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One of the booths that I took the time to visit at the 2019 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida was SKIN Sunscreen. During my time visiting there I chatted with one of the representatives who explained to me how SKIN Sunscreen came to be and the development of their latest sunscreen.

SKIN Sunscreen was developed with the purpose of keeping golfers safe from the harmful rays of the sun. With skin cancer deaths on the rise, it’s become even more important that we take care of ourselves and take any and all precautions against it (the sun). Whether you’re a golfer or a tennis player or any outdoors-minded you’re likely prone to spend countless hours outdoors.

Having already developed one of the leading sunscreens in the health and wellness industry (golf) SKIN Sunscreen has released it’s most recent addition to their family of products. Already having lip balm, SPF 30+ and SPF 50+ Sunscreen comes a new and improved formula with one major difference. It’s Reef Safe.

The new Active Reef Friendly SPF50 Continuous Spray sunscreen has been specially formulated to remove any chemicals that may be harmful to coral reefs. The organisms that live in these precious ecosystems are far more important than we realize. SKIN Sunscreen knows this as well. And they care.

The SKIN Sunscreen Active formula is non-greasy (as I can attest), sprays on so it doesn’t need to be rubbed into the skin, dries clear and is water-resistant for over an hour.

For more details on SKIN Sunscreen Active please see the press release below as shared by Tracy Nackel of TEN Marketing and PR.

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Goodyear, AZ, March 18, 2019… SKIN Sunscreen™, providers of a premium sunscreen product specifically designed for the golf athlete and their families, has introduced a new Active Reef Friendly SPF50 Continuous Spray sunscreen.

“When creating our Active SPF50 spray, we felt the need to bring the integrity of our formula to a higher standard, therefore eliminating specific chemicals, which are frowned upon by our loyal consumers,” said Jessica Folino, General Manager/Partner, SKIN Sunscreen.

The SKIN Sunscreen Active SPF50 Continuous Spray is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that sprays on from any angle, helping you protect your entire body from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This highly effective, Broad Spectrum formula features a no-run application that doesn’t require rubbing in. It provides water resistance up to 80 minutes and applies and dries clear while allowing the skin to breathe. It is safe for children, the reef and is approved for use in Hawaii.

On May 1, 2018, Hawaii became the first state to pass a bill banning the sale of sunscreen containing chemicals believed to harm coral reefs. The legislation prohibits the distribution of sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate that scientists have found contributes to coral bleaching when washed off in the ocean.

Active ingredients in the new spray include Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octisalate, and Avobenzone. Other ingredients include skin soothing, aloe vera, coconut oil, and Vitamin E.

“We’re pleased to offer a spray sunscreen that is not only environmentally safe, but also provides sun protection while playing golf, swimming, and participating in all other outdoor activities,” said Jessica Folino, General Manager/Partner, SKIN Sunscreen. “It’s ideal for people who want to apply sunscreen but would rather not use their hands to apply during their activity. It provides one less excuse for not re-applying!”

In addition to the new SPF50 spray, SKIN Sunscreen also offers a premium preventative reef-friendly SPF30+ lotion formulation that is oxybenzone-free, non-greasy, sweat resistant and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Uniting the company’s resources in a quest to spare others the pain and loss associated with the insidious health threat of skin cancer and UV damage, SKIN Sunscreen is proudly promoted as the optimal wellness preventative in a healthy daily hygiene routine.

For more information about SKIN Sunscreen, visit www.skinsunscreen.com.

About SKIN Sunscreen™
SKIN Sunscreen™ was founded for golfers, by golfers. SKIN Sunscreen is formulated specifically for golfers and their environment. The SPF 30+ sunscreen utilizing Zinc and Titanium Dioxide as its base, is very water resistant, Broad Spectrum, and delivers UVA/UVB protection.  SKIN Sunscreen is trusted for performance and protection by nearly 280 Tour Players on the PGA Tour, European Tour, and Web.com Tour. For more information about SKIN Sunscreen, visit www.skinsunscreen.com.

When you hear “Motherputter” what do you think of? It is probably something close to
what I thought of the first time I heard it. But it is quite the opposite.


Motherputter is actually a woman’s golf apparel company. Why a name like “Motherputter”, you ask? The answer is Simple. Te name stems from a mother with a love for golf. There are no words that can describe it when you love something. It was very much like this with Motherputter. There was an issue for Kim Tuttle. There were no clothes that were liked and unique to Kim. So, Ms. Tuttle decided to make her own line and make it unique to her and unique it is.

Kim Tuttle the “Chief Chick of Fashion” is very independent with a style all her own.
She found a passion for fashion which led her to a degree from Texas Tech University
in Fashion Merchandising. She followed many paths which eventually led her to New
York City. After taking a 20-year hiatus from the fashion industry to venture into politics she returned to the fashion industry. Getting back to the fashion industry she became obsessed with the game of golf.


