What Kind Of World Have I Entered?

It’s a world of running around, a world of meetings and a world of something new.

This is my first time to the PGA Show and I’m nervous yet also excited about it. It was a rough start but I am hoping it goes smooth. I was excited to go but then our flight was cancelled. We had to call our airline (Frontier) and they were nice enough to get us on a later flight and did not charge us anything extra. That helped ease the stress a little bit and then Monday happened.


First of all let me say, I am not an early bird and I prefer to sleep in. Today that didn’t happen. Due to our lack of a vehicle currently it was a nice early day to hop on our bevy of buses. The first bus was at 7 a.m. and then the next bus was at 8:15 a.m. after waiting in the bus terminal.

We got to the airport in a reasonable amount of time and yet we still had another 3-4 hours wait for our flight. The clearance through customs was quick which was shocking considering the US Government is on a shutdown. We were expecting a long wait to get through TSA but we were through within about 15 minutes. We made our way to the gate and decided we would just plant our behinds there. We were able to get a nice Wi-Fi connection and just watch the commotion outside.

Considering we were hit by Winter Storm Harper a couple of days earlier you wouldn’t know it by looking outside. There was a lot of snow on the tarmac but there were plows going over it constantly. The sky was blue and hardly any clouds. You know? The nice fluffy white ones, no gray and no dim. This was starting out as a beautiful day. Now to see what the rest of the week will bring.

DSC_0013 (1)

I have plenty of meetings coming up with women’s apparel companies and I look forward to seeing what’s out there for us women. I wonder what the women will want to know about and how I’m going to get it for them. There are a couple of events geared specifically towards women and I hope to cover them and bring some input from the women of the golf industry.

Time will tell. Hello PGA Show 2019!!

Until The Next Tee!!

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Why More Women Don’t Take Up More Golf

There are many reasons why people don’t play golf or more golf. I wanted to know why. How can we expand this game to include more people? So far, I have focused on just women. I asked around to find the most common reasoning behind why women don’t play golf or play more golf. I can’t say I’m surprised behind the reasoning of it. I myself have many of the same hang ups.

I don’t play golf for some of the reasons of other women but I’ve decided to change that. I have approached my husbands coach to try and teach me why not my husband? How would you be with your husband trying to teach you something new, he frustrates me. So I’ve decided now that I’m a contributor at UTNT and that I’m starting to travel a little bit I should maybe learn the game. As I learn I will be writing about the challenges that I face trying to learn the game. I’m sure it won’t be anything surprising to other  people that have attempted to take up golf.


Back to my research. I was able to find out there are many hang-ups a lot of women suffer from which prevent them from playing the game. A lot of the hang-ups stem from how they are treated by the men on golf courses. I am not saying it is all men but as my husband says “The old boys’ network”. We want to go out there and play the sport just like the men want to but we are uncomfortable. A lot of the men have a tendency of gawking at a woman when she comes on a course or even a driving range. There are some men that will try to help a female if they think there is something that can be fixed. The only issue is more men are looking at a women just to stare. Newsflash guys… we don’t like to be started at. We want to go there for our peace and quiet and to improve. If you have any sense of respect please don’t stare at us…let us do our thing.

Time constraints. In talking to several women I just wanted to touch on this factor. Not to sound “old country” but for the most part women have said that they simply don’t have time. Between work, getting children to and from school and parenting in general many have have said that they don’t have the time. Closely related to having the time and parenting is that from one individual I heard that pregnancy has taken away the desire to get to a range or course to take up the game. Both LPGA Tour Hall of Fame golfers Lorena Ochoa and Annika Sorenstam walked away from professional golf to start a family. They were at the height of their careers.

download (2)

Another big hang-up is how often female golfers get insulted. Just because the average female can’t drive the ball 285 or 300 yards (then again neither can the typical recreational golfer)… don’t judge! You already have us hitting from a shorter distance, be patient and once again don’t judge. The mumbling under your breath or the complaints to other golfers 9 times out of 10 it gets back to us. Why do we have to be judged based on our gender? If a male cannot drive a ball 250 yards and drives it a similar distance to a woman we don’t hear you complaining about that. If you are going to complain about 1 person complain about everyone with that issue despite the gender.

Cost, for the love of everything golf. Why does the sport need to be so darn pricey? If it wasn’t so expensive to play maybe more people would. Newsflash… this is for the manufacturers. Everyone that wants to play golf is not rich so stop making it a rich persons sport. Be realistic or you know what? Make a secondary line. If you made the products more affordable more people would take it up and buy your products. Also the golf courses themselves. Is a $120 green fee for 18 holes is that really necessary. Is it not better to lower the rates and get more people on the course? Or is it better to have higher rates and not get as many? The carts aren’t making you money sitting in the cart compound.


