The Clinch Tactile Glove blends moisture control and durability in this all-condition glove

PORTLAND, Ore.- Clinch Golf is pleased to introduce the Clinch Tactile Glove, an all-weather modern performance golf glove designed to perform year-round, in rain or shine. Golfers whose grip is affected by moisture, whether from rain, sweat, or a frosty beverage will benefit from the glove’s superior fit and grip under all weather conditions. 

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Leather golf gloves slip when wet, trap moisture, and wear out quickly. The Clinch Tactile Glove’s modern design and innovative fabric enable the glove to grip when wet, breathe and last up to twice as long as regular golf gloves. 

“Golf equipment is constantly evolving, and most everything has been innovated on except the golf glove,” said Matt Mahoney, co-founder of Clinch Golf. “Moisture will always be a factor in a golfer’s game. Hands get wet, and it affects the grip. We wanted to solve this problem through thoughtful design and innovative fabrics. We believe we’ve achieved that and more with the Clinch Tactile Glove.”


The Clinch Tactile Glove combines a proprietary CrushGroove fabric, for a no-slip grip with a poly-spandex blend fabric for a flexible fit and maximum breathability.  An internal thermoplastic urethane (TPU) overlay supports a snug feel and inhibits wear and tear. Additionally, the gloves are machine washable and phone-friendly. 

“The Clinch Tactile Glove is a modern performance glove that delivers a long-lasting, all-conditions grip for core golfers,” continued Mahoney. “The traditional golf glove was due for an upgrade.” 


The Clinch Tactile Glove comes in blue, black and gray and sizes XS through XL. It retails for $25 and is available now at

About Clinch Golf

Clinch Golf was founded by two Oregon golfers under the belief that there are better materials from which to make a golf glove. The Pacific Northwest is our home and proving ground – offering a diverse test from seaside mist to high desert heat. If it works here, it works anywhere. Our mission is to bring you an innovative product that performs in all conditions. Whether you’re grinding it out on tour or shooting to break 100, we’ve built this glove for you!