This Little “Truck” is “The Way”

The Set-up

Some of you may recall that I have tested and reviewed products from Sunday Golf before in the past. The last time around I tested their Loma Sunday Bag and a multitude of accessories such as their towels, golf valuables pouch, and more. It was during that time that Sunday Golf really put themselves on the map as they provided fun, high-quality products with a very fair price point.

So, when I received the opportunity to test a new golf bag from the San Diego, California-based golf company there was no way that I could let the opportunity slide by. Sunday Golf is all about that care-free California “chill” vibe where it’s about the small things. Getting a group together to play a round of golf on the weekend, enjoying the beverages on a sun-drenched patio heck, even patios in the rain are fun too. Sunday Golf is “fore the weekend” but not necessarily the weekend only. If you want to have a laid back style and carry a few clubs less, then Sunday Golf is for you.

If I were to sum up the brand as a whole, I think that it’s safe to say that Sunday Golf is a brand for those golfers that love to be free, minimalist, and may shoot 100+ more often than they don’t. But, there is no discrimination here because the savvy, more accomplished golfer can enjoy the walk or ride with Sunday Golf as well.

The Transition

The last time around, as mentioned” I tested the Loma bag. With the Loma you had a small “Sunday Bag” with all of the necessary accouterments like a cooler pocket, double strap, a valuables pocket, and enough storage to handle the essentials. Rain gear, golf balls, gloves, etc. All of this with a stand. From a golf club perspective the Loma bag housed 5-7 golf clubs comfortably, but I could fit 10. That many clubs certainly was not an optimal loadout for that bag. Queue the “El Camino.” golf bag.

Firstly, I just wanted to say that the “El Camino” translated to English from Spanish means “the way”. Of course, there was also the vintage vehicle that wasn’t a car nor a full-blown pick-up truck. But it can also be used for other things like a road or path. A journey if you will, which is what golf truly is.

The El Camino is available in plenty of colorways like Matte Black, Heather Grey, Ron Burgundy, and Seafoam just to name a few. For testing purposes I opted for the Seafoam which is a nice pastel green with black accents. The El Camino is light as it weighs in at a feathery 3.9 lbs. Impressive, considering it has the built-in stand.

Other features of this fine golf bag from Sunday Golf include a 4-way top divider that holds ten clubs with room to spare (I carried 12 mostly) much to the chagrin of my playing partner and I don’t know why it bugged him. Sure, the clubs were snug. The insulated “Frosty Pocket” to keep your beverages chilled, water-resistant zippers and the proverbial “piece de resistance” the flat base. More on that feature shortly.

The self-leveling dual straps are terrific and the padding is more than enough to keep you comfortable as you walk the fairways. Admittedly, it took me some time to get the adjustments just right. In the interest of transparency, I did dump my clubs on a couple of occasions as I walked with my bag. That said, it was me and not the golf bag.But what if you want to strap the El Camino onto a push cart or riding cart? Well, the El Camino handles that demand in a breeze. 

Thanks to its flat-bottomed base (as noted above) the El Camino can strap into any push cart or riding cart. This is a golf bag that is simply “a convertible”. The bag never fell out of place or became insecure at any point while bouncing down the fairways on the riding cart. As a matter of fact, the way that the El Camino rode along on my Big Max Golf IQ 360 push cart it almost seemed like that the El Camino was designed with that push cart in mind.

The zippers have all held out well with no signs of the zippers malfunctioning or splitting. The water-resistant zippers have kept my belongings dry, and much like its smaller sibling (the Loma) there is plenty of storage space in a minimalist design. By the time that you include other features like the tee holder, cell phone pocket, and the well thought out glove holder you have a lot of creature comforts on a small design.

The Finish

Make no mistake about it. While the El Camino is small in stature and minimalist by design this is a golf bag that is big on features and huge in terms of versatility. Walk, push, or ride. The El Camino does it all and it does it all well.

How impressed was I with the El Camino golf bag? Instead of traveling in January with my staff bag or stand bag, I opted to travel with my El Camino instead. The lightweight design made traveling on city buses easy and it also made for a lighter travel bag saving me a headache and overweight baggage fees. Are 10 golf clubs enough for a round of golf? Absolutely. The ten club set composition was perfect both from a fit and practicality standpoint.

If you’re looking for a nice hybrid bag that is minimalist yet feature-packed then look no further. The Sunday Golf El Camino is for you. For more information please visit

Until The Next Tee!!

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