The course marshals. Yes, you are an issue as well. Stop rushing us off the course. I can understand if we are taking an unrealistic time but come on now. Whether it’s males, females, young or old. We all deserve the same amount of time. Marshals, if there’s one thing that you need to know it’s that breathing down our necks isn’t going to make us move faster. Instead, we’re going to feel frozen because you’re riding us. I understand though… we also have an obligation to keep up with the group in front of us.

Another concern about the game is feeling intimidated. It can be about the game but it is mostly by the men. I know it sounds like I’m man bashing but all I am doing is bringing to the forefront what the issues are with the game. Not all men fit this mold and I don’t mean to stereotype but this is from personal experiences that each woman I have spoken to has voiced. They feel like the men are trying to intimidate them. They make comments like they don’t belong on a course etc. Everyone belongs on a course people! Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Young or Old. It is a form of exercise and dare I say relaxation.


The final issue that I have is one that I’ve touched on it in a previous article. CLOTHING! Yes clothing. There is not enough “nice, affordable” pieces of clothing for women. I have been in contact with a couple of companies (Knights of Golf, Golftini and Gretchen Scott to name a couple) and I look forward to getting a chance to talk to them. These lines I feel may have some great pieces of clothing that we can feel comfortable in wearing. Keep your eyes open for what I have to say about the clothing maybe I can enlighten you all and assist with perhaps making you feel more comfortable to play this game.

I just want to re-iterate one more time. I’m not bashing all men. I am simply voicing concerns of the ones that cause these issues. Don’t get me wrong, I guarantee you that there are woman that cause the issues too… possibly for the men. What this write up comes down to is WE NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE! At least if we want to grow the sport. The generations are dying and the game of golf is dying with it. Let’s try to bring it back for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy too. There are too many electronics out there now and the newer generation are indoors playing games. Let’s spread the word and get these kids out of the house and onto a course.

Until The Next Tee!!

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Tournament Rained Out? Don’t Worry We Have Your Back

What about that big upcoming tournament, the weather doesn’t look too promising does it? What are you going to do? Well, you are going to the tournament and you are going to cross your fingers. At least that is what I would be doing. I booked the day off, paid the money to enter the tournament and what if I can’t get another day off. Then what?

If you’re me, you’re going to go anyways. Why you ask? Because the course has a nice time consuming game that you can play. Get your mind off of the worries and who knows maybe the rain will clear allowing you to still play the tournament. But for the time being you can find something else to do.

Introducing “Stroke of Luck”. What is stroke of luck you ask? Good question. Stroke of Luck is a game of chance. You putt to win in this game. You can play it in the clubhouse, on the patio or even in the lounge. So even if it’s raining outside you have the ability to play. What the heck…let’s put a wager on it!


Stroke of Luck is a putting board game. It’s lined up with various cards and also comes with a set of dice. It comes with a Universal putter that’s good for lefties and righties. There are 3 golf balls included as well.

The object of the game is simple.. “putt to win”. Let’s say you want to play a round of poker. You roll the dice to determine the starting position of the ball. You then take turns putting until you get a winning hand. Before each turn you roll the die to determine where you will be putting from. A bit of a challenge wouldn’t you say?


In addition there are ways you can make the game more challenging. The game has a “stimp” (green speed) of 10-11. You can adjust the stimp and make it duplicate a break in the green if you really want to make it even more challenging. This can be done by a rope or something put under the map. Go ahead… give it that “uphill lie”.

This game can be played with the rules of just about any card game that’s dealt but it just depends on what you want to play. Poker seems to be the best option but there is a way to play Euchre as well.


So, now that you know a little bit about the game how can you get it? Currently it’s not for sale currently since it is a brand new game. As of January 15, 2019 you can start to order it online at 2skills.net. There are 2 sizes you can purchase.

The “Executive” version comes in a 3′ x 8′ mat at a cost of $799 (plus S&H) and the “Club” version comes in a 4′ x 12′ mat at a cost of $939. This is a small price to pay for the amount of guests that you’re going to keep in the clubhouse during that bad weather. It will pay itself off in mere weeks. Also note the cards on each mat are dealt randomly so if you buy multiple mats they won’t be the same.

I myself am looking forward to seeing this product in action in January at the 2019 PGA Show. I think it’s time you start looking around too. For areas like where we live the golf season will come fast. Just think when we have snow on the ground we can still practice our putting.

Until The Next Tee!!

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