The Presidents Cup Day 4 – Gimmes (TEAM USA Wins)

Well, a heartfelt congratulations go out to the team representing the United States for staging a comeback in the 2019 Presidents Cup. With the victory (16-14), the team led by Captain Tiger Woods retains the cup and of course, another accomplishment has now been added to Tiger’s impressive resume. Here are my final gimmes from the Presidents Cup.


  • Well, I guess I have to come clean first. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I called for a bloodbath. Total decimation of the International Team before the event began. I was wrong. The International Team fought and ground their way into a lead. The leadership shown by Captain Ernie Els was exemplary. He had a plan and stuck with it. A man of conviction. I respect that as I am the same type of person.
  • Staying with the International Team for a second. They took the American side to the limit. With seven rookies! This bodes well for the future of not only the Presidents Cup but the International Team as well. We’ll be looking back at the 2019 Presidents Cup as a turning point of this event.
  • Was it just me or was this fun and compelling television to watch? I never get behind the Presidents Cup. I can say the word “never” again.
  • Patrick Reed. He played some dominant golf, didn’t he? He whumped C.T Pan 4&2 with coach Kevin Kirk on the bag. It’s amazing how the tone on social media towards him changed. It goes to show, everyone loves a winner.

2019 Presidents Cup - Day 4

  • How much credit for the U.S. victory should go to the Vice-Captains. Steve Stricker, Fred Couples, and Zach Johnson. Someone had to keep the mice away while the big “Cat” was at play. Tiger assembled a great support staff including of course Couples who himself has led the U.S. to a Presidents Cup on three occasions.
  • Abraham Ancer. He wanted Tiger in November. He got him and he lost 3&2. Golf Twitter was all over him for it last night. The same people that were all over Reed until last night. Know this, Ancer will be better for it and now the golf world has taken note of the diminutive man from Mexico.
  • Tell me that this victory meant nothing to Tiger. His eyes were filled with tears when all was said and done.

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  • Whoa, Nelly. Adam Scott. Boy, did the native Aussie ever put his back against the wall in his match against Schauffele. He was 4 DN at one point.
  • Sungjae Im. How good is he?
  • I love watching the European Tour this time of the year. Because of it, I have gotten to see Cameron Smith over the last couple of years. He’ll be a Major winner. Oh, did I mention that he beat Justin Thomas?
  • Hideki Matsuyama. Well, he let that point slip away. His tied point was a loss
  • Imagine if this cup would have ended in a tie.

Well, that wraps up my coverage for the 2019 Presidents Cup. Hopefully, when the event is next held in 2021 at Quail Hollow Club (Charlotte, NC) it’s just as exciting.


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President’s Cup Day Three Gimmes

As the third day of the Presidents Cup has come to a conclusion the Ernie Els led International Team is up by two points leading 10-8. Heading into “Sunday Singles” the Americans have closed the gap. Here are my gimmes from Day Three.

  • Marc Leishman. I don’t know. Obviously, I’m not Ernie Els but all that I know is that after the first three matches that he played in, I would have benched him regardless of him being Australia’s own. As far as I’m concerned, Leish has just not “brought it”. He looks out of sorts out there although coming down the stretch he did come through. Good on him and playing partner Abraham Ancer to claw back after being 5 DN to salvage half a point in the afternoon session.


  • Tied in with that storyline. Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas. They were 5 UP. I’m not suggesting that they choked but…
  • Tiger sitting all of Day Three. Alright, so there might be some speculation involved here. Maybe he was feeling “off”. Maybe he didn’t have time to sufficiently warm-up before the afternoon sessions. Maybe he liked the way that Rickie Fowler complimented Justin Thomas in the morning session. Or maybe, he just wanted to play the role of Captain. Clearly, the best player on the American team sitting out the entire day is a curious decision.

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

  • Alright, I’m tired of reporting on Patrick Reed. but, in a case like this how do I refrain from doing so? As if he wasn’t bad enough, his caddie Kessler Karain got involved in a physical altercation with a fan. The caddie has a few jobs. Give course information, carry the bag, talk to his player throughout the round to keep him focused yet relaxed and tell the fans “quiet please” and defend his player when needed. At no time, however, does that mean getting into a physical altercation. It can’t be easy being Reed’s caddie these days and after days of hearing the heckling, I’m sure he got tired of it. Karain, will not be on Reed’s bag for the Sunday singles after a meeting with PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan. I’m curious to see if any criminal charges come against him. It was an assault.


  • Speaking of caddies. Is it caddie or caddy? I prefer to go with “ie”.
  • The Presidents Cup is up for grabs. It’s anyone’s trophy. Ancer is leading off in a head to head match vs Tiger. Something he wished for in November. Well kid, you got it! Honestly, though, I think Abe has played very well in his first Presidents Cup. He has made some big putts this week.

