest to transition from chilly
temperatures to warmer ones with ease. Wear this piece in comfort from work to play with breathable fabric and soft insulation as well as a four-way stretch. Our STITCH® signature orange logo is placed on the back collar of the vest.

2019_fall_cabrio_lightcharcoal_image 2

Enzo Hybrid Tech Jacket

An iconic piece for your wardrobe. Designed with a four-way stretch, quilted front, and
double zipper features, this two-toned hybrid jacket is sophisticated, yet functional. A
Polyester spandex shell over a 100% extra-fine Italian Merino wool body creates the
ultimate in performance and breathability.


Sterling 5 Pocket Pants

Designed with a storm finish, these stretch chino 5 pocket pants are perfect for accidental spills or whatever the weather might bring. The water-repellent finish does not affect the natural ability of the cotton in these pants to breathe and keep you cool.  A subtle soft touch combined with maximum mobility and stretch makes these pants ideal to transition from the boardroom to the fairway. Offered in 5 colors.


The Fall 2019 collection is available for purchase at and leading golf,
country clubs and select retailers. Stay connected with STITCH Golf on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @StitchGolf



Founded in 2011 as a headcover company, STITCH is known for designing and creating
products with precise attention to detail, all the way down to the last stitch. Based in Apex, North Carolina, STITCH gives a unique experience, whether it’s the high-quality leather used in our headcovers, the durable waterproof fabrics in our bags and gear or the fashionable color schemes seen in our apparel. STITCH products are designed to be effortlessly fashionable, allowing you to create a stylish, comfortable and color-coordinated look-on and off the course. Designed with details that perform, our line of golf bags and gear, travel bags and apparel combine function and fashion with three themes in mind: DRESS YOUR GAME™, ARRIVE IN STYLE™ and FROM WORK TO PLAY™. STITCH products are available at leading golf, country clubs and select retailers around the world and at:

Rapsodo Releases Mobile Launch Monitor to Help Golfers Track Their Shots with Pro-Level Accuracy

The new device allows players to analyze their swings in real-time to improve their golf game

St. Louis, MO, July 16, 2019 – Rapsodo, the creator and manufacturer of the SkyTrak launch monitor, today announces the release of their newest golf product, the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM).The device, which uses the same machine learning technology that helps all MLB teams track their pitching performance, is now available to help golfers track their shots like the pros.


The MLM gives players the ability to analyze their swing by monitoring distance, ball speed, launch angle and more. This portable monitor allows users to view these advanced and accurate data metrics directly on their iOS mobile device – simply download the Rapsodo MLM app, calibrate the chosen device, and choose how to hit: live video tracer with replay, stats, or GPS map. Next, place the connected smartphone or tablet in the MLM cradle looking down at the line of play and watch the monitor analyze the swing.

Users can connect with players around the world by sharing their shot reports via social media in real-time, allowing for a competitive edge. This component also provides golfers more motivation to continue to improve and show off to their friends, peers, and global competitors.

Additional features of the MLM include:

  • Auto club recognition – no need to manually pick up a new club and adjust the settings; just wave whichever club you’re using in front of your phone camera
    Video swing playback including shot tracer technology
  • GPS Satellite shot overlay
  • Bag mapping that stores your typical distances for every club in your bag
  • Story library – all your shots are collected to review stats over your lifetime
  • USB charging 10-hour rechargeable battery
  • Travel-friendly – 5.3 inches long and 10.2 ounces in weight(travel case included)

We’re excited to be able to leverage Rapsodo’s strengths in tracer technology and real-time data to make training for the game of golf easier, more accessible, and fun,” said Batuhan Okur, Founder, and CEO of Rapsodo.“The Mobile Launch Monitor’s personalization and accuracy will enhance players’ skill and experience”.

MLM Still 6

The MLM is a continuation of Rapsodo’s mission to enhance player performance by providing data for players at all levels. Rapsodo, well known for their Hitting and Pitching Monitors for baseball and softball players, leads the portable data and analytics space by bringing the same machine learning technology back to golf.

The MLM is now available for pre-order and retails for $499.99 on Rapsodo’s website:

You can watch the MLM in action here:


About Rapsodo

Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches to cost-effectively analyze and improve their game. Founded in 2010, the company developed the first affordable golf personal launch monitor, distributed in the USA under SkyTrak. The company continues to focus on delivering a variety of sports training and simulation technologies that allow users to better understand performance through reliable statistics. This ultimately translates into Rapsodo’s motto of “Measure to Master.” To learn more, visit

Bald Head Blues to Reveal its 2020 Spring Line at the Upcoming PGA Fashion and Demo Experience

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC – July 24, 2019 – Bald Head Blues, a golf and island-inspired apparel company recognized by its golf cart with surfboard logo, will join golf’s top companies at the PGA 2019 Fashion and Demo Experience on August 13th and August 14th, in Las Vegas, NV., where the company will be introducing its new 2020 spring apparel and accessories line.

Bald Head Blues will be centrally located on the show floor at booth #1013 in the Venetian Resort & Casino. Founder and CEO of Bald Head Blues, Claude Pope, and his sales team will reveal new pieces and collections that build upon the Bald Head Blues “Comfort” and “Lifestyle” story. New colorways and collections have been added to their top-selling Albatross Polo with Comfort Dry Technology, as well as to their Ace Polo with Comfort Flex Technology.


