I first met Coach Labs founder Jason Koo at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.  At the time he was releasing DuoTrac. A swing analyzer that uses 4 sensors  that monitor face angle, swing plane and weight shift.


At the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show I attended a demonstration introducing the golf world to Coach Labs and a product called the Gen i1. The GEN i1 was the world’s first smart golf ball that enabled golfers to see their metrics when it came to putting performance. All that you needed was the GEN i1, a mobile app and your putter. Crucial data that the GEN i1 gave you were things like “exact rotation, spin, speed, and initial direction  that are practically impossible to tell accurately with our naked eye”. The GEN i1 also made practice a little more fun as it came pre-loaded games and drills. Because the GEN i1 is the size and weight of a typical golf ball it makes for easy portability. So how do you improve on a product that is so practical right down to its literal core? (Sensors are in the core of the golf ball)


Introducing the GEN i2. I was fortunate to have had contact with Samantha Brustin from Coach Labs and the GEN i2 sounds like it could be a game changer in the golf-tech game. With the GEN i2 you get “launch monitor data, personalized  in-home coaching, and peer-to-peer gaming and tournaments in their free mobile app“. Also, you’ll be able to  “download, connect and play a full round of simulated golf in under an hour“.  For more information about the GEN i2 please see the product release below.


Gen I2 Press Release

The first ever affordable in home or office sports simulator is a game changer

  Everyone wants a sports and gaming simulator in their home or office, but it’s too  expensive and the setup is a pain. The engineers and developers at Coach Labs achieved what has never been done before, bringing golfers of all skill levels the world’s most affordable simulator that anyone can buy and setup in less than a minute anytime and anywhere. Now you’ll get launch monitor data, personalized in-home coaching, and peer-to-peer gaming and tournaments in their free mobile  app. Download, connect and play a full round of simulated golf in under an hour.

Jason Koo, founder of Coach Labs, Inc., is an avid golfer who understand the challenges of becoming an even better golfer. “We’ve all encountered good and bad  days out on the course. During a typical golf lesson, the instructor fixes our nagging  habits, but these often return when practicing techniques on our own. This frustration motivated me to create a device that can help improve your game when  a teaching pro is not around. The GEN i2 simulator setup eliminates the guesswork  and delivers simple and accurate feedback for each and every swing.”

Tim Leible, PGA Professional and director of instruction at Coach Labs agrees that  “The GEN i2 is going to shorten the transition time from range to course  improvement. Getting launch monitor data, knowing your exact distance to any  point on the golf course, learning which club to use in every situation, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses will completely change the game of golf.  And if you lose the GEN i2 there is a ‘Find your Ball’ feature, just as long as it’s not at the bottom of the lake.”

The GEN i2 is designed for golf enthusiasts of all abilities from amateurs to  professionals. The set-up process takes less than a minute, and it’s easy and very user-friendly. The GEN i2 can work at home or on the course. The GEN i2 mobile  application provides game statistics, including swing history and comparisons, distance to the hole, and your overall score and stats. With enhanced accuracy and  through Coach Lab’s analysis technology and advanced hardware, golfers can use  the Gen i2 to set goals while tracking their progress and improvement week after  week.

GEN i2’s founder Jason Koo has 20 years experience as an inventor and product  developer that spans retail, promotional products, electronics and sports and  technology. Koo is excited to launch the GEN i2 following the success of the GEN i1  putting system. The GEN i2 is set to launch on Kickstarter, a community that  encourages backer support and feedback.

The campaign begins May 1st 2018 with rewards that are certain to get golfers excited. The package includes high-grade  pop-up net, multi terrain golf mat, 9-axis club sensor, 9-axis body sensor, and a GEN  i2 launch monitor. Some early bird price points start out as low as $199 for the full  simulator package. Initial production and delivery of the GEN i2 is scheduled for Summer 2018.

About Coach Labs, Inc.

Coach Labs, Inc. empowers athletes and coaches with professional and highly  accurate technology to increase performance. Jason Koo, founder and creator of  Coach Labs, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and inventor of the ​Duotrac​ and ​GEN i1​.

Curt Menefee, Fox Sports broadcaster and host for the 2016 U.S. Open, is a partner  and ambassador for the Gen I line of products. The product development team includes PGA players, teaching professionals, sports enthusiasts and experts, aimed to make a breakthrough training device that makes golf easier, more affordable,  gratifying and more fun.



Until The Next Tee!!


February 9th. It feels like a “lunch bag letdown”. Having just gotten home from my time in Florida for the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show I am now finally having the time to sit down and do some writing. Or is it more of a time to sit back and digest everything that I took in?As I sit here in my La-Z-Boy recliner with my trusty Labrador at my side I sit here and reflect. I reflect on the trip that was PGA Show 2017.

The trip started out good enough. Surprisingly easy weather to drive through as I made my way through the hills of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. The latter being less hilly of course. As I drove through South Carolina and eventually Georgia I learned my first lesson. If you suddenly realize that you’re only driving 35 mph on the I-95 the chances are that you dozed off at the wheel and you need to rest. So I did… in Hardeesville, SC in some BP gas station right off of the interstate. Having fueled up on Dunkin (America runs on that stuff) I made my way into Florida. I wrote an article already but the history that I learned at my stop at the World Golf Hall of Fame about our game was so gratifying. But it was time to move on to family in Plant City, FL.


My learning continued upon my arrival there. There is a “thing” that has been taking place in Plant City and that is something that is on Facebook called “Plant City Rocks”. The premise is that you paint rocks (you don’t have to be good) and you hide them much like the Easter Bunny hides eggs. People go out and walk and find them and re-hide. It’s a cool concept that simply gets people out and about. I also learned that the Hudson Hornet isn’t just in the Disney flick “Cars” and it is a real thing. A stunner of a car that caught my attention at a car show. I also saw a Studebaker pick-up truck and so many other amazing vehicles. But what I also learned (partially from Leah Remini) is that “Scientology” is everywhere. Even in a place like Plant City, FL. Before the show I also took time to go out to Apollo Beach, FL and visited the Manatee Viewing Center. If you’re in the area check it out as it’s a great walk, featuring new trails an observation tower and a cool Stingray exhibit (seasonal). I got to touch and feed some.. so cool. But tourist time came to an end and it was time for the show.

Hudson Hornet


Demo Day as far as I’m concerned is the “Crown Jewel” of PGA Show week. It’s an opportunity to hit the latest and greatest. I learned that the parity in the industry is more tight than ever. Every company makes terrific products and the difference is finite from Company A to Company Z. Honestly, I will maintain what I have said for a while. It boils down to the shafts. That said, Callaway Golf did not disappoint with their new Epic and Epic SubZero range. Nor did TaylorMade Golf with the follow-up to M1 and M2. In my opinion they really improved on the M1 “big time”. The M2 sure as heck was impressive but the new M2 hybrid is light years better than 2016. I learned that I was wrong about my opinion of the Wilson Golf Triton driver as seen on the Golf Channel reality show “Driver vs Driver”. ONE and/or Single Length irons are here. Perhaps to be so bold as to suggest that they are here to stay. Cobra-Puma and Edel Golf both offer models. I admit I struggled with the Cobra ONE PW after cruising through the rest. Their booth was beyond busy and I had no time to swing their products really which was disappointing for me. Edel Golf  has a great product that is paired with amazing shafts from Paderson Shafts. Speaking of shafts… who knew that composites from the space and aeronautics industry or Formula 1 racing would find a home in golf? TPT Golf (see the review) and the likes of biomechanist J.J. Rivet and leading golf coach David Leadbetter certainly knew.

Wilson Golf Triton… I was wrong and too harsh during Driver vs Driver

As the show moved from the outdoors to indoors I would learn more. Technology is massive in the game and look for a piece on my experience with K Vest in the future. While I’m talking about technology, look for an article/review coming soon from DuoTrac. Their CEO Jason Koo has found a real nice niche market in the launch monitor game with a soon-to-be released product. Not to mention preexisting sensor training system. I learned that Top Golf – Tampa is a lot of fun and that the hot colors of the season are going to be greens, yellows and blues. I learned that Biion Footwear are not just “Crocs in Drag” because they are so much more than that. I learned that a brand like Travis Mathew is not just for the skinny, cool, young and hip crowd. Even a fat, old kid like me can wear the brand and feel good about it. TM is truly a lifestyle. I learned that CHASE 54 is still like family and speaking of family I learned that Tiger Woods signed with TaylorMade. Wish I could have gotten that out as it happened but I was there for the announcement. My stupid cell phone carrier dropped the ball on my data plan. Skechers Golf is also not just shoes any more so I learned that too.

Travis Mathew Booth. Boas and Beads Baby!!

Honestly, I could go on about what I learned but I won’t. All that I can say is that the game is still alive and well with tons of new and exciting products on the way. Stay tuned for articles on all of the brands mentioned and then some. It’s going to be a busy year… and I love it!

Until The Next Tee!