The PGA Show for 2023 has come and gone. Seeing that I’ve never done a VLOG I thought that maybe the time was perfect for some content.

The 2023 PGA Show trip really was a sojourn that I never thought would come to fruition, yet there I was. On my way to Buffalo for my flight on Frontier to Orlando International Airport (MCO).

The flight wasn’t direct as it took me across two – or was it three time zones – to Denver, Colorado just to fly back across the country in one day.

Spot the golf course.

It was worth it as I saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time in my life. Denver really seemed to be my kind of place. The air, pure. Heck, I saw “BLUCIFER” who according to local folklore killed its sculptor (Luis Jimenez). I rode the train from Denver International Airport to Union Station seeing Coors Field home to MLB’s Colorado Rockies.

I explored Denver a little bit with hopes of seeing the Rockies up close. After all, I had a 7 hour layover that was in reality a 10 hour stay in the “Mile High City”.

I zigged when I should have zagged and missed out. But the approach going into Denver was amazing. Captivating really.

Steve’s Snappin’ Dog and a Diet Pepsi.

While in Denver, I ate the best hotdog that I’ve ever had at “Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs” (Thanks Reed for the local pro tip) and the coffee at “Pigtrain Coffee Co” was really good.

Layover complete it was time to take off for Orlando. I landed there at 0547 EST and 1 hour 30 minutes later I got off of the LYNX bus from the airport where I got off at International Drive and Sand Lake.

With clubs and bag in tow I arrived at the Grand Hotel Orlando at Universal some 30 minutes later. Check-in wasn’t easy to say the least as it took close to two hours to get into my room. Had it not been for Anabel at the front desk it would have been disastrous. But, I got in to my room.

“Travel daze” begun at 0400 EST on the 22nd and didn’t reach’s conclusion until 1130 a.m the 23rd.

My friends, it was a long day.

Until The Next Tee!