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Day Two President’s Cup – Gimmes

As I sit down and write this the International Team leads the United Staes Team 6.5-3.5. Here are my “Gimmes” from Day Two at the Presidents Cup.

  • Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas are en fuego. They are dynamic, they are a duo thus qualifying them as a “Dynamic Duo”. That putt that JT made on 18 was clutch and who knows? That could be the turning point in the Presidents Cup. Without it, this might be over in a way that I never saw coming.

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

  • Speaking of not seeing it coming. I expected this event to be a bloodbath as I thought that the International Team would be decimated by the favourite American side. Instead, this International has shown great chemistry and they look like a team. Whatever you’re doing Ernie, keep doing it. Much has been said of analytics. Ernie Els for Team Captain every Presidents Cup.

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

  • O Canada! Yep, it’s time for me to wave my flag. Adam Hadwin is 1-1 in his matches. I enjoy watching him. His game is underrated and to be honest, it’s like watching a right-handed Mike Weir in his prime. Waggle and all.
Presidents Cup - Round Two

Photo Credit: Getty Images

  • That Louie Oosthuizen and Adam Scott pairing. Is there a prettier twosome of swings to watch than those two. Especially Louie, he’s so efficient in his move.
  • Tiger is 2-0 in his matches. Not like he had to but he’s proved to the world that he “deserved” to be a playing captain. Now it’s just a matter of how many matches he plays in. 3, 4 or could it be conceivable he plays in all 5? I’m guessing he sits out Match #3.
  • Sticking with Tiger. Is he a masochist? He might be because he’s stuck poor Webb Simpson with the “lightning rod of controversy” Patrick Reed.
  • I was going to abstain from talking about Patrick Reed… Again. I mean it’s like flogging a dead horse at this point. Nice antics there, bud. Mocking the shoveling motion after draining that putt. I’ve been objective when it comes to you, as I should be as a writer. I looked up the definition of moron and there was your picture. Hey bud, you were down and lost the match 3&2. My advice, look at the scoreboard. You never chirp or taunt when you’re down. Na or Kisner should have been there and not you. Time to take a seat.

  • The PGA TOUR. I don’t know who’s running your Twitter or social accounts. But suggesting he was having fun is a delusional statement. It was just last week in one of your events that Reed did what he did. Now you’re enabling it? Very foolhardy. Oh and one other thing. The United States is not playing the Aussies. It’s the International Team. Get your facts straight.


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2019 Presidents Cup Day 1 – “Gimmes”

In this post, I’m going to summarize my “hot takes” called “Gimmes” on my observations from Day 1 of the 2019 Presidents Cup. Because the post itself would be too long on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) I thought that right here in these pages would be the perfect way to make some observations. Oh, if you have Twitter and Facebook here are my links to follow me.



Of course, feel free to subscribe to this WordPress as well. So with the self-promotion out of the way. It’s “Gimme Time”.



  1. The hype on the Golf Channel is just too extra. I know that you have to hype the event. Going into Day One, there really wasn’t much to get excited about. Other than Tiger being a playing Captain and Patrick Reed’s wrongdoing. Intentional or otherwise. Oh, and the teasers videos for the lead-ins or promos? You can’t call it “Home Turf” when the International Team is from around the world. Hey Golf Channel. Nice shank!! All of the talking put me to sleep. Literally. Until…
  2. The carolers. Or singers. Or fans that think that they’re singing but they really aren’t. I wish that I was tone-deaf. Your scintillating renditions of The Backstreet Boys (I Want Patrick Cantlay) or “The Lion… err Tiger Sleeps Tonight” might be witty but it was awful. But, the parody of “Wind Beneath My Wings” (Adam Hadwin) was beyond reproach.
  3. You knew someone was going to say something about Patrick Reed on the first tee. It was inevitable. The Aussie fan that yelled out though won the day. “Reed, are you going to make your caddie carry 14 clubs and a shovel?”. Ironically, Reed landed in a bunker with his first shot of the Presidents Cup. The irony.
  4. Is there any doubt who the star is of this Presidents Cup. It’s the golf course itself. Royal Melbourne Golf Club… “You complete me”. What a stunner! Firm conditions, bounces, and a lot of undulation to the greens. This ladies and gentlemen is a golf course.
  5. The snap hook is an ugly shot. Even if you have the swing of Adam Scott. Gadzooks! Or Great Scott!. That was ugly.
  6. Tiger was being Tiger. He carried Justin Thomas around in that match that they won 4&3. Conversely, Leishman let me down being in the first group off in front of his fellow Aussies. I expected more. Especially, teeing it up against Tiger.
  7. Sticking with Tiger. I know I said that he should have stepped aside in favour of someone else. Na most notably. I was wrong. The Captain led by example but his underlings let him down on Day One.
  8. The Internationals. Wow! Who had them going 4-1 after Day One? I know that I didn’t. There’s a ton of golf left to be played. Wasn’t that Eagle on the first hole by Sungjae Im fun and exciting? North America will soon know what Im is all about. Oh, and not a bad clutch putt by fellow Canadian Adam Hadwin on the 16th. Actually, he had two putts that could be defined as clutch.
  9. I’m still not sure about Joaquin Niemann being on the team. But the kid has moxie. Gesturing for Tiger to speed up. Hey kid, I appreciate it. I really do, but win or lead your matches and then you can chirp.
  10. Hulk Smash! Bryson DeChambeau bulked up. But his swing looks tight and rigid. Moreso than prior to him going full “Bulk Mode”. Mark my words, the genius is going to end up injured.


