Does your leather golf glove harden, wrinkle, and act more like a piece of beef jerky than it does as a valuable piece of equipment or golf accessory? If so, maybe Clinch Golf’s Tactile Glove should be up for your consideration.

“In fore review” here at The Next Tee is the Clinch Golf Tactile Glove. These gloves from Clinch Golf are designed to be high-performance, all-weather gloves that do a lot of things that typical leather golf gloves don’t do. The Clinch Golf Tactile Glove is designed not to be just durable. This is a golf glove that’s designed to have a better fit, to be breathable, and provide a secure grip when wet.

In this video while on a layover at Denver International Airport (en route to the 2023 PGA Show) I unbox these gloves to introduce them for testing.

(Spoiler Alert: I have a wedge with a shiny cord grip and it is slick. The club wanted to fly out of my hand when the glove was dry. I rubbed my hand in the snow making the Tactile glove wet, suddenly the club had tack and a sense of security in my hands.)

How does this glove achieve this? Through the use of their proprietary “CrushGroove Fabric” which has a velvety, suede feel.

Stay tuned to see how the Tactile Glove from Clinch Golf performs.

Until The Next Tee!!

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