TeeBox Chatter – “We Are Family” (PGA TOUR Canada)

In what will be a series of three podcast episodes that focus on PGA TOUR Canada.

My co-host “Douger” and I reflect on the recent Fortinet Cup Championship. The Fortinet Cup Championship is essentially the TOUR Championship for PGA TOUR Canada. The road to the PGA TOUR does in fact start here.

In this episode we chat about the site venue – Deer Ridge Golf Club – and how the tournament committee set up the course. To a man, the field of players stated that it was the “best venue” that they played all season long.

We also talk bout some of it’s players like Thomas Walsh, Tyler Strafaci, Noah Goodwin, Jeremy Kang, Jake Scott, Eric Lilleboe, Kieran Vincent, and Canadian’s Etienne Papineau and Wil Bateman.

PGA TOUR Canada is a bit of a family affair as some of these families live and die with every shot.

Finally, are the players on the LPGA referred to as girls, ladies, or women?


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