I first heard of Motherputter on the 2019 PGA Show website and I won’t lie. The name is what caught my attention. Clothing is like a nice bottle of wine for me, a unique name and you have my attention. In my opinion,  I found Motherputter to be the “wine” of the PGA Show. There were so many other great lines but Motherputter just called to me.

Their designs were unique and so different. They had everything from a bomber jacket
to skorts to dresses. The way the colors of the line mixed it got my attention. There
was a little flash of lime green on that black skirt or there was a nice red collar on the
pink shirt… I know pink and red clashes right? Wrong! Motherputter made it work. She
said she liked the red and pink so why not mix them together. It looked great and it
worked so well together.


Kim always somehow has a way to incorporate her Motherputter logo put into the clothing and she makes it work. There was a lot of black and white in her line because it is a girl’s best friend right? Once again you would be wrong she made so many designs work with silvers. She made so many successful designs with florals patterns too. The thing that I love the most about the Motherputter line is the ease of how you can go from the course to a night out on the town.

The dresses are very elegant looking and they are put together nicely. Most of her
clothing has mesh to allow your body to breathe. They all mix so well. You can throw
that Silver quilt type skirt with that dressy floral shirt and then top it off with the bomber jacket and a nice pair of shoes. Nobody would know that you just got off the golf course.
Kim made them very unique to the “average woman”. The clothing is something you
would not expect to see anywhere let alone on a golf course. There was a lot of mesh put
into the lines and I really like the mesh on the clothing too. She put mesh in the sleeves
or on the jacket. Some of the jackets were reversible so you could get 2 looks with 1
a piece of clothing.


Motherputter carries clothing up to an XL which makes me interested even more. As a larger woman, it is hard to find nice clothing that can fit me. Due to this fact that they carry a larger size it makes me want to try their stuff even more. One day, I hope to get my hands on some of their clothing and if I do I will tell you exactly how I feel about them.

In the meantime, I will stick to what I know about them. They have gorgeous clothing in a large variety of sizes and they could really take the women’s golf apparel game by storm. Keep it up Motherputter I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

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There were many women’s apparel lines of interest for me at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. One such line that really caught my attention was called StarBorn Skirts.

StarBorn Skirts started in August of 2018. It was originally a running skirt company called SparkleSkirts and the owners decided to branch out to the golf industry. Based in Plant City, FL. the skirts are all made in the USA and they offer many different styles.


Skirts from StarBorn Skirts have different lengths because not all of us are the same height or like to have the skirts a certain length. There are three cuts of skirts being the tall, petite and regular length. The Tall is 2 inches longer in the short and skirt than the regular cut. They are for the taller woman or maybe just someone that wants a longer length.

Depending on the size you get the skirt length varies from 12.75 inches (2XS Petite) up to 19.5 inches (3XL tall). They vary the lengths partially based on your height and how long you want them. If these lengths are not what you like some of their skirts can actually be partially customized to allow up to an additional 3 inches for an additional fee.

All skirts have 2 6×6 pockets which are perfect for putting your phone or scorecard into for safe-keeping. There is one pocket in the leg of the short and the other pocket is in the back of the skirt. This makes it convenient to carry what is required


They have Flutter Cut and Casual. The flutter cut is a more fun type of skirt as it is kind of a “flirty” skirt. It has some little ruffles in it which gives it a more flowing look.

The skirts have “no ride” shorts. They have a patented short which are guaranteed not to ride up while you are playing. Personally speaking, I find skorts are horrible for that which is why I do not wear them. I don’t wear skorts often because I feel the shorts all ride up and I want to make sure that I have nothing “playing peek-a-boo”. When shorts ride up it feels almost as if there aren’t any and it makes me wonder why they are in there in the first place. Thanks to StarBorn Skirts that is no longer an issue.

One of the things I appreciated with this clothing line is their interest in bringing the next generation into the game. The game is starting to die and it is up to our kids and grandkids to carry on the sport. StarBorn Skirts has helped to start to make this happen by starting a line called StarBorn Girls.

Star Born Skirts 2 (2)

Their clothing has a great “hand of fabric” to it. It is soft and has a nice stretch to it. There are a lot of nice prints to choose from as well as their standard (plain) designs. StarBorn Skirts also features unique patterns like their patriotic designs. There are “Star-Spangled Banner” and Canadian flag versions as well.

The company also designed skirts called Starborn Girls which is to be released today. (February 14, 2019).

I have to say the thing that I like most about this line is the fact they do skirts for charity. They have done charities for Nancy Lopez and Girls Golf. Both charities had designs custom made and with every purchase, 10% goes back to the charity.

Star Born Skirts 1 (2)

I think if they keep going the way they are, I feel that StarBorn is going to rise quickly in the women’s golf apparel industry. I look forward to trying one of these skorts myself, they are a piece of clothing I would be willing to put to my comfort test.

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