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Patrick Reed and the 2019 Hero World Challenge

As I have passively sat and watched the 2019 Hero World Challenge from the lovely Bahamas I have a couple of quick thoughts.

  1. It’s an event that is hosted by Tiger Woods.
  2. It’s played on a golf course (Albany Golf Club) that was designed by architect Ernie Els.
  3. Both Woods and Els just happen to be Captains for the 2019 President’s Cup.
  4. Because of points 1 and 3, this event feels more like a team scrimmage for the U.S. Team as they jet-set their way to Australia for the President’s Cup.

Bunkerlicious (Photo Credit:

Look at who’s playing and who isn’t? Other than a smattering of U.S. players and a couple of Euro’s thrown in for good measure (Justin Rose, Jon Rahm, and Henrik Stenson) it’s hardly a “World Challenge”. To be fair, the guys from the International Team who may play in this event are playing in this week’s Australian Open. At the root of what I feel it truly is the Hero World Challenge is an exhibition event. Yet, here we are. Somehow, some way, a little bit of controversy seeps its way into the event. We know what I’m talking about.

Patrick Reed and the waste bunker incident. Or as I call it “TrapGate”. Just because Patrick Reed’s name is on this already makes golf fans (and observers) want to gather in an unholy mob and lynch the man. For the most part, the golf world “hates” Reed. Much can be said of the reason why this is the case. You could suggest that Reed, himself, has done it well… To himself. The brash claims of being a “Top-5 player in the world” early in his career (he wasn’t far off) and his past while attending university (accusations of stealing and cheating from his teammates) has never helped his cause.

So while in a waste bunker in his Friday round on the Par 5 11th hole he was observed ‘improving his lie”. “Fluffing” if you will. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let the video evidence present itself. I know, many of us have already seen it. But even TMZ covered it. TMZ!!!

There’s no doubt in watching it, that the lie was improved. As the commentators said, twice in fact. I have a question out of this. Or maybe two, and a lot of you are going to be pissed-off at me about one of them. But before I continue, did he set a precedent? Same event back in 2015, no penalty. BTW, great sleuth work to DZ Golf. I thought I saw this before from him.

  • How do we prove the intent? Do we assume that he was cheating because he’s done it before? If we were to dredge up his past? Would we hold his past against him because he’s simply Patrick Reed thus sentencing him as such?. Only one person knows if this was his intent and that’s Patrick himself. That said, I will say this. My father had a saying that I use as well.

“If it looks like a ducks, acts like a duck and swims like a duck. Chances are it’s a (insert expletive here) duck”

  • What if it wasn’t Patrick Reed? What if it was Tiger Woods? Would we be willing to make the same accusations? He had clear intent and he was cheating. After all, and dare I say it his past isn’t exactly sterling. By the way, I’m not even talking about the off of the course stuff like “cheating” in a different way and DUI. Wasn’t it the same event that he got away with “the strike that wasn’t” in 2018? Had it been Reed in that place would he have gotten a penalty? I almost need to insert here that the answer is nearly an emphatic “YES!”. 


Golf fans, in the end, he accepted a two-stroke penalty as handed out by PGA TOUR rules official Slugger White. He admitted and accepted responsibility. Maybe the intent was truly there and deep down inside he knew it. Could it have been two two-stroke penalties? I think the possibility exists but it wasn’t what was doled out to him. He took his poison. Let it go and move on. If it were Tiger or some choice other players, you know you’d let it go. Many of you are calling for him to be replaced by Kisner or Brendon Todd. It’s not going to happen. Besides, what about Na?

Like it or not, golf and more notably the PGA TOUR has a double-standard. Now there’s a new slogan for the PGA TOUR. “The PGA TOUR. The double-standard in golf”. There’s some marketability.

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