In the first episode of 2023 I’m pleased to be joined by Stephen Burke. Stephen is a caddie that has graced the fairways of Pebble Beach for 25 years.

Mr. Burke has the week off this week as the PGA TOUR descends on the Monterey Peninsula and Pebble Beach Golf Links for the AT&T National Pro-Am. Burke and I talk about photography and the gem along California’s Pacific Coast. With 25 years of caddying under his white coveralls, comes a wealth of stories. Armed with a quick wit and plenty of current events in the news he uses them to come up with one-line zingers. So, “Introducing Cutter: America’s Unfiltered Caddie” was created.

Join me as we talk about Pebble Beach Golf Links and the book that he authored.

Everybody has cross-hairs on their back. Millennials, Republicans, Democrats, Celebrities, White, Black, Gay, or Straight. It makes no different to “Cutter”. Believe me when I say that you’ll laugh and… you’ll cringe. (Note: It is not intended for those under 18).

*** Apologies for the technical issues for those watching the video. The audio is not disturbed.

“Introducing Cutter: America’s Unfiltered Caddie” is available at

Stay tuned for a review of “Introducing Cutter: America’s Unfiltered Caddie”.