The new 2020 spring colorways feature Mint, Azalea, Ultramarine, and Scuba. The bold and fresh combinations of Mint and Azalea are showcased in the Men’s Albatross Polos, Ace Polos, button-downs, high-performance hats, and swimwear, as well as in the new Women’s Albatross Polos, and new Albatross Youth Polos. In addition to these pieces, the nautically inspired Ultramarine and Scuba colorways are featured in a Men’s quarter zip and vest.


 New collections include:

The new Bald Head Blues Women’s Collection includes five Albatross Polos that integrate the new colorways: Azalea Pink, Azalea with Pink/White Stripes, Ultramarine, Ultramarine with White Strips, and Medieval. These comfortable yet stylish polos are designed with Comfort Dry Technology, are sleeveless with a collar, and feature white trim around the arm opening. Sizes range from XS to 2XL. They will ship on 2/1/2020 with an MSRP of $68. Colorways released prior to the PGA 2019 Fashion and Demo Experience are NOW available. They include Aruba/Regatta, Regatta with White, Coral, and White.

unnamed (17)

The new Bald Head Blues Albatross Youth Polos resemble the Men’s Albatross Polo with a classic fit, gingham trim, and matching collar. The sizes range from 4 to 14. Nine new colorways are being introduced. Azalea Pink, Scuba Blue, Mint Leaf, Medieval, and Ultramarine are included in the solid series. Scuba Blue, Blue with White Stripes, Azalea with Pink/White Stripes, Mint Leaf with White Stripes, and Ultramarine with White Stripes round out the stripe series. Custom embroidery is available on the sleeve and yoke only. These will ship on 2/1/2020 with an MSRP of $48.

The new Bald Head Blue’s “Lifestyle” apparel, which is inspired by the Bald Head Blues Island. This fun, cool and coastal collection includes three new performance hoodies with UPF 30, as well as high performance long and short sleeve tee shirts.


BHI Truckers Slider

New BHI Trucker Hats, Coastal Snapback Hats, Coastal Trucker Hats, and High-Performance Hats, that all tie back to the new colorways, will also be showcased.

“We invite you to the Bald Head Blues booth #1013 at the PGA 2019 Fashion and Demo Experience. Our sales executives, or myself, would enjoy an opportunity to show you through the new women’s line and new pieces, as well as some of our top sellers,” commented Pope.

If you would like to meet with Claude and review the Bald Head Blues product line, please reach out to him for an appointment at

“I am personally thrilled with the progress Bald Head Blues is making. We continue to grow every year and at every level. Our sales, our distribution, our staff, our PGA TOUR program, everything is elevating our business to compete at the highest level,” added Pope.

20190508_154606 (1)

Attending the PGA 2019 Fashion and Demo Experience is a significant milestone this year for Bald Head Blues. The company has also experienced several momentous milestones in 2019:

Reaching the women’s segment of the golf market is probably Bald Head Blue’s most important milestone in 2019. The company supports women’s golf, and now, women have access to the same colorful, comfortable, polos as featured in the men’s collection, and this is only the beginning. Bald Head Blues will continue to grow this new business segment.

Earlier this year, Bald Head Blues celebrated its five-year anniversary of being in business. What started as a retail store has grown into a national brand with a complete line of apparel and accessories.


BHB Lifestyle Polo

Bald Head Blues continues to grow its green grass shops, golf specialty stores, and boutique accounts, recently setting a record of opening and maintaining 300 accounts, a significant rise from last year.

Bald Head Blues brand ambassador and PGA TOUR Professional, Joel Dahmen, has been playing some inspiring golf and is providing the company with some key awareness. He participated in the Players Championship, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and the Open Championship. At each of these majors, he donned Bald Head Blues. He has captured two Top-10 finishes which include a solo second-place finish at the Wells Fargo Championship, and a T-9 finish at the Farmers Insurance Open. He ranked #49 in the Fed Ex standings with 710 points.



About Bald Head Blues

For over 25 years, the Pope family has enjoyed the wonder and majesty of Bald Head Island with its acres of beaches, untouched marshes, maritime forests, pristine harbor, and casual coastal lifestyle. It’s a special place where nature’s abundance and casual lifestyle inspired the formation of Bald Head Blues. An apparel company that embraces the island’s extraordinary experience.

Unique to the island is its mode of transportation. Locals and tourists alike use electric golf carts to get around and more than often they are hauling beach chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, and surfboards. This island lifestyle where a quick ride to the beach becomes an adventure is represented by the Bald Head Blues logo.

Bald Head Blues is known for their coastal and island-style but their collections also incorporate technology like “Comfort Flex” which combines pima cotton with the performance and stretch of spandex. For rounds played in the heat, Bald Head Blues has utilized “Comfort Dry.” This polyester/spandex blend is moisture-wicking, lightweight and has a 4-way stretch for ultimate performance. The new Albatross Polo is also treated with a UPF 50+ for UV protection.

Bald Head Blues transports you to a place you want to be – even if you aren’t there. Maybe it’s to the golf course, the tennis courts or on the beach. For the Pope Family, its Bald Head Island. Where do you want to go?


For more information, please visit


Keep up-to-date with all of Bald Head blues news on social media: