Special thanks go out to Michael Brogniez and Joanne Pattullo of Cobra Golf (Canada). Without their assistance this opportunity would never have come to fruition. Thank-you so much for taking a chance on me to conduct this testing and review.


Cobra Golf! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Overall, this Carlsbad, California based golf equipment manufacturer is “one of the biggest movers and shakers in the golf industry”.  They are a company that isn’t afraid to take a chance on going outside of a comfort zone to introduce fresh, new ideas. Whether it’s introducing metalwoods in a variety of colors (that would make any artist’s palette jealous) or introducing innovative technology/design methods (look no further than their 2018 F8/F8+ driver when they introduced a milled face).

I was very fortunate to spend some time with Tom Olsavky this past January at the PGA Show Demo Day. Mr. Olsavky is the Vice President of Research and Development for Cobra Golf and while there he talked me through the entire product range. Among these products were the KING F8 ONE Length irons. Upon the conclusion of my time spent with Mr. Olsavsky arranged for a testing and review opportunity of a set of these irons.


For those that may recollect, Cobra Golf introduced the KING F7 ONE Length irons in 2017. Although the concept isn’t new it was brought a little bit more to the mainstream by “superstar on the rise” Bryson DeChambeau. These were irons that I wrote a review on however it was based on a very short time spent with them at a local demo day. That said, I was impressed with the F7 ONE Length irons but there was some room for improvement. Enter the 2018 iteration (the KING F8 ONE Length irons) and this testing opportunity. As great as it is to get a feel for something for a first impression on the range it goes without saying that there are a few more hazards on a golf course. I haven’t had the opportunity for any long-term testing on course with a set of irons from any manufacturer. Until now!

Through my conversations with Ms. Pattullo and Mr. Brogniez I would end up testing a set of KING F8 ONE Length irons. The set was composed of 5-GW and for some unknown reason I opted to test them shafted with the Aldila Rogue Pro ONE Length 65 irons in a Stiff flex. I’m not sure why I chose graphite in this case instead of steel. These shafts are 67 grams as opposed to my usual 120-130 gram shafts. The grips were stock Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper) with Cobra Connect powered by Arccos installed. Before getting into the testing and results let’s look at some of the highlights and technical information of these innovative irons from Cobra Golf.


When it comes to the recommended skill level for these irons the KING F8 ONE Length will suit anyone from a 5 to 25 handicap. Thus it’s safe to say golfers of any skill level would be able to play them. For the majority of golfers a 7 iron is a very comfortable and consistent golf club to swing. Much of this could be psychological as well which is partially why Cobra Golf R&D opted to use this length (37.25”) and head weight (278 grams). The shafts are “flighted” which means the shaft flex profiles are adjusted progressively through the set. Long irons launch higher (5-7 play softer than the short irons 8-GW) whereas the short irons launch lower. Thus, allowing golfers the opportunity to have a more controllable trajectory.

Speaking of trajectory, progressive sole widths and hosel lengths also contribute to allowing optimal trajectory. Wider soles with more weight placed low in the long irons helps golfers with forgiveness and launch. As you get into the shorter irons and wedges the soles get narrower. The heads of the KING F8 ONE Length irons features Cobra Golf’s patented “E9 Technology” which expands the sweet spot by using points on the face that form an elliptical (oval) shape. Technology that Cobra Golf has employed for many years now. A new “PWRSHELL” face boosts ball speeds at impact much in the way that a driver does. This face is not only forged but it’s also 20% lighter and 14% thinner. Carbon Fiber is used making the heads multi-material resulting in improved vibration dampening characteristics and improved sound throughout the set.


In essence, the KING F8 ONE Length irons are a blended set as the 4-7 irons are a hollow body design, the 8-PW are a cavity back and the GW and available SW and LW are a “specialty wedge” design. Cobra Golf R&D was so specific about optimizing launch conditions that they even optimized the center of gravity throughout the set. Long irons have their CG low in the head where the wedges feature a higher CG. CNC Milling of the faces provides enhanced spin to suit your approach and short game needs.


Cobra Connect powered by Arccos Golf deserves a section of its own in this write-up. The collaboration between Cobra Golf and the tech company made the KING F8 ONE Length irons the industry’s first ever “Smart Set”. Sensors recessed into the grips of the irons (set comes with 7 additional sensors for driver, fairway wood, wedges and putter) pair up with your Bluetooth device using the Arccos 360 app. The technology collects various statistics like Total Putts, Greens Hit, Fairways Hit, Distance (including true distance), and a plethora of other stats with the aim of helping golfers improve. It also has a “Caddie” feature where it gives you recommendations based on your distances and percentages. I had one issue. When I had no signal available this feature would not work.


The Unboxing

When the box with my set of KING F8 ONE Length irons arrived I can’t even begin to express how excited I was. Immediately, I unboxed them and took them out for a picture or two in the backyard. As I individually unwrapped each club from its plastic and bubble wrap the first thing that I noticed was how nice the set was. Aesthetically speaking, the KING F8 irons were actually prettier than I thought. I was expecting something sort of big and boxy and found these irons to be quite handsome. Yes, the soles are wider in the long irons and are noticeable narrower in the lower irons and wedges. That said, it’s hard not to like the carbon fiber in the back of the heads. The carbon fiber gives them a sleek sporty look and of course this design is for practical purposes. I think that the Aldila Pro 65 ONE Length shafts paired up well and the Lamkin grips with built-in Cobra Connect sensors were not bulky or obnoxious to look at. As a matter of fact you don’t even notice them.


Setting up the app was very easy. I use an Android device and you simply download and register the Arccos 360 app from Google Play. Afterwards, you simply scan each club with your device’s camera. Note: The subscription is free for 1-year. After a year you will need to renew the subscription to continue the use of the service.


The Testing

One thing became very obvious my first time on the range with the KING F8 ONE Length. The set-up! Setting up with these irons is very easy and I like to use the term “streamlined”. Much like Cobra Golf states on their website setting up with these clubs is very consistent. The spine angle, ball position and foot position is the same every time. Does it take a little getting used to? Yes. In particular with the 9, PW and GW with the real focus coming on the latter 2 clubs. But once you make the adjustment you don’t even think about it and it becomes “second nature”. Initially, I struggled with then thins and as much as it was about me and my ball position being out of “whack” there was more to the issues (more on that in a bit). Once I remembered to set-up with the ball positioned right below my sternum (like my typical 7 iron) my misses (thins) started to thin out. But there still were some struggles.


This brings me to the graphite shafts. For the longest time in the early to middle part of the range and on-course testing process I would continue to have my share of thins. That said the misses were acceptable which speaks a TON of the forgiveness packed into these KING F8 ONE Length irons. This was caused by an early release and ultimately me “flipping” the club head at impact. The only thing that I could figure out was that I made a grievous mistake in going with graphite as opposed to steel. I just felt like that I was losing the club in the transition. Nor could I feel it through impact. I even toyed with the idea of adding lead tape to the heads to increase the swing weight of the set. I never did do that. The reason why I use heavier tour weight shafts is because of my tempo and aggression. Heavy shafts like the Project X 6.0 or KBS Tour 120 are a good match for me. Then I had the epiphany on the course… which came after yet another great stroke with the GW. Slow my tempo down. I would play the rest of that round with the focus solely being on slowing down my tempo. The results started to change dramatically. It was then that I started to see what exactly the head/shaft combination could do. The results… easy effortless power. I ended up going from an 80%+ power with quick transition to something closer to 60% power and slow transition. Likely the toughest change I’ve made on the fly mid-season but one that was well worth it.


Distance –The lofts are stronger (PW 44*) and combined with the longer length of these irons 8-GW distance was nearly 2 clubs longer than my gamers (PW 47*). But what about the 5-7 irons? These irons are shorter length yet they were also longer than my gamers. Maybe the lighter shafts ramped up my clubhead by a little but I think the focus here has to be the PWRSHELL. Strikes felt “light” and “responsive”. At impact, the sound of the 5-7 irons was what I would describe as “mean”. It really feels like you’re “powdering” the golf ball. The ball absolutely jumps off of the face with these irons. Not to mention the flighted shafts work exquisitely. The long irons fly high with my natural draw being the stock shot. Conversely, the short irons fly pretty high as well. The apex seems higher than with my gamers but the distance is longer too. That said, I don’t recall one shot into the wind that lost a ton of distance. Nor did any shot with a short iron balloon.

Forgiveness – Distance is one thing but what about forgiveness? As I alluded to earlier I found that the KING F8 ONE Length irons are very forgiving (especially in the early stages). As the testing wore on and I got my swing in check I didn’t really rely on needing the added forgiveness. Then again maybe it’s because of the high level of forgiveness built into these clubs that I didn’t need to rely on them. Never were misses severely punished. Misses stayed on line and my dispersion with these irons became very tight. Knowing this helps your psyche and it just “breeds confidence”. Whenever a tight tee shot was needed on a Par 4 I had no problem looking at my 5 or 6 iron. Not to mention those clubs also gave me ample yardage off of the tee to put me in good position.


Control – In case you thought there’d be issues with gapping… please allow me to put your mind at ease. There isn’t! Distance control is a breeze and according to the stats I have even gapping throughout the set. Where I had a bit of a gap was from my 5W to the 5 iron. Cobra Golf does have a F8 ONE Length hybrid available which would bridge the gap quite nicely. Shots and their distances are easy to predict and the spin produced by their milled faces is impressive. From fairway lies it’s almost expected with a proper strike but from the rough? I was more than satisfied. The greenside control when I used the GW is just as good. The GW is more versatile than one might think. I hit some great greenside shots by setting it open. By the way, greenside I would just go with a typical set-up and just choke down a touch (depending on the situation). I love the fact that the GW never got entangled in the greenside rough. Just because this set is intended as a Game-Improvement iron doesn’t mean that you can’t work the ball. I could hit a draw or fade at will.



Make no bones about it. These KING F8 irons are a game-improvement iron that’s intended to help golfers lower their scores. The offset in the long irons might bother some golfers (typically better players) but it’s a small price to pay. These irons offer a ton of technology in both design and the Cobra Connect feature. They are irons that are hot and they let you know it at impact. You can tell by the feel, the sound and the results. Forgiveness to burn and very controllable. If I could do it over again… I’d consider the steel shafts just to prevent a minor swing overhaul. But after adjusting to these irons and posting a -6 (66) with them how could I complain about the graphite? Maybe it actually helped. Set-up is the same for every swing and when you have less to think about on the golf course… that’s never a bad thing. If you’re looking for new irons… really consider the KING F8 ONE Length irons. They are great!

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Incrediwear is on a mission. According to them that mission is a simple one. “To design innovative products to help people live incredibly”.

In case you haven’t heard of Incrediwear… you aren’t alone. It wasn’t until the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show when I first learned of the brand created by its founder Jackson Corley. Mr. Corley had suffered a near fatal cycling accident that threatened  to paralyze him for life. So, Mr. Corley set out to find a way to help himself and others to heal and recapture the life that he was accustomed to. To find a new way to heal from the pain associated from inflammation.

Initially, while at that show in 2017 I met Thomas Wilson who was representing the Incrediwear booth on the floor of the Orange County Convention Center. We started to discuss what Incrediwear and the benefits that individuals can get from wearing their products. As the conversation really began to unfold I mentioned my long history dealing with several health issues including and not limited to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and cardiac issues. As the calendar switched from 2017 to 2018 a new PGA Merchandise Show was fast approaching. Through using the Exhibitor List I noticed that Incrediwear would be attendance once again so I made a point to visit their booth. As fate had it Thomas Wilson was once again manning the booth. He remembered me and we discussed the possibility of setting up a review opportunity. Bear in mind, that since that 2017 show I had developed even more complications but more on that shortly. So I was introduced to Charlie Robinson who is the Content Marketing Associate for Incrediwear.

As discussions moved forward with Mr. Robinson where we discussed my ongoing health issues decisions were made on which products would be sent out for testing. Products from Incrediwear falls into three separate categories with different purposes in mind (Recover, Perform and Move). Below is a summary of the products that I’d receive for testing/review and my observations for each product.

DSC_0207 (2).JPG

Incrediwear Circulation Socks (Quarter) – “The Incrediwear Circulation Socks relieve pain and discomfort for those suffering from poor circulatory conditions. The non-binding loose weave design allows for a form-fitting feel without the discomfort of a compression sock.” Through the use of  a fabric blend that’s “embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability”.

These socks are offered in both a Crew Cand Quarter length while being offered in black or grey. The Incrediwear Circulation socks are a sock that has soft feel. Made from a blend that’s 36% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 26% Nylon and 4% Spandex these socks are loose-fitting which aids in increasing blood flow. This is an important aspect for diabetics in general. Foot care is absolutely vital and loose-fitting socks are nearly vital. If loose-fitting and comfort is what Incrediwear sought out to achieve then mission accomplished. What I found really impressive was the fact that these socks didn’t slide down and bunch up. I’ve worn “Diabetic Socks” and they ALWAYS bunched up causing a blister(s). Incrediwear’s circulation socks never slid down and always stayed where they’re supposed to. The fit was perfect and I feel that it’s important to point out that my feet stay cool in my shoes while wearing them. Just to touch on the durability at this point I have worn them often and they’re as good as the day that they came out of the box. Perfection! MSRP $19.99 USD


Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants – The Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants fall into their Move collection of products. The performance pants are geared towards “athletes looking to push the limits of their performance, the Incrediwear Men’s Performance Pants enhance the ability to perform by accelerating the body’s ability to recover. The Men’s Performance Pants are a base layer can be worn during and after activity to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance”.

Fabric blend’s that consist of semi-conductor elements are a recurring theme and they are also present in the Performance Pants. They are intended as a base-layer and they are very much that. While tight and form-fitting in fit the Performance Pants always maintained a high level of comfort. I admit that I erred in never wearing these under my shorts during my workouts but I did wear them under my pants during the never-ending winter that we seemed to have while walking my dog. The moisture-wicking qualities are excellent. Also, I wore the pants frequently after walks (when I wasn’t wearing them to begin with) and my lower body really seemed to enjoy them. Honestly, they’re comfy enough to act as a pair of “watch tv and lounge” pants. The fabric blend is 61% Nylon, 29% Polyester and 10% Spandex. If I were still playing hockey (goalie) these would have been my base-layer underneath my pads. Cold weather golf on the other hand… these are an easy “go to” MSRP $69.95 USD


Incrediwear Circulation Shorts – Geared towards assisting those with muscle fatigue, issues associated with pinched nerves, hip injuries and groin injuries the Incrediwear Circulation Shorts “enhance the ability to perform by accelerating the body’s ability to recover. The Circulation Shorts are a base layer can be worn during and after activity to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance”. Incrediwear employs their signature fabric blend that’s composed of 61% Nylon, 21% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Form-fitting and never uncomfortable. The Circulation Shorts were a very pleasant surprise and I only suggest that because I’ve worn products that simply were awful. Unlike those other ones I never felt constricted in general let alone right around the genitals. They are moisture-wicking, breathable and seemed to have exhibited anti-microbial qualities. The circulation shorts seemed to really assist my circulation and pain that I had in my hips and groin area. A very good product and the product that I’ve tested the least. Please don’t read into that… as mentioned a very good product. MSRP $44.98 USD

Incrediwear Leg Sleeves – The leg sleeves from Incrediwear stem from their Recover Collection. Recovery is the name of the game here. “Incrediwear Leg Sleeves accelerates recovery and relieves pain for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. The Leg Sleeve provides effortless comfort while reducing inflammation and swelling to accelerate the body’s natural healing process”.

Not intended to take anything away from the other products but these are the proverbial “best for last”!! Out of any of the products that were sent to me for testing it was the Leg Sleeves that turned out to be not only the most-rewarding but quite simply a savior… or saviors. How do I possibly start this section of my write-up other than saying that? The leg sleeves were astounding! As you might recall from earlier my health condition has quickly deteriorated. I have major blockages of the Renal, Femoral, Iliac and Tibial arteries. These blockages not only affect one leg but both. The pain from these blockages is excruciating at times making daily living often difficult and painful.


The benefits of these leg sleeves are too plentiful to list all of them. Increased blood flow and pain relief are just two of the many benefits and the benefits that I noticed in aiding me the most. There were some days that I’ve experienced where I was not only in tears but walking was near impossible. Whether from activities like walking the dog, working out, golf practices or just living these leg sleeves proved to be a “Godsend” on so many occasions that it’s hard to express in words. Our family moved in May and the move kicked my ass so bad that it wasn’t funny. Especially my legs!! On those days that were nearly unbearable the leg sleeves made life bearable. They provided so much pain relief and I assume much of that has to do with their design. The design consists of a 3D weave and provides around the clock comfort. A cool little feature of these leg sleeves from Incrediwear feature little spots of silicon alongside the top of the inner hem. These help to keep the leg sleeves in place which mostly worked. However, I did experience some slippage. Not enough to detract from the benefits that I’ve received while putting the leg sleeves to use.. Measurement of your thighs is important in ensuring a proper fit. Incrediwear utilizes a blend of 66% Polyester 24% Nylon and 10% Spandex. Probably one of the best things products I’ve ever had the privilege to test and review!! MSRP $120 USD per pair.

In closing, Incrediwear offers a plethora of great products to help athletes and non-athletes alike. Benefits of their products easily outweigh the cost and if you suffer from leg pain etc these certainly are worth a look for you. Incrediwear offers products for both men and women and they also several products for issues not discussed in my review. If you’re looking for more information on Incrediwear and their entire product range please visit their website www.incrediwear.com

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Putters. So much can be said for putters in every golfers bag. From the avid recreational golfer to professional golfers all over the globe, there’s a reason why we putt with the instrument that we do. For some it’s cosmetics and others it’s just comfort. I have long said that the putter is “the most intimate piece of equipment in a golf bag”. Meaning that when you have the right putter in your hands… you just know. In a way, it’s like having a mate. Not to mention that out of all of the clubs in your bag you use the putter the most… and it’s not even close.

What I love about the golf industry is that there are options no matter where you look. Some people stick to the names they see predominantly on television or the large golf box stores. The subject of today’s review is none other than relative newcomer to the industry, ARGOLF. Prior to the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, I was contacted by Tiffany DiPanni who I’ve known for a few years through the golf industry. She set up a meeting with me so I could see what ARGOLF was all about. It would be a chance to learn their story and have a look at their custom putters.

Pendragon (Photo Credit: ArGolf Putters)

Formed in 2010 by Olivier and Sébastien Colas, and a golf professional Emmanuel Carlier the story of ArGolf Putters takes us to Brittany (a region in France). This is where the home of legendary Camelot and the location of a legendary castle and court where King Arthur was closely associated. Names where Merlin, Uther Pendragon, Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table congregated. As it turns out, the factory (Armor Mecca) is located a mere 50 miles away from the legendary location. “Armor Mecca is an advanced engineering company in northern France that has been in the Colas family for three generations. Armour Mecca produces metal parts for Boeing, Airbus and NASA. ARGOLF’s founder, Olivier Colas, is an avid golfer and started designing putters to use the same high-end materials and manufacturing from Armour Mecca”. For these reasons it makes sense that ARGOLF features models of putter named Merlin, Uther, Pendragon, Lancelot, Arthur, and Excalibur among others. While most golfers aren’t familiar with the ARGOLF brand the same can’t be said for golfers on the Champions Tour where ARGOLF has gained traction in a very competitive niche of the golf industry.

In crafting their putters ARGOLF founders drew off of years of experience from the aeronautics industry. In doing so ARGOLF has established a fine balance of “art, industrial design, precision, finesse and performance”. Designs of their putters through using CAD design (Computer Assisted Drafting) while the design team also employs a “tri-dimensional metrology machine is calibrated to a high level of precision for ARGOLF”. Materials used in the production of ARGOLF are of the highest quality leather (headcovers) titanium and stainless steel. Further connecting ARGOLF to the aerospace industry is the use of “sulfuric anodic oxidation” which cancels out light reflections. Through special metallurgical processes, ARGOLF will not see corrosion blemish their wares.

Merlin (Photo Credit: ArGolf Putters)

Leading up to my arranged meeting, I walked past their booth on several occasions. From a distance I took a look at they offered and one of the first things that I saw were putters that were a myriad of colors. Amongst the finishes seen were some in orange, green and yellow. The putters offered from ARGOLF are customizable as far as etching, colors of both the shaft and head as well as the grip, headcover and neck style go. Meaning you can make your putter exactly how you want it. When it came to putting with putters at the Equipment Test Center (Putting Zone), I would focus on two models of mallet… the Pendragon and the Uther. I also made a few putts using their Merlin, which is a blade putter.

Pendragon –  The Pendragon is quite simply a putter that’s in my wheelhouse. Why? Because this is a head heavy putter that sees a head weight of 405 grams. The Pendragon is a face balanced putter that is geared towards a straight back and thru putting stroke. The head is milled from aeronautical grade 7175 Aluminum.

A total weight of 580 grams… Pendragon is very stable throughout the putting stroke. (Photo Credit: ArGolf Putters)

I can’t say enough good things about the Pendragon. First and foremost, it already has a Major title to its name, as Kenny Perry won the 2017 U.S. Senior Open. A fact that is easy to justify. There have been only one or two other putters that I’ve made strokes with that provided the type of feel that Pendragon offered. Soft and fluid. Because of the head weight, you could really feel the putter throughout the entire stroke and, in particular, through the hitting area. The alignment lines are functional enough and you get a real sense of your eyes tracking back and forth to the hole. My stroke was very stable with Pendragon in my hands and I holed more putts than I missed on the practice green (artificial) on the show floor. I think a few variables contributed to these results, but I think the ability to keep the face square through impact was chief among the reasons. The patented C – Claw Technology seemed to get the golf ball rolling promptly with no naked eye evidence of skidding. I was very impressed with the Pendragon.

Uther – The Uther is another mallet model offered by ARGOLF. Quite honestly, I was never initially interested in the Uther. This was until Tiffany DiPanni put it into my hands. This was until Tiffany DiPanni put it into my hands. When ARGOLF designed the Uther, they had a couple of things in mind. They wanted to create the “ideal” putter in terms of “design and touch”. The craftsmanship of ARGOLF ensures such a high standard of milling that it results in perfect balance. The Uther also features an aluminum base and the head is milled from a solid block of 7175 Aluminum. Available in both heel shafted and center-shafted versions. The head weight is slightly lighter than its Pendragon brethren (380 grams).

The Uther… customs colours are an option. (Photo Credit: ArGolf Putters)

Considering that I wasn’t interested in the Uther, it turned out to be a great putter. I’m glad that Tiffany put it into my hands. There was so much that I liked about this putter over the Pendragon. I thought that the alignment aid was much better as it extended from the leading edge all the way to the trailing edge. The overall balance and performance I felt was pretty even with the Pendragon, but my eyes simply liked the Uther more. Perhaps it was the notches in the crown that reminded me of a “Celtic Shamrock” or some sort of insignia that you’d be inclined to see on a suit of armour. I felt that not only the name was inspired by Camelot, but I felt that design was more to the point. Like the Pendragon, the Uther also utilizes ArGolf’s patented C-Claw Technology. Getting the ball started on line was a breeze and the Uther rolls the ball as well as (if not better) than most putters I’ve used. It’d be interesting to get the Uther (and Pendragon) on a Quintic Putting System.

A balance of feel, performance and precision. (Photo Credit: ArGolf Putters)

Victories aside, on the Champions Tour there’s a reason why putters from ARGOLF won a Teezy Award at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. In fact, it was the Uther that won the Teezy Award for Top Putter. Pretty impressive considering my lack of initial interest. No matter what putter you choose from ARGOLF, there are a numbers of things that you can count on. The highest of quality and putters that are serious performers. For more information on ARGOLF please visit http://www.argolfusa